Thursday, February 2, 2012

Modern Day Angel Appearances

By Lisa Grace

*All biblical references in the article below are taken from the KJV

No matter what religion or lack there of people claim to have, almost everyone except the most stout atheists profess to having a belief in angels. I’ve experienced these professions of faith in majestic supernatural creatures when I go to give talks at art galleries, churches and teen events.

Just to let you know about my background, I am a Bible believer that the Holy Scriptures are inspired (God-breathed) word of God (Father, Yeshua [Jesus], and the Holy Spirit [three in one]) and I come at beliefs in the supernatural from the explanations and glimpses allowed us through the Holy Scriptures. There are over 400 angel references documented throughout the Holy Scriptures.

So what do we know about angels?

They are creatures in that they were created. They have a starting point, and possibly for some (the fallen ones) an ending point.

They populate heaven, are used as worship leaders, choirs, praise teams, warriors, guardians, messengers, helpers, and protectors. There is an archangel, Michael. (Jude 1:9, Rev 12:7) They can appear as light, bronzed, or in common human form. They exist to serve God. They are smarter, more beautiful, stronger, and longer lived than humans. Yet they are to be our caretakers.

There are several types of angels with different duties. The more common ones like Seraphim, and Cherubim (who are warriors and not little baby cherubs), wheels etc… are the ones most people are familiar with.

What do we know about our interactions with angels?

We should not pray to angels. They are a creation like us. (Ps 8:5, Hbr 2:7, Hbr 2:9)
Angels can eat and drink. They appear in human form and we can entertain them and not know they have been among us. (Hbr 13:2) They are often sent to rescue us. (Dan 6:22, Exd 23:20)Most people are familiar with the story of someone left in a house fire not able to find their way out, when suddenly a fireman or person shows them the way out. Then once outside, they find out no one was sent in to rescue them.

If an angel appears to you, and shows himself in any of his glory or comes quoting scripture, it could be a fallen angel sent to lead you astray.(Luke 4:2, Luke 4:10) Evil angels can and do appear as angels of light. This is one reason you must learn your scripture well. So you can develop discernment. One reason the Bible warns we are not to dabble in medium ship is you are attracting demons, not dead people. The dead sleep. (Job 14:12, John 11:13, 2 Sam 7:12, 1 Kings: 1:21, Acts 26:23, 1The 4:16)
It’s for your own safety and well being. Evil (fallen) angels are detestable to God. (Rev 20:10, Matt 25:41, Rev 12:9)
So why would we seek out to friend his/our enemy?
The beginning of wisdom is understanding. Would you go to the zoo and jump in the lions den to play with them? Of course not.
But that is exactly what people are doing when they consort with supernatural creatures not sent by God. The spirit of God is not in them to protect them. If the spirit of God was in them (in the name of Yeshua, through the power of the Holy Spirit) they would have no desire but to cast them out, not talk and fraternize with them. You are as an empty house they can choose to possess and destroy. (Matt 12:45, Luke 11:26)
Some demons require not only a believer’s faith to be cast out, but prayer and fasting. (Matthew 17:21, Mark 9:29)

As the author of the Angel in the Shadows series, (which has been optioned for a major movie) I run into people who have angel encounters. I urge them to get in a solid Bible believing church and to pray that God put his angels around you to guard and keep you in all his ways.

To learn more about angels and how they work in our lives, read the Angel series consisting (so far) of Angel in the Shadows, Book 1, Angel in the Storm, Book 2, and Angel in the Ice, Book 3 (out first week in February 2012) by Lisa Grace.