Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Special Report - Ouija Boards Aren't Toys

Due to being on a case, as well as investigating new developments in our "Demon Exorcist" investigation, I'm reposting a previous blog.

"I didn't think I did anything wrong it was just a game we only wanted to see if this spirit stuff was real. They only wanted to stay the night we said yes and all hell broke loose." Those aren't lines from a movie script from the next slasher/stalker movie playing down at the local Cineplex. But the quote you've just read is all too real. They were spoken by a young lady who hired me to clean out her home as a group of demons came to live with her while she and her friends played with a "cute little ouija board" after a Saturday night of heavy drinking. By Sunday, the house was a mess, one "hell" of a mess I tell you.

You can walk into Toys R Us and buy one in the "games" department. Thanks to the Internet, you can play with a virtual one. (The invitation to a demon over the 'net allows the demon to cross over your threshold). You can surf many online stores and choose from a variety of ouija boards ranging from deluxe high-end versions, antiques, glow-in-the-dark boards, glass-topped ones, all the way down to the old Parker Brothers classic board. No matter what version it is, it all spells trouble for you, your home, your children's life, your life, and your blood. It's no game. It can lead you into a costly situation paying for the services of a person such as myself, to clean up the mess, or even worse, it can lead to your death.

Spirit boards have been around since the beginning of time. In ancient Greece, Egypt, and Babylon, they used them to contact the deities and departed loved ones and to barter deals with the dead. The Roman Emperor Valens used a spiritual board device to talk to the Roman gods in the 4th century. During the 1800s a form of spirit board was developed by using a turned over wineglass, preferably used, and letters were arranged across the surface of a table. At the height of the Spiritualist Movement, the great American thinker and writer, William James, endeavored to use such boards in his quest to prove that the spiritual world was real.

Back in 1891 Elijah J. Bond got the first patent for the modern board. A few years later, William Fuld purchased the rights to the board, and after his accidental death in 1927 (he fell off the roof of his three-story factory while erecting a flagpole), his first-born son, William A. Fuld, headed his company. In 1942, the youngest son, Hubert, became the president of the company and then sold the entire business to Parker Brothers in 1966. Parker Brothers opened a factory in Salem, Massachusetts to produce the boards. There is some confusion about the name ouija and its origins. Some report that it is a combination of two words for yes, oui in French, and ja is Dutch and German. Others contend that one of the developers of the board got the name from an Egyptian god who spoke through the board during a séance: ouija meant "good luck." Well, good luck, my butt, Hasbro Games bought out Parker Brothers in 1991 and continues to produce the "game."

Folks, this tool for spiritual communication is no game and SHOULD only be used by people who have studied the spiritual world long and hard. You must be able to discern and test the spirits that you communicate with on this board. Spirits will lie just like people. A dark spirit/demon will latch onto a board and be or say anything you want from a god to just a friendly little ghost to a dear dead relative. They will lie, and very effectively lie. They will tell the truth if they know it and give you more details than you could ever imagine in order to prove that they are trustworthy. They will make bad and good things happen to show that their predictions are correct. All for one thing – an invitation into your home or person. And once they get it, they then will run rampant through your life trying to destroy everything around you.

One of the biggest DON'TS when it comes to these boards is to never use them in a cemetery. I don't want to elaborate too much, but it's a spiritual free for all when it comes to this lethal combination. So if you do hang out in cemeteries, make sure you don't bring along a ouija board. Another big DON'T -- never use the board after you've been drinking alcohol or using drugs, because it's very easy for a spirit/demon to alter perceptions. 

If you have a ouija board, get rid of it. But just don't throw it away in the trash. One of my clients did that and the thing kept coming back, even if she tossed it out of her car miles away from home. When she returned to her house she was amazed to find it was waiting for her on the kitchen table. So how do you get rid of a ouija board?

1.    Say prayers of cleansing over the board, Hail Marys, Our Fathers, anything to drive the negative spirits away.

2.    Clean it with Holy Water if at all possible. As you cleanse it, say prayers of your choice but insert the withdrawal of any invitations made to the spirit through the board.

3.    Burn the thing ASAP after the prayers. (If it's a plastic board there won't be any ashes.) And dump the ashes off your property.

Ouija boards or spirit boards are not fun and games, even though they're promoted that way. They can and have caused a life full of troubles. There are better ways to talk to spirits than via a ouija board. Take the time to learn them. If not, stay away from the spiritual realm or you might get more than you bargained for.

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