Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Issue 62 – The Day the Exorcism Sideshow Came to Town, Part 1 (Reporter X)

By Kirby Robinson


Friday, February 24th at 7 PM [PST]
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Sunday, February 26th at 8 PM [EST]
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When I was a youth, I can recall the excitement I felt when the news broke that a traveling circus or the local fair time was approaching. Anticipation began to grow. Time passed slowly until the day the circus came to town or the fair officially opened.

Now it seems that that the old time circus has been replaced by people who claim they chase demons. And they bring along their own sideshow of traveling clowns/exorcism troupe. It doesn't matter if one is needed, as this sideshow is happy to travel and perform to the paying public. When they've finished the performance they hurry on down the road to get to the next town and the next headline. This is done in order to serve their egos and the collective egos of the group. This is done in order to get into those paranormal conferences and get paid to make speeches. This is done to write that book or get a TV or film deal.

This madness must stop! I wish I was a fiery speaker but I am not. I wish I was a master word smith but I have more in common with the name of Smith. But try I will!

Demons, exorcisms and deliverance, evil spirits, curses and generational curses are not matters of the paranormal. Such things are theological. Such solutions to these issues are found in faith not paranormal. To offer anyone help it must come from a person who is called to do so by God. Preferably a person who has set aside things of man and embraced those things that are of God. Only through God's grace and wisdom can they be dealt with.

These matters are not for radio or TV or magazine presentation. For the information is vast and explanations are often not simple.

They aren't solved in visits of a few hours or email exchanges or filling a home full of equipment for a few days. The dark forces behind these things are far too cunning.

What has happened to turning to the churches and religious groups? Why have people come to the paranormal to address theological problems? From a traditional Christian view we receive caution after caution concerning diving too deeply into paranormal subjects.

Why do so called demonologists use such catchy phrases such as Demon Doctors, Demon Stalkers or Demon Chasers? Do we find such titles in the bible or for our Christian organizations (Catholic or Protestant)? Did we ever see Christ in a T-shirt and hat that read: GME (GOD'S MASTER EXORCIST)? Or what about the disciples sent out to perform the Great Commission; did their hats read CCO (Christ's Chosen Ones)?

To stand even further out we have so called demonologist groups who claim they do not have to come to your home. You don't have to go to them. You don't even need to go to church. These so called demonologist groups do a remote exorcism/deliverance. And you can just carry around your phone or laptop and they can recite verses and prayers. They can even send you an email and when you open it the demon is gone!

Now they fail to address what comes after the exorcism/deliverance. Do they stop and look for reasons why their client even has demons in the first place?

Some even forget to mention God! Or they go so far to say if you say God is your sole source of power to cast out demons you're out of tune with the times. They go so far as to call you a Christian zealot

Did you ever read of Christ teaching these techniques or find any of these used by the church?

Speaking of the church, why do non-Catholics suddenly feel they have to use the Catholic rituals to remove demons? Is it because so many of the movies and TV shows do this? So you want to imitate them because you don't know any better?

How did the church ever deal with such matters without the paranormal world?

Look at the great master exorcist Himself: Jesus Christ. Did his students have jobs? A family? A social life? Were they out sinning on Tuesday then hit the deliverance circuit the next day? You're not a demonologist on the weekend then head out to a sinning life over the week. It is a 24 hour a day life. It is and will always be a calling from God. And if you took the call from anyone other than God then you're fooling yourself and harming others.



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