Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Modern Day Angel Appearances, Micronesia Phenomena, and Quantum Particles

By Lisa Grace

Disclaimer: For those who may have missed my previous articles for EOTP, I believe science proves the Holy Scriptures (Bible) are 100% correct.

Some of the first scientists to visit the Micronesian islands (or so the account goes as re-told in Small Miracles for the Jewish Heart) noticed a peculiar phenomenon. The natives assumed the scientists electronic equipment worked by magic. Which is not such an unusual assumption when observing something beyond the realm of someone’s experience. You know it’s real, because you saw it. It doesn’t mean you can explain it, or that others who did not “see” it, will believe it.

When the same scientists looked out to sea, they could clearly see a fleet of ships approaching, but when they pointed the fleet out to the islanders, who had never seen a fleet of large modern ships before, the islanders could not “see” them. They insisted nothing was there.

The scientists thought this “blindness” to something they could not relate to, fascinating.

I noticed this phenomenon in myself. A few years ago, we went to a beach littered with shark’s teeth. My relatives who came to the beach frequently after every big storm, could spot and find the teeth easily. However, even when knowing what I was looking for, I still had a hard time perceiving what was right in front of me.

In most modern day angel appearances, I’d like to think we don’t “see” what is right in front of us, because we don’t know “how” to look or even how to perceive “what” we are looking for.

One of the most fascinating aspects in quantum physics, is the ability of particles to re-act differently when they are being observed. You can Google any number of articles about it, but here is one:

On the particle level, this shows an “awareness” that makes many scientists uncomfortable.

The problem is—we, modern man, are still very much like the Micronesian Islanders of the past, who encountered modern electronics and fleets of modern ships for the very first time. It’s easier to ignore and dismiss what we readily can’t explain. It’s easier not to “see” what is right in front of us.

Those who have experienced an encounter with an angel, demon, or even G-d, know a different dimension, world, or form of matter (such as plasma) beyond what we know, exists. Can we explain it, or even show others how to experience it?

For many who have not seen, it requires faith. For those who have had an experience, their faith has been rewarded with proof. Or the proof itself makes them a believer.

Part of the problem is knowing what to look for, and how to “measure” it. This area of exploration is very much in its infancy.

As our instruments for “detecting” these intelligent creatures improve, so will our understanding.

Lisa Grace is the author of the best selling eBook Angel Series, which is currently in movie development.

Issue 133 – Burying Ed & Lorraine Warren’s Credibility

By Kirby Robinson

Tonight’s show begins at 7 PM [PST] or 10 PM [EST].  The topic is:
The Myth-Busting Continues! Amityville Horror, The Haunting in Connecticut and The Conjuring

See this page for more information:

If you tuned in last week, you know we didn’t finish debunking the Amityville Horror case. We still have at least 30 minutes of information to share with you before moving on to the Haunting in Connecticut case--which will take up the rest of the show. The show we had lined up for September 11, debunking the claims in the book The Harbinger, is being pushed back to the 18th of September. As you may/may not know, the book focuses on the events that occurred on 9/11 because God was angry at the USA due to sin and not being closer to Israel.

We’ll then take a detailed look into the Perron case The Conjuring, or what I like to call The Concocted.

Ed Warren -- If Only I Knew How Deceptive You Were…

…and that includes Lorraine as well. Sometimes I’m hardheaded and freely admit that when I give my loyalty it takes a lot for me to regret doing so. However, after our investigation into the three cases we’re debunking on the radio show, there are many similarities.

~ All occur in New England

~ All feature families with two parents and two [or more] children

~ All feature families in transition. A blended family in Amityville; health crisis in Connecticut; and family in need of a new location in the Perron case.

~ All claim demonic activity

~ All claim something odd went on in the house prior to moving in. Amityville and the Conjuring claim it was murder. In Connecticut, the funeral home employees practiced necrophilia.

~ All the families made money off their cases

~ All families freely went public with their claims

~ None of the families can produce any proof that there was anything going on

~ All were made into feature film franchises

~ From the information that’s available, none of the cases are real

~ Ed and Lorraine Warren were involved in these cases and they cashed in, laughing all the way to the bank. I personally doubt that Ed is laughing any longer, as God won’t be mocked. I wonder if anyone with real spiritual discernment has ever brought the $109 package where you get to eat dinner with Lorraine. What’s on the menu? EVP entrees and demonic desserts? This is followed by a tour in her basement Occult Museum and ends with a walk to Ed’s grave. Do you hear Ed begging for forgiveness for all the fakery he took part in?

Throughout my career, I heard it wasn’t Ed that was full of a desire to be rich and famous it was Lorraine. Was that just a way to ignore what was really going on?

Have you ever dug into how these two got their start in the business of demonology?

It wasn’t a calling from God to do this for His glory. It’s important to note that Ed didn’t call himself a Christian demonologist but a religious one. Religion can’t cast out a single demon. Demons enjoy leading people down the religious path--religious people were responsible for killing Jesus Christ. Today, the same self-righteous religious people want to stamp out Christianity. You just don’t decide that dealing with demons is what you want to do. God decides if He wants you to deal with the demonic.

Apparently, Ed felt he knew more about art and he could paint better than anyone else could. So Ed would paint a picture of a house and in the painting he’d add ghosts floating out of the windows. Lorraine, the used car salesperson [like Jim Bakker], was the one that would tell the homeowner they had a demon issue. Not a small problem, but a big one.

That kept the pair happy for a while. In the mid-1970s public awareness on the dark side increased due to the book and movie version of The Exorcist. The Warrens knew how to work the P.R. circuit, doing lectures at every turn. Then came the Perron case and the Amityville Haunting. There was no turning back. It became less about helping people and more about helping themselves. No longer would it be a 30-second news spot. More books about these cases populated library and bookstore shelves. Ed told Ray Garton, author of the book about the Haunting in Connecticut case, to “make the shit up and make it scary.” The truth no longer mattered. Maybe it never did. Have you ever seen any tape about their cases, or any photos that couldn’t be explained away? Like the demon boy photo from the Amityville haunting…that was a young man, not a boy. He worked for the Warrens and posed for the picture in order to make more money for them.

It didn’t stop there. Many of the current crop of para-fakes like Ryan Buell copied her schemes, selling it to a new generation of suckers. Ed and Lorraine would host a class at a nearby restaurant and charge $20. They also made the student fork over a percentage of the food and drink tab.

Now that Ed is gone, Lorraine hasn’t slowed down a bit from her wacky appearances on fake TV shows like Paranormal State to the movie The Conjuring which is rumored to have two sequels in the works. How’s that? Well, they’re based on the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren that no one has ever seen.

It’s interesting to note how Lorraine has difficulty grasping the truth. She claims an exorcism was performed on the Amityville home. None was ever done. [She also said that the haunting there was from the bowels of the earth. I think it was from someone’s bowels.]

She claims that every time she went into the house she carried a photo of Padre Pio with her. If you want to be inspired by someone who exhibits all the traits of genuine compassion, please read this:

When you say every time that means every time you are in the house you have that photo in your hand. She even shows how she held it in the documentary My Amityville Horror. So we decided to take a look at all the photos of her in the house that we could find and take a close look at them. There were some photos where you couldn’t see her hands, or only one hand. But the majority of the photos we could examine and see if she was holding anything in them. Turns out that the number of times Padre Pio’s photo was seen is zero.

Charles Lutz stated in the documentary that everyone in the home was saved and baptized. This fact must have slipped by Lorraine. No one who is saved can be possessed by the demonic. God and the devil can’t be in the same body at the same time. This simple fact is learned in demonology 101.

When I get back to LA, which, knock on wood will be soon, all the books about the pair or written by Ed Warren will go sailing out the door. They won’t land on the curb for some unsuspecting person to find, read and be deceived, but into the trash where they belong.

Nowadays there are so many like Ed and Lorraine running around in the paranormal field. Some want to help, but they still want the gravy train and all the fame baggage that follows. Others just want to hop aboard that train, as they don’t give a damn.

To me that’s scarier than any demon I’ve ever encountered.

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