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Eye on the Paranormal – Issue 9: Review of Paranormal State’s “I Am Six” Episode

Eye on the Paranormal

copyright 2008 by Kirby Robinson

Welcome back to our latest issue of Eye on the Paranormal, the first and only weekly blog that takes a critical look at the world of the paranormal.

We’re continuing our in-depth investigation of the Paranormal Research Society and Paranormal State, along with the numerous para-celebrities that have appeared on the show and assisted in the acts of deception, distortion, and lies that Paranormal State is quickly becoming famous for. We’re analyzing Episode #33, I AM SIX, which could have gone by three other titles: I AM SICK, SHE’S SO SLEAZY, or LET’S RIP OFF THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE.

In this issue we’ll also focus on the ever-growing web of lies concerning the infamous beer can incident, or what many are calling ParaBeerCanGate! Each lie PRS/PS tries to sell only paints them into a tinier corner.

We’ll also take a look at what others are talking about. And there’s a new CALL TO ACTION section – you can help expose this fraudulent show.

But first, let me introduce you to two folks who are in their own way trying to expose the deceptive acts of Chip Coffey and Paranormal State.

1. Brian Thompson of The Amateur Scientist has been working diligently to bring the truth to light and Chip even called the police on the guy! Read his blogs and enjoy the information.

2. Anyone who would rather watch an entertaining video over at YouTube will benefit from the person who’s been working tirelessly to expose the PSBS. Meet Doctor Atlantis. He has a keen eye for detail and exposing trickery.


It seems some folks just can’t learn to tell the truth and their lies just get sadder and sadder. The people over at PRS/PS have been caught red-handed. It’s time to ‘fess up.

For those who are unaware, during the investigation that was part of THE MESSENGER episode, it seems that the participants from PRS decided to plant a cold can of Budweiser on a bed to get Bill the ghost to appear.

Ryan and Chip enter the room and Ryan claims he picks up a cold spot and when the intrepid pair flip on the light they claim they see an outline of a person on the bed. The Messenger, Part 2

We exposed this act of intended deception in issue 8. Since then, PRS/PS and Chip have been selling a big, big pile of brown stuff, trying to flee from the spotlight. Take a look at each of their lies as we expose them for what they are.

~1 Bill the friendly ghost wasn’t even the issue that the husband and wife featured in the episode, Kelli and Riley, were concerned about. Bill liked Budweiser, but the spirit that was threatening the family was a dark entity who never made his beer preference known.

~2 If it was simply a joke, why did they allow the cold spot to be part of the episode? And then why did they claim they saw a figure on the bed?

~3 Why had they never mentioned this to the general public?

~4 Both Topher and Ryan on the PRS forums tried to claim that this was all brought up and explained at Univ-Con last September and there’s no story. Well, this is yet another lie. Respected Parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach, wrote: “I've spoken to the woman in question at length. Nothing she says is outlandish -- though she may be speaking through the filter of someone who believed her case (and her main ghost, who is apparently quite friendly) was seriously misrepresented.

As for the beer can -- the PRS folks showed the image during a session at UNIV-CON and stated it was a beer can. They certainly did not indicate they had placed it intentionally, and I did not see the episode, but my understanding is that the episode did not call it for what it was.

And if they knew it was a beer can -- which they should have by checking out the bed -- why did it end up on the show at all, let alone as something other than what it was?”

So you can see it’s nothing like what PRS claimed happened.

~5 Kelli placed all the beer cans, more than one were positioned throughout the house, in a plastic bag to protect them from the fingerprints of those who had handled the beer cans.

Now I didn’t attend UNIVCON but we had people there who got items that had been handled by folks over at PRS who were part of THE MESSENGER investigation. At great cost to us we found out whose prints are on the cans. Guess whose fingerprints are on the beer cans?

So ParaBeerCanGate keeps blowing up in their faces. This problem will not go away quietly, folks.


Budweiser beer can video image


As expected, Kelli and myself, as well as the Ghost Divas and Ghost Hunters, Inc. were under attack on numerous forums and MySpace blogs for the past week. Yet the attacks had little value, shallow meaning, and lack of merit and truth behind them.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

~1 The Parry-Normals – On the PRS forum they claim that I had said they were frauds and what I saw in Michael Parry’s hand were his drawings. Well, let’s look at the facts. A] I never wrote the word fraud. B] If you closely watch the episode, THE LADDER, where Mr. Parry is talking to Ryan and his client, he starts the interview holding a small notebook. After a few quick cuts the notebook turns into notecards. If you have a bigscreen TV freeze that scene and look at the cards. Are they drawings? No. They’re actually a list of topics to discuss.

~2 Chip Coffey – On Halloween he issued a MySpace blog entitled: “Smears, Lies & Videotape” in which he threatened legal action against Kelli, the Ghost Divas, and me. I had personally anticipated just such an action a while ago, and through the good graces of some of my clients in the entertainment field, I was introduced to a law firm that saw the publicity potential for such a lawsuit. They had agreed a while ago and we had been putting together a team of people who are experts in debunking psychics and well known members of the scientific community who have been able to debunk all EVPs, camera shots, etc. that numerous para-celebrities have tried to present as authentic. To date, none have stood the test of thorough, unbiased scientific investigation. I responded, and Chip being Chip, had to think he had the final word. But I have a few things to point out concerning his response.

[1] Chip is making the assumption that Paranormal State is a highly popular program. If you take the time to look at the facts you’ll find out otherwise. It is on CABLE TV, not network, and a cable channel that is dedicated to reality programs, network reruns, and once popular movies. It is not in the Top 20 weekly viewed shows on cable. And the only reason that it stays on the air is because it is very cheap to produce.

[2] Chip Coffey admits that there is such a thing as para-celebrities and they are a separate group from everyone else. I never thought that a person should ever do anything to be popular, I thought the purpose was to help others and do right.

[3] I think I did one blog about my stint on a TV show and it was after the fact. If you want to talk about self-promotion, Chip, every time you’ll be appearing at some money-making event you write a blog about it. Every time you promote Paranormal State or Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, you gotta write about it. If some Hollywood celebrity calls you, you get all excited. And, when someone dares to criticize you, you fetch the violin and cry about dead relatives/pets. Or write a lukewarm Q&A blog, which is just more promotion for Paranormal State, Psychic Kids, or your next money making event.

[4] Well, Chip, if you consider this blog not worthwhile, then you could be doing things far more worthwhile with your time than reading my blogs. LOL. But in all sincerity, all I do is put pen to paper, my investigative team does all the rest. You’re making the assumption that people aren’t being helped, but they are.

[5] Au contraire, Mr. Coffey. My readership is bigger than ever, I am being requested to do radio appearances, which in the past I have shunned, but now I’ve decided to do them. And being popular within the paranormal community is not a must for me. Is it for you?

[6] Chip, if you would simply state that Paranormal State is a scripted show and be taken for entertainment purposes only, the Eye on the Paranormal would shift away to other topics.


After all the heaviness of this blog, let’s take a few minutes before moving on to take a look at a pair of disclaimers that will bring a smile to your face.

PRS' disclaimer: "The data & evidence collected does not prove that any of the paranormal exists or in any way is evidence of the paranormal."

Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey’s Disclaimer: “Please be advised that psychic readings cannot predict, forecast, diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty.

No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Chip Coffey will not be held accountable for

any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings.

For entertainment purposes only.

For medical concerns, please consult with a physician. For legal matters, please contact an attorney.”


Now let’s begin our analysis of I AM SIX. And as to make my analysis easy to follow, I’m embedding links inside the blog to the segments on YouTube. I will also add the 5 different video clips in case you want to watch them after reading the blog.

Ryan Buell stated in a blog promoting this episode that they had done two previous demonic episodes. The promotion is even an act of deception. A close look at the last two seasons of Paranormal State will find that they have done far more than just a pair of demonic episodes. The subject has been dealt with in the following:

~1 Sixth Sense

~2 The Name

~3 The Devil In Syracuse

~4 Dark Man

~5 Pet Cemetery

~6 Paranormal Intervention

~7 The Haunted Piano

~8 The Sensitive

~9 The Asylum

~10 Good vs. Evil

~11 Hell’s Gate

So we see that it’s not just two episodes but in actuality, 11. Also, Mr. Buell is starting to embellish his tale of being hired by the Catholic Church to assist a group of priests in an exorcism. Back in Season 1 in “The Name” we are told about the case for the first time. It’s about a demon in a house. This year, for some reason, Ryan decided to dress it up some by saying “a group of priests and a politician’s family.” By implying “a politician” he’s trying to get you to think it’s a high ranking one. I AM SIX, Part 1

The “I Am Six” episode focuses on a young lady by the name of Laura, living in Quincy, IL with her family. The 26-year-old is allegedly being attacked by demonic forces.

One thing I ask you to do is to note Ryan’s face, particularly the right cheek area, in the opening sequence at the church. Notice there is no pimple there at that time. This issue will be brought up as we progress through this blog.

The case briefing in the church takes place at 10:26 AM Investigation – Day One. They then travel to the home, make introductions, set things up, and begin to tour the house by 11:33 AM. They sure must have eaten their Wheaties that morning.

Laura greets them at the door; we see no sign of trouble or discomfort at all. She even gives them the impression that she’s excited for them to be there—especially Ryan.

Barbara, the mother, states with little or no emotion in her voice that the first time Laura saw the black shadow, which by the way is never referred to again, that Laura got hit in the stomach and couldn’t breathe for over one hour.

Laura makes claims that writing and scratches appear on her skin periodically, yet none are present at the time of filming. And we’re told that about 10 days prior to their arrival there had been scratches of a pentagram on her skin, yet it’s totally healed and there are no photos.

We then learn that Laura claims to have been sucked down a laundry chute. Again, no proof or offering of injuries.

Now we are going to do Time Warp like only Paranormal State can do. The house tour starts at 11:33 we are told, and lasts until at least 4:10 PM. Ryan is wearing a dark shirt. We then jump back in time to 2:37. Ryan is talking to Laura who’s now minus her glasses.

We are told that an EVP caused the entity to come in, yet we never actually hear the EVP.

We then jump to 3:48 PM to Ryan talking to the mom, who’s not wearing the same outfit that she had on at 4:10. Notice how she sells the story with the phrase “All the time.” The mom adds that there is constant mayhem within the house but during the entire four days nothing happens while the cast and crew are there.

At 4:28 PM Ryan interviews Bob, the father, and Ryan’s had time to change from a dark shirt. Notice how calm the dad is and how he emphasized that his daughter could be a great artist, maybe even a star. This exchange is intercut with a shot of Laura reading a magazine in the kitchen showing no ill effects at all.

At 5:03 PM Ryan has changed back into his dark shirt for an evidence hearing. Eilfie and Sergei, who neither claim to have medical training, determine that Laura could not write on the inside of her thigh, nor on the inside of her arm. How difficult would it be to scratch yourself there? Also, they don’t take into account that someone else could have done it for Laura. Notice the markings never take place on her face or any area on her body that couldn’t be concealed with clothing. I AM SIX, Part 2

Chip Coffey arrives at 9:56 PM and does his preplanned walk-through. Now it’s supposed to be night but you can clearly see daylight in numerous shots.

Chip claims that the demon has a very dirty mouth, yet he is the only person who cusses during the entire episode. Here are direct quotes:

“Get rid of all this ****** religious stuff!”

“More religious ****!”

“Get the F out of MY house!”
”I’ll kill the bitch!”

“It ****** her in the bathtub!”

“It just scared the **** outta me!”

They find a phrase scratched into the wooden floor in the closet. Again, the scratches are done where no one would see it and be an embarrassment to the family. In addition, note that Ryan’s voiceover is not done at the same time the shot is made.

At the start of Investigation – Day Two, Ryan, who’s still wearing clothes from Day 1, points out to Eilfie the scratches on the floor. At 11:36 AM Heather calls a German translator but it’s clearly nighttime outside.

At 3:11 PM Heather interviews the former homeowner who informs her that one person had died in the house.

At 5:05 Heather informs the PRS team that two deaths happened on the property. Yet that’s not what the former homeowner said. Again, Ryan is still wearing clothing from the first day.

Ryan calls Reverend Calder at night of Day 2, and he flies in from Atlanta, GA at 9:49 PM. Must’ve been a miraculously fast flight.

It’s 3 AM Dead Time. Laura is sleeping with her glasses on. And what is this mysterious illness that she’s supposed to have? Please don’t forget they asked the parents to leave the home.

In the upstairs bedroom, Ryan, Chip, and Reverend Calder are arranged one way in one cut, and in the next the Reverend is in a different area of the bed so the camera guy could get a clear shot of Chip and the fictitious doorknob incident. Did anyone see the doorknob turn other than Chip? Also notice that numerous shots from this supposed Dead Time are done in daylight and an attempt is made to block out the sun as much as possible. I AM SIX, Part 3

Laura is supposedly attacked in the bathroom while she is alone. And Eilfie asks, where’s Ryan? As if she has no idea where he’d be at that time. And did I say that he was wearing his shirt from day one? And in the very next shot the mother inexplicably appears in the bathroom, yet the family had been asked to vacate their home.

We see six scratch marks on Laura’s back and we learn that the demon’s name is Six.

Let’s stop the narrative at this point and let me say this. There was no haunting. There was no demonic presence whatsoever. What we have here are two groups.

~ 1 Paranormal Research Society and Paranormal State

~ 2 Laura and her family. Both groups have common needs. They want an exciting show, they know the formula of Demons + Exorcism = Ratings. Laura is seeking publicity and a desire to be in the media spotlight.

The film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” provides an opportunity for the pair to achieve their goals. Watch the film and see how it’s an accurate depiction of how possession happens. You’ll also see some terrifying things from Emily’s perspective. It’s interesting to note that the demon in the film and the TV episode both say “I Am Six.” Notice how similar some scenes are within the movie and the episode.

In addition, there have been two claims made by Laura’s family and Paranormal State.

~1 No paranormal group would help the family within the Quincy area. After checking with various groups in the region, most weren’t contacted. Those who were checked it out and found no evidence of a haunting.

~2 They claim the Catholic Church dropped the case. What they don’t tell you is why. None of the local charismatic churches were contacted to come in and assist the family.

Back to the storyline.

There’s a voiceover of Chip and Laura done during the fake exorcism. We’re given the impression that it happened then. The mother claims that it scratched I AM SIX on her back in the past, yet again, no proof. Also take note that both outfits that Laura and her mother are wearing are the same outfits they wore during day 1 and we’re nearing the end of Day 2.

Day 3 starts off with a call at 12:20 PM to Lorraine “Amityville Horror Hoax” Warren. Note this call is done on a different day than the rest of the episode. Look at the dark pimple on Ryan’s face; it’s hardly noticeable that day and in the days to come.

We go into Time Warp again, the way that only Paranormal State can do. The identical shot with the father, the scene is set exactly the same way. Both Ryan and the dad wear the same clothing from two days ago. What they discuss is a scene taken verbatim from the “Exorcism of Emily Rose” where she becomes totally rigid while in the bedroom.

The interview with the psychologist is done poorly. Ryan seems to know very little about what diseases could be misinterpreted as demonic possession, and he fails to ask the proper questions concerning this.

The family doesn’t react in a shocked manner when they learn of a possible exorcism rite being done—it’s almost as if they’re wanting/anticipating it. Notice that we’re in the evening of day 3 and Ryan is wearing the same shirt as in the beginning of day 1. I AM SIX, Part 4

For a young lady facing a pending exorcism, Laura is very calm, her hair and makeup are flawless, and she’s posed very provocatively on her bed toward Ryan and Reverend Calder. She already has a red nose at the beginning of the scene, indicating she’d been crying and this wasn’t the first take. The shot wasn’t done at night but in the daytime. Watch the transition to the next scene. The Reverend states that nighttime is the time of Lucifer. Newsflash to the Reverend, God made day and night so Lucifer has no more claim to the night than any other entity.

Ryan tells us that he must enter a state of grace. What he doesn’t say is that every single person connected to the exorcism must enter a state of grace and how they indicate you go about it is totally wrong.

We now come to Exorcism Day. You’ll notice the shutters in the living room switch from open to closed at will.

The EMT is shown one time and disappears for the duration of the episode. Ryan’s shirt has gone back to his day one shirt, which is when the exorcism was filmed.

We’re told the exorcism starts at 3 PM but notice the scanner that Ryan uses reads 4:01 PM. They cut and spliced numerous scenes together for a complete exorcism. Suddenly, it’s 6 PM according to their clock.

A big deal is made about it raining. Unfortunately, what they don’t tell you is that it rained off and on throughout that day. According to the Farmer’s Almanac.

On July 18th, 2008, the closest available weather station to Quincy, IL (QUINCY MUNI BALDWIN FLD, IL), reported the following conditions:

High Temp: 88°F
Low Temp: 68°F
Average Temp: 78°F
Dewpoint: 66.2F
Wind Speed: 4.6 Knots
Precipitation Amount: 0.03 Inches
Observations: Rain/Drizzle, Thunder

Suddenly, it’s 4:45 and sunny. Ryan walks out of the house at 4:45 to talk to Lorraine Warren yet we’re told it’s 7 PM when he goes outside. I AM SIX, Part 5

We’re then shown it’s 11 PM and Chip has moved into the living room to take control of the exorcism. I guess he brings with him mystical and magical powers, because suddenly it’s sunny outside again.

The worst thing that the demon can do throughout the whole episode is call the poor girl sleazy. Also, notice how her hair changes from being up to down, neat to messy.

The clock is moving backwards because we’re supposed to be at 11 PM but it’s back to 5 PM.

It’s Chip who decides she’s not breathing, from across the room, so what happened to the EMT? And notice how Ryan pops around the room. Suddenly we see it’s 10:55. They keep splicing the show to make it appear more exciting. Observe, at the very end of the exorcism, how Chip pushes aside Reverend Calder, in order to have the final word. Remember, Chip was the one who declared in “The Name” episode that he was neither a demonologist nor an exorcist.

When Chip walks through the house for the final check, it’s daylight outside, and sadly, we learn that her 15 minutes of fame may not be up. Two weeks after the PRS cast and crew left she had a negative reaction to holy water. The sad story goes on and on.

And what is the lesson that we learn? The audience can be tricked into buying a lie and the truth is hurt because there are demons and there are people who are harassed, oppressed, and possessed by them. Not all of them are like the people who seek fame, fortune, and celebrity status. I AM SIX, Part 1 I AM SIX, Part 2 I AM SIX, Part 3 I AM SIX, Part 4 I AM SIX, Part 5


There are 3 things everyone can do in the effort to get the truth out to the general public and proper authorities. They’re free, and will only take a few moments of your time. But they can pay off big in exposure.

1) Call, write, and/or email Anheuser-Busch, Inc. and tell them that their product is being used without their permission and in an act of deception. Tell them it is reflecting badly on the image of such a respected corporation. Also, you might pitch some new taglines for their Budweiser Beer product. Mine are:





1 800 DIAL BUD
(1 800 342 5283)

Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
One Busch Place
St. Louis, MO 63118

Copy and paste this into your browser:

2) Lakeshore Entertainment is the production company behind the film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” It’s very clear that PRS/PS and/or Laura’s family is ripping off the story from this fine motion picture for the sake of 15 minutes of fame. Even Paranormal State puts to use the 1,2,3,4,5,6 from the film. So the production company should both be warned and compensated, or have the I AM SIX episode yanked. Here is the contact information:

Lakeshore Entertainment

9268 West Third Street, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA
Phone: [310] 867-8000
Fax: [310] 300-3015

3) Penn State is an established institution with a spotless reputation for serious research and above board practices. The president of the university needs to know how PRS is using and abusing its image. Call, write, and/or email them about what is happening.

Graham B. Spanier

Office of the President


(814) 865-2507 or 814-865-7611



Dear Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey, Lorraine Warren, Sandra & Keith Johnson, Dr. Ron Milione, Tony Spera, Shannon & Jeff Sylvia, C.J. Sellers, Chris Moon, Michelle Belanger, Chad Calek, Michael & Marti Parry, Mark & Debby Constantino, Kim Russo, David Schrader, and Reverend Andrew Calder:

I have expressed concerns about how you conduct your investigations and the validity of those investigations, where anyone with a clear and discerning eye can see that they are not authentic. I have also witnessed heavy-handed tactics being used against people who question your alleged authority within the paranormal community and dared to raise questions concerning the validity of appearing on the A&E shows, Paranormal State, and Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. I can no longer sit by in silence. That is why I came up with The Paranormal Moment of Truth Challenge, which will benefit you, your organization, the paranormal field, and a charity that would be assisted from the donation of the prize money.

1 ~ It would silence your critics if you are determined to be telling the truth about all your claims and how they are presented. There can be no one left to challenge your honesty and integrity.

2 ~ It would not only benefit your organization, but it would also help the entire paranormal field. Because if such evidence is true, it will be brought to a much wider audience, which hopefully would fuel additional legitimate investigations. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

3 ~ The charity of your choice would have the prize money donated to them. If the truth is being told, that prize money could reach $500,000.

So, what is The Paranormal Moment of Truth Challenge? I am sure you’ve heard of the Fox Network program entitled The Moment of Truth. This is where a contestant is hooked up to a lie detector test and asked 50 questions, of which 21 of them are used on the actual show. As long as you tell the truth, you keep on winning money -- up to $500,000. The production company, Lighthearted Entertainment Inc., would jump at an opportunity of doing a show with the two of you. And I will put my personal credibility on the line and appear, as well. For if you visit my Free All Spirits page (, you’ll notice that I personally make what some would call outlandish claims concerning my work as a Demonologist/Exorcist/Paranormal Investigator/Caring Spiritual Adviser.

If you would like to be "one step closer to the truth" then this is a way to achieve your goal. If interested, please contact me at this email address and I will get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Your friend in spirit,

To date, this is the response that I’ve received from them.

Why not do the show? Only you, the paranormal field, and a charity of your choice would benefit.

INFORMATION REQUEST: If anyone wants to share any information with their experiences involving the PRS, Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey, and any other para-celebrity that has made an appearance on Paranormal State, whether it is good or bad, I would like to read it. Your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.

NOTE: Please feel free to copy and paste this and place it all over the web. And, unlike any of my other blogs, you can even repost this under your own name!

Come by next week to read a very exciting issue. If I told you what it’s about it wouldn’t be a surprise. But rest assured, it’ll be shocking and entertaining. But above all, it’ll be the truth.