Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Angel Books Optioned by Motion Picture Pro Studios

By Lisa Grace

"Angel in the Shadows, Book 1" and "Angel in the Storm, Book 2" have been optioned by Motion Picture Pro Studios.

The final contracts from Motion Picture Pros Studio just arrived. I'm taking them up to the bank to be notarized after I pick my daughter up from school.

The project is being fast-tracked, and now I'm putting together a plot point treatment (have no idea what they call it, I forgot). Since it's part of a series, they want to make sure characters that might be important in sequels are at least touched upon in this film.

The producer will be releasing a press release that announces the distribution deal on his current film (with a distributor everyone here has heard of) and then will mention mine is optioned and fast-tracked into pre-production with a screenwriter being hired immediately.

I know you guys have put up with me posting about the movie contract since September when I was first contacted, but now it's a done deal.   Books 1 & 2 are being combined into one film, and they have first right of refusal on the third.

I'm going to have Elaine P. English (entertainment lawyer) take bids on the paperbacks for the series.

Dreams do come true, and you can pinch me now.

NOTE: Everyone here at the Eye on the Paranormal sends a heartfelt CONGRATS to Lisa Grace for landing such a marvelous deal. We're sure this isn't the end of her journey, as even better and brighter things will be coming her way! We'll be first in line to buy the tickets on Day 1 of its release!

GHOST WHISPERINGS - Part II Who Or What Is Talking?

By Skarlet Rae

Here is the first part of the Ghost Whisperings series.

In my last segment I covered my (healthy, or so I think) skepticism towards audio documentations like evp's and such.  As explained there, science keeps growing, changing.  Many times, just in my short lifetime alone, things have altered.  Never mind that, but throughout our history many scientific discoveries changed our world and our outlooks and beliefs.  As they will continually change, evolve and have within it more and more information, altering our knowledge and beliefs.

Just as an example, it was believed in the 1970's, by the majority of the population, especially traditional doctors that vitamins and minerals had very little to do with very little.  Although in grade school we learned about scurvy and how vitamin C prevents it.  Still, doctors didn't think that illness can be helped with them.  Now, we have effervescent tablets and packets of powders which boost our immune systems with vitamin C, amongst other herbs and vitamins.  More information can and most assuredly will be discovered and added to the original, changing things, even at times, drastically.  I'm sure all science and technology will keep growing further than our limited, although seemingly tremendous, knowledge.  So why not the paranormal realm?

Because I like to give everything a fair chance, let us set the premise where we believe that the voices evidenced by equipment documentation is of paranormal origin/entity instead of a natural cause or natural phenomenon.  Let us even go further and say that we believe, in the most positive.  We believe that those voices are loved ones passed over.  Because after all, most people who pass over have family, friends and therefore they are loved ones that pass.  Rarely are they orphans, so we can safely presume that it is a passed over loved ones' disembodied spirit that is communicating with us, according to what many deduce.

With the miriad of evp's and voice documentations of disembodied voices, as are available to listen to, how come they are all just a few words?  They whisper and only say a few words.  Hmmmm.  That, to me, is very interesting.  Why do they whisper?  And why only a few words?  Why not converse in the same way as they did when alive, with us? What's with the whispering?

If they were humans at one time, they should have the social customs of humans.  We don't usually whisper.  Some whispering though, interestingly, ask for help.  Hmmmm.... really?  Help?  Then why are they not yelling?  Why isn't that evp or other evidence showing us distress in some form?  Surely a human who is in distress, calling out for another human to help will not be whispering, I can assure you.  Their yell for 'help' is usually just that.. a yell!  Ergo, the whispering doesn't make sense to me.  We humans whisper for only certain reasons.  Reasons of hiding, or sharing a secret.  We don't expect others to respond to us very well if we whisper.  So we usually don't, not in a normal conversation.  Then why do they?  IF they were a human, whose spirit is now there ... wandering, stuck, whatever ... why are they whispering?  Let's say they're hiding.  Well, they are obviously not trying to hide from us, since they are attempting to and communicating with us.  Then why whisper?

To take that line of thought further ... why are they not telling us more than just the same few words over and over?  Or, if and when they identify themselves, how do we know for sure it's the truth? We can do research and find that such and such a person lived there long ago.  But how do we know they are who they say they are?  It's like on the internet .... we don't really know who is communicating with us.  They can tell us anything.  They can tell us they are anyone.  How are we to know that they're for real?  There is no 'people finder' in the paranormal realm to check out validity.

Many paranormal experts, metaphysicians, parapsychologists say that they are lost spirits who haven't found the light.  That some people that pass away are sometimes confused (for whatever reason).  That they can't move on.  That they remain stuck in the location where they passed.  That it is with our help that they will be able to move on.  Then why don't they explain?  Even to a slight degree that they are stuck?  That they don't know where they are.  Why are they just saying 'help me'?  By the time they've said 'help me' several times, they could have given us more information about their state.  Yet they don't.  Why not?

Have you ever received a message as follows:  You come home from work and your spouse tells you that your mother called and left you a message with your spouse.  That it was a message of 3 words that were being whispered so low that the words could not be made out.  Yet they were repeated several times.  Have you ever actually experienced that?  Of course not!  Those who are close to us, friends, family don't whisper at us when they are trying to convey a message.  Never mind if they're seeking help.  But think of this possibility ... if someone wanted to fool you ... to make you think that they are who they would like you to believe they are, then they might whisper.  Because through a whisper you couldn't tell exactly who they are.

Now that was an interesting possibility in my mind.  Think about that for a moment.  The more unintelligable the words are, the more you can 'imagine' that it's someone you'd like it to be, saying what you'd like to hear.

As I see it, most of the evidence that is collected is NOT a plethera of loving messages.  They are, actually pretty negative and nasty.  I've never heard a voice that was documented on an evp or by other means, say "Hi".  They never say, "I miss Joe" (or whoever's name).  One never hears them say "Where is Joe" as if they were looking for someone.  Why is it that we can hear these voices say "Get out" or "Die" or "I know where you live", but they never say "Say hi to Joe for me" or "Send my love to Joe".  I know if I, personally was a ghost, missed my friends and family and had an opportunity to communicate I wouldn't whisper 'die'.  I'd yell as loud as I can and send a loving message.  Wouldn't you?  I'm sure you would.

Therefore I, personally, do not believe that it's our passed over loved ones whose voices are being taken as evidence by paranormal investigators and ghost hunters.  I'm sure if it was my father (may he rest in peace) who was trying to communicate with me, either directly or through another person, I'm SURE he wouldn't send me a message to 'get out' or 'die'.  Would yours?  I seriously doubt it.  Then WHY are we so eager to believe that those voices that we capture through modern investigations are innocent, poor souls, in need of our help?  Or passed on loved ones needing direction to the light?  I'm not saying that there might not be those that do need help in moving on, or something else, but I am of the opinion that most of them are not!

Imagine, having an actual conversation with someone who has passed over.  They could tell us so much.  They could tell us what it's like when the spirit and soul leaves the body.  What one experiences during that process.  Most of us humans are interested in knowing such things.  Yet not one of them has given us any inclination or indication as to what that's all about.  Why?  Have you ever pondered that question?

Stay tuned for more information and thoughs in the next segment of  Ghost Whisperings - Part III - What Are They Saying?