Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Issue 156 – The Eye is Under Attack/Bishop James Long Ripped Off

By Kirby Robinson

The Eye is under attack. Bishop James Long gets ripped off by the Ripoff Report and the Truth is Exposed on May 31

It's been a very busy past few days but GOD is great. When we see no way out of a situation, when all is stormy and unsettled, He places his protective hand over us.


The forces of darkness and untruth have been working 24/7 to try to shut us down and silence our voice. As I've said before, that won't happen. In 2008 when I started this blog I had no idea what it would grow to be or to mean to our readers. To date, we have almost 900 blog posts and there will be more--no matter what.

We've been offered by folks who run servers overseas in nations that take the idea of freedom of the press and speech a little more seriously than here in America, space to place our blogs in case of removal. That means they will always be available online.

Additionally, it might be time for me to move from the great state of California, and the lovely city of Los Angeles that I get to see so little of due to being on the road so much, and head to the great nation of Canada.

Last weekend I received an invitation from a Canadian-based Deliverance ministry seeking help on cases throughout Canada. They also work with a group of exorcists based out of northern United States. I've been told that it's possible for a person to gain Canadian Citizenship [it might take a while, but it can be done] so soon we can say that the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL is truly an international operation.

Saturday, May 31 the Darkside of the Paranormal Will be Exposed

From [3:30 PST] 6:30 to 8:30 PM EST


We've invited the major players in this debacle: John Zaffis,  George Lopez,  and Andrea Perron  to attend this event to present their side of the story.

You're Invited to Share YOUR Side of the Story!
Call in on May 31, 2014 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM EST. The name of the program: THE DARK SIDE, DARK SECRETS--PARANORMAL AMBUSH SMACKDOWN. It's hosted by Evan Johnson and features Kirby Robinson as a guest.

Call-in number: 215-383-5840
We want to present a far and balanced  program. We wish all sides will be heard on this very important topic. 

The only one not invited yet is Chip Coffey. This is because he reads every word I post anyway, so Chip consider yourself invited!

Bishop James Long Ripped Off by the Ripoff report

Sad but true, even good men get dragged down into the gutter of internet stalkers. It seems that there is a person who calls himself or herself Truther that has led some to think that TRUTHER is me. Let me clearly say this: I've never heard of a more stupid name than Truther. 

Below is a link to the report and the overwhelming condemnation of the report. Sadly, Bishop Long has become a victim to a false report just like thousands of others including Chip Coffey and even me. You see the only way to get it removed is to pay them.

Email from Ripoff report

Ripoff Report has always had a uniform policy to not remove Reports. Ripoff Report is a permanent record.
People have tried to sue Ripoff Report over 80 times, .. we’ve never lost. We did not create the content. We only mention this because most people have this in their minds – so, don’t be insulted we did..

 We will all get complaints – how you handle them is what separates good businesses from the rest. You can always file a Rebuttal – it’s free. explain your side, you can even attach photos, documents and any evidence to your rebuttal to back up your claims. This is completely FREE! if done correctly, this can make you look better and work as permanent postive advertising for you – there is no business that can go without complaints – no matter what you do for a customer, sometimes they will still complain.
if that is not good enough …
If the complaints are personal in nature … You can also try and look at our VIP Arbitration program .. This program is mostly for personal comments. If you are business, keep reading. BUT…
The above VIP Arbitration program does not include monitoring for new complaints like the program below. The above VIP Arbitration program does not include creating NEW positive titles reflecting your commitment to customer service like the program below. The above VIP Arbitration program does not include Ripoff Report sending out a photographer / writer to your business to verify your business and Ripoff Report writing a feature REVIEW about your business like the program below.. Everything above is inlcuded in the program below.
do more for your business like many other businesses have been doing for over the past 13 years of our 16 plus years in business… read below.. VIP Arbitration best works if the comments about you are personal in nature..
Watch these 3 short YouTube Videos that will explain it all.. The 3 short videos will automatically play. just ask any of our members if their business is better now than it was before they had NO complaints. See this video Let the 3 short videos play – they will play automatically.

Sounds like a scam to me.

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