Sunday, October 19, 2014

Why Is GOD So Cruel When It Comes to Paranormal Activity?

Time and time again I get asked if GOD is all powerful why then does GOD not stop all of this paranormal activity (attacks) which is taking place in the homes of the afflicted. The answer to this question is a two-fold. First of all, we as humans have sinned, as our flesh is of sin right from our birth, for all have sinned.  Secondly, this is also done in a manner to mock GOD by the Fallen Angels.

Yes, GOD can and will stop all the Demonic attacks (known as paranormal activity) when GOD is ready to do so.   Here is where people fail to grasp the true key of ending this activity in their lives.  GOD will stop all this activity when YOU are ready to succumb to his will and become a righteous person.  Let me repeat this, GOD will stop this when YOU decide to live life proper according to the Bible and not live in a manner that displeases GOD.  SIN is SIN bottom line.  Time and time again the clients I help struggle with this plain and simple fact.  You must turn from your ways of old and become new.  1 Peter 5:8 KJV is how all of us are to operate.

Example of this situation described above regarding activity in a home or upon a person would be anger.  Men and women both suffer from this terrible situation time and time again.  However, when the anger sets in because one feels they have a right to feel angry with someone but this is a SIN.   Anger leads to other avenues if not dealt with in the proper manner, such as hate, vengeance, murder, etc…

A recent exorcism engaged with a woman who traveled over 2000 miles to have me help her, had a multitude of demonic forces attacking her and residing within (Shiva known as the Destroyer and Beelzebub the Boss).  Shiva indicated to that it was set forth by Beelzebub in the kingdom of Evil to destroy this woman and all women.  That is the mission of those in the kingdom of evil per the words of Jesus himself John 10:10 KJV.

GOD commands that keep our body pure and holy.  The body is a made in the image of GOD and thus we are to meditate upon his word to remain pure and righteous with GOD.  Proverbs 19:19 KJV commands us to not have anger or rage otherwise we as humans will suffer many penalties from GOD.   However, as humans we feel we have the innate ability to be all and know all, which is a false sense of security and that is what the Fallen Angels desire.  Any action that we as humans do that lead us further away from GOD thus gives the Fallen Angels more reason to pursue us.

Some of the clients I worked with still have issues dealing with anger, thus they are still having paranormal activity taking place.  They get frustrated and upset because life does throw curve balls at us.  However, when this continues to occur we know diabolical influences are at work behind the scene.  These people expect GOD to rush in and fix “their” issues.  Only to have GOD do that and thus go right back to the way they live their lives, in SIN.  Whether it be living together as a couple but not married, drug abuse, stealing, adultery, etc…you cannot go back to the ways you once held.

GOD is not to be mocked Galatians 6:7 KJV that is taking place in their lives.  As the activity continues to ramp up against them the anger continues to grow even against GOD.  Time and time again I always get told “this is not fair, GOD needs fix this and why will GOD not listen to me?”  Now, not all clients do this, but you cannot tell GOD what to do.  By creating this division upon a person and thus the Fallen Angels search for this division.  Per the words spoken by Christ, a kingdom divided cannot stand Matthew 12:25 KJV.

Many clients still struggle after the engagements are made against those within to set these people free.  A false sense of security and safeness is what many clients struggle with after the demonic are engaged.  Time and time again the number one question I ask the person about their Bible studies and shockingly enough over 85% of these people say I’m still working on that as I have a lot going on right now.  These things are still attacking me as I am told and I sit as well as listen to their stories filled with frustration and anger.

Then the very next question posed to me is “Why is GOD so cruel”?  I sit and I am flabbergasted as these people say this to me.  I understand why they feel this way, but what many people fail to understand and comprehend is that YOU cannot go back to the way you once lived.  A man must become a Kingdom man and a woman must become a Proverbs 31 woman.  Prior to the engagements we discuss how they are to live after everything is done and over with time and time again.  Yes, the demonic want what they once had, but you cannot give the Devil a foot hold either by living in the manners in which you once did.  Ephesians 4:27 KJV describes exactly what we are to do.

The issue as Jesus Christ stated, the true believer is the one who denies himself and picks up his cross daily Matthew 16:24 KJV.  Many people struggle with this because they don’t like the road of righteousness because it is “lack luster” and non-appealing to the many.  The life you once lived was much more appealing and a strong desire to go back to surfaces.  Many people feel they can blend their old ways and new ways together.  1 Corinthians 6:15 KJV indicates this is not the case. This is where the anger starts because that life once walked had SIN and also had the demons upon them as well.

Decisions are difficult, frustration becomes apparent in those that suffered in the past due to the actions of the Fallen Angels wanting back what they once held.  Thus anger sets in due to the fact these people want this nightmare over, which they have that right to have.  However, you do NOT have the right to be angry at GOD when you chose not to live righteously for GOD.

A person must now walk in righteousness in the name of Christ.  This is the whole plan to cast deceit by the Fallen Angels against the person so that they have access back into this person by using confusion upon them.  So the real question is not if GOD is cruel or not, the real question to be stated is “Will you accept the invitation to know and follow his will”?  God is waiting for your answer!

God’s Blessings.

Rev. Bradley Luoma, AAE Exorcist Instructor & SOSM Exorcist