Saturday, March 24, 2012

Special Report ~ Goodbye Anonymous & Michelle "Babs" Griffin Tries Rewriting History

By Kirby Robinson

We'd hoped to share some great news with you today, but as yet not all the I's are dotted or the T's crossed. Until everything is signed we must keep silent but we have a few other announcements.

Goodbye Anonymous

Just who is Anonymous? They are the folks who love to sit in dark places and post nasty things about me and my bloggers. They are often the fakers that we expose or they are the haters that follow the fakers. These followers can't defend the fake para-celebrities with facts so they engage in lies and distortions of the truth because they have nothing else to fire back at us. They are also the people who have no guts or courage in their convictions. They are the same folks who want only one "unified" voice heard in the paranormal.

As of the today, they are no longer welcome here. Either make a comment under a name or don't bother. This is a blog for grownups that have the ability to think and reason, for those who seek to shed light on issues that people need to know about. If you're still a child who isn't able to think or reason for yourself, your comments just reflect your spiritual immaturity. So, for those fake para-celebrities and/or their blind following zombies, don't let the door hit your backside as you leave us.

Michelle “Babs” Griffin Tries Rewriting History

It seems that Babs is up to her tiresome old tricks once again. She has made an effort to scour the web and have each and every copy of the video of that para-celebrity guest on her TV show making fun of me because my eyesight is failing. We've even been told that she claims it never happened – my supporters and I are making it up. Well, Babs, it did happen and as you try to have it removed, know that we have copies of that video. But, the truth has never been her strong suit.

Psychics Exposed

The series we launched last week will be something we'll stick with for some time. We feel a need more than ever to uncover the lies most psychics and psychic-mediums don't want you to know.

We'll cover such topics as: What is this psychic gift they claim to have? Why can't they give people winning lottery numbers? What does it say in the Bible about these so-called psychics? How can you become a channeler and rip people off? And who really started all this? [Hint: it goes back to the Garden of Eden and the streets of Babylon].

If you have any questions or topics you'd like to see covered in the weeks ahead, please feel free to reach out and ask and we'll cover them. One topic we'll address is why it's okay for a pastor/minister to get paid and not a psychic? And at some point we'll deal with the psychic flavor of the month: The Long Island Medium. Now that one will be a blast!


By Pastor Michael Frisbee, The Paranormal Christian

DEMONOLOGIST.  The word conjures up all kinds of dark images and misunderstood themes.  The fact it starts out with the word DEMON seems to bring that foreboding due to a couple millennia of humanity’s mythology and subconscious training to fear them.

I have been a practicing Demonologist for twenty-two years now.  I started almost seven years to the day after I was delivered up from black witchcraft and gave myself to Christ.  In those seven years, I battled my former coven, defending myself from their spiritual attacks and attempts to curse me, as well as, an occasional conjured demon to do their work.  I was introduced to spiritual warfare, demonic exorcism, and began to study religious texts of different cultures to know the mannerisms, methods of infestation and possession, and the tools to fight them.

I also learned that not everything we experience is a demon, and found a place within paranormal research and investigations to discern and discover the truth.  One of my key working phrases I use for investigations is “Eliminate the Normal, Everything Else is Paranormal”.  People can be misled, confused, even self-deceived about what they experience, which I think the proliferation of “haunts” recently is due to the popularity of dozens of paranormal investigation shows such as “Ghost Hunters”, “Ghost Adventures”, “Ghost Lab” and things like “Celebrity Ghost Stories”.  This is why it is critical we go into a house more skeptic and doubter, seeking out natural and normal causes for what people are experiencing.  Once all that is stripped away – that’s what we seek to document to show proof of the paranormal.  Over the past twenty-two years I have been demonologist, spiritual warrior, paranormal researcher and investigator, spiritual counselor, and pastor.  However, first and foremost – I am a servant of God and in that – a demonologist.

There are no “true” schools of higher learning to become a demonologist.  Demonology is a study of demons.  Only the Vatican has a program of training for their priests regarding demons and exorcism, but that is not open to non-Catholics or non-believers.  I’m going to make a lot of people mad out there, but I have experience and truth on my side in this – you do not need to be “certified” or “licensed” to be a demonologist.  People claiming to be running schools in it to certify you are scamming you.  They are in it for the profit.

Being a Demonologist is not a calling.  It is a field of study and people get it confused with being an Exorcist.  However taking it to the next step and being a deliverance minister is a calling from God, our Heavenly Father, one that is usually accompanied by the gift of Discernment anointed upon you by the Holy Spirit.  A deliverance minister cannot be an atheist, a Gnostic, a wiccan, or anything else but a born-again believer and Christian, one who has accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.  We as human beings are flawed and weak, fractured creatures whose wills can be easily bent by the demonic.  Earth is THEIR domain, given that authority by God.  Lucifer caused a third of the Angels to war against God and Heaven.  The Archangel Michael, the only equal to Lucifer, led the Heavenly forces and defeated Lucifer.  He was cast from Heaven and given domain and authority on earth.

However, when Christ gave fulfillment of the Law, was crucified as the Prophets foretold, died and after three days, rose again renewed and resurrected, He defeated once again Satan, freeing us of the blood sin, by washing our sin with His blood.  In his glory and conquering of Satan, He now had Authority over Satan.  We as humans and followers of Christ, can call upon Christ’s authority to cast out and command demons who interfere with our work and path here, especially when it interferes with God’s Will for us.  Only be calling upon the Authority of Christ and the anointing with His Blood, can we do this work.  So – how can someone who does not believe in God, Satan, Angels, or Demons – rightfully and believably fight demons where they infest and possess?  They cannot.

A demonologist must spend his/her time cataloging and studying demons, studying, comprehending, and referencing religious texts and their references of the demonic, study demonic mythology of various cultures.  One part of the gift of discernment is to be able to identify true demonic presence and signs.  Regardless of Hollywood – you DO NOT need to know the name of the demon present, it DOES NOT give you any additional power over it – you have none – only Christ does.  You also need to be able to discern false doctrines and references as well.  I’m going to anger a bunch more people here.  The Book of Enoch and the Lower Keys of Solomon are not true and accurate books of demonology.  The Book of Enoch is a hoax, a forgery, it was not used in the time of Aaron, it did not predate any Catholic Bible.  It is an occult deceit and forgery to lead those fighting demons along a false trail.  The same is true of the Lower Keys of Solomon, it was devised from a 18th Century French Grimoire that listed 69 demons and assigned European titles to them.  These titles did not exist in King Solomon’s time.  The Lower Keys added 3 more demons to the list.  Allegedly, the book claims Solomon was a great wizard and used demons to do his bidding.  It is an attempt by the Occult to strip Christians and confuse them of the truth, that King Solomon was a great servant of the Lord, wise, but flawed.  He still did great works, and created the Songs of Solomon.

However knowledge will only get you so far.  You must engage and help people afflicted by a demonic infestation or possession.  You don’t do it for accolades or glory.  You do it to help heal, to bring peace of mind, and help people back on the right path, all for the glory of God.

If you would like help, I can consult with you and your group.  I do so free of charge.  I am currently based out of the Atlanta, Georgia area.  I am offering my services and experience to all paranormal groups, so that the Truth can be found out there, and these groups can be protected.  I do not charge for this.  I can be reached through my website at

I am also seeking fellow Christians that are involved in the paranormal investigative field, with emphasis in deliverance.  I launched the Spiritual Warriors Network a few months ago, and it is a growing network of born again Christians that serve as deliverance clergy, demonologists, prayer warriors, and investigative teams.  Our goal is to help spread God’s Truth and assist fellow Christians oppressed by the demonic who have been turned away by their local churches and clergy.  If you are interested in joining our team, go to and click “Apply” after reading the Statement of Faith.

Saturday, March 24th at 7 pm, Rev Mark and I will be presenting The Paranormal Christian, “The Evil & The Righteous – REDUX”.  This week we are revisiting a topic we did while at Blog Talk Radio, and with our new start at BTVN TV we felt we should cover it again.  It is an essential part of our ministry, distinguishing the Enemy and their deceptions, while laying out the legitimacy of the Bible, the importance of Christ's ministry, and it application today.

In the first hour, we will discuss Demons; where do they come from, why are they here, how do they operate, etc.  We will discuss various false teachings and doctrines that allow the demonic to gain power and deceive  both believer's and non-believers.

In the second hour, we will focus on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, his work against Demons, his warnings and instructions regarding demons, and his teachings of how to combat them, the core of Christian Demonology. We will also cover the Inerrancy of God's Word.

Then we will wrap up with how the Authority of Jesus Christ, when wielded by a believer and disciple of Christ, can defeat a demonic presence, and show how attempts to do so by a non believer can lead to ruin.

You can join us by going to and click on the link to the show.