Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Issue 54 – Demon Doctors Engaged in Malpractice!

By Kirby Robinson

2011 is coming to a close and a new year will be born, filled with hope for more unity within the paranormal community. However, there are many challenges as the lies and deceptions won't stop flowing from the fakers.

We are fast approaching 12/21/11, which will mark the beginning to the countdown of the end of the world, as many are predicting for December 21, 2012. The other long shadows are the publication of Chip Coffey's work of fiction in April.


The so-called Demon Doctors have a TV show in the works. They are reaching out to the public and making promises they can't keep as revealed in the following announcement:


If you have a personal haunting, or your an investigation team that needs help with getting rid of a haunting, you have a chance to have THE DEMON DOCTORS come directly to you!

The Demon Doctors are looking for new cases all over the U.S. to possibly air on T.V. Give us your scariest, strongest, most active cases and The Demon Doctors will come to you and Rid the haunting once and for all! Demons, Demonic entities, Possessions, Ghostly spirits, no matter what the case maybe The Demon Doctors will help you!

Please email a short summery of your case along with contact information to

This is your chance to have you or your team on T.V. and have THE DEMON DOCTORS come directly to you! DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY!

I have some major issues with the alleged demon doctors.

1 There is no such thing as a demon doctor.

2 Yes, demons are for real, but they can't leave it at that. They must throw in demonic entities, [if by chance they refer to shadow people or evil spirits they are real but they are NOT demonic].

3 Maybe you can be of help if you work under the spiritual authority of God. There is no maybe about it. Is this their way of admitting that there are cases they can't handle?

4 Where is there any credit or glory given to the Lord Jesus Christ who by His death we have the power to cast out demons?

The Demon Doctors are just one of a long line of fakers that are out there not to be of service but to have their egos serviced. Avoid them and their kind, as they can't help but only hurt.


We've received reports that is going to cease operation. We have tried to confirm this by reaching out to the site owner, Rob Tebo, but have yet to hear back. The news is understandable.

If you dedicate yourself to exposing the lies and deceptions that are taking place every day in this field, you open yourself to attacks by the fakes and the many zombie-like followers. They spend their free time making legal threats and personal threats. Those that are repeatedly threatened can only take so much so if this. If this is true, we say to Ron Tebo and his team has done their jobs well. They will be missed and we wish them many blessings in their future endeavors.


It's bad enough that they exploited kids on the show for the personal gain of the production company and all the so-called psychic experts that appeared on Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. Now these para-frauds are trying to dip into your pockets.

Look over the roster of these experts: Chip Coffey, Chris Fleming, Michelle Griffin, and Kim Russo. Where did they receive their training on advising children? Especially in cases that can be labeled as mental health issues. How did they know these kids really are psychic and not suffering from psychological problems? Do any of these so-called experts have an in with a higher power that allows them to do this? None have licensing from any college or university that qualifies them to work with children.

Much is made by their camp that a licensed mental health expert was always on hand when filming was going on. Watch the tapes/DVD of the show. What test was ever given to the kids to determine if they were or weren't psychic? No real mental health expert would do a determination of the validity of a case solely through the mail or over the phone. What is the accepted test within the mental health field to determine a person's psychic ability? [Don't hold your breath…there is none. They know it, I know it, but they just don't let the public to know it.]

We have always asked what happened to the kids that did not make the cut to be on the show. Do you think any of these experts reached out and helped? After all, Chip Coffey has freely admitted it was the money that drove him to do the show. What happened to the kids after filming wasn't his responsibility. But Chip and his pals do take it seriously when it comes to making money off the backs of these kids and others like them.

What was left to the many that did not make the show or those parents who have a psychic kid? Turning to the internet was their only option and you bet these fakers weren't about to miss a chance to cash in.

Next week you'll learn how the scam works.


Starting in January we will be introducing two new bloggers.


Every Sunday we have the World Wide Prayer Circle. People from all over the world, and from all faiths, can post their prayer needs, no matter how great or small. This is for you, your friends, family—anyone. Let's bring glory to the powers of peace, love, faith and compassion to all.

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