Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Private Home Investigations

 By Chris Baricko

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This blog is about some questions I have been asking myself lately and would like some feedback.

I have been investigating the paranormal over 25 years now. I started out as most to get answers and help people. But I have noticed over the last 2-3 years it seems some people think it is a thrill to have a groups come out to their home.  I will start from the past to present.

We got a call to go to a private home. They claimed a man hung himself next store and was haunting their home. When we arrived there were only 3 people there. By the time we were done setting up there were 5. We asked why they were there? They said they wanted to tell us there experiences. So we listened then left them with a sheet of paper in case they seen anything on the DVR they could write it down for us to review later.

So we started in the basement after 45 minutes we decided to move up to the main floor. Well this is when we walked in on the party. The kitchen was packed with people and looked like a bar there was so much booze. Needless to say they were drunk as a skunk. So we knew was a waste of time and started packing up. Before we got everything ready there were 3 police officers at the door asking them to come outside. We told the police who we were and said we were leaving. They said the people who lived there are known well to them.  I will try to post what they wrote on here.

Then we got a call for another home were the people said there house was haunted and they were ready to move out. They had a child so we went the extra mile as most do. We drove 2 hours once again (45 for some of us) to set up the DVR and let it run for a few days before our investigation. We wanted to see if we can validate any of their claims. I got a call that the child was running around like he was getting chased. They also said they seen a man in the room. They gave us the time it happened so when we did the review we did not see anything but the son sleeping every night even at time of their claim. They were set that it was something evil.

We did a total of 4 investigations there. We brought in a medium and she said there was a man there but was not evil. We did get 2 EVP's from the home but nothing negative or evil. When we sat down and explained to them what it was & who they said at first they would follow what we told them to make the man go away.  They were still so focused and convinced it was evil they had another team come in and they did not find anything either. So they called us back. When we told them what to do and not focus on it so much they get upset and said it is evil. They then stopped contacting us and that was it. We refuse to tell people what they want to hear just to agree with them

Then we did another home were the clients said they heard voices and seen shadow figures. When we walked in they were watching a paranormal show. Right away we started to think here we go again. So 1 investigator was doing a Q&A we investigated the home. We got nothing at all, And as we do with every case nothing showed up in the history of the land or home. When we gave them advice to not focus on it they said they would.  Not more than a week later they started doing their own investigation and contacting other groups.

Then we got a call from a person named Steve in East Haven, CT.  I Just got that feeling things were not adding up. So with a little leg work and networking with other teams and people we quickly found out this was a dumb ass trying to get his jollies. He contacted just about every group in CT a few in RI and MA trying to get them to come to his home. When 1 investigator called the home the mother was in shock. She said she told him to stop calling paranormal groups and was glad the investigator called. So he just wanted to waste peoples time and show up at his parents house for what reason we do not know. But for the record it was not a child. He is a 35-year-old man.

So why do some people think it is nothing but amusement at paranormal investigators expense. They do not know just because we do not charge them don't mean we do not pay for all our equipment. Gas and time. They get upset if you refuse to give them the answer they want to hear. They then group shop till they find a fly by night group who will agree with them in hopes of getting their name out there. Yes they get there name out there but not in the way they hoped.  So to anyone who thinks your location has paranormal activity please do not think it is a joke or do it for your own thrills.  One thing we are thinking about is if over a hour away to have them cover our expenses in advance. This would hopefully make them think twice before having us come out.