Friday, January 25, 2013

The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

If you desire to serve Christ effectively in our generation, you MUST understand the essence of New Age thought. I've long known about New Age, but my studies in the paranormal have led me to a profound conviction that our planet is under terrible assault. December 7th was my mom's birthday, but we all know it as the day in 1941 "as a day of infamy." There were certain indicators that a Japanese attack was imminent but they were ignored...2,400 people died. There are much clearer indicators that ancient gnosticism is experiencing a global resurgence but they, too, are being ignored by most Christians. This attack is on the heart and soul of western civilization, and millions of casualties (eternal in nature) have already been sustained.

It is hard to believe that, given all of our modern advances, that we would fall prey to a mythological system which seemed to have gone into the dust-bin of history 1,500 years ago. Nevertheless these two movements resemble one another like two Siamese cats, sometimes even to the smallest detail. We don't wrestle primarily with flesh and blood but against the infernal general himself and his diabolical army; no wonder there is such similarity--the same massive evil intelligence is behind both. Diabolical influence on the earth in general, and human culture in particular, is Satan's standard operating procedure. We have this mistaken notion that demons sole focus is on individual temptation, accusation, and so on. Big mistake: they follow, and sometimes help create, the contours of human culture--national and international.  I have shied away from New Age conspiracy theories in the past because I knew it was beyond human capability to orchestrate such an elaborate global scheme. But I now realize there is an intelligence. (god of this world) capable of pulling it off--all played out on the space-time continuum on earth, but empowered and orchestrated in the paranormal realm.Let us now review the specific similarities between New Age and it's pagan, gnostic predecessor.

Cosmology: let us worship the great green one.This is where the New Age seems to have progressed far beyond the gnostic rejection of the material world. The goddess Gaia or Mother Earth (the bible says that God is our Father, but the earth is not our mother) gives to the universe its basic unity. We have now an earth goddess of witchcraft who is one with the universe, but not distinct from it. Remember how central Gen. 1-3 is to biblical theology...well all of that is being denied or inverted.So, like gnosticism, there is no given creational reality to which creatures must conform.Humans are inherently divine, and we are made up of divine energy, which allows us to be be co-creators. The idea is pantheism, with reincarnation as a result.Sounding like a gnostic master of old, Shirley MacLaine declares, "Birth into the physical is....a limitation of the spirit, and death of the physical is the return of the spirit to its proper domain."

Redemption: mind over matter, female over male. In Aquarian eschatology (end times) the ultimate incarnation of the antichrist may well be a woman.... As with the gnostics, contemporary New Age thinking sees the female principle as holding the keys to salvation. Many, including in the church, are calling for a return to goddess spirituality because of the alleged destructiveness of the male, patriarchal God of the bible. Much of radical feminism, which is largely responsible for the murder of over 50 million.babies since Roe, is borne along by the myth of the woman as the savior. They look to a mythical past (because it never happened) when there was comprehensive peace due to female dominance. The Jewish feminist theologian Rita Gross advocates the borrowing of Hindu traditions in order to effect the "the second coming of the goddess". (the bible is clear about role distinctions in the church, based on God's creation) As with gnostics, New Age teaching is intent on turning Gen.1-3 on its head.The Creator God and Adam were fools, and Eve is enlightened by Lucifer--who is emerging as the true spiritual leader under the New Age umbrella or rainbow.

Christology: Christ, a spiritual state and not a person. Schucman's "A Course in Miracles"  reveals that we are Christ's equals...being already perfect like Him. This is very similar to the gnostic gospel of Thomas where Jesus reveals to Thomas that he is not his master but His equal--twin brother. All we have to do is tap into this Christ consciousness. In New Age thinking, as with gnostics, the historical person and work of Jesus are superfluous.Christ is our higher self. If Irenaeus were alive today, he would certainly condemn New Age Christology as "an abyss of madness and of blasphemy against Christ."

Theology: "I am God in light." As with gnosticism, we all are divine. There is no separate Creator God. We are made of God energy, which means that God is impersonal and unknowable."God" is simply a term used to designate the cosmic energy that makes the universe turn. (This is precisely the lie that Satan enticed Adam and Eve with...becoming as gods) This idolatry has consequnces in sexuality (Rom.1:18-32)

Sexuality: the new androgynous humanity Both gnosticsim and New Age are monistic--they erase distinctions (like male and female, right and wrong, Creator and creation) and the result is that the model human is a perfect mix of feminine and masculine. The distinction between male and female is obliterated, and there logically follows the sexual perversion as seen in New Age ethics.The militant gay rights movement is indicative of this slide into darkness and societal chaos. Sexual perversion is notorious for bringing down civilizations. What was the most noble form of sexuality in ancient Greece...pedophilia. NAMBLA is now seeking to be recognized as part of the democratic ideal. We are playing with fire here and everybody is going to get burned.

Techniques for self-knowledge: going within via a passage to India As in gnosticism, New Age consciousness raising needs "spiritual technology." Instead of Jesus's historical ascension into heaven, the New Age speaks of how various techniques can help our souls or consciousness ascend into higher vibrational levels. The list of techniques used for self-realization and healing are endless. The promise of self-realization through self-knowledge is to be had through meditation.There is a growing sense of union with the universal divine. But, again, this is the old lie of the Devil. Since we cannot become like God, such procedures inevitably leads to the loss of any true identity or even possession.

The bottom line  There is an astounding similarity between the historical and theological parallels in gnostic and New Age thinking, which suggests a common generating source--Satan. All of these diverse elements that come under the New Age rainbow, are designed to be there.In its planetary vision and one-world philosophy, the New Age has far exceeded gnosticism. The gnostic empire is striking back after 1,500 years with renewed and added force. Satan is repeating himself in human history, and as Christians we need to recognize what is going on. This bottom line should alert Christians to take the New Age with utmost seriousness. Every believer needs to understand what is happening so that they don't get caught in one of its many traps, and to rethink their faith and witness in light of this pernicious heresy.This is not just another passing fad...I think this is Satan's last stand.

I am currently in the midst of the darkest nexus of supernatural evil I have ever encountered. The person I am helping has a husband who is a high ranking UN official--he is also possessed  She texted me tonight because, after picking him up from work, they both heard two very loud growls in their car, and they were petrified. Later tonight I read a personal message on Facebook which was threatening: "I have one thing to say--close your church or it will be closed for you." ...based on the Satanic symbols on her page, it would seem she is summoning demons against me. I will not live re-actively -all curses have been trumped by the blood of the Lamb and been declared so... I replied that I currently did not pastor a church, and that Jesus loved her and can liberate her from darkness--I was there if she ever wanted to talk. Love is the final apologetic to those caught in New-Age/occultic bondage.

By the blood of the Lamb, we WILL be victorious. However, it is up to us to have the compassion to understand Satan's schemes and warn others of it.  To God alone be the glory!