Friday, January 6, 2012

The Paranormal Christian: 2012 And New Age Hysteria

By Pastor Michael Frisbee, DD/DM

Now that 2011 has closed out and 2012 has begun, a new countdown begins for a whole lot of paranoid people caught up in Doomsday hysteria (again) leading to the latest chosen date for the end of all things.  It amazes me how reasonable people (allegedly) can over and over fall for these false prophecies.  They will even shout you down for being ignorant and closed minded, yet will shut their minds to God’s Word, God’s truth, God’s Own Prophecy.

This coming year, more specifically December 21st of 2012, is the target date for our sensitive New Agers.  From (non) Mayan Prophecy, renewed Planet X interest, alignment of the planets with the galaxy core, etc to even a spiritual rebirth thanks to the Pleiadians, alien spiritual guardians from afar, there are a number of predictions which none has any scientific evidence or bearing to support them.  There are conspiracies abound that even fall across political lines, people who are creating survival shelters, hoarding supplies, food, weapons to survive doomsday December 2012.

If you are having déjà-vu, you aren’t going crazy.  There have been doomsayers for a few millennia.  More recently, there was that whole Y2K deal.  I worked in the Information Technology field then, and tried to calm my clients nerves that the power grids were not going to implode, their computers were not going to melt down, that society was not going to fall apart and have to revert to counting on their hands and in their heads.  It was pretty much a waste of breath since the media was flooded with fear inducing hysteria pieces.  Then on January 1, 12:00:01 am 2000…….NOTHING HAPPENED.  Just a lot of people feeling like idiots.

Then there was the whole Planet X prophecy in 2003 – sputtered into non existence, but getting a good resurgence in 2012.  It’s amazing how incredibly high the level of failure these prophecies by psychics, mediums, New Age shamans, and so forth have regarding prophecies.  Even with 9/11, a perfect opportunity for psychics, mediums, New Age shamans and other sensitive’s to show their capabilities, not one prophecy announced or shared BEFORE the event, but plenty claiming to have given one AFTER the event.  The end of times for 2012 will prove out to be just as much as a fizzled failure, and doomsayers will have to find another date to go frantic over, or maybe they will finally turn to the one true source of prophecy that NEVER fails.

The other side of all this is the farce and demonic doctrine of the Pleiadians.  The whole scam began with Billy Meier in the 70’s claiming he was contacted and appointed by them as their earthly ambassador to introduce them to mankind.  They were essentially visitors from another galaxy, and have been involved in our development going back almost 225,000 years.  As the whole hoax broke down, the spiritualists of the New Age picked up the storyline and suddenly spirit Channelers, mediums, and such began to layout how they were truly spiritual guardians of humanity.  They talk of a spiritual evolving of mankind coming in December 2012 rather than a world ending destruction.  They even have the gall, which reveals the true demonic nature of their teachings, that Jesus Christ was a Pleiadian spiritual leader that stayed behind to help us evolve.

I’ll be delving even deeper into the whole Pleiadian scheme January 13th, with a radio show featuring Dr Fred DeRuva, an expert on the Pleiadian fraud, which will air January 14th on The Paranormal Christian, .

As for an astronomic ending to our world, there are no scientific findings or data that supports the alignment of our planets with the galactic core.  There are no findings of deep space large objects hurtling at earth, nothing of an extraterrestrial origin that can bring an end to us in 2012.

There is only one source of prophecy we need concern ourselves with and that is the Bible.  The second coming of Jesus Christ is approaching closer and closer.  When you take all the prophecies in the Bible, the only ones that never materialized are the ones yet to come.  Many of the signs of the second coming have come to pass.  Many others are yet to happen.  There is no date set in the Bible for when that time will come.  No man will ever know, and certainly no demon will either.  Only God knows what is in His mind and what His plan is for humanity.  But as a born again Christian – I need not worry.  For as long as I am in Him, and He in me, whether I die in some prophesied doomsday, get run over by a train, or have some stupid home bound accident that takes my life I am not the least bit concerned for I know my ultimate destination – Heaven.

It is only through accepting Jesus Christ can one enter into Heaven.  You have to confess your sins to Him, rebuke your sinful ways and sinful life, and ask to be forgiven and be washed and sanctified in His sacrificed blood.  He died for you, so you can enter Heaven upon your death.  When you are re-born in Christ – death is no longer something to fear.  You can set aside silly man made prophecies and doomsday scenarios.  You can see with clear and open eyes the fraud of the occult and New Age, and recognize the doctrines of the demonic and how they deceive the non believer into following it to their spiritual and eventually physical death.

I invite you to make a New Years Eve resolution that you can easily keep, and will provide you life eternal and salvation from a wicked world.  If you are a non believer, if you are a lost soul caught up in the world and the occult, I invite you to rebuke all of that.  I encourage you to lay aside your ego and pride, and to accept the freely given, and greatly paid for, gift of salvation.  I invite you to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

It’s not an easy thing by any means.  It’s easy to accept the gift, but it is hard to walk the path, to live your life as a Christian.  It takes sacrifice, but none more than what Jesus sacrificed for us.  It can lead to rejection, even by your dearest friends and family.

Do you have the guts, the courage, the commitment to walk as Christ walked?  If you want to begin 2012 on the right path, if you want to walk into 2012 not fearing anything in death, then I invite you to contact me through my church ministry, .  I’ll speak with you and help you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.

If you want a truly PARANORMAL and SUPERNATURAL experience – you can’t find one more intense than feeling the Holy Spirit filling you up and anointing you as a born again believer of Jesus Christ.

Be sure to join Rev Hunnemann and I for tomorrow night’s, “The Paranormal Christian – 2012 Doomsday Prophecies”.