Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Accept Buddha's Teaching Only After Proper Analysis

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has returned to Dharamsala from Ladakh after giving a teaching to local Buddhists on the fundamental precepts and philosophical underpinnings of all the schools of Tibetan Buddhism. He said: ‘'the four traditional schools of Buddhism in Tibet may superficially seem to differ in the way they explain the [Buddhist] view, but ultimately what they refer to is the same [thing]''.

The Tibetan spiritual leader spent four days in Ladakh, a region in Northern India sometime called ‘little Tibet' due to its strong linguistic, cultural and religious ties with Tibet, and, as he has does many times in the past, His Holiness stressed the importance of the authenticity of Buddhist teachings, and being true to the historical Buddha's words.

He stressed, "In fact the Buddha counseled his followers to examine what he taught and to adopt it only if they felt it was worthwhile, not simply out of respect for him''.

On the second day of the teachings His Holiness talked of Dolgyal (or Shugden). He said that he stopped propitiating the spirit many years ago after extensive investigations had revealed it was improper to do so.

His Holiness encapsulated his thinking on the subject of Dolgyal by saying, "anyone who has kept up the practice of Dolgyal out of ignorance should not have any fear about giving it up if they heed his advice.

On the other hand, he said, whatever fierce spirit you choose is up to you, all His Holiness asks is that such persons do not take vows or empowerments from him.''

Turning to other themes, he reiterated his long standing conviction that Buddhism must not just rely on tradition and handed down conventions based on out dated thinking. For example, in reply to some Korean Buddhists a few years His Holiness said, ‘'that he didn't think the Buddha appeared in the world to give cosmic measurements, but to show the way to liberation from cyclic existence''.

Moreover, the pertinent point he made was that if you take refuge in the three Jewels of Buddhism-The Buddha, Sangha and Dharma- it is because you have consciously tried to "overcome all faults and [ripen] all qualities''.

Cultivating Compassion

On the third day, in order to cultivate compassion, and altruism, His Holiness said that an altruistic attitude-to all living beings-is essential if we wish to achieve Buddhahood. His Holiness went through important Buddhist initiations with the congregation for instance the ‘rite to aspire to develop Boddhichitta'. Boddhichitta: meaning the awakened mind that strives for compassion and solidarity with all humans and all other sentient beings.

On the fourth and final day His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave the long life empowerment associated with White Tara (a female deity in Tibetan Buddhism), and symbolically, she is regarded as the feminine aspect of Avalokitesvara.

Amongst other things, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama went onto discuss the importance of religious tolerance in all parts of the world-not least within the different Tibetan Buddhist traditions and his hope that current tolerance would prevail everywhere.

Finally, His Holiness thanked the congregation and the organizers for making his visit a successful one. His Holiness then conferred the long life empowerment of White Tara and subsequent prayers were conducted in relation to White Tara for his long life. At one point in proceedings, after the sun had come out, he stopped to remark:

"The 13th Dalai Lama was once giving a teaching at Norbulingka on a very hot day and there are reports that you could tell who had attended them by their sunburnt faces. It looks like it'll be the same today."

By Mark Kernan, Tibet Post International  - August 17, 2012

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Spare The Rod Spoil The Child And Risk Raising A Killer?

Hello my para beauties. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas/ Holiday season. The new year will be here in 2 days, my gosh where did the time go? It's just mind boggling to think. Celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ tends to be out shadowed as it seems the main objection is what gift to buy for the people we love. Children handing over lists of toys or electronics they expect to receive and many folks are already very limited on funds and struggling in this awful economy will go broke and say"Well Christmas is about giving." Not completely. Nor is it about receiving gifts. It's about the Birth of Christ if you are of the believing faith. Of course this does not all apply to everyone.

I've had 12 requests to discuss what the Bible says regarding the title of this article/blog. They feel that many people have and are raising children to feel the world revolves around them and what they want when they want. And can they really create a poltergeist when in chaos or anger. From what I know it's possible. And even grow up to be criminals. Way too many people are having kids at such a young age and are unable to care for them properly. And many have no patience it requires nor willing to give up their life in order to raise the child. They realize everything revolves around this dear child and they often neglect and sometimes kill their own children. They didn't ask to be born in interrupt anyone's life.

It appears that we are seeing on the news many stories of minors killing each people, either, their siblings, their parents etc...more and more teens are having children and are not properly raising them. They are told no but never been made to accept it. It's doing a disservice to the innocent children by not setting reasonable boundaries and rules. And follow thru with punishments they are told is the consequence of not following rules. Even the bible tells us this.

What Does The Gospel Say About This? Here are a few examples...

Colossians 3:20

Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.

Deuteronomy 21:18-21

“If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey the voice of his father or the voice of his mother, and, though they discipline him, will not listen to them, then his father and his mother shall take hold of him and bring him out to the elders of his city at the gate of the place where he lives, and they shall say to the elders of his city, ‘This our son is stubborn and rebellious; he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton and a drunkard.’ Then all the men of the city shall stone him to death with stones. So you shall purge the evil from your midst, and all Israel shall hear, and fear.

Colossians 3:20-24 ESV Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord. (21) Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged. (22) Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, (24) knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.

Leviticus 20:9

For anyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death; he has cursed his father or his mother; his blood is upon him.

Proverbs 30:17

The eye that mocks a father and scorns to obey a mother will be picked out by the ravens of the valley and eaten by the vultures.

Proverbs 13:24

Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.

In my humble opinion "Spare the rod, spoil the child," or, in more complete English, "If you spare the rod you will spoil the child." The general meaning is that parents who don't discipline their children are going to create spoiled children. Some feel they should take a more literal approach, and say that parents must physically discipline their children, because "the rod" here means "to beat your child with a stick." There is much debate about whether it is okay or good for parents to spank, slap, or otherwise discipline children through minor physical pain such as a pop on the rear end for disrespecting adults. That's just one example.

A friend of mine was talking about this very subject at bible study. "I was not spanked as a child. When I became a teenager I became very rebellious. I had no fear of consequence, no respect for my parents, or any authority. It is by the grace of God that I am not dead or jail. I am saddened that this is not the outcome for many who have never been taught as a child that life has consequences." More and more children receive no consequences for ill behavior much less ever have been made to accept the word "No".

Of course this subject could go on and on. I wanted to try my best at discussing this at both point of views. I think you have to do what you feel is best for your situation. There is a huge difference in dicipline and beating a child. But when there is never any consequences your taking a big chance and creating undue stress and a disservice to the child. They only know right from wrong from what the parents teach them.

 Written By Jennifer L Auld

Friday, December 27, 2013

Was Cindi Lauper Right?

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Remember Cindi Lauper's hit "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."? It was actually a re-do of a song Robert Hazard had written, with with a few approved changes.  I think it is a most suitable anthem (for both sexes), as far as what drives many people. When I wrote the "Fifty Shades of Mommy Porn" blog, my goal was to analyze what is happening across our culture in general that is concurrent with, and perhaps feeding into, this lust for the occult. Long before I got "zapped" by the paranormal, I was interested in viewing the flow of intellectual and pop culture through a biblical worldview...for nearly 40 years. I enjoy analyzing the inter-connectedness of different aspects of culture and the flow of history. The paranormal juggernaut has tendrils that weave far and wide into the fabric of our society--it wasn't born in a cultural/spiritual vacuum and it does not exist now in a vacuum. Understanding certain habits of the heart are essential to deciphering the how/why of this historically unprecedented fascination with the spirit realm.

Why now? Why is our generation the first in human history to rush headlong into the spirit realm without the community safeguards of a designated mediator... a shaman, imam, rabbi, priest, or minister?

Answer...it's fun!

FUN...nothing wrong with it (per se), and so many things right about it. I wanna have fun! And according to online dating site profiles, so does the millions of folks looking for marriage...only this lust for fun has become seriously idolatrous.

About 13 years ago, I went through a biblical divorce, but simply could not (for several reasons), seriously consider dating and re-marriage. The experience damaged me to the core, and I am still broken in many ways. But, like Adam, I was lonely for companionship. So, eventually I tried some reputable dating sites.

Off and on for a few years I have visited a few appropriate dating sites. I even joined one or two for awhile in order to give it a try. There are horror stories and there are beautiful success stories--my experience has been some where in-between. However, there is one aspect of it that has gripped me lately, that is germane to our topic. And I can't shake the sense that there is a strong connection to the how/why of the mushrooming growth and influence of interest in the paranormal.

The vast majority of women on these sites designate their faith as "Christian". However, in the profile section where you introduce yourself--telling the most salient facts about yourself and what you desire in a mate--95% of the professing Christian women do not mention the Lord at all. (I don't read the guys profiles but I suspect it is worse for men).  I have read thousands of profiles, so this is a rather large sampling..which makes this all the more disturbing.

However, there is one word that IS found in 99% of the profiles (Christian or not)...FUN.   Yep, that word is ubiquitous in dating profiles. It is THE common denominator found amidst all the diversity in the various profiles.

Before I proceed, I need to say that there are more than a few wonderful exceptions to what I am about to say. There are some very godly men and women on those sites who make it crystal clear that God is number one to them, and a shared belief is THE priority to them. In addition, in painting with a broad brush, I run the risk of making it seem that FUN is the only thing most folks discuss--it is NOT. The longing for honesty, communication, trust and respect are but a few of the laudable traits often mentioned by most people. Having said that, it is the centrality...the primacy given to fun, that I have found so troubling.

The issue is not whether having fun is appropriate or important as A desire., (Heck that is a desire of mine as well) Rather, the issue is: what is the significance that having fun (or a man with a good sense of humor, likes to laugh, and so on)  is the dominant trait that so many men and women are longing for in a mate? How are these fun-centric profiles, and the people behind them, related to what is happening supernaturally? .

On some sites, at the top of the profile section, you can even summarize in a sentence, your search in a nutshell. This is typical--"Adventurous and love to have fun and laugh... looking for same." I read that and it makes me want to weep.

In a profile, you have the opportunity, in a few hundred words, to express who you are. When a professing Christian does not even mention Jesus, that speaks volumes. Fun, fun, fun... It is the absence of Jesus and the prominence of having fun, that concerns me. And, as I did with the popularity of "mommy porn", I wonder what its significance is--especially with regards to the explosion of interest in the paranormal? Jesus said that what we say expresses what fills our hearts. According to these dating profiles, SELF-fulfillment through shared fun, is what the majority of people long for most. FUN HAS BECOME A DEMONIC IDOL IN AMERICA. As one author put it, we are amusing ourselves to death.

We have mentioned repeatedly about the disturbing trend towards the primacy of experience over reason and divine revelation. I think that this fixation on FUN, is an expression of that trend...as well as an indicator of how empty our lives are. If it would be "fun" to have sex before marriage, then why not--since girls/boys just wanna have fun? If it would be fun, exciting, stimulating, expansive, spiritually invigorating (the list goes on and on) to mess with the occult, then why not? If fun is our dominant life value, then we are spiritual casualties waiting to happen. If Satan knows how to do anything, he knows how to make sin look/feel FUN. What happens when our new husband/wife hits a "bump in the road", and he is not as fun or humorous as before? Divorce him/her, I suppose, is what many would do.

Like "Fifty Shades" of experiencing pornography (it is amazing how many women list that trilogy as the "last book read", with many more not mentioning it out of embarrassment), I think this fixation on fun is both an expression of, as well as a cause of, a dying, paganized/occult culture. We continue to consign God to the margins of our lives, and thus God is marginalized in our culture as well....and we do so with a big grin because we are having fun! Christiandom has become so anemic in our society it has lost its ability to be salt and light. Hence, America is becoming increasingly pagan with each passing day...truth is rotting in the streets, and the dust of death and dark shadows are descending upon us. God is laughing, but it is not a fun laugh (see Ps. 2).

1 John 4:1ff tells us to be discerning of the spirits. But by fixating on the experience of fun and laughter, then we are fertilizing the soil for the continued growth of the noxious weed of of spiritism.

These very same folks who long for fun and mirth, are opening the doors to a satanic lie, which will cause many to experience a wide-awake nightmare of demonic oppression...and perhaps eternity in hell....where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I do NOT want the last quarter of my life to be a wasted by fixating on trivial pursuits. I can't say everything in a blog, but the Reformation/biblical view of play is that it is as holy/meaningful in God's eyes as preaching or prayer. However, our time here is so short, and we live in such a dark and broken world, that we must seek God's kingdom priorities. We are called to daily die to self and live for God's glory....which is not always fun. We bring God glory by loving Him above all else and by bearing as much fruit as possible-- drawing as many as possible out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of God's dearly beloved Son.

We must remember that joy is experienced primarily as a by-product of focusing on loving our dear Lord. It is deeper than happiness or fun...which is difficult to consistently maintain in a world which is so tragically bent, broken, and fallen.

A husband and wife are to accelerate each others love for the Lord, as well as help each other bear more fruit for Him together than they would apart from each other. I hope your fun-quotient does increase in 2014, but much more, I pray that we would become increasingly God-intoxicated, and more passionate about holiness than happiness.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Special Christmas Essay ~ We're All Little Drummer Boys

By Kirby Robinson
Copyright 2011-2014

Are we starting to forget what the season is all about? Turn on the TV and can you really tell it's the Christmas season? Outside of commercials pushing the latest holiday trends. What about all the great Christmas specials like the old Andy Williams or Jim Nabors variety shows—where have they gone? Does your favorite sitcom or one hour drama even acknowledge that it's Christmas? How many times has Ben-Hur or The Greatest Story Ever Told played on your local channels? Sales clerks nowadays feel uncomfortable wishing you a Merry Christmas and simply blurt out, "Happy Holidays." Are we losing the lessons this day should be teaching us?

Take a moment out of your busy schedule and think about the gift the Lord is offering us. That night 2000+ years ago that saw the birth of a Child from a deity that is offering His one and only Son to be born not into a royal family but to a couple made up of an old carpenter who scraped by on a small income with a very young wife. The Child was born under the threat of being killed. They had to sneak the Child out of Bethlehem to Egypt so they could safely return to Israel. The Child grows knowing that at some time at the peak of adulthood He must die. Not just any ordinary peaceful dying in your sleep death, but a pain filled death. He had to suffer all the deaths of mankind past, present and future. Every sin, every illness, every wound had to descend on His being so that our debts could be fully paid.

My favorite Christmas song is "Little Drummer Boy." Every time I hear it, no matter who's the singer, this song always makes me stop and think that in some way we are all little drummer boys.

We're all little children in God's eyes. And the message has always been sent to one and all to come to Him. Not to the birthplace necessarily but that image of the Child born that night is always there. The beginning of the Greatest Story Ever Told here is truly a newborn King. He will always be the only true King. There are other men of power and other kings but they have no real power in life and are forgotten in death. And what are our finest gifts to bring before the newborn King? Our love, compassion, understanding, empathy, faith, wisdom, and forgiveness.

No matter the status of wealth, fame, and power who come to Him they honor Him. We don't have to travel to His house or to an image of Him. We just have to simply gaze into the eyes of a child, witness the blooming of a flower, and bask in the brightness of the sun. We see Him, we draw closer to Him, and we honor Him.

Quite often we feel cut off from Him because we view ourselves as poor in some way. This imagined poverty might be materialistic or spiritual. At times we feel as though we don't have anything of value to offer Him. 

But if we search our souls we find something to give Him: a prayer, a word, an act. That shows Him how we feel towards Him. That shows Him and us that we're not truly poor. 

Because whatever that act is it brings joy and happiness to the heavens. When you honor Jesus you honor all the martyrs, saints, all the angels, the Virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit, and God. We might find that fear might accompany us at first but keep offering the gift and fear will disappear.

Jesus Christ will smile upon you and your act and your courage and your faith. It might not be from the manger but from the heavens. It might be in the face of a stranger or a person that you go out of your way to help. Just as with the boy who had his drum who was called to view a newborn King he felt worthless and unworthy. And offered the only thing that he had which was his drum and a simple little song. So worry not what you have to offer Him. It's the offering that counts. And don't forget that we're all just like that little drummer boy.

From the book Paranormal Teachings: The Best of Shedding Some Light by Kirby Robinson

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

What Is Spiritual Warfare?

Hello para beauties! I hope everyone is well and everyone you love is healthy. I know many are also preparing for the holiday and have family in and out of town and have hardly a moment to sleep. Some of us have no one. Let's pray for anyone that might be suffering with depression and feelings of loneliness. This time of year especially, brings about a lot of human emotions. A lot of us hide this and I ask that you turn to God. Please open your heart to his and ask him to give you peace again and no more torment. It is a spiritual battle to be faced everyday however, we already know who wins. Fear is not of God. Perfect Love casts out fear.

Spiritual warfare is an activity by Christians whereby satan and demons are fought, using a variety of methods and prayers depending on the group, mostly a lot of prayer and fasting. From a biblical point of view, spiritual warfare is the cosmic war of good versus evil: its battles are fought daily between God and Satan; between the Christian Church and the world fueled by our spiritual enemy; and within every child of God, between the Holy Spirit and the lusts of the carnal flesh. The clear meanings of good and evil, as defined by God rather than man, are revealed within the verses of the Holy Bible and the life of Jesus Christ. The Book of Daniel, chapter ten, provides one of the most striking examples of spiritual warfare found in Scripture. Remember when Daniel was held in captivity in a foreign land due to a great spiritual conflict, which led to the conquest of Israel and Judah. He resorts to intense prayer, which includes fasting, to seek guidance from God, verses 2,3. He receives a miraculous vision and word, verses 5–9 (which introduce. 10–12), from one having the appearance of a man (cf. verses 16,18), who may have been an angel, but whose description in verses 5,6, seems to match that of Christ in Revelation 1:13–16. Daniel’s earthly conflict extends to the heavenly realm, as the spiritual messenger was delayed by a demon, until being assisted by an archangel, verses 12–14. Strong resistance was met due to the importance of the answer to Daniels’s prayer, as it is a prophecy on Satanic activity in the end time.

Do we have a say in the matter?

When a person becomes converted and receives God's spirit they immediately enter into a war-like struggle against two large opponents and a lot of it consists in the mind. They will have to fight these two powerful enemies every day of their life until they die. The first major opponent Christians face is themselves. They must battle their own human nature with its self-defeating, sinful and destructive tendencies. The apostle Paul referred to this constant battle of the mind Christians face in his book to the Romans. The second lifelong opponent true believers must face is the devil and the world he has deceived into thinking and acting like he does (Ephesians 2:2, 1 John 5:19, Revelation 12:9, etc.). Jesus, in his prayer to the Father before his crucifixion, reveals the ultimate attitude of those who do not believe God against those who do. I have given them (the disciples and all Christians by extension) Your words, and the world has hated them. . . (John 17)

Paul tells us, in no uncertain terms, that believers do not fight a carnal war that is so familiar to the world but rather one that is on a spiritual plane. Because we are not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against principalities and against powers, against the world rulers of the darkness of this age, against the spiritual power of wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6)

Now that we know how to create armor to protect ourselves, what other ways can we stop the enemy from influencing us? We have to avoid all evil influences in our life. We can find these influences through music that we listen to, the TV shows and movies that we watch, and activities that are tied to the occult that we can find ourselves silently drawn towards or introduced to via our acquaintances and friends. We don't realize how the little things we do can open up doors and allow legal rights for demonic influence in our life. I'm so guilty of this myself. None of us are perfect nor are we expected to be. Remember Jesus Christ died for our sins.

While the fallen angels have no control over your Free Will, they do have some preternatural abilities to influence your thoughts. They will silently tempt you, often to impure thoughts, or into dissuading you from some good effort. Construct a mental picture of Our Lord Jesus Christ during His Passion. Focus on His pierced hands or feet, or maybe His carrying of the Cross, or concentrate on His crowning with thorns or scourging at the pillar. You will be amazed at how fast the evil thoughts will flee.

The dark forces pull out all the stops to trick us out of our good intentions, and it is only by our soul's determination to succeed and by the grace of God's assistance that we can get back on track.

Without your spiritual armor on tight (the light of God sealed around you), it's easy to fall prey to a spiritual attack.

These so-called attacks don't have to be very in-your-face. In fact they work better when they aren't obvious, because you're less likely to do anything about it. Cunning and subtle methods cause us to accept an intrusion into our world as 'the way things are' or 'just part of our personality'.

It's important to recognize when we need to call to God to take care of that negative energy. Praying for discernment is key, as well as just simply practicing.

Spiritual warfare is really one of the greatest blessings we have. We don't have to wallow in the darkness, we can call for spiritual protection from the forces of light and they will fight back and raise us out of whatever negative state of mind or being we are in.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Giving 2013 Jesus Christmas Poem

By Pastor Stephen Piersall
God's Preservation Ministry, http://sfprs.org/

Jesus is REAL!

They say, “Tiz the season to be jolly… Ho! Ho! Ho!” At least until we get the credit card statements in January. Our Pastor preached a few weeks ago about giving and encouraging us to give in different ways this Christmas season. Here are some ideas and I would love to hear from you about what ways you were giving this Christmas season, Post them on our ministry Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/GodsPreservationMinistry

Look for someone in the grocery store that may have children with them and pay for all or some of their tab.

Text someone new every day and tell them what three things you appreciate about them.

Pay for the car or cars behind you at the drive through while getting your coffee and/or breakfast.

Give to a charity that you do not normally contribute to.


You will be surprised at how satisfying you will feel. Even if you cannot  afford it, try to give by helping or doing something for someone; remove snow from car(s), help carry in groceries or packages, shovel snow up and down the block, etc. If you pray about it, God will show you someone to show your generosity.

Trust in God, not of the world

Christmas Poem (author unknown)

"twas the night before Jesus came and all through the house; not a creature was praying, not one in the house.

Their Bibles were laying on the shelf without care; in hopes that Jesus would not come there.

The children were dressing to crawl into bed; not once ever kneeling or bowing their head.

And Mom in her rocker with baby upon her lap; She was watching the Late Show while I took a nap.

When out of the East there arose such a clatter; I sprang on my feet to see what was the matter.

Away to the window I flew like a flash; I tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear; however, Angels proclaiming that Jesus was near.

With a light like the sun sending forth a bright ray; I knew for a moment this must be the day.

The light of His face made me cover my head; it was Jesus returning just like He said.

And although I possessed worldly wisdom and wealth; I cried when I saw Him in spite of myself.

In the Book of Life which He held in His hand; It was written the name of every saved person.

He spoke not a word as He searched for my name; when he said, ” it’s not here” my head hung in shame.

The people whose name was written with love; He gathered to take to His Father above.

With those who were ready. He rose without sound; while all the rest were left behind standing around.

I fell upon my knees, but it was too late; I had waited too long to seal my fate.

I stood, and I cried as they rose out of sight; Oh, if I had only been ready tonight.

In the words of this poem, the meaning is clear; the coming of Christ is near.

There’s only one life and when comes the last call; We’ll find that the Bible was true after all!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

How Was the Bible Put Together...Apocrypha

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

"When He has brought out all His own, He goes before them, and the sheep follow Him, for they know His voice.....My sheep hear My voice..." (John 10:4,27...emp. added)

The bible's fundamental view of itself is that it is God's personal words to us. It is communication from Persons (tri-personality of Trinity) to persons, via the medium of human language. That would make it more precious than all the gold and diamonds in the world times infinity...because the Word of God is divine, as well as human (much like Jesus) We have the Incarnate Word and the inscripturated Word.

 How do we distinguish between words that are merely human, and those that are from the very mouth of God? God did not want that left to guesswork, so He intended all along to give us the bible.What books comprise the Word of God are an issue of canon. Canon refers to the body of writing that God has given to guide and rule the church...the constitution of His covenant community.

Recently there has been much controversy concerning books that were rejected from the canon. I read this on Facebook often, "Certain books were rejected due to church politics, but they should be included." This is not an option for Christians due to the fact that it is unthinkable that God was unsuccessful in communicating effectively to us a permanent and specific record of His personal words to us.

 I am not going to discuss the historical process of how the canon was established (as interesting as that is, and how we can see God's providential Hand), because this inductive approach can never lead to certainty. Rather, let us look at the bible itself and see what it says that would be relevant to questions of canonicity. God's intention was to speak personal words to us that would govern our use of all other knowledge. We have to have a canon so that we can know which words are divine and which are not. "...no prophecy of Scripture comes from someone's own interpretation. For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit." ( 2 Peter 1:20-21)

God spoke personally to us from the outset (Adam/Eve), but it was not until later that He began to inscripturate His Word.

When God started the process, the words given to us were to be kept as a permanent record. Some say (Brunner, Barth, ect) that we should not see the Word as an objective canon, because this causes the personal-ness and subjective aspect of the communication to be lost. That is hogwash because the Word has to be objective first, before it can have a subjective affect.

At every stage of Israel's history there was a canon--a definite body of divine writing to guide His people. The first canon was the two tablets of the covenant--written by the very hand of God. (Ex 32:16)..later Moses added more (Deut. 31:24)...and then more via Joshua (Joshua 24: 25-28) As the OT progressed, later writers quoted earlier ones....because they had access to this precious deposit. In order for the canon to be preserved it had to be written. This Book of the Covenant was placed in the holiest place on earth--in the Holy of Holies, and deposited in the ark of the covenant, and were the basis of the covenant relationship  between God and His people..

And Jesus quoted from  the OT often...showing His belief in the divinely inspired nature of the canon of His day--which is the exact same as what is in our OT. Jesus and His opponents disagreed about many things but they never argued about which texts in the OT were authoritative. The Pharisees got that right!

God will not let His people walk in darkness, and so He made sure His personal words were put in a public place, like the tabernacle and the temple. That is, salvation depends on our access to the words of Jesus (John 6:68) and the gospel preached by the apostles (Rom. 1:16; Gal. 1:6-9; Eph. 1:13) However, in the NT the church is the temple (Eph. 2:21) But guess who the foundation is for this living temple? The prophets and the apostles! ( Eph. 2:20...this is key for understanding how the canon was formed, as we shall see)

The early church struggled with numerous controversies (the Person of Christ, the Trinity), but there was remarkably little squabbling over which books were canonical in the NT. In A.D. 367 Athanasius published a list of accepted books, and there was no clamor. From that time on,  Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestants all agreed on the NT canon.

How did this happen? (this is key) Jesus' people heard His voice! (John 10:4,27) It is self-attesting...That is, the Holy Spirit illumined the texts so that God's people recognized their divine quality. There was a supernatural element to canon formation because it is a supernatural book. How can we be sure the voice is God? Again, the answer is primarily supernatural. When God speaks, at the same time He assures us that it is He who is speaking. When it comes to the canon, our ultimate assurance is supernatural.Just as when the Lord spoke to Abraham, He assured him that it was God who was speaking to Him....same with canonicity. The Good Shepherd speaks in the prophetic and apostolic writings in such a way that is unmistakably discerned as His voice. The sheep in the early church knew when an epistle/letter was from their Shepherd because they could distinguish His voice from that which was merely human.If you are one of His true sheep, then you too can sense the inward testimony of the Holy Spirit while reading the bible--you will hear the unmistakable voice of Your divine Shepherd. I have experienced this countless times while reading God's Word--there is a singular, unmistakable sense of hearing God Himself speak. Other religious books are insightful, but they lack this quality.                                                                                                                            

There was an objective criterion as well--in the OT it had to be written by a prophet, and in the NT it had to be written by an apostle, or from the apostolic circle--certified by the apostles (e.g. Mark, Luke-Acts, and Hebrews...though I think Paul wrote Hebrews, regardless of vocabulary and stylistic differences). Mark was a close associate of Peter, Luke traveled with Paul, and James and Jude were blood brothers of Jesus and leaders in NT church). When inspired by the Holy Spirit they spoke as Jesus' plenipotentiaries...Jesus spoke with His full authority through them. "whoever receives you receives Me." (Mat.10:40)

Here is another crucial point--the canon does not rest on the authority of the church. For example, Roman Catholics claim that the authority of the canon rests on the church's pronouncement. But the unanimous church's conviction (since at least AD 367) precedes any RC statement by pope or council.Also, God intends to rule His church by a book, and not on a church's authority. THIS IS KEY...the authority of the church rests on the authority of the canon, not the other way around. That is why the apostles are referred to as the foundation of the church, with Jesus as the cornerstone. The church simply recognized what was patently obvious; the canonical books were those which had unique, intrinsic authority. They recognized what was already true, so they did not create the authority of these books. God forbid, because He rules over us through His Book, and not us over His Book! The apostolic word gave birth to the churches (Rom. 1:15-17;10:14-15; James 1:18; 1 Peter 1:23-25)

From the outset, God communicated to us as people communicate. We should not doubt that God's intention to provide a written revelation was successful.We can be sure that the 39 books of the OT and 27 books of NT are God's personal words to us.

As the redemptive work of Christ was once for all, so the words of Christ through His apostles and prophets is once for all. For God to add more books to the canon would be like His adding to the finished work of Christ, something which the bible says cannot be done. God Himself will not add to it, and humans dare not add to it. Though the canon is closed. God continues to speak to us through Scripture day by day. These 66 books are the pastures to which Jesus' sheep from many folds continually come to hear their Shepherd's voice and to follow Him.

Application...remember that God's intent is that the bible act as the church's constitution; we are to be ruled, guided, and spiritually fed by a Book. Since the absolutely sovereign God has given His covenant community its constitution, then it creates an absolute ethical obligation in us. All other knowledge (paranormal or otherwise), all other experience, all of our gut-feelings or intuition or inclinations of our hearts, and all other truth-claims must be subject to the sacred deposit that our Lord has entrusted to us...the Holy Bible.Christians who are involved or interested in the paranormal often get tripped-up here due to the overwhelming power of the immediacy of direct encounters with the supernatural. But it is the sacred canon, and not our experience, which has the final word. And any experience (or interpretation of it) we have that runs counter to the Word, must be corrected in its holy light.

Despite claims to the contrary, I think that many (if not most) professing Christians who are paranormally involved, invoke their personal experience as having primacy over the clear teaching of God's Word. "When my mother died, she appeared to me a couple days later and assured me that she would be with me constantly...appearing from time to time to encourage me when needed." Uuummm, NO! Something like this is being said all the time, and it shows the dire need for Christians to realize that we have a canon which rules and overrules when needed.


As originally used by Jerome (400 AD), the Apocrypha essentially meant "highly esteemed, though uncanonical. (lit. "hidden") The Jewish canon did NOT include these books (15 books written after the close of the OT canon). Around 400 AD, Jerome translated the bible into Latin and he included the apocrypha because it was useful for study, but he was careful to point out that they were uncanonical. Slowly over time, it became more and more accepted, until at the Council of Trent  (1545-1563) put it on same par as inspired OT books. The reasons for this are:1. Rome's exalted doctrine of oral tradition, 2.it's view that the church creates scripture, 3. its acceptance of certain controversial ideas (esp. the doctrines of purgatory, indulgences, and works-righteousness as contributing to justification) that were derived from passages in the Apocrypha. This Council was part of the counter-reformation, and it supplied support to the replies to Martin Luther and the other reformers. I should point out that the Council of Trent officially damned to hell anyone who believed in the notion of justification by faith alone. Indeed, it damned the doctrine itself to eternal perdition.

The Apocrypha is useful in a number of ways: early understanding of the OT, understanding of ancient customs, and history of what happened after close of OT (Malachi).They were all written after the close of the OT, written between 3rd cent BC and first cent AD. Considered individually, there are 15 apocryphal books. The following are doctrinal errors gleaned from some of the apocryphal books.

1. In Tobit 12:15 seven angels are said to stand before God and present the prayers of the saints.
2. In 2  Maccabees 15:13-14 a departed prophet is said to pray for God's people on earth.
3. In Wisdom 8:19-20 and Sirach 1:14 we are told that the righteous are were given good souls at birth.
4. In Tobit 12:9 and Sirach 3:3 we are told that our good deeds atone for our evil deeds.
5. In 2 Maccabees 12:40-45 the reader is told to pray for the sins of the dead to be forgiven.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas: Myths, Traditions, and the Supernatural

By Lisa Grace

Many Christians today like to celebrate Christ's birth on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. However, we can rest assured, Jesus was not born on December 24th or 25th.

How do we know for sure? Two events mentioned in the Bible give us clues.

First of all, the Roman tax days in Rome were in April. They would collect them in the city, and then move out to the foreign lands. Best guess, they were in Bethlehem probably around the month we know of as May or even possibly June. The Bible mentions Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem to pay their taxes.

Secondly, the shepherds would not have been out in the fields with their flocks any later than October. It was too cold. It was common for the shepherds to bring their flocks into big pens in the cities, or even barns. There wouldn’t be any grazing opportunities in winter.

So why December? To take it back from the pagan gods. Many pagan religions celebrate their gods’ births around the winter solstice. http://countermissionary.org/articles/xmas4bn.htm

The tree, wassail, yule logs, stockings, Saint Nick, all come from original pagan roots.

I like to joke with my daughter that the only modern thing tied to Christ is the plastic Christmas tree, since the plastic trees were invented to honor Christ. 

Since God created the world and all things in the world, is it wrong to take back these traditions to honor Christ? This is an are that is open to much debate.

Reading the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth, the messages delivered to Mary, Joseph, and the Shepherds by the angels, which is one of the most joyous interactions mentioned with supernatural creatures in the Bible. The dream that told Joseph and Mary to avoid Herod; the star (now assumed to be two planets, one behind the other) that lead the wise men (Matt 2:11) to Jesus, approximately four months later. The strange gift of Myrrh, (which was used for preservation of dead bodies.) http://ww2.netnitco.net/~legend01/myrrh.htm

There is nothing wrong with celebrating our Savior’s birth. Taking back things for His glory is what we are supposed to do. Being aware of how the creation and the things in it were perverted to honor other gods is just smart, so history won’t repeat itself again, and we can be open to how these things can take us away from our Savior.

Go into the season with a heart filled with love for your Savior, wonder at the awesomeness of God, sorrow for your sin, charity and mercy to your fellowman, and going forth as a blessing to friends, neighbors, and strangers; well you can’t go wrong with those attitudes if you can hold them in your heart for more than just a season. Merry Christmas.

Lisa Grace is the author of the angel series. Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 can be picked up for free through Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0052AI5W8 or B&N, iTunes (iBooks), or at Smashwords.com (in all formats.)

Issue 144 – American Ghost Hunter-Gate

By Kirby Robinson

Chad Calek and Ryan Buell might find coal in their stockings this Christmas due to the fallout of American Ghost Hunter-Gate.

Anyone who's had the misfortune to have viewed Paranormal State will recognize the name Chad Calek. Angelenos who've never seen a single episode will spot him around the city as much as they do chronically unemployed actor Dennis Woodruff [who now makes his own movies]. Yes, Chad likes to run around promoting himself and has memorized his acceptance speech for the Oscar that he feels he'll be winning.

When Chad joined Paranormal State, Ryan told viewers that Chad was brought onto the team because of his unique ghost hunting skills. What's unique about them? Chad employs the yelling at ghosts strategy. However, what Ryan didn't tell the viewer is that Chad was going to take the show to yet lower levels of deception during the filming of the episodes. Chad directed several episodes having a heavy hand in trick shots and fake stories.

Like most greedy folks hungry for fame and money, Chad was never happy. He took deceptive practices to a new level, hoping to become the next major horror director. At the same time the band of merry followers at American Ghost Hunters tried to get interest in anther show: The Ghost Prophecies. But that failed. Chad and Ryan then put together a mockumentary called American Ghost Hunter the Movie, which they shopped around Hollywood. It was either rejected or the offers they received didn't match the dollar signs in their eyes.

The intrepid pair took the show on the road going from town to town charging fans to see it in meeting rooms and small venues. That was a lot of work. Instead of going the traditional distribution route, they got the bright idea: let's sell the damn thing to the public ourselves and make more money!

Encouraging fans to preorder American Ghost Hunter The Movie, they failed to deliver it when it was scheduled. Of course, Ryan and Chad are master excusers, blaming everything short of the pope and Justin Beiber for the DVD not to be delivered to the paying customers. They also claim the warehouse [somebody’s garage] is running full force.

Michael Anthony Hey Man! Where's my freaking DVD!!!??? #Lawsuit Jo Summa Public: please be Leary of ANY pre-sales with these guys! Jo Summa People tell me be patient that the DVD is coming! So is the tooth fairy. So is Christmas, so is New Years, So is April Fools Day, Yaddy, Yaddy, Yaddy. Have filed complaints to 3 different but related web sights & will continue to make noise until I get the DVD I ordered & paid for in May Jean Kniss Walter Do not waste your money...many people paid for their dvd months ago n never received...SCAM!!! Like  Reply  2  21 hours ago via mobile Barb Lincoln I haven't received my dvd!!! Either. Like  Reply  8 hours ago via mobile Jan Lois Gliber Ryan I wish you well always but I am getting anxious. I was one who ordered the movie early on and have not gotten it. I've seen your video and have been patient but starting to get concerned. Then there is the announcement on the American Ghost Hunter Film Facebook Page 1. American Ghost Hunter The Movie shared a link. December 3 ***12.3.13 UPDATE*** INCREASED VOLUME SHIPPING ORDERS CONTINUE DAILY, AS ALL REMAINING "AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER" SPECIAL EDITION 2-DISC DVD SETS WILL BE DELIVERED NO LATER THAN DEC. 24TH!

Donnie Bailey
Hey Ryan D. Buell, where's your video update regarding the shipment of the AGH DvD's? It appears that is has disappeared from your wall. Coincidence? I think not. Rest easy, though, as I am sure that Chad's "Worldwide Distribution System" strategically located in the "Warehouse" will eventually get around to filling all the orders they have taken. Question, has Chad paid you yet? If not, you might call and make sure your are on the list to get paid. Oh wait, you can't call. Well, post on his page and maybe he will answer you.

Some have even put together a YouTube video about this:

After a lot of fuss, some people received their DVD's – but they are unwatchable. Why? Apparently, those working in the shipping department don't understand how to do something as "complicated" as sending out DVD's. Customers are getting scratched DVD's or the cases are broken. Those ordering autographed copies aren't getting them autographed. Requests for replacements go unanswered.

I am no fan of Ryan's or Chad's. I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid and have exposed them for the cons that they are. But there is a following that hasn't and they still deserve to be treated fairly and with respect--two words that are foreign to Ryan and Chad.

Keep current and follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/eyeonparanormal

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Dalai Lama: The Importance of Education

From his speech in Dharamsala to a large gathering of followers from Tibet on Mar 27, 2006, the Dalai Lama warns of extreme dangers facing the survival of the Tibetan identity while emphasizing that modern education is indispensable for sustaining the Tibetan Buddhist culture and ethnicity in these most difficult circumstances in Tibet's history. 

I always keep saying that the broad masses of the Tibetans in Tibet are the real masters of the Tibetan destiny, and that the about one and half hundred-thousand Tibetans in exile here only represent them for accomplishing the truth of the Tibetan cause, acting as their free spokespersons and symbolic representatives.

So far the broad masses of the public in Tibet have remained in a distressed state as a result of the deprivation of their freedoms. Nevertheless, even when faced with dangers to their lives, they have, in every respect, remained steadfast in upholding the higher cause of their ethnicity and the common faith in their future prospects, keeping in mind their rights as a people. It is for these reasons that we have an audience on the world stage to whom we can speak about the tragedy and well being of Tibet, and what we say are received with respect as true. The principal asset for our credibility on the world stage is the people back in Tibet, their dedication to the common cause, indefatigable courage, and steadfast stand. It is because of these that the truth of our position stands proven. We therefore owe gratitude to the people in Tibet for their genuine dedication to the common cause and unassailable commitment to the common faith that binds them with us. I regularly say thank you to the broad masses of the people in Tibet through those who come here and I felt an urge to say it again today.

In future, too, the question whether in this world a unique people called the inhabitants of the Snowland of Tibet, and the profound culture and religion connected with them, would survive and thrive depends mainly on the people living in Tibet. Thinking from the opposite end, it is not impossible that the situation of the Tibetan people in Tibet will take such a tragic turn that they will become a minority in their own land. In such a situation, if those in Tibet fail to uphold the common aspiration of the Tibetan race, it will be extremely difficult for us in exile to be able to maintain the Tibetan ethnic identity and to carry out things like keeping, defending and spreading the Tibetan religion and culture beyond some generations. Things will be just all right during my generation in exile. After that, there will be another generation. It is possible that the situation will be fairly all right during their time. But it is impossible to say whether beyond that generation the situation will be good or bad. Extreme dangers lurk us in our future. The essential point is that the people living in Tibet are extremely important. In view of this, what is most important is that everyone should act with diligence, without any loss of determination.

One of the main ways of being diligent is to pay particular attention to the pursuit of knowledge. The world is undergoing an enormous transformation today. Even in the communist ruled countries, knowledge is considered important. Previously, during the Cultural Revolution, it was as if knowledge had lost all respect and value. But today, in the case of China, the situation is nothing like in the 1960s. Reports have also been emerging that even North Korea has, for example, been compelled to give importance to the value of modern knowledge. So, when I say that we should make efforts without loss of courage, the essence of it is that we must bring emphasis particularly on education.

Our freedom campaign is based on non-violence. Following the path of non-violence is the business capital and pride of our campaign. If we do not have truth on our side, we will have no alternative but to keep suffering. Having truth on one's side gives one the pride to be transparent about everything and to speak reason in a face-to-face exchange. It is on the basis of knowledge that truth must be vindicated by non-violent means. There is no way this task can be accomplished by just an act of taking a solemn oath.

In the area of modern knowledge, Tibetans have lagged extremely behind. Not only was the imperative for it not felt from the very beginning, there has also been no deliberately established system for pursuing it. His Holiness the 13th Dalai Lama visited China in 1907, 1908, etc., and India during the period of 1910-1911 and witnessed many things about the outside world. As a result, from 1915 to 1920, he made such sound beginnings as sending some Tibetan students to countries like England with plans to have them study English and to acquire related modern mechanical skills and knowledge. However, he did not succeed in continuing these. These are matters of extreme regret. Anyway, although the 13th Dalai Lama had a broad vision for reforms, there were many internal and external elements and obstacles that rendered his efforts fruitless.

In 1960, the year after we arrived in exile in India in April 1959, we were able to speedily set up our first school in Mussoorie. Considerable effort was made to set up schools to give opportunities for modern education to the Tibetans in exile. In particular, in the early 1960s, many initiatives were taken to give more importance to setting up schools than monasteries in the Tibetan community in exile. The main reason why we especially devoted more attention to setting up schools was because it was extremely obvious that one cause of the miserable situation in which the Tibetan race found itself in was attributable to our major failure of being up to the standard in the field of modern knowledge. This resulted in our inability to set out strategies as a people at par with the rest of the world; it exposed us as too backward to be able to meet the challenges of modern times. It was in view of this that we considered setting up schools to be more important than building religious centres.

The public back in Tibet too should draw lessons from this and consider paying attention to the pursuit of modern knowledge as extremely important. In Tibet today there is a big problem in this area, including the fact that one has to pay high fees for educating one's children. Nevertheless, undaunted by both the internal and external hardships, they continue to send their children to schools, whether they are being run by the Chinese government or by private Tibetans. Everywhere in Dotoe, Domey and U-Tsang, Tibetans in large numbers are emerging, putting in their best efforts and bringing out whatever capabilities they have in the field of learning. To them all I express rejoice and offer praise for efforts well made. Whatever be the case, making efforts in the field of education is highly important.

In the case of schools in Tibet set up by the Chinese, it would be extremely narrow-minded to show disdain for them by such actions as not sending one's children to study there. Schools, even if set up by the Chinese government, are good. In order to ensure good standard of the teaching of Tibetan and other subjects in them, it should be possible to discuss the matter with concerned persons and entities. Whatever be the case, all Tibetans should make efforts in every possible way.

There are many aspects of modern education. They include science, law, economics, environment, etc. Nevertheless, the Tibetan language has not progressed in these numerous subjects. In India, efforts are being made to teach the Tibetan children all the subjects in Tibetan language from Grade I onwards. But, leave alone Tibetans, even the Indians find it most difficult to gain expertise in specialised modern subjects without pursuing it in English. In Tibet too, one has no choice but to rely on Chinese language to gain expertise in a specialised field of modern knowledge. Whether for becoming a professional or an expert researcher, in the different fields of modern knowledge in Tibet today, it is extremely important to use the Chinese language to achieve the required specialisations.

We are today struggling for a meaningful autonomy for Tibet. But in order to achieve an appropriate standard of it, our own people should be able to fully take responsibility in every possible area of undertaking related to it and to be able to produce results. There is no way merely engaging in debates will be sufficient. We ourselves must be able to argue for and administer the autonomy. The essence of this is that we must be able to do our own work by ourselves. In order to achieve both internal and external progresses appropriate for modern times, having modern education is extremely important. The reality of the situation in Tibet today is such that one has no choice but to rely on Chinese language if one is to become modern educated.

One thing that comes to my mind is this: Suppose there are a hundred Tibetan students. Seventy or eighty such students could study Tibetan language as their main subject and achieve excellence in projecting one's national identity and in preserving our cultural heritage. Twenty or thirty such students could study Chinese language as their main subject and make efforts to achieve professional qualifications in modern specialised subjects. I feel this to be important, do you understand?

From: http://www.dalailama.com/messages/tibet/importance-of-education

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Incubus and Succubus

Subject Contains Graphic Nature. 18 And Up Is Advised.....

Keep in mind some of this is Legend, Myth, some Christian Mythology and my humble opinion. No one really knows for sure. Some content is true by the laws of the bible but to many who have different religious or non religious faith will view differently. In addition it can be interpreted differently by each person as well. I was asked about” how many demons had been confined by God?” I can’t answer that other than with these verses. Some are confined (2 Peter 2:4) but many are active in the world. (Matthew 12:43-45). They only seek to go against the purposes of God. (Ephesians 6:11-13), they promote their own system of doctrine. (1 Timothy 4:1), they can inflict diseases (Matthew 9:23) and possess the bodies of men and of some animals. (Matthew 4:244:2), Mark 5:13.

OK...according to Legend, Incubus and Succubus manifest themselves during the nocturnal hours, preying on the victim when they are sleeping, although there have been some cases where females have actually been sexually assaulted while fully awake. Any female who undergoes an incubus sexual assault will not awaken, although she may experience it in a dream. It was said If she becomes pregnant, the child will grow inside her as any normal child except that it will have supernatural powers. The child grows into a evil character or a powerful wizard. According to legend, it is said that the magician Merlin was the result of physical contact between an incubus and a nun.

A succubus is the female version, and she seduces men. According legend, the incubus and the succubus were fallen angels. The word incubus is Latin for "nightmare". Succubus in medieval European folklore, a female demon who sets out to seek men in their sleep to have Ghostly Intercourse. The man who falls victim to a succubus will not awaken, although may experience it while in the dream state. Some believe there was a biblical Lilith believed to be the first wife to Adam before Eve. She is said to also have been the very first succubus on earth. There is a version of Lilith in all religions in the world. These creatures usually from what I have read have different names, such as Marilith or Lilitu.

Just as is the case with the succubus, there are also many legends about incubus but these are not be confused with succubi which is the plural of succubus. The incubi are said to be fallen angels in Judeo Christianity who fell to earth because they had sex with mortal women. It has been said that pregnancy has been blamed on these creatures as a way out of cheating and or sex out of wedlock.

This subject could go on and on. This is so much more to this so feel free to Google and research. I touched base on this subject as best as I could in a nutshell. I hope to those who emailed me have a better basis on where to start but lets not obsess over Demons too much. Giving them too much attention can be dangerous in my humble opinion.

Wishing all a fabulous and blessed week!

Written by Jennifer L. Auld

NOTE: Due to Jennifer's caseload, this is a repeat blog.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

First Visit During Deliverance

By Stephen Piersall,
God’s Preservation Ministry, http://sfprs.org/

Because of the last three Deliverance’s, I have been involved with I decided to write this particular blog. There may be a right way (through God) and a wrong way (scientific, New Age) of doing a first visit to the client’s home. However, I want to give a particular scenario that I believe could be used or tailored to fit your needs accordingly.


First thing on the phone before going to see her, I would advise her to have someone watch her son at a different location so we may conduct the interview in privacy and no distractions. I would encourage her to have anyone to be there with her to provide support or can relate with the findings that she has reported. I also would not go alone, as to make sure it never could get legal because she could accuse me of anything and I would have no witnesses for myself. The person coming with me would be someone I trust and know is a Christian. We would pray before knocking on the door and make sure all my senses are in alert mode.

I would introduce ourselves and turn on my digital recorder for the duration. We will sit with them and have them complete the consent form, and obtain the questionnaire that I had previously sent them so I can review their responses. I will use all my senses and listen to them tell their story. I would also have a discussion regarding fear to get their perspective, and would advise them of what I know of fear and the demonic. After reviewing the questionnaire, it will reveal all background information I need. I will take notes to document everything necessary.

I will ask permission to take a tour of the home, inside (Attic – Basement) and outside and surrounding area. I would also ask about the neighbors, and neighborhood. We would turn on EMF meter as we do the walk through. If they point out activity at a certain area, we will set the digital video camera in a spot that would be able to capture anything while I am there. My assistant would be taking random temperature, pictures, and EMF readings accordingly as well as humming christian songs throughout the process.

I will always try to debunk things accordingly, but will not tell them straight out that is what I am doing. I will always treat them with professionalism and respect, and accept any answers or comments “their truth” as they show me around and explain what goes on there.

After the walk through, we would sit and discuss the answers on the questionnaire. If they were not Christians, I would witness to them and at least plant the seed of salvation through Jesus Christ. I then would ask their permission to bind any demonic spirits present. If allowed, I would pray for the binding of the demonic spirits. I would also pray the Lord’s Prayer. I would discuss with them about releasing any Legal Rights or attachments and how they can free themselves through praying to God and asking for forgiveness and repent for any sins in their life. If they accept Jesus as their Savior, I would recommend they attend a local church of their choosing and be baptized.

I then would let her know that we will come back for a 2nd interview, which would give us time to go over the information collected and review anything the electronic equipment may have picked up. Once back to our vehicle, I would pray for continued protection and that no evil follow us back in to our lives.

Originally published on January 26, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

Fifty Shades of Mommy Porn and Demonic Sex

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

What does it mean that the fastest selling paperback in history is a trilogy of soft-porn novels that wallow in sadomasochism? Erika Leonard--aka E.L. James--is British author of The Fifty Shades of Grey trio of novels. This unholy literary trinity is defiling the consciences and imaginations of millions of women, including many professing Christians. So  many young woman are reading Fifty Shades, these books have been dubbed "mommy porn". Very sad...

As with many cultural phenomenon, the popularity of these novels is both symptom and cause of the status of our culture. It is symptom in that, the author expresses the spiritual/moral collapse of Western Civilization (similar to dynamics of the decline of the Roman Empire--moral rot from within). Moral/ethical relativity is at the core of Ms. Leonard's worldview as expressed in these books. On the other hand, its incredible popularity is effecting many millions of women in a deleterious way.This book is not merely being read, it is  being experienced--in a variety of ways, but the minds/imaginations (which is where the spiritual battle normally begins) of its readers are being defiled. That can be a gateway to the demonic.

My purpose is not to write a book review, nor an in-depth discussion of demonic sex, but to think aloud with you as to what is happening in our country. The explosion of interest in the paranormal is not happening in a cultural vacuum, and I am passionate about understanding the dynamics of what is feeding into this continuing fascination with the paranormal.

Two simultaneous trends, both of which are experiencing explosive growth: fascination with all things paranormal, and popular"art"  expressing graphic sex. The common denominator of these two trends is the primacy of experience over reason and God's revealed truth. Whether it be erotic or the spirit realm (or both), lusting for direct experience is what I see as the link between these two phenomena.The desire behind experience is the idolatrous quest for happiness.

It was Francis Schaeffer who commented that personal peace (happiness) and affluence have become the dominant life values of most people. This is tragic in light of the fact that glorifying and loving God is our purpose, and happiness will often (but not always) follow. Certainly joy will...

Another connection we must note is that this mass defilement of minds and imaginations is a cause for the increase of cases of incubii and succubii....demonic sex.

I have no doubt that demonic sex is increasing in frequency.

However, there are many women (and some men) who are ashamed to admit their diabolical sexual encounters to a pastor or priest. And as horrible as it may sound, some folks do not want the encounters to stop, because of how pleasurable it is.They are addicted... Personally, I have spoken to perhaps 3 dozen women and men who were/are in agony over this horrific reality. Make no mistake--people are really being sexually aroused and assaulted by demonic entities. The folks I talked to were mostly wide awake when the episodes take place...and they ranged from exquisite sexual arousal/orgasm to violent demonic rape....ripping,and tearing of genital flesh. Some are being touched and diabolically pleasured while walking down the sidewalk.

If this blog helps one person to commit to living a disciplined, holy life, or encourages them to overcome their fear and seek help, then it will been a "success."

Please keep this in mind as I discuss the sexual component--I have written of how our country has seemed to have reached a critical mass of interest in the paranormal. I THINK this has simultaneously removed (to some degree) God's restraining common grace protection, and unleashed an unprecedented amount of overt demonic activity in the US. Please don't lose track of that as we discuss this other.It has become more dangerous because fascination with the paranormal has opened the floodgates to spiritual darkness/oppression.

The "Twilight" series (which had a major impact on (E.L. James), "Being Human" and scores of other TV shows and books, have replaced the "old bad boy" with a vampiric bad boy. He's a lot badder...This interest in vampirism and/or the pornographic Fifty Shades are a step towards creating an invitation to the demonic, because the daydreaming/lust may include the desire for an illicit supernatural encounter.Combine that with a super-heated paranormal atmosphere (demonized), then we have a potent brew.

Often moving progressively,  it starts with sexually explicit dreams....moves to sleep paralysis episodes....and finally one night they see the footsteps on their bed. and the touching begins. And a wide-awake nightmare ensues...

Now, here is the problem--reading a book like Fifty Shades of Grey primes the woman for adultery/fornication by proxy ( I am not picking on women, because everyone knows that many men have terrible problems with pornography....and this book is being read primarily by women).Their imaginations are being corrupted by the antics of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Not long into the book, they are going at it, in graphic detail. The plot is not even worth mentioning because it boils down to this sequence, which repeats itself over and over--two pages of various characters interacting, and then 3 pages of wild, S&M sex. Over, and over, and over....Christian (curious choice of name) is a 27-year-old billionaire who makes Brad Pitt look like an ugly nerd. Her constant, breathless descriptions throughout the book of Mr Grey makes any living man/husband/boyfriend look hopelessly inadequate.

The demon cannot read their mind, but it knows what they are reading has put them in a spiritually compromised position. Some are then tempted to lust for a midnight "visitor" .In other words, reading pornographic trash is a door-opener because it can give them the "legal right" to attach and attack. Some readers or viewers of pornography may even yearn aloud, "If only I had..." Any demon within earshot will be eager to surprise them one night with an experience that is other-worldly pleasurable.

I am having trouble knowing which direction to take this (maybe because I am in the midst of the chaos of moving). Let me say two things.

First, please...I beg of you to get the help that you need. You can always contact me and I will find someone to help if you are too far away. Please do not remain silent out of embarrassment. And if addicted to demonic sex--it happens--you must look beyond the pleasure and see that you are being used and destroyed. Demons are incapable of loving humans...they hate you.

Second, as I pondered this issue, I was reminded of the Song of Solomon in the bible. It contains beautiful and sensuous poetry expressing erotic love between a man and a woman in the covenant commitment of marriage. Eros was created by God, as were all the lawful pleasures. The Word of God is not prudish, and a proper appreciation of the attractiveness of the of the opposite sex, of both form and face, is explicitly celebrated in the The Song of Solomon. It is amazing to me that this part of the inspired bible can be so "earthy", but without a hint of the pornographic.

Here are the key themes in that amazing book.

1. God's covenant, which commands sexual purity, provides just the right framework (marriage) within which His people may properly enjoy the gift of sexual intimacy (Gen. 2:23-24) Thus God's people honor Him and commend Him to the world when they demonstrate with their lives that obedience in such matters brings genuine delight.

2. Marriage is a gift of God, and is to be founded on loyalty and commitment which allows delight to flourish. As such, it is a fitting image for God's relationship with His people, in both the OT and the NT.

The fall of mankind damaged every aspect of human lives, and God's work of redemption aims to restore every aspect  to its proper functioning. God's goal is that romantic love, with all its potential pain and degradation, should be an arena of enjoyment for His redeemed people. (ESV Study Bible, pg 1213)  Amen.