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The Devil in North Carolina -- The Ryan Buell Saga

It amazes me just how far this story has come and all its twist and turns that makes this story so very unique. It isn’t the story people think it is.

The mysterious world of the paranormal brings that sense of magic and wonder and it’s no wonder so many are drawn to want to know more with all the TV shows and movies on the subject.  Now the obvious problem with TV shows is that they are… well… TV shows.  But, the public doesn’t know about the inside world of the paranormal community and the grave problems it has.  In this community, uncovering the secrets behind those unscrupulous people can make you a subject of harassment, stalking, threats and a whole host of tactics that are usually done in a gang like fashion that can be too much for most people.  Luckily, we are not most people.

Now, for some that have been in the field for a while, they are familiar with the Societies. The clubs and groups that people join that are for paranormal enthusiast.  Often times they come with certificates for membership fee or training fee that people show on their walls of being a “certified ghost hunter”.

Certifications that are really not worth the paper they are written on that is.  People proudly announcing their association or membership of these societies and it’s all the rage and has been for quite some many years.  However, in the field, it actually adds no clout or respect of anyone.  So it’s no wonder when a young man goes to Pennsylvania State College and starts his own paranormal society club.  What people don’t know is how they are with each other and outsiders.  This is not the same thing as “teams” that have usually 3 to 10 people in them to do investigations together and share resources.

It’s no wonder that Buell started the Paranormal Research Society, or PRS.  It isn’t the first of its kind by any means and certainly didn’t have the clout of some of the bigger groups run by those much more known in the field for writing or their work.  At this point, nobody would take him too seriously, as he was just a young guy who has a lot to learn.  The rule of thumb back then was that newcomers would disappear in two years after getting bored or frustrated at the lack of finding real paranormal activity.  Most didn’t last and you could almost count on that one fact that only a small percentage stuck with it.  Back then, nobody was on TV.  The local paper was the best you could hope for any publicity or a special segment around Halloween on the local stations and no one thought they would get famous doing their hobby.  Not until, “The Ghost Hunters”.

Suddenly the climate changed in the paranormal with the new TV shows.  A new breed of thrill seekers looking for fame sprung up.  Buell was just on a long list of those vying for fame like it was their ticket to success.  This is still a problem today with those really looking for the fame more then having an interest in the field.  Schmoozing with those famous or thought to be famous is easy and common with these types as they are usually very personable and helpful and will accept calls from just about everyone, (Excluding present company of course.)  After all, they are there to help others, right?  So the focus of some teams, groups and clubs or societies changes and they look for something that can get them on that TV show.  This changes a lot more then people realize.

Now the problems early on in the field that I saw before the TV shows was staggering even back then.  Territorial disputes over who could go where were common among local teams in bigger suburban areas.  Stealing photos or research, even word for word, was often done back in the day.  The societies were fine if you were a liked member.  Leave or upset someone, you might have rival teams or those sent right to your door or your website harassed and lying was ok to get back at someone.

So you might see why I and others see the PRS as something a bit different then just a simple club of people online.  I can tell you it is far more then that.  Now the “director” or “founder” is the equivalent to the king of the realm.  Imagine adding to that king a TV show with a bunch of fame seekers who would do anything just to be part of the show.

One other problem of the paranormal is the ability for some people to USE it for other things other then paranormal investigation.  A dating club, even if they are married or in a committed relationship were and still are common.  Criminals using it to gain items either by going into homes in the dark or telling people their items are haunted and preying upon the people who are vulnerable only because they do not know what they are experiencing and trust these people coming to their home as they appear to be experts.  Sex offenders having great opportunity with people meeting them in the dark in secluded graveyards or homes or abandoned buildings.  People with violent criminal histories or violent tendencies or those with mental disorders or psychological issues who might not be reliable in their mental state because of delusional thinking and hallucinations or the danger some may be to unsuspecting people.  Drug users, who may not act themselves do to heavy drug use or may steal for that same reason.

Let’s face it, Buell’s scamming those fans and believers while claiming to be sick and never having these events FOR THREE YEARS?  Believe me, we were hit and hit a lot for trying to expose him and help stop it all.  But, we never gave up.  We involved people who could take the story further.  We got involved with those fighting for those scammed and trying to assist them in getting their money back and spread the word and even got kicked off of social networks for it.  We involved a local lawyer from the same town as Buell.  We didn’t stop.  We will not stop… ever.

I can’t tell you what kind of things I dealt with just exposing people that need to be exposed and the backlash from people that claim to be into the paranormal but, would seem to lack the sufficient ethics and compassion to truly be of any help to any person truly experiencing a haunting.

I have gotten horror stories from some past PRS members.  I have even some current members coming forward as well to tell their story, by those who are disassociating and coming clean because they want the story out and right now, those people are scared.   I know… I’ve seen it for myself exposing people as I do.  One thing I have learned is the importance of keeping your sources secret.  Death threats are not uncommon.  But for anyone that didn’t realize, the PRS contract in itself is extremely threatening and most would read that and realize the issues of coming forward.  That’s right; they have you sign a confidentiality contract.

I can not at this time go into all I know and all the sordid details, until we know someone who has been scamming the people all these years and doing so blatantly with the protection of many in the field, is held accountable for his actions.  However, I will say that as we go… more and more details surface and am shocked all over again.  There is a reason I chose that title for this blog, as I believe that someone thinks himself the devil and above the law and prosecution, as he mockingly put a cartoon on his page saying, “You can’t sue the devil.”  Apparently we can.

I want to thank all of our supporters, audience listeners, blog readers and the entire network of people especially that have silently and sometimes not so silently assisted in the work we do to uncover this story.  I would like to thank John Albrecht Jr. for his Examiner articles that appeared to really have an affect once seen and truly showing the power of the press in the right hands.  I want to truly bring attention to the person who started the fight way back when whose words now ring true in this very blog… Kirby Robinson, for without him, no one would likely be speaking up and casting doubt on what some of these stars say.  I can, as other now can say, “You were right Kirby… you were right.”

Want to learn more and keep up with the story, follow us here or the links below and listen to our radio broadcast.  The more that read and listen, the bigger our voice to stop the abuse out there and keep the public safe.

Evan Jensen

Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network

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Change Your Mind, Change the World - Discussion to Make the World a Healthier, Happier Place

Madison, Wisconsin, USA, 15 May 2013 - Inspiration for convening this discussion of well-being in relation to global health and happiness arose when Richard Davidson, Chair of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds and Jonathan Patz, Director of the Global Health Institute, both at the University Wisconsin-Madison, were visiting His Holiness the Dalai Lama in India. He showed great interest in participating in such a conversation.

Once His Holiness and the panellists had taken their seats on the stage of the Overture Center for the Arts, which was filled to capacity, proceedings both in the morning and afternoon opened with a musical-poetic performance by Logan Phillips, Molly Sturges and Aaron Stern of the Academy for the Love of Learning, who presented musical and poetic notions of a happier world, such as ‘we are a beautifully sung song.’

Richie Davidson introduced his old friend Dan Goleman, moderator of the morning’s session, who began by making clear that the discussions aimed to talk about being well in every sense; exploring different ways in which we can flourish. Richie referred to findings that changes in the body can be attributed to stress, but that there is new work to show that happiness and well-being have positive effects on the body too. His Holiness asked how you measure well-being and Richie said they rely on self-report. His Holiness was asked if he had advice on how to make well-being more widespread.

“I think you already know what I think.” he replied, “But these people in the audience may not have heard it before. At this point everyone here feels at ease, but if I think of you as somehow different from me, if I think that I’m Tibetan, I’m Buddhist, an Easterner, I’m a monk or even something grand like His Holiness the Dalai Lama, this kind of thinking automatically creates a gap between us. It results in a sense of unease. On the other hand, if I consider you as another human being, just like me, then that source of anxiety disappears.

“I’m very happy and encouraged to be here. Some scientists don’t even accept the existence of mind, they think there’s only the brain. If that were the case we ought to be able change the way we live through surgery. However, the proper way to train the mind is by using the mind itself, not in connection with the next life or anything like that, but focussing on a healthy society and a happier humanity here and now. Everybody wants a happy life and a peaceful mind, but we have to produce peace of mind through our own practice.

“Modern science’s interest in mind or consciousness is new, and so is the public interest in mind and emotional training. Have I spoken for too long?”

Jonathan Patz noted the news that for the first time the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached 400 parts per million. He said scientists are very concerned that if this continues and reaches 450ppm it will be very dangerous. He recalled that last time he and His Holiness met, they talked about global climate change and he had explained that it would bring heat-waves, hunger and drought. His Holiness had responded:

“If we have the knowledge we have to act.”

He talked about work he has done concerning the peregrine falcon, which is an endangered species. It was only when the focus shifted to habitat and the context of the falcons’ lives that they began to be effective.

“Consequently,” Patz said, “when we think of prospects for our own species, we need to see ourselves in the context a healthy environment, which means a healthy planet.”

His Holiness remarked that this is clear evidence of the need to focus on long term interests, of our need for moral principles and a sense of responsibility.

Don Berwick talked about developments in health care noting that when he began his career all children with leukemia died, but now they don’t. However, health costs continue to increase, which means that spending on education, for example, has dropped. He mentioned three mistakes with regard to health care: the belief that more is better; the belief that the way to health is through technological solutions rather than looking at what we eat and how we live; and the belief that we can treat the body but not the mind. He said that when he explains that sometimes less is more, people feel they are being deceived.

His Holiness agreed that new findings are sometimes not easy to accept, which is why the public needs to hear more from experts like those on the panel. This is a role which the media can play; they should give such experts more exposure. People need to understand that if they want to live long and be comfortable, they may have to change some of the things they are used to.

Ilona Kickbusch began with the observation that she was both happy and unhappy to be the only woman on the panel. She said that great strides have been taken in relation to global health, but that we are reaching the limits of this particular model, the ‘vertical disease model’. Consequently, there is a need to rethink what health is, to combine a drive for equity and health care reform.

Last time His Holiness and Richard Layard met, he told him about Action for Happiness, which His Holiness asked to join. He explained that the movement has since been successfully launched and has attracted 30,000 members. What’s more, some governments have begun to adopt some of its objectives regarding well-being, among them Bhutan and the UK. Meanwhile the OECD, the club of developed nations, has drawn up codes to measure well-being rather than depending only on economic indicators; this is a major revolution.

Less encouraging was his report that within the context of general well-being, mental health is not taken sufficiently seriously, which amounts to discrimination. He said there is treatment and good prospects for recovery, but overall mental health is not regarded as seriously as physical health. He asked His Holiness how he interprets this finding.

“Knowledge of the mind is limited.” His Holiness said, “People have only a superficial view of what mind is, which is a cultural issue. I agree that the brain is complex and sophisticated, but the mind and emotions are also sophisticated and complex. Maybe it’s due to a fundamental misunderstanding that it’s the physical that you have to fix. We need to view these things in a different way. Because we take physical health seriously we have codes of physical hygiene, I’m proposing that equally important are codes of mental and emotional hygiene.”

Richard Layard concluded with two facts: every human being wants to be happy and every human being is equally important. If we acknowledge these, we can work to increase the spread of happiness. His Holiness responded that if we can let people know that adopting this or that measure will improve their peace of mind and improve their physical health, it will lead to a more attractive solution.

Moderator for the afternoon was Arianna Huffington, who began with the observation that our world has become unmanageable. She also remarked that while we all have a place of inner strength within us, most of us are not there most of the time and we need to ask how we can get there more often.

Richie Davidson offered five facts about well-being for consideration. 1. Well-being is a skill, 2. Well-being seems to be universally related to the mind’s well-being. He referred to a study that asked people: what are you doing? is your mind focussed? and are you happy? The response showed that people’s well-being is higher when they are focussed, but also that their minds wander a good deal. When the mind wanders performance suffers. It is a source of suffering; people are not happy living this way. His Holiness recognised Richie’s description of the wandering mind, saying he is familiar with it too.

Richie continued to explain the facts about well-being. 3. Well-being is associated with patterns of both mind and body. 4. Well-being has three aspects - returning to calm after a stressful event; mindfulness and generosity. 5. There is an innate disposition towards well-being, demonstrated by findings that young babies show a preference for altruistic behaviour.

Arianna asked what we can do to ensure that such well-being becomes more widespread. His Holiness replied:

“I mentioned this morning - education, in schools but also through our various media. We need to see reports of positive as well as negative news. Basic human nature is gentle. We are born from our mothers, who show us affection. We are social animals and depend on each other to survive. People who receive more affection from their mothers are happier and more secure. The basic gentle nature we are born with tends to become dormant as we grow up, we need training and education from an early age to ensure that it remains fresh instead. This is an example of using our human intelligence for the well-being of ourselves and society.”

Jonathan Patz said that his theme for the afternoon was interdependence. Without awareness of interdependence we won’t understand that our energy consumption is affecting the world’s climate. We need to be mindful of that, just as we need to be mindful of our consumption. His Holiness commented:

“We must address these problems like global climate change and the global economy as one community. We can’t expect our population of 7 billion human beings to live the life of a hermit. When the world population was smaller each country was self-sufficient, but today’s reality is that everyone is interdependent; the old way doesn’t work anymore. For example, you spend a huge amount of money and resources on developing and maintaining nuclear weapons, and yet, because, quite rightly, no one dares use them, the money is in effect wasted. We must find ways to change the way things have been done until now.”

Matthieu Ricard suggested that we have so far underestimated the power of mental health, but expressed confidence that this can change. Arianna wanted to know if His Holiness feels we have reached a tipping point. He replied:

“If we make consistent effort, based on proper education, we can change the world. We are selfish, that’s natural, but we need to be wisely selfish, not foolishly selfish. We have to concern ourselves more with others’ well-being, that’s the way to be wisely selfish. We have the ability to take the long-term benefit into account. I think it is possible to make real change in this century.

“Education is the best way to train ourselves that we will secure our own well-being by concerning ourselves with others. It is possible to create a better world, a more compassionate, more peaceful world, which is not only in everyone’s interest, but is everyone’s responsibility to achieve.”

His Holiness offered each member of the panel a kata, a white silk scarf, and then standing hand in hand with them at the front of the stage, energetically appealed to the audience.

“Great changes start with individuals; the basis of world peace is inner peace in the hearts of individuals. This is something we can all work for. If what you’ve heard here interests you, if you think it’s something you can act on, share it with others. If there are a thousand people here and each of you shares this with ten friends, ten thousand people will hear about it, and so on. That’s the way we can change our minds and change the world. Thank you.”

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Explanation of Demons Not Ghosts, Part 4

By Rev. Dr. Bradley Luoma

Continued from: Explanation of Demons, Not Ghosts, Part 1
Explanation of Demons Not Ghosts, Part 2
Explanation of Demons Not Ghosts Part 3

If you were following us regarding Demons not Ghosts excerpts, we laid the foundation of ‘Ghosts’ not existing in parts 1 & 2 based on Biblical principles. In part 3 we further advanced the formulary regarding how the Demonic come to us because of Sin and our own actions.

Part 4 - Demons have existed since before the world was created, as once, they were holy and divine in the eyes of God.  However, one decided that he (Lucifer) would not bow down and allow humans to be loved more than the angelic realm.  Due to his actions, and along with a third of the holy realm, fell with Lucifer to earth to be departed from God. When Lucifer then went after Adam & Eve, Lucifer sent forth the snake (Leviathan) to tempt Eve and influence Adam.  As a result God cursed Lucifer and those under him.  God’s wrath is expressed in Genesis 3:14 - So the LORD God said to the serpent, "Because you have done this, Cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life.”

Famed Roman Catholic exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth (started the International Association of Exorcists out of the Vatican), who is pictured has stated on more than one occasion that he believes all ‘Ghosts’ to actually be Demons that are attempting to gain the confidence of the afflicted—with the intent of eventually possessing that person.  It is reported that during his tenure, Father Amorth has performed over 100,000 Exorcisms, which has led him to his belief.  As a fellow Exorcist Minister I would also concur with Father Amorth, these are Demons posing in a manner befitting to deceive mankind.

In part 3 we laid out how the invitation process brings forth the infestation and obsession stages, followed by the oppression stage finally concluding with the state of possession.  The next paragraph below in this writings will discuss briefly how Demonic forces betray mankind, as they are not whom people think they are. Remember, the ultimate goal of the Demonic is possession of the soul of the individual who got ‘Involved’ in a multitude of acts (occult activity or generational curses).

So let's examine some these points of contention:

1. A theory as to why some of the same ‘Ghosts’ or ‘Spirit figures’ are seen in multiple differing places at the same time raises a point.  An internet search depicts such a ‘Ghost’ - Abraham Lincoln.  Now clearly there was only one Abraham Lincoln.  So who are these ‘other’ spirits manifesting in other areas?  Imposter ‘Ghosts’?  If each of these separate haunted locations is being visited by Demons pretending to be Abraham Lincoln, it will certainly explain the multiple appearances of the former president.  However, Job 7:10 also nullifies human spirits from lingering around.

2.  Another theory that Paranormal investigators believe that many of these ‘Ghosts’ or  ‘Spirits’ choose to stay and linger around because they are in an environment that they love.  However, many also believe that they stay in environments of horrible trauma, or where vicious acts have occurred, and where people have even experienced heartbreak and loss.

This not true according to the Holy Bible found in Hebrews 9:27 nullifies this.  If ‘Ghosts’ then are Demons, this situation becomes clearer.  Once death occurs, the human soul does not linger around.  All these ‘Ghosts’ are simply Demons pretending to be once living—and these beings would clearly thrive in an environment that’s seen a lot of terrible things.  Remember, Demons know all about us before we existed.

3.  So what about the Phillip experiment found in the paranormal world?  The Philip Experiment was conducted during the 1970's, in which a group of Canadian parapsychologists decided to invent a fake ‘Ghost’.  This group chose a non-haunted location, made up the name/age/background for their fake ‘Ghost’, and proceeded to perform a typical paranormal investigation.  Imagine to their surprise when, after a few days of work, they started to get activity in the non-haunted place.  This included communications from an entity that corroborated the Philip ‘Ghost’ back story by pretending to be Philip.   So was a ghost manufactured from nothing, and formed from nothing too?  Of course not!  It was a Demon coming forward and lying to the investigators in an attempt to interact more with the group of people. Hmm…This is what is occurring when one goes ‘Ghost’ hunting, they are actually hunting and pursuing Demons.

4. What about haunted people?  Well, unfortunately this is due to several factors, but activity such as ‘Ghost’ hunting causes hauntings upon people.  Many of us have seen movies and heard stories, in which some people seem to be afflicted their entire lives by ‘Ghosts’ (wherever they go), while others never encounter such a thing.  Why?  Famed exorcist priest Father Gabriele Amorth states this could have everything to do with the fact that these people are "obsessing" or "paying attention" to those of the other world or other side. This is one of the steps of Demonic possession, along with ‘invitation’ and ‘infestation’.  It goes to reason these same people would spend more time dwelling on the subject of ‘Ghosts’, than those who had never seen one.  This all supports the progression of invitation, infestation, obsession, and possession - which is how Demons operate.

5. Why do ‘Ghosts’ then wear clothes?  This is usually followed closely by, "Why do ‘Ghosts’ appear at one certain age”?   Often not the last age they attained?  For most ‘Ghost’ hunters, there are simply no logical answers to these questions other than they (Demons) can appear however they want to.  However, these ‘Ghosts’ are Demons purposely attempting to appear to us in a way in which we will be more likely to accept them.  Remember, Demons know all about us and what makes us ‘tick’.  The answer becomes clear: it’s all a charade in an attempt to get us to interact with them!

Humans have an innate curiosity to learn as well as a fear of the unknown.  These two characteristics that humans own are what Demons thrive upon to enact a plan of destruction upon people.  According to a recent study approximately 22% of Americans believe they have encountered a ‘Ghost’.  However, that number is probably even greater than actually estimated, due to a person who is older, passes that sighting off as their imagination playing tricks on them.

The Demons as former angelic spiritual beings have the ability to transcend time and space in the blink of an eye.  The Demons will use any image that they can to get one to buy into their plans of destruction.  They will always project themselves as something innocent and not harmful, when that could be further from the truth.

Many times children are the targets, because children are much easier to influence and the love children possess has not truly been tainted by experiences in the world.  Therefore Demons will usually come to them as little children a boy or a girl, getting them to trust them.

In our final part we will list how the Demons masquerade themselves upon mankind.

Rev. Dr. Bradley Luoma