Friday, November 21, 2014

A Lawyer’s Lies; Her Deceptive Truths

I am amaze at how far the rabbit hole of deceit has went and who appears to be involved and I, as anyone, am shocked, dismayed and angry. It isn't just who is involved, it's how they are using their position as a lawyer to be deceptive, cruel with no regard for others in their selfish attempt to cover their own rear end and just what some of her cohorts are doing to others in the field as well, that would shock anyone.

As we reported, a lawyer, named Lisa Livingston Martin and her partner, Annette Marie Munnich have a publishing business named French Point Publishing in recent blogs. They charge authors money to publish their books, as well as, charging for promoting their books. They make up contracts, in which Lisa as anyone would assume would be the one writing them up, being she is a lawyer. But, are they fair, or one sided towards the publishing company? One would wonder the conflict of interest that probably exist in that endeavor, especially knowing that most reputable publishers do not charge authors to publish books in the first place and they pay the author to publish their book and generally do not except books that are poorly written. They also do not charge for promoting their books. The only ones that do that are self publishing companies. So where does French Point Publishing fit in? For pay, but, not self publishing? Hmmmmm

We have gotten reports to their deceptive practices of accepting money and not honoring their own contract and missing deadlines for unpublished books that authors paid for. I'm sure to some people, they would trust someone who is a lawyer and historian and a paranormal person in this field. On this, I do not blame the authors here for being swindled. As I would consider it swindling just in charging authors, never mind not producing even when paid to do so.

As of late, this woman decided to take issue with a friend for these blogs and blame him for what I have written. This was an elderly man and his wife who both have heart related health problems. She first told him about her bad book reviews I left on her books. It affected her, as five reviews and one negative brings the star level down from her friends leaving a 5 star reviews of books that were published a few years ago. Yep, I alerted people. But, there were other complaints on the books as well and I was not the only negative reviewer. Now, she knew this gentleman had a particularly hard time recently as he posted it publicly on his page with a recent near death situation and yet, this lawyer, even with pleading from this gentleman, continue to message him and complain about my actions of stating to the public where they would see it. Perhaps that was not what everyone would do, but, I will use what ever method I need to alert the public and pressure people into doing the right thing and make amends with ripping people off.

Now, I understand her complaint about feeling angry, but, I do not understand bothering an elderly man with such dire health. I don't know anyone that would of done such a thing, never mind accuse someone of being involved or to persuade them with threats to try to get to me. Now, she claims she didn't threaten. But, just because someone verbally negates what they do, doesn't actually negate what they do. I have been advised to take appropriate action against her.

Now, she attempted to use a fictitious criminal record to persuade this gentleman that I was some sort of dangerous criminal and therefore, could not be trusted, was going to make him look bad and bring a lot of “bad his way”. The record was suppose to have been from a site called . You can check out their policies on their “Terms of Service” or TOS and see that;

  1. The site “aggregates” information from many sources on the internet. This includes social media sites. So, what do you think happens when someone posts fake information about someone out there? It could very well become part of the “criminal record”.
  2. The site clearly labels the reports with “likely criminal record” meaning, the site acknowledges that the reports are not always accurate and actually on the “Terms Of Service” says that the site is not meant to rely on it's accuracy and that it is only to give a view of what may be there for records. Sounds like, you can't count on it to me... as I well know from doing my own investigating on people and NEVER use pay sites for this reason.
  3. The site clearly says that their may be mistakes in names or people with the same name may be combined with reports.
  4. The site clearly says as part of their use, you agree to the TOS, which states that no part of any record can be copied, sent, broadcast, screenshot etc and sent to another. It also says that it can not be linked directly, as then it would bypass their attempts to collect for the information.
  5. The site says that the user agrees not to use the information for slander, defamation, harassment or stalking. It's actually more explicit then that and clearly says not to use it to get after someone you don't like, which I am sure includes showing the record to an elderly man to try to pressure me and scare him and manipulate him, along with what it does to me personally.
Now, the first of the messages that went out was from Lisa Livingston Martin to this elderly gentleman. I am not naming him, as he doesn't need the further stress from self centered cruel haters and friends of the person who did this. Then subsequent email went out by someone named Trinity Skeiks, a fictitious name with the added little addendum to it. It is very tell tale to whom had done it and who was originally responsible.

First off, let me say that the report is bogus and there isn't any truth to it. First, I have NEVER EVER served a day in jail and that's about the time I met my wife and the time I would have been in prison we got married, had a kid... etc. I can certainly prove easily to any court of law how bogus it is and the sites constraints and warnings, as well as a record of where that went to and who did it whilst breaking the sites own rules and disregarding the warnings of doing so and possible mistakes in the information.

I find it funny as the first report said it was Attempted Kidnapping. That was followed by a Kidnapping charge that was reported by the same person and then later it combined the two and added the claimed 10 years in prison by one of my haters. However the time was 1988, when I was still overseas formerly. The date changed, almost as though it tried to correct the error. LOL I find it very strange how the record morphed. To those paying for the records, don't bother, it's probably not going to tell you anything if you are just trying to dig up dirt. I don't even use that, unless someone's behavior is that of suspicion and then, someone I know will, but, it is not usually me. Anyone doing what I do would see the draw backs in trusting what you pick up and I'm sure if you talk to some that have had people pull up records, you would likely hear the same type of complaints inaccuracy.

I don't need to do that and my biggest and best investigating tool is those that come forward that have been abused or scammed. Many times there are more then one and even a number of people and they are unrelated and have the same complaints.

Now, imagine a lawyer who is a writer, whose own books are not selling who charges for publishing and promoting when most publishers do not who does not answer questions from either clients that they have not honored their contract or those inquiring to alert them to what their partner is doing that send a bogus criminal report to an sick elderly man to manipulate and believe me, it upset him and rightfully so. This happens to be someone that is very dear to me that often tells me, I need to stop being like a bull in a china shop out there and need to really tone it down. He's not the one making me do anything, he's the one that I listen to the most to calm down or rethink what I'm doing and he has my utmost respect for it. He's one of the few that has the balls to tell me, hey, that's probably not a good idea and here he is being blamed? HUH?

I am livid about this. As for the fake criminal record, big deal. If people want to know, they'll ask. I'm not going to disprove every single ridiculous claim they make, like my wife being a mail order bride for instance that is entirely racial.

It's one thing to get criticize and harassed by these crooks, but, by a lawyer who should know better that is operating under the state bar, I have to wonder why she thought that move in anyway shape or form was smart. It's a good darn thing he knew to question the voracity of this lawyer. She also told him that the records were from courts and prisons and therefore the truth when that is not the truth. All she had to do is read that site.

On a side note here, I did not pay for my own criminal record and can not verify if this record is even photo shopped and manufactured or on the site which they claim, but, my determination is that it wouldn't matter as it's untrue and could very well be on other sources such as that knowing how they work. I am in the process of making a report to the state bar on this on my account and that of my very good and close friend, whom I hope keeps keeping me in line when I need to hear it.

Evan Jensen
Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network