Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Issue 153 – The Eye is Changing Focus

By Kirby Robinson

The times are a changing and so is the Eye on the Paranormal. Effective later this week, we'll no longer be reporting on the paranormal. No more demons,  no more ghosts, no more debunking  of psychics fake para-celebs, no more fake  haunting cases…all of that has been done. I should point out that we're the only ones who have consistently debunked the fakers since 2008. Beginning next week, the Eye on the Paranormal is changing its focus. Here's our fun new schedule:

Sock Hop Sunday – We delve into the history of sock hops and how they influenced America from the 1950s through the 1970s.

Motivational Monday - Let us share positive motivational quotes that will jumpstart your week!

Tuesday Coupon Tips – Want to know where to find the best deals online and in your area? Why, right here, of course!

Wacky, Wacky Wednesday – Ooops, I can’t take it any longer. Well, I guess you can tell that I'm just kidding about the change of focus.

The times might be a changing, fake para-celebs might be complaining, fake psychics might be wishing, but the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL is not hopping aboard the PC train. Nope, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

If anything, this blog is getting more hits everyday and are at an all time record high for the month of April.

"When my time on earth is gone, and my activities here are passed, I want them to bury me upside down, and my critics can kiss my ass!" I.U. Basketball Coach Bobby Knight.

I couldn't have said it better, Coach Knight.

On Monday, April 28, on Prime Time Paranormal Radio Show, I was given an ambush interview/infomercial for all things wrong within the paranormal field. But I didn't give in, get flustered, or even hang up the phone before the interview ended. I had a different impact than what the hosts along with the ambush tag team of Chip Coffey, Andrea Perron, and Bishop Long expected.

If they'd noticed [again, where were Chip's spirit guides?], that I wasn't even blogging that much. I'd started to lose interest in most things in the paranormal and was even thinking of just going with my other bloggers each week and leaving it at that.

Now that good old fire is back in the belly, my friends. In the days and weeks to come, we'll bring you the news and views about the paranormal field that you can't find anywhere else online.

Bad Psychics - Yes, we'll report on them. How they inflict harm but try to disguise their work in the name of the Lord. The master they serve tries to stay out of the light.

New Age – It's not a religion, it's a mash up of what they want to be true. The Christian GOD that I serve is not Allah, nor Buddha, nor is He one of the millions of Hindu gods floating around out there.

In the days prior to the end of days the Bible warned us that men would profess a love of God yet they hate him and will invade our churches.

Their false teachings must be exposed--and that we'll do.

Along with our regular mix of news and views.

The EYE is what might be the last free voice in the paranormal field. I also stand behind every one of my bloggers as having the right to express their views as they see fit.

Oh, and here is yet another reason why I do this. The following comment was made on my previous week's blog Issue 152 Ryan Buell Digs for Gold/Chip Coffey Gets the Shaft!

Here is yet another victim of Ryan Buell's fan club and how they were shafted:
"I paid $150 to join the PRS Coummnity..I only have borrow time and going to Dallas was a Bucket List for me..One Gold ticket two Silver money is gone best friend flew from NJ to Louisiana....the day we are leaving for Texas...2:00am we receive a message the tour cancel...All I can say is Shame on you Ryan...your Judgement will be with God!"

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