Monday, October 15, 2012

The Greatest Resource to the Supernatural

By V.K. Bronz

When it comes to the supernatural I have had some pretty freaky experiences. The main thing I have found in my 35 years of expel demons/ghosts is what is needed. I have heard some really strange and yes stupid things people say is needed. I am not stepping on cultural beliefs here because most have there basis in God the creator. I am referring to things modern day followers of the paranormal have made up. In the last fifteen: ever since Ghost Hunters came on the scene, there has been a desperate push to separate the supernatural from religion, you can’t, they are one and the same. The bottom line is what happens to you when you die? This push to separate has its basis in our refusal to except it is God that rules, not us.

Matter of fact this refusal to submit has always been here, when the prophet in biblical days told the leper to go wash in the river he became very indignant and asked “why should he wash in that river; the river in his country was better.” Obstinacy and arrogance seem to go hand in hand; the man was not willing to listen to what the lord told him through the prophet, even though he was the one that had sought out the prophet of God for his healing.  So it appears to me God was looking for the man to humble himself and listen to God.

Have you ever heard the story of the daughters of Zelophehad? It is one of my favorite stories. It’s on the surface a story about a families’ inheritance but you know how writers are they tell a surface story with a deep underlying truth.

There were five daughters born to Zelophehad; at the time, the law was, women could not inherit or own land. (Same as it use to be in the United States).  When it came time to divvy up the land amongst the MEN the daughters of Zelophehad stood up in front of the entire congregation (millions of people) and in front of all the Royal Leaders of the land and said: “Our father died in the wilderness, he was not in the company of them that gathered against the Lord in the company of Korah but died in his own sin, and had no sons. Why should the name of our father be done away with because he had no sons? Give unto us a possession among our brethren.”

Oh my word, millions of men must have fainted. They were saying their father was a righteous honorable man that didn’t have sons and had not turned his back on God; These five women had the courage to stand up in front of the most powerful leader in the land and tell them it wasn’t right to refuse them an inheritance because they were women. What they were actually saying was “what your father told you is wrong; what your grandfather told you is wrong; what you have been told all your lives is wrong.”
That isn’t even the best part, although it took an incredible amount of fearlessness to stand up in that male dominated land, considering this was in the Middle East, No the very best part is what the leader of all of them, Moses, said back to them. He didn’t say “this is the way we have done it for centuries,” he didn’t say “shut up and sit down how dare you come against what has been told to us and how we have done things;” No, this wonderful humble man of integrity and honor said; “let me inquire of the Lord” and he honestly did. He was interested in the truth as much or more then the daughters of Zelophehad were.  Guess what God said?  “The daughters of Zelophehad speak right!”

We all know what people are like; we want recognition, our 15 minutes of fame. We want people to look too us, it makes us feel important. Like silly fools we just take peoples' word for things with out really finding out, we see someone do something and we just run with it never even questioning it; how stupid is that. We let these people influence us and tell us what and how to do something without even researching it. What’s even worse is the incredible damage we can do to other peoples’ lives. We don’t see the harm we are doing because we are to busy being the important person

All we need do to find out what is in our heart is ask our self; could I be wrong? In asking ourselves this question we then “feel” the reaction or resistance and pride in our gut; that is what answers our question. Moses asked that question and got the shock of his life when God said the daughters speak right!

Whether it is a person or a house (they are both vessels) that is possessed what you need is the same, the name of Jesus; you wouldn’t sprinkle salt over a human being would you? Sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it then why would you do that in a house?

My sister and I took a woman to a friends’ house for prayer. This woman was so totally possessed she quoted the book of Romans word for word as we were dragging her kicking and screaming into the house. (She was diagnosed Paranoid Schizophrenic) We sat her in a chair in the basement and began to pray; using the name of Jesus. We prayed for hours, and in the middle of the prayers she/Satan, just like in the movies, spoke in this raspy hideous voice to me, and said “do you remember when so and so happened to you?” “I did that to you,” and he began to laugh. He had repeated something that had happened to me many years before that no one knew.

We stopped praying and went home with no outward change in the woman. Weeks went by and I was in a church singing and out of the blue there she was. Before the prayers we couldn't get her in a church and here she was standing in the front row, how she got there and why is beyond me. (Probably so I could see a change had taken place).

A few more weeks went by and the Lord spoke to me and said she was going to die and come to be with him. To prove it to me she would be leaving me money. Now this woman wandered the streets homeless so I thought I was just hearing things and dismissed it.

True to his word two weeks later this woman died. Her social worker called and said she had not spent her check and she was sure she would have wanted my sister and I to have it! This woman was set free enough in her spirit by our prayers that day to accept Christ as her savior before her death.
So I ask again, do we really want the truth? There is no greater resource to the supernatural than the one who created it. We don’t need to be a holy roller running down the aisle of a church all we need to do is ask and mean it. If you don’t believe in God than what could it hurt if you ask: is he real? but ask really wanting to know the truth. Ask every day until he shows you the truth. He did say he would prove himself to us.

These supernatural experiences we seek can be in our own life. When I gave my life to the Lord, all of a sudden I could see demons and angels; scared the living daylights out of me; God has created some pretty freaky spiritual creatures. I then began having dreams and visions about people or things that were going to happen.

I am not saying every person that comes to the Lord will have the same thing happen but what I am saying is: we should not be as others so seeped in other people’s ways that we can’t even entertain the idea we may be wrong. Do we really want the truth or just gimmicks that make us look good. Just honestly ask “God are you real”…