Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Issue 21 - Paranormal Radio, Questions for Paranormal State & Special Report

This was going to be a look into the TV show, Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal and the para-celebs associated with it. It's possible that our next book will be dedicated to this subject. We have families featured on the show talking to us and we are in the process of checking their claims. We'll put this report on hold until later. But don't go away disappointed as we have to say…

Sometimes you take the good with the bad!

We had a great show on Sunday, March 13 with Tony and Carrie of the Maine Ghost Hunters. The questioning was tough but fair and the show's hosts were very kind. They strove to be impartial and they were – a fine trait for paranormal investigators and radio show hosts.

Unlike what happened last Wednesday night, March 9. We were to be featured on a Para X radio show, Ghost Chatter with Jimmy Morris. The start time was 8 PM. I had a busy day of working my cases, trying to finish my current book, and fact checking new information that has been coming in about Paranormal State. I grabbed some fast food, and then organized my notes so I would be prepared for the interview. Then I waited for the host to call.

The clock hit 7:51 and by 7:54 there was still no call. Dashed to the laptop got onto the chat room at 8 on the dot. I had many people tuning in from my various blogs and sites that we had promoted. [Mr. Morris, the host, had done no promotion]. A program from a previous show was playing. I entered my name into the chat room  and stated that I was waiting to be called. Still no call. Finally, at 8:15 Jimmy states that due to technical difficulties they would have to call off the show and reschedule the guest. I understand things happen… parts break, things go wrong…

Now we jump to one week later …

NO email or call from Jimmy saying anything about being sorry that the show didn't air. Nothing about setting a new date for it. Apparently, some people lack common courtesy…

10 Questions About Paranormal State

Here are 10 questions that can be answered if you read the book, Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State.

1 Did they stage fake exorcisms?

2 Did they film two Dead Times in one night and present them as two separate Dead Times?

3 Did they ever fake evidence?

4 Was evidence ever planted – and then found?

5 Were clients ever ridiculed?

6 Did they plant beer cans to fake cold spots?

7 Did production members masquerade as experts on the show?

8 Did they abandon their clients after filming?

9 Does Ryan Buell unfairly attack a former client in his book?

10 After 5 seasons did Paranormal State produce indisputable proof of ever finding anything paranormal?

We are proud to reveal that, to date, no one connected with the show has the guts to come out and say anything about the book. None of our claims in the book have been disproven. Why? Because they know it's the truth.


Chip Coffey will be the featured guest on PARADACITY on SRN network Wednesday, March 16, 2011. We'll be in the chatroom closely monitoring what is happening. What will be asked? Actually, what WON'T be asked? Later in the week we'll post a special report on the matter. I'm a fan of the show and post a link to their show weekly on my Facebook page. Lately they have been cozying up to the fake para-celebs that have been running the paranormal field into a state of ruin and chaos. The Eye on the Paranormal will not sell out.

We'll be keeping the eye open, seeing what needs to reported on. Because nothing escapes the Eye on the Paranormal.