Saturday, October 31, 2020

What Happened To 2020?

Hello Everyone. The last time I wrote was before the nightmare Covid 19 started. Florida went crazy. It’s been a while but the world has lost it’s mind. I’m so tired of all this fear and inflating the truth! I pray everyone is safe and have food to eat. I don’t know what to say or how to begin I’m so disgusted. Our government is corrupt to the ninth degree. Epstein was just a drop in the bucket. The truth always comes out in the wash my mama says. There are a lot of things going on and we are being distracted. That’s all I’m going to say about that for now.

We have a real problem! All of this is just my opinion but this is more about good and evil because some of us haven’t realized exactly how deep the rabbit hole goes? And it’s both sides. There is so much under age shenanigans. And I mean little kids ladies and gentlemen. The news won’t tell you about the thousands of people flooding Hollywood every day protesting to save the children. Pedosexual will be added to LGBTQ if a certain party has their way. It’s deplorable. 

Halloween is upon us yet again. My God, time flies by so quickly. It truly seems like I just got through the holidays not long ago and they’re already here. Please everybody like I say all the time don’t be creeping around these graveyards and old warehouses. I’m telling you it’s nothing but trouble! I’m getting more and more emails and being contacted about situations going on and evil is very real and it’s very prevalent and it has many forms. There’s probably about 800 different people on YouTube trying to get a TV show filming themselves doing very dangerous things. I was hoping this would be a phase that would pass because like I said there was a day I had to hide this information or people would’ve thought I was nuts. I had to hide what I did on the side for fear of being deemed crazy and losing all my friends. Now everybody is a professional! Jesus help them.

I understand a lot of people are suffering with anxiety, are depressed, suicidal etc....People are broke. People didn’t ask to lose their jobs or for their jobs to go out of business because of the lockdown. It’s not gonna be pretty. It’s only going to get worse after the election. I pray for peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be upon each and everyone of us. I pray that there’s food and shelter and that you are surrounded by peace and not fear. Avoid watching the news. Only a few YouTube channels tell the truth. Plus on social platforms if you say anything at all that goes against the deep state agenda they are going to censor you. Are we slowly losing our freedom of speech? Are they trying to normalize this? Like making people so afraid they need to wear a mask. They act like you’re gonna die if you don’t have one on all the time.

Now a different topic totally....

Demons and Meth? A Door to Darkness. is a blog which attracted a lot of comments. It was written in early 2014. Now on the Internet there is so much more information about it. Here is a link to the second part: Meth and Demons Part Two. Just like sleep paralysis. I did a blog about that and I noticed now there’s 10 times more on the Internet than there was when I originally researched that. I still receive comments on those Meth blogs. All drugs are doorways but there is something about crystal meth that is just downright more sinister than what you could ever think. I don’t know from personal experience. I only know from what people have shared with me. And I’ve also shared comments that I recovered on the Internet in my blogs. If you’d like to go back and take a read feel free.

Many people have sent me a video of them blowing crystal meth smoke into the air into light and they form into terrifying looking images. Sure it could be Matrixing. There are just some things in my humble opinion that are not coincidences. But evil isn’t behind every single door either. You don’t want to give the enemy that much credit. Please feel free to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. It’s a very scary thing for someone to process.

In conclusion, the way the world is right now is almost anarchy. Some have descended into anarchy and it’s only going to get worse. We need God more than ever! We need God to step in once again and set things right. Bring all this evil, all this disgusting perversion to the light for everyone to see. Stop all this division on our fellow man. Love one another. We are all humans. All this division is being orchestrated and stirred up by our own. If you do research you’ll understand what I mean. Please love your fellow man and show compassion. A lot of people are very scared and unsure right now. I plead the Blood Of Jesus Christ upon this Country. This world. The needless murders need to stop. All the homelessness needs to stop. It’s like a Third World country going outside. They are trying to normalize us to get used to this being at home more and wearing masks. They really love to push the fear of the new second wave of Covid they claim is coming or is already here. Get ready for all the bogus cases written off as COVID again. Use caution of course but this fear mongering is ridiculous.

I wish everyone a great and safe weekend. Don’t forget to bring your animals inside.

Written By Jennifer Auld

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

They Are Trying to Take Our Breath Away

By Lisa Maliga, copyright 2020
When I used to hang out on MySpace back in 2007, I often came across people who had the following quote on their profile:
“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”
It was a quote that seemed to concentrate on life’s highlights. What took people’s breath away? A dramatic sunset, a rainbow, blooming flowers, majestic waterfalls, kittens and puppies, new fallen snow, seeing a loved one after a long absence, and so on. While I appreciate any of the above, I want to be able to breathe with no obstructions. I’ve been practicing yoga for many years. Breathing is essential, you can’t go more than a few minutes without dying.
Yet due to this alleged virus, sometimes referred to as a disease, we are supposed to be wearing face masks/coverings and resemble women living under Sharia law. Right after the 9/11 terrorist attack, anyone wearing a head covering was considered an enemy. Two decades later, Americans and those in many other countries, are being forced to cover most of their face because of Covid-19/corona virus, a sickness with an incredibly low mortality rate.
Our ‘new normal’ is of a society that discourages hugs and handshakes. Smiles are hidden. Prayer, singing, and chanting are forbidden in churches and temples.
The forced mask-wearing in most parts of the world is all about fear, fear of germs and viruses. Fear of each other. Fear vs. faith. It is to make people more compliant. To take tests that are very inaccurate and to test positive can make some quarantine for two weeks. It’s house arrest. The next step is to make fear-ridden people clamor for a vaccine so they can return to normal. A vaccine that will allegedly eradicate coronavirus/Covid-19. Will it? Will the flu shot stop the flu? Why is it called a flu shot instead of an ANTI-flu shot?
The mass hypnosis/hysteria around a flu that can’t survive in the high temperatures of summer is insane. It messes with people’s minds and makes them OCD, incessantly using hand sanitizer. Doctors and other experts are telling us to wash our hands with soap and water, and to do so for at least twenty seconds! Have we regressed to kindergarten?
Another way they’re trying to keep us from breathing properly is to poison us with hand sanitizers. The ingredients contain mostly alcohol with some fake fragrance that can contain up to 200 ingredients, but the FDA doesn’t require them to be listed.
These alcohol-laden sanitizers are liberally sprayed on shopping carts and baskets. All products on store shelves, along with the shelves, are covered with sanitizing chemicals to keep that alleged Covid-19 at bay. Want to touch and inhale [even through a mask] more synthetic chemicals? You will when you check out and discover that all the store’s surfaces have been sprayed. A clerk said it had to be done every hour. Wow, what a fun job she had.
Germaphobes must be giddy with relief, feeling they’re getting their time to be in a world awash in sanitizer.
When the virus scare began in March, I was astonished to see customers waiting for an employee to spray down each shopping cart. I saw that nonsense and took a cart from the parking lot and pushed it in, avoiding the free chemical spray.
It’s now the land of “we spray it for you” and they use the power stream setting. I encountered a shopping cart that had been so over-saturated in sanitizer that I thought it was drunk. I flagged down the masked and gloved employee, who, through foggy eyeglasses, noticed that the plastic seat flap was now a pond. She insisted on cleaning it off and it made little difference.
10 minutes later I felt my throat was closing up. I choked back a cough and a sneeze. My nose started to run. Even blowing my nose would’ve garnered fearful glances from masked customers. I was a suspect! It was all so ludicrous. A year ago, such a scenario was unimaginable.
I went outside and into the fresh night air. I felt fine again. It was obviously the germ-free cart that was upsetting my allergies.
In mid-July the mandates from governors and mayors increased and the big chain stores were requiring all customers to mask up. A few that weren’t were advertising the fact. I went several miles out of my way to shop at a store that wouldn’t bother customers about covering their faces. I was hoping I’d be around unmasked people like it was 2019. Hah! Every employee and customer sported face diapers. I chatted with the teenager cleaning the carts with his spray bottle. He was cordial but I noticed he pulled his mask higher.
There is a simple way to clean off any sanitized cart or basket. It’ll take you about 30 seconds. Bring along a few paper towels or clean rag and wipe off that germ-free cart or basket. Pay attention to the handle[s]. It does the job and you won’t be inhaling toxic fumes.
I have a book about Tibetan Ayurveda [medicine]. There’s a section about skillful behavior and if you suppress the urge to breathe, which is what wearing a mask does, then this is what can happen:
* Dulling of mental clarity
* Tumor formation
* Heart disease

Additionally, wearing a mask for long periods of time can result in headaches, a weakened immune system, acne, and a staph infection may occur if the mask isn’t cleaned or changed frequently. 
If we continue to allow our rights to be taken away, what do we have to look forward to? A police state of perpetual surveillance, lockdowns, social distancing, vaccinations, medical tyranny, restricted travel, no belief in God or freedom of a spiritual path. There will be no allegiance to anyone but the leader of the new world order–the Antichrist.
One of the saddest images I saw occurred when I was waiting in line to enter a supermarket. A frail, elderly man limping past the masked shoppers, leaning on a cane, looked at us and softly apologized for not wearing a mask.
Why should a disabled senior citizen apologize for wanting to breathe? Why should any human being, regardless of age and physical condition?
Many Christians and readers of the bible think these are the end times. But God also helps those who help themselves. Buddha Shakyamuni spoke of the degeneration of society 2,600 years ago. Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” That is possible, if you believe it. Start by not wearing a mask. By smiling at those you see whether they are covered up or not. Don’t be angry at those who live in a state of delusion and march lockstep to unjust rules and fear mongering. They worship the god of this world. Love them, love them as they have that seed within them that is the same that is within you. Be at peace with yourself and others will be at peace, too. We are not alone. We never will be. We are all interdependent.
Lisa Maliga is an American author of contemporary fiction and cozy mysteries. Her nonfiction titles consist of how to make bath and body products with an emphasis on melt and pour soap crafting. When researching her cozy mystery, she discovered the art of baking French macarons. She has written three dessert cookbooks, including two on macarons. When not writing, Lisa reads an assortment of books, takes photos, and is working on a series of baking and soaping video tutorials. Visit her website at:

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Satanic Book for Children & Satanic Paraphernalia Found at & Amazon

Satanic Books Tailored For Children And The Dangers

Hello everyone. I pray you're having a great week. Most of all, I hope everyone is healthy.

I have to bring this to your attention. When is it considered acceptable to teach children how to summon demons? There is a book about demons and what their jobs are. Or what their power is. It’s not a game. It’s truly a satanic tool for kids. As a demonologist with many years of experience, I believe that demon summoning instructions can be very dangerous. It’s not healthy for young kids to get involved in that stuff. Nothing good can come from it. Not one thing. There's no age limit. No adult needed. This is not okay. Children will be so confused. And the more you go against them having it the more they want it! I remember being a kid and the more my parents pushed something the more I wanted to do it.

The many accounts of evil spirits in Scripture affirm the reality of powerful spiritual forces of wickedness. These evil spirits are very depraved and VERY familiar with all our human weaknesses and desires. They know them very well. Some are more vile than others. Spirits speak to all of us to inject ungodly beliefs into us. These are thoughts that steer us away from our identity in Jesus Christ. For some people these supernatural voices are far more destructive and can cause harm to the individual hearing them. For some individuals, hearing these thoughts can be just utter torment trying to convince them to commit suicide or to kill another person. Demonic oppression and depression mimic each other in many ways. At times, many are written off as highly depressed, now that evil can stay for life with no fear of being exposed!

Random comments from on this subject:

Cindy says:

‘People think this is all fun and games. Because they think demons are just make believe. Whether you think there is a spiritual world or not this kind of thing is unhealthy and dangerous. If you don't believe demons are real and think it is just silly then don't let your kids spend time on it. I have known a few people who really had some mental and emotional issues after playing with a ouija board. This is not good for a young childs brain.’

Donna said:

I am disappointed that Walmart and Amazon would carry this book however docile they think it is. I don't think bringing a demon into a child's life at any age is something we need to encourage. They will find it out all too soon with things that come across their every day life. So I don't think we need to 'introduce' them to them! Look at what is going on with the Harry Potter Book. They introduced how to make a curse in their first paragraph in the first book. Now we have it wall to wall on television.

Article from

‘Did you know that the devil is as close as your phone or computer? Want to know why? Well, the shocking truth is that Walmart sells Satanic paraphernalia online. For instance, sells the Satanic Bible for $31.16 and a Baphomet necklace for $12.99. To clarify, Baphomet is a god or demon that Satanists supposedly worship. Importantly, Baphomet idols and necklaces are among the Satanic paraphernalia that Walmart sells, as Churchmilitant reports.

Additionally, Walmart sells Satanic paraphernalia that includes Baphomet statues, church of Satan goblets, and clothing with Satanic symbols. However, some of Walmart’s Satanic paraphernalia is downright silly. For instance, they sell Satanic cheerleader costumes.’

Remember how children have imaginary friends? They want a place set at the table for their new ‘friend’. Some of that has been a bit more to it. Is the law of attraction working in this particular manner? Possibly. You give something enough attention and you can’t control it will become very dangerous because you just don’t know what is really lurking. There’s nothing Jesus Christ can’t handle. Satan's time is near folks. Just look at the condition of the world we live in. The bad guys are looked at as the ‘good ones’.

Jesus left us with the power of The Holy Spirit to cast down devils and demons in his name. We do not have to tolerate any harassment from Satan or his kingdom. There are many spiritual warfare prayers. Contact me if you would like any. Your privacy is always protected. It’s never as bad as it seems. Remember nothing ever lasts forever, whatever it is you're going through right now.

Please use your stimulus checks for bills and getting on track. Many I see just going shopping like it was just extra cash and no big deal. That’s not fair. Don’t take advantage of this. Pay your power bill, car payment etc...

Until next time may your pleasures be many and your worries be few.

Email address:

Written By Jennifer Auld

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Lucifers Damned Good Pizza & DON'T Summon Demons

Well I sure hope everyone is doing well and staying well. Lockdowns make you realize what you take for granted being so busy. Florida is very slowly opening up little by little. I pray all this is in the past soon for everyone. There’s so much going on in our country I don’t know where to start.........

So here is, yet another shady pizza restaurant like Comet Ping Pong Pizza. Pedophilic and demonic art is displayed on the walls. How in the heck is Lucifers Damned Good Pizza considered a family place? That really blows my mind. It’s just SO obvious, too. Just that alone should be a red flag. Who would want to expose their children to this imagery? From my researching they seem like a proper business that does very well. They even have four locations in the Los Angeles area. But the choice of art really bugs me. One of the Why? Why is this okay and so blatant to have these types of imagery on the walls? Something fishy about some of these pizza-themed restaurants. Something's not right.

Never Attempt Contact With A Demon

No one should EVER call on a demon for help. Lucifer is not cool. He isn’t your friend and never will be. Only call on Jesus Christ. And if you have a calling and have The Lord's hedge of protection as the Bible (KJV) tells us. You see how these movies are and people believe it to be true. As if you need to summon a dangerous demon for help. That’s a terrible idea floating around all over the internet and YouTube. It’s dangerous and it's becoming highly popular. So are pedophiles on YouTube. I hear they are in plain sight! All over social media. There are so much bad and dangerous things to learn online. It’s very scary. It’s truly so much dangerous information.

The world is bad enough without letting demons have a legal right to enter your life. You really don’t want those problems. They are very hard to fix. Our country is going through enough right now. You have not seen anything yet when these entities attach to or possess a person and their life. It’s done in stages. It’s done in such a manner you don’t realize how far down you have fallen. You are not crazy, either. They’d like you to think so. I have a lot of ground to cover diving in deeper on these subjects to give you more information.

Possible Dangers of Summoning A Demon

Suicidal Thoughts

Hearing scary voices is yet another problem. But you get the picture as far as the point I’m trying to make. It’s just way too dangerous on so many levels. They will act like your best friend but trust me DEMONS HATE HUMANS! Remember this. People forget that a lot. They always turn on you at some point, usually when you least expect it, or when you're at your lowest point. Then it will try and kill you. They only obey Satan. I’ve said that many times too. They don’t obey humans. Not until you are fully trusting this entity that it’s true colors will show.

You don’t have to put up with any harassment. Speak to them with strong loud authority! Let them know it won’t be an easy fight for them. It’s all about gaining souls. Stand your ground. Remain calm during sleep paralysis. Remember it doesn’t last long. Cry out to Jesus. Or think Jesus over and over. It worked for me one night. I kept dreaming I was awake and I wasn’t. It was terrifying and confusing. Sleep paralysis is very terrifying. We our more open when sleeping and it makes it more easy for attack.

I know this blog was about a couple of things that had nothing to do with the title. But when I feel led to put something out I just do it. There is so much I have to share with you! So stay tuned for my next blog. Also I’m on Twitter as well. @1Demonologychic

There’s just so much going on in the world right now....I don’t know where to start! It’s so sad. This wonderful country is in trouble. It all comes out in the wash. The truth will always surface. So whatever our government is doing will be exposed. Just know that.

I was sick for a while but I’m recovering pretty good. I’ll share that experience very soon. I thought I was going to die. Trying to breathe felt like small sharp pieces of glass shooting in my lungs. But I had pneumonia from a bad upper respiratory infection. I had a strand of influenza that was bad. Not seen often. I was quarantined. I’ll share that experience with you soon. It was scary.

Until next time may your pleasures be many and your worries be few. God bless each and all of you.

Written By Jennifer Auld

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Worshiping Satan On Stage Or Just Harmless Entertainment?

Happy Easter! Hello everybody. I pray everyone is feeling great and everyone you love is safe and doing well. This lockdown due to the coronavirus is crazy. I sure hope this passes soon. I think they hype it up a bit in my humble opinion. I’ve stayed inside other than to visit the doctor. In Orlando, no one can be on the roads unless it’s absolutely necessary. I hope this isn’t some conspiracy. I just don’t trust our government.

I’d first like to say that I’m not claiming all metal music is Satanic. Everyone likes different types of music. Freedom of choice. I’m only speaking of the obvious ones who brag about Satan or ones that serve him while on stage. Doing actual rituals with a crowd of thousands cheering it on can’t be healthy. That opens the door to anything, and I mean anything. They show people in the audience doing mosh pits standing near the stage hoping to get spit on. Yes. I said spit. One sings and talks like a demon while singing. I can’t make out a single word as hard as I tried.

These bands get together for Hell Fest every year. It’s like their Comi-con. There’s a band called Baphomet and they are definitely not Christians. The satanic rituals are done in plain sight! I can’t tell what they are saying/singing due to all the screaming. However, it’s very obvious who they serve.

Behemoth is another satanic band. The lead singer is very proud of their satanic ways. Please feel free to research what I’m talking about. But will this music be healthy for those who listen? Does it open doors that you don’t want opened? Possibly. Jesus Christ loves them. And He will accept them with open arms if they stop living and promoting their Satanic lifestyle. Jesus will protect them. They can’t take the name of Jesus. It’s one thing demons can’t control. We have authority in Jesus's name don’t forget it. We don’t have to fear. Fear is not of God. I don’t judge rock music. I just worry about death metal.

No one should summon or call on a demon for help. Like I said on Jesus Christ and His hedge of protection from any evil. This is what the Bible (KJV) tells us. See how these movies are and people believe it to be true. As if you need to summon a dangerous demon for help. It’s horrible that it is going around. It’s dangerous and becoming highly popular. All over social media you can learn so much dangerous information. People are learning dark magic from a self-proclaimed high Satanist. There’s many out there offering information for under-age people as well as adults.

What does the name Behemoth mean?


The original behemoth is found in the Bible. Job 40:15-24 describes a land-dwelling beast having mythic proportions (a tail like a cedar tree) and supernatural characteristics (bones like bars of brass and iron). The Hebrew word that is used ( bəhēmōth ) is the augmentative plural form of the word for “beast” or “animal.” Normally, bəhēmōth would translate as the plural noun “beasts,” but as it is used to describe a singular being, the interpretation is that of a mighty or monstrous animal.
Much folklore has arisen around behemoth. One story has it that behemoth, separated from its aquatic counterpart leviathan at the dawn of creation, will be reunited with it in an epic battle on Judgment Day in which each will slay the other. Following this biblical King Kong vs. Godzilla match, both animals will be served up as a feast for the remaining faithful.

Behemoth makes an appearance in such classics of literature as John Milton's Paradise Lost, Shelley's Prometheus Unbound, and James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake. Today we use it to apply to anything large, powerful, and often unwieldy.

‘An animal, perhaps the hippopotamus, mentioned in Job 40:15–24.
Also any creature or thing of monstrous size or power. I think we all
know Baphomet is another name for Satan. Lucifer Morning star who fell.

I received a couple of emails from concerned parents about those bands. This world is becoming more demonic everyday. We can’t be ignorant to Satan's devices. I truly hope and pray this blog helps some people who are lost or feeling stress about the Corona Virus. Trust in Jesus Christ. Satan's time is limited.

They gave Lucifer his own PIZZA chain. I will dissect that for next Sunday.

I pray you all are safe and have food, shelter.

Written By Jennifer Auld

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Can You Will Something Into Existence?

Hello everyone! I pray all of you had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year. As always.

I’ve been asked this question at least a couple hundred times in the last 10 months. I can’t give a definitive answer because we can’t even prove the Supernatural exists. I feel however, it’s a very good possibility obsessing over something enough it could very well be created by your own obsession. Just like a poltergeist. But on the other side of that coin sometimes I feel if enough people give something enough of the right attention could very well possibly ‘Will’ it to life. I did a lot of researching in addition to just my humble opinion. There isn’t a whole lot of information but I am sharing what I found.

FYI: Another McKamey Blog coming soon. This TORTURE TRAP (as many call it) will never go away. Just switches to a new dump.

Speaking negatively can take a toll on you. You might hear “Oh I'm not as good at work as Susie.” so I should beat myself up because that voice starts messing with you. The human mind is the devils playground. Don’t allow him to drag you down. Take authority In Jesus name. Command them to flee at once. Stand your ground.

When one is for lack of better words having trouble, negative self talk is said to be one's inner thoughts you have with yourself. It’s not healthy either. Any bad thoughts will hinder you through life. that diminishes you and confidence in your ability to do so. Because of this, negative thoughts of yourself just get worse. It’s easier said than done.

Tulpa (Wiki)

“Something related to this subject is called a Tulpa. It’s said an entity created in the mind, acting independently of, and parallel to your own consciousness. They are able to think, and have their own free will, emotions, and memories. In short, a tulpa is like a sentient person living in your head, separate from you. It’s currently unproven whether or not tulpas are truly sentient, but in this community, we treat them as such. It takes time for a tulpa to develop a convincing and complex personality; as they grow older, your attention and their life experiences will shape them into a person with their own hopes, dreams and beliefs.

“You’ll create a tulpa by imagining a person in your head, and treating them as a person. The exact mechanism is unknown, but as you give a tulpa attention, and believe it can be a sentient person, it will grow into one, and act independently of you. At first, you will be narrating to your tulpa—speaking to it, and visualizing it in your mind—and with time, you’ll be able to communicate through various methods, which will be described in the next section. Keep in mind that when a tulpa starts talking, it doesn’t mean that they are complete, or finished by any means. Like any person, a tulpa is never “done”, and you shouldn’t be going for a finished tulpa, when you make one. You should be focused on nurturing and teaching your tulpa, and allowing them to grow as a person with you, while at the same time you learn about yourself, and grow as a person in turn. It takes time and effort to make a tulpa into a self-sufficient and balanced individual, and their independence and personality will grow and flourish over time, like any regular human being’s. Creating a tulpa means committing to raising and living with another person.” I could go further into it but I’ll do another blog on Tulpas. It was very interesting.”

So can we will something into existence? I do not know? I can’t answer that however, nothing would surprise me. I’ve seen a lot in my life so I’m not surprised but it’s too dangerous. We need Jesus. In his name we are safe. Not everyone has bad intentions. Some just don’t realize there is a supernatural world that really exists.

Remember imaginary friends? Some of that has been a bit more to it. Is the law of attraction working in this particular manner? You give something enough attention and you can’t control it will become very dangerous because you just don’t know what is really lurking. There’s nothing Jesus Christ can handle.

Until next time may your days be bright and your thoughts be bright.

Written By Jennifer Auld

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Is McKamey Manor Haunted with Demonic Activity?

The McKamey Manor Dare

Just when I thought I’ve seen and heard it all. This torture manor, as I call it, has been around a while. Going back to 2013 or more. So there are many complaints from people claiming they were not let out after using the safe word. I’ve heard of signing waivers but not paperwork from one's doctor and psychiatrist stipulating they can handle the hands-on interaction. Oh yes, you have to provide a letter from your primary doctor saying you passed the physical. Plus one from a psychiatrist stipulating you’re mentally well enough to handle this level of being traumatized--for lack of better words. That has to be an awkward conversation with these doctors. They have to know they do. They claim they call to verify the letters are authentic from both doctors. He talks with people a long time (usually on Skype) before this event happens. That’s how extreme this is. It simulates a lot of popular sinister horror movie scenes. I can’t imagine, and don’t want to. I don’t want to open any doors. That’s just me.

All the fear and torment at a place like this would have to attract the demonic. It’s a perfect storm. I can’t imagine it would be a ‘pleasant scary experience’. I use to LOVE haunted houses as a teenager around Halloween. The thrill of being scared. My father hated it. Lol. He hated that I loved those. He was a Pentecostal Minister so you can imagine. But he didn’t stop me. I was never forced to do anything like go to church and things to that nature. He didn’t shove it down my throat. So I never thought twice about going. I’m getting off the subject here. Forgive me. Also a note that possible water boarding will be done in this haunted house. I hear it’s not even a manor. Just a regular everyday home. I’m not sure how that title got slipped in?

The Bible speaks about things that fall into this category. This just my humble opinion and observation from a biblical point of view. I understand completely that not everyone will agree and that is just fine. I put out information that I think some might want to know. I want to make this very clear. I received an email about this so I wanted to get it out there. These blogs are for everyone. I’m not attacking anybody. I’m concerned. Satan is a slick snake in the grass and his time is near. He knows it too. So let’s descend into morbid, diabolical anarchy! Oh he’d love that. Well the power of Jesus supersedes Satan. On every level. The devil will always up the level. That’s my point to this blog really.

Look at all these horror movies coming out and all the ones that are on Netflix. That is just so scary to me. So many people watch Netflix including me. God only knows what that kind of viewing does to a person on some of these movies.

They are already advertising demonic movies for 2020. This is how the enemy works. He is so very slick. He works on his time. He’d love it if the entire world didn’t believe in him. Oh he could run amok. He could possess anyone and they wouldn’t know it at first. And he never would have to worry about someone resisting.

Jesus loves you. He does not want you tormented by these dark beings. That’s not His plan for us but sometimes free will gets in the way. These dark things hate human beings. They hate our guts. Remember this when you feel you can’t go on. Reach for Jesus Christ when sadness hits. Especially this time of year. Don’t give the enemy any room. He will try but remember the truth, Jesus is King. Satan cannot overtake him. The book of Revelations is worth reading about end times.

When I researched this subject and how this all year around haunted attraction worked I was literally sickened. It is currently not in business but I’m not sure why? It was first in San Diego, California, but it's now in Summertown, Tennessee. I pray for the owner and anyone else influenced by it and anyone hurt by it. It’s just not right. That’s my humble opinion. When haunt participants asked to be let out aren't, the tormenting goes on. If that’s true. I don’t know for sure. But think twice before doing these extreme haunted houses that are year round or just in October. Someone had a heart attack, which the owner of McKamey Manor said “It was pretty cool”. He said it on a YouTube clip. He’s fueled by attention and loves it. Please pray he adjust things so everyone can be happy. No one getting hurt or coming out mortified.

Below is a comment I found from

"You get a lot of people who think it's going to be easy money," Kris Smith, a 37-year-old Michigan native who works as a volunteer remotely for McKamey's tours, told USA TODAY. Smith was first introduced to the operation years ago as a contestant. During his first go-around, he didn't make it past signing the waiver, which details all the physically painful, high-stakes and grotesque things that could happen along the way.

"I read it and I quit," Smith said. "I got to the last page and turned around and went home.... There's so much. You have to pull out your own teeth, there's a chance of getting a tattoo, a chance of your fingernails getting pulled out. It's really overwhelming. There's a chance of death. Accidents do happen."

The I found this random comment to a article about this haunted event.

“Except YOU lose if you touch them, though they CAN touch you. Most of this is set up to make you fail. You basically aren't allowed to defend yourself. Plus you start with a small set of "cards" that you need to be in the positive to "win", he arbitrarily assigns the amount of cards you can lose to said "challenge" so technically, if he thinks you may win, he just sets the amount of card loss to higher than you have and make some ridiculous challenge. You can start with more cards if you hang out in their city for 2 weeks before the game and do a bunch of sightseeing crap. I wouldn't trust him to play fair even if you did every degrading thing asked of you.”

Lord, I shouldn’t be surprised...Feel free to do your own research. Different opinions on this that’s for sure.

Until next time may your pleasures be many and your worries be few.

Written By Jennifer Auld