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Swimming in Sh*t – The Jennifer Arnold Case - Part 1

By Reporter X


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Swimming in Sh*t - The Jennifer Arnold Case – Part 1

It seems that my last report caused quite a stir in the paranormal community. That was not my intention at all. I hoped a provocative post would encourage a lively discussion of the topic. It sunk into a pit of name calling, sword rattling and shameful actions on the part of some of the people who posted comments.

The course of action taken by Mr. Robinson is a sad one and I hope he does find the peace that he seeks.

Now let’s get on with the story …

For those of you in the paranormal community you would have to be living under a rock not to know about the Jennifer Arnold case. There are many web sites, Face Book pages and radio shows about the subject. Even Dave Schrader has done more than one show on the matter.

I have viewed the blogs and took a close look at her book A DEMON WALKS ON SACRED GROUND. I have listened to a CD of the various EVPs that she has recorded. I have looked at the photos she has posted and even had some professionally studied. I have had the opportunity to view audio and video footage that was shot at Mrs. Arnold's home the night of Mr. Robinson's visit. I have talked to the paranormal groups that have visited the home and taken a look at their proof (audio, video, photographs). I have interviewed Mr. Robinson through many email exchanges. I have talked to some of the leading paranormal and demon experts. After all this, I feel that I have a good grasp of the case. 

In a nutshell (a very small one) as Mrs. Arnold's book is only 47 pages she writes her life story. We learn that Mrs. Arnold had a less than perfect childhood. There was a moderate level of dysfunction within her home as she grew up. She was close to a relative that was of Native American descent and she shared stories with Jennifer about her life and gifts and tales of her religion.

At the age of 17, Jennifer and a friend made a spirit board and began talking to spirits. The girls freely allowed them in. Over time things the spirits said would happen began taking place. Jennifer got married and had two sons. In the Arnold home, things started to happen. Cupboards and drawers opened and closed, the children saw spirits, and many more events frightened the family. So they decided they had to move into a new home that was built for the family. But the spirits followed them.

Jennifer started to ghost hunt and took photos. She also began recording them in order to engage the spirits in a conversation. Things only got worse. Mrs. Arnold was very vocal about events in her home and started to share them on MySpace and a web site dedicated to her book.

Many paranormal groups have been to her home and have tried to remove the demon/demons (depending upon whom you talk to). After a few weeks the demon/demons returns, often stronger than before.

There have been rumors that John Zaffis went to her home and fled, or that he could not get on a plane to fly to her Florida home. Some have said that Dwayne Claud was scared and also refused the case. From the information I have uncovered both stories are false.

So what can we say about those who have been to her home before August, 2011?

1. They had good intentions. I personally know most of them.

2. They might have been in over their heads.

3. They should never have gone there in the first place.

4. They did their job but something and or someone let the demon/demons back in.

Back in the summer of 2011 Mr. Robinson informed me that he had logged into his old MySpace account and received a message from Mrs. Arnold concerning her case. A few years before that he had exchanged emails with her. Mr. Robinson said that if he ever was in her area, he would take a look at her case. She began to publicize that he was coming and an exorcism was going to take place.

Due to this, Kirby was approached by Ryan Harshbarger, a young paranormal investigator with aspirations to do a TV series entitled PROJECT FEAR. Mr. Harshbarger wanted to know if Kirby had any cases that he could film for a pilot to be sold to network TV. Kirby informed him of the Jennifer Arnold case but it was up to her to allow filming. Mrs. Arnold immediately agreed.

The final element was set when Leon Wilkes was added since he had been in contact with Mrs. Arnold and she felt that he should be there.

Mr. Robinson and Mr. Wilkes arrived around 1 to 2 pm that Friday, August 26, 2011. Mr. Robinson stated that the demon/demons was ready for attack as soon as they stepped through the front door. What they did not know was that Mrs. Arnold had been asking around on the web about how to ramp things up when it comes to demons. This was solely for the purpose of needing a good show. Well, Mrs. Arnold got one.

I have viewed the footage that was shot the first night as it seems that would be the only night of filming. The cameraman left on Saturday for a swimsuit shoot on the beach. We only have stills from day two and some audio recorded on a digital recorder for the second day.

This footage may never be shown in public because nobody signed release forms! Why this was Mr. Robinson he did not know. He was asked to sign one page contract with a talent agency in Oregon called Irish Eyes Promotions. The agent/owner is Carolina Aitken. The contract was for the remainder of 2011 and made no mention about anything concerning the filming of the events. I have talked to some of Mr. Harshbarger's paranormal team members who stated to me that they will not sign any release form and Mr. Robinson stated he would not either. Let me share with you what I witnessed on the tapes as well as what others said after they viewed it.

1. Dogs barking and scratching on the walls. There were no dogs in the house at the time.

2. Doors slamming in the background.

3. Figures that appear to be silhouettes.

4. In a spare bedroom where prayers were being said, seen in the mirror is an image of a crucifix bathed in red light. This is not a photograph but the crucifix appears to be three dimensional.

5. Many subjective moments of hot spots, cold spots, being poked and pinched.

6. There is an interesting moment that no one reacts to. A shot of a dark hallway with at least two of the investigators standing there and many forms behind their heads are clearly visible.

At times the video focuses on Mr. Robinson reciting prayers. There is a ghost box and you hear the following:






Those are some of the phrases that you hear and they are all very audible.

But watch closely and observe that nothing comes close to Mrs. Arnold at all. She shows no reaction to things, which is odd. Because she is in the path of holy water being thrown. No reaction. She holds a cross. No reaction. She holds a prayer book – and no reaction.

Even the second day deliverance which we got to look at only photos. Mrs. Arnold shows no reaction to holy water, no reaction to the bible, no reaction to the cross, no reaction to the prayers, no reaction to laying on of hands. Why? (This will be explained in Part 2.)

After the publication of my previous blog the attacks leveled at Mr. Robinson concerning his actions at the home I feel were done unfairly. Let's focus on these events.

At least 8 to 10 demons were encountered in the home including some spirits of dead people - which will become very important in Part 2.

Some demons had been removed while others had not. Mr. Robinson informed Mrs. Arnold that she needed to do the following things to keep them from returning, and at some point the rest had to be removed.

1. Stop talking publicly about her case.

2. Take her web site down about her book which featured photos of her case.

3. Stop Tweeting about the case and close the Twitter account.

4. Close her MySpace account about her case. Close her Face Book page about her case.

5. Stop taking photos of the sprit activity in the home.

6. Begin deliverance therapy.

None of those things were ever done until February 2012. And even then not all steps have been completed.

An issue was brought up about what was done in her son's room during the investigation. An illegal substance was found. Use of such a substance can be a door for demons to enter people's lives and home. There is a photo of this substance taken by a member of Mr. Harshbarger's team.

Mr. Robinson was concerned about said substance and its potential to bring any and all demons back into the house. Anything less than removal of a demon is never the goal of anyone. I have heard the playback of the audio recording made by his phone. What he attempted to do was keep demons located in the son's room until a proper team could come back after she had taken the steps asked of her.

We close with a recent post about her book which is taken from Mrs. Arnold's Face Book page.

"there are a few typos I had to sign a voucher that I accept it the way it is....I had a book signing and two radio shows lined up...again I dont claim to be an author...just a normal housewife with a very evil abnormal life...just trying to make it just like everyone else in this dog eat fog world!!!!!"

Swimming in Sh*t – The Jennifer Arnold Case - Part 2 will be coming next week! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GHOST WHISPERINGS - Part III - What Are They Saying?

By Skarlet Rae

Ghost Whisperings Part I
Ghost Whisperings Part II

In my last segment I discussed who or what is talking when evp's are captured.  In this segment I will continue, talking about what they are saying.  If you read Part II, you'll see there that they don't say much at all, actually.

Some will say that they don't have energy to say much.  That the reason we only hear one or two words is because they don't have the energy available to them to carry on conversations.  Ok, let's go with that.  Yet I will hear evp's of the same voice saying 'get out' and 'die', etc., over and over again.  Why be repetitious?  If, as they say, these are the souls of passed on humans, and they are trying to communicate, then why not say one word and then another word, when their energy permits.  Why continually say the same things over and over and in a malevolent way?  Why do those voices captured on evp's sound scary most of the time?  Would your passed over family members try to scare you?  If they are trying to communicate with us, left behind loved ones, then wouldn't it make more sense to speak in a different tone?  In the tone and with the personality they possessed during life?  The whole idea of threatening sounding voices just doesn't seem right to me.  Not only that, but what's with all the repetition?

There are those 'experts' who tell us that some of the voices that are collected are passed over loved ones who want to communicate with those they left behind, namely us.  Then again, why do they whisper?  Why do they repeat themselves with the same few words?

Imagine if you were in a conversation with your loved one or friend, today, here, sitting next to you.  You ask him/her a question.  Do you actually think that all you'll get is a two word reply, being repeated over and over again?  To me, personally, what they say means something.  What they say matters.  To me, personally, it goes to show 'who' they are.  Just like in life, what people say, most of the time, goes to show you who they are.  Yet these 'voices', most of the time just answer with a yes or a no.  Now is that how a normal conversation with your family member or friend would go?  Yet most of the time, that's all there is.  Something answering with basically just yes or no replies.  Very strange, if you ask me.

We as humans try our best to distinguish who these voices belong to, but how can we?  Where is proof of who they are?  I have read time and again when an 'entity', during a paranormal investigation, passes through a person, or so they claim.  Let's go with that, again.  Let's say that we totally believe what that person is saying.  That they felt this ice cold feeling actually go through them.  Ok, we'll take that as a reality.  That seems pretty scary, don't you think?  I'd be pretty freaked out, as I'm sure most of us would.  If this 'entity' that passed through is friendly, is someone who has just passed away and is confused, what is that all about?  They, I'm sure, being human at one time themselves realize that we humans can be scared.  So why would they want to scare us?  Especially if they're trying to send a loving message or ask for help?  Why not share with us some information that they too, while alive, were curious about?  For instance why wouldn't they share with us what happens when one dies?  Why not share what it feels like to be in a soul/spirit state?  Why do they never, (well never as far as I know) impart any useful or informative information?  In their state they, presumably, know more about life and death, don't they?  After all they've passed, haven't they?  According to that theory, they could give us SO much new information, don't you think?

Therefore, with all the whispering and unintelligible words, with the repetition of words that sound like they come straight out of a horror film, this all gives me pause to think.  My relatives didn't communicate in that way.  Did yours?

Imagine, being able to actually have a conversation with someone who has passed over.  They could tell us so much.  They could tell us what it's like when the spirit and soul leaves the body.  What one experiences during that process.  What happens next?  Most of us humans are interested in knowing such things.  Yet not one of them has given us any inclination as to what that's all about.  Why?  Have you ever pondered that question?

So with all that said, I, personally am of the opinion that most of the 'voices' that are encountered during paranormal investigations and ghost hunting events are not coming from our passed over loved ones.  I believe that there is something a lot more and different going on.  I believe it's a bit more sinister than we would like to think.  I believe that because our society has turned it's attentions on strictly the scientific for answers and truth, that we are missing a BIG part of the puzzle.  Part of the picture is obscured to us by our own thinking.  Our own belief that we now, with our modern technology are an almost all knowing, intellectual race.  We scoff at any other nation or community who is not as 'modern' as we are.  We giggle at, and call superstitious those who don't stick strictly to what our five senses perceive, or what science has 'proven to us.  But you know what?  As I said before, things that go bump in the night didn't just start happing in the near past.  These things have been happening and going on for centuries, even, as I understand, since the dawn of man.  So WHY are we so arrogant to think that now, because of a few fun gadgets, because we've discovered as much as we have scientifically, that we know it all?  That we can better uncover the truth of what goes bump in the night.  That those ancestors of ours who experienced the same things didn't have the intelligence or ability to discern and distinguish.

I'll go out on a limb here and say that I believe that most of the 'entities' that are captured through our modern equipment are malevolent.  They may not seem so at first, and that's the trick.  We are too naive at times to believe everything that is told us.  Just because it's an entity, a disembodied voice, doesn't mean it's honest.  Even if they seem harmless or even helpful at first (as with those entities encountered through Ouija boards, but that's another topic all together).  What they say is usually a lie, no matter how they're able to, with trickery and clever words fool us to thinking otherwise.  Eventually it's deleterious nature is exposed.

Unfortunately, for many, later than we'd like.  Later than is safe for us.  Then even the most skeptical is made a believer that what we perceive with our five senses is not all there is to our world.  That there is more.  That we live in a much more magical world than we want to, with out modern, arrogant minds, think and believe.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ten Reasons There Will Be No Zombie Apocalypse

By Kelly Fisher

These are in no particular order and may contain spoilers. These are only my personal opinions.

1.      They are slow.

 Come on they are mostly dead with a touch of life left in them. They tend to drag their feet and shuffle a lot, if they are able to catch you then perhaps you deserve to become one of them.

2.      They want to eat your brains.

Look I understand teeth are strong and all but strong enough to bite down and bust through a skull? Really? There is no way I am going to believe that teeth could ever chomp down and break through the skull bone.

3.      They don’t seem too bright.

So most zombies I have ever come across can’t even talk all they do is moan and groan and if they do manage to say one word it is usually “brains.”  They just shuffle around looking for someone to eat. They also tend to travel in hordes so you should be able to see them coming, simply avoid them and you’ll be fine.

4.      Quarantine.

Let’s face it if something like a zombie infection would go down they would quarantine the infected areas. They aren’t going to let something like that spread. Who are they you ask? See reason 5 below.

5.      The Government

Like I said in Reason 4 the government is going to step in with placing infected areas under quarantine. If that wouldn’t work I think they would end up possibly bombing the infected areas. If healthy people happen to be in those areas trying to fight for their lives do you think the government would care? I think we all know the answer to that question.

6.      We have lots of guns!

Do you really think a horde of zombies could make it down a single block in the ghetto? I don’t.

7.      We are already prepared and waiting.

Scoff if you will but I know I can’t be the only one out there that has already laid out plans with her family if a zombie apocalypse occurs. Yes my family has a zombie apocalypse emergency plan, does yours?

8.      Most of them will already be enclosed.

If the dead are supposed to rise they are going to have a tough go at it, once they make it out of their casket and realize they are encased in a vault of some kind. Good luck getting out of that guys.

  9.      They are rotting corpses.

Eventually they are going to fall apart and imply rot away since that is what dead things do.

10.  They’re dead!

“This is the really real world and there ain’t no coming back.”

(10 bonus points for anyone that can guess what movie that quote is from)

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Paranormal Christian – Biblical Truth Regarding Reincarnation

Sorry about the replay of an old blog – but things have been busy here between the ministry, my regular job, etc.  It somewhat relates to the topic for tomorrow night’s radio show at The Paranormal Christian.  Rev. Mark Hunnemann and I will be tackling Near Death Experiences and whether these things are Biblical or Demonic.  A topic like that I can’t sum up in a short blog article either.

Join us tomorrow night, Saturday February 25th, at 7 PM EST.  You can find the link to it at

Please enjoy this repeat article – Biblical Truth Regarding Reincarnation

The latest Pew Forum survey of religious beliefs puts the overall percentage of Americans who believe in reincarnation at 24% (men 21%, women 28%).  Strangely enough, Blacks (34%) are almost twice as likely to believe in reincarnation as Whites (21%), with Hispanics in the middle (29%).

Oddly enough, a full 11% of self-identified Evangelical Christians believe in reincarnation, although only 5% of those who attend church weekly.  Black Christians (29%) believe in reincarnation only slightly more than White Catholics (25%). Even among weekly attendees, 21% of White Catholics believe in reincarnation.

Such high percentages stand as a testimony to the poor job of religious education being performed in the churches today. The spread of these beliefs is one of the most under-reported and unnoticed religious phenomenon of the last 100 years, representing a sea change of religious worldviews.

The word "reincarnation" literally means to "come again in the flesh." The process of reincarnation - continual rebirths in human bodies - allegedly continues until the soul has reached a state of perfection and merges back with its source.  One's lot in life, according to those who believe in reincarnation, is based on the law of karma. This law says that if bad things happen in one's life, this is an outworking of bad karma. If good things happen in one's life, this is an outworking of good karma.

"Karma" refers to the "debt" a soul accumulates because of good or bad actions committed during one's life (or past lives). If one accumulates good karma by performing good actions, he or she will be reincarnated in a desirable state. If one accumulates bad karma, he or she will be reincarnated in a less desirable state.

Some people twist the Scriptures and say that Jesus Himself taught reincarnation or "cyclical rebirth." In Matthew 11:14, for example, Jesus said, "And if you are willing to accept it, [John the Baptist] is the Elijah who was to come." Likewise, in John 3:3 Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again."

But these passages, rightly interpreted, do not support reincarnation. Matthew 11:14 does not really teach that John the Baptist was a reincarnation of Elijah. Luke 1:17, an important cross reference, tells us that the ministry of John the Baptist was carried out "in the spirit and power of Elijah." Moreover, reincarnationists conveniently forget that John the Baptist, when asked if he was Elijah, flatly answered, "No!" (John 1:21).

Regarding Jesus' words about being "born again" in John 3:3, the context clearly shows that Jesus was referring to a spiritual rebirth or regeneration. In fact, the phrase born again carries the idea of "born from above," and can even be translated that way. Jesus clarified His meaning by affirming that "flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit" (v. 6).

There are other Scriptures that clearly debunk the notion of reincarnation. Hebrews 9:27 tells us that "man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment...." Each human being lives once as a mortal on earth, dies once, and then faces judgment. He does not have a second chance by reincarnating into another body. Second Corinthians 5:8 indicates that at death the Christian immediately goes into the presence of the Lord, not into another body. Luke 16:19-31 indicates that unbelievers at death go to a place of suffering, not into another body.

We must also remember that Jesus taught that people decide their eternal destiny in a single lifetime (Matthew 25:46). This is precisely why the apostle Paul emphasized that "now is the day of salvation" (2 Corinthians 6:2).

Further, Jesus taught the concept of resurrection, not reincarnation. In fact, He predicted His own resurrection early in His public ministry (John 2:19). And after Jesus resurrected from the dead, He appeared to some disciples and said, "Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have" (Luke 24:39). Jesus resurrected in the same body that went into the tomb. His body even retained the scars and wounds in His hands, feet, and side from the crucifixion (John 20:28).

In addition to biblically refuting reincarnation, we must also point to some of the practical problems involved in the theory of reincarnation. For example, we must ask, Why does one get punished for something he or she cannot remember having done in a previous life? Moreover, if the purpose of karma is to rid humanity of its selfish desires, then why has there not been a noticeable improvement in human nature after all the millennia of reincarnations on earth?

What about those who ‘remember’ their past lives so vividly? I cannot speak against their experiences. All I can tell you is either they’re being deceived by a demon or is deceiving the gullible public. Even if they indeed remember their past lives, why can’t they have an empirical evidence to prove that they indeed lived a previous lives. Why can’t they tell us and, describe for us how it is to live as an insect or animal. Or why not bring something from the so-called, past life, let say, a necklace, clothes, perhaps a birth certificate that will proved and convince the skeptics?

India, the cradle of reincarnation, still one of the world’s woeful nations.  According to a friend of mine (who loves to travel to India) who has been to India several times, told me that countless of city streets are awash with filth. Starving beggars were everywhere. Miseries abound to those who don’t have a meal in their stomach. The only fortunate were the rats, and cows who in turn ate their fill. The question that comes to my mind is, after thousands of years of reincarnation, isn’t it only fair to say that India would be the exception and a shining example of human progress and spiritual transformation?

Isn’t the theory of Karmic transmigration a cop-out from human responsibility? For instance, I always help beggars. Sometimes I offer them a meal if I get the chance. But, helping a beggar in India is futile since he is working off his Bad Karma!

Did you know that before Christian missionaries arrived in India there were no charitable institutions and hospitals? Institutions for helping the needy is considered a stumbling block for the Karmic Transmigration. The reincarnation edifice offers no hope, nor does it have any relevance in answering suffering and human depravity. In fact devotees are enslaved into believing life-death-life that doesn’t make any sense at all.

Finally, if reincarnation and the law of karma are so beneficial on a practical level, then how do they explain the immense and ever-worsening social and economic problems - including widespread poverty, starvation, disease, and horrible suffering in India, where reincarnation has been systematically taught throughout its history?

Thursday, February 23, 2012


By Reap Paden

Priming is in essence a form of cheating or giving hints. It is done in many different aspects of our lives but today lets concentrate on how it relates to the paranormal and hopefully help some people to understand what they see, hear or read is not always what they should believe.

There is one form of priming that has always made me extremely uncomfortable, it involves EVP. When someone is sharing an EVP and tells you what you are going to hear or even suggests "this is very scary" they have negated any unbiased opinion of that EVP. It has been tainted and once that occurs people can not just become unaffected by the primer. It is sort of like in front of a jury when a lawyer objects. The jury can be told to disregard whatever has been presented but the fact is they have been primed and the deed is done.

The telephone that talks to the dead is another good example of 'self-priming' when you ask a question you are going to have the answer in your mind, The brain, wanting to create patterns from random noise will have a natural tendency to create the pattern you expect to hear.  In the paranormal there is a incredible amount of priming going on. To be honest I do not know how to get around it in all cases but if people are aware of it going on it will at least help.

If you are going to investigate anything, including paranormal occurrences then you must factor in priming. I think that in the case of hauntings and trying to find out if there is any actual activity going on ignorance is needed to help find truth.  Don't worry being ignorant is not bad, we all are ignorant about some things. It is those who keep their ignorance and allow it to grow who become stupid.

Another form of priming is environmental priming. If a place seems spooky to some one then naturally they are going to expect strange things to occur. Now don't go blindfolding all your team members but when you are studying the results of an investigation keep in mind that some people's accounts of events may be affected by this.

If you think you have an EVP that says something, play it for people by all means but please do not prime them in any way. Just ask them to listen. Then record what they say they heard, play it for several people and record the responses. This won't be undeniable proof of course but I will bet the range of answers you get will cause you to think twice when you assume what you hear is what everyone else will hear.

Now you have been primed to do things using common sense..........

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Issue 62 – The Day the Exorcism Sideshow Came to Town, Part 1 (Reporter X)

By Kirby Robinson


Friday, February 24th at 7 PM [PST]
USA Paranormal Radio with Debbie Perkins

Sunday, February 26th at 8 PM [EST]
Beyond the Edge Radio with Eric Altman


The views and opinions expressed by guest bloggers and special reporters aren't necessarily those of the blog owners. As for other guest bloggers, reporters or special contributors, we ask that they stick with the facts when reporting a story.


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When I was a youth, I can recall the excitement I felt when the news broke that a traveling circus or the local fair time was approaching. Anticipation began to grow. Time passed slowly until the day the circus came to town or the fair officially opened.

Now it seems that that the old time circus has been replaced by people who claim they chase demons. And they bring along their own sideshow of traveling clowns/exorcism troupe. It doesn't matter if one is needed, as this sideshow is happy to travel and perform to the paying public. When they've finished the performance they hurry on down the road to get to the next town and the next headline. This is done in order to serve their egos and the collective egos of the group. This is done in order to get into those paranormal conferences and get paid to make speeches. This is done to write that book or get a TV or film deal.

This madness must stop! I wish I was a fiery speaker but I am not. I wish I was a master word smith but I have more in common with the name of Smith. But try I will!

Demons, exorcisms and deliverance, evil spirits, curses and generational curses are not matters of the paranormal. Such things are theological. Such solutions to these issues are found in faith not paranormal. To offer anyone help it must come from a person who is called to do so by God. Preferably a person who has set aside things of man and embraced those things that are of God. Only through God's grace and wisdom can they be dealt with.

These matters are not for radio or TV or magazine presentation. For the information is vast and explanations are often not simple.

They aren't solved in visits of a few hours or email exchanges or filling a home full of equipment for a few days. The dark forces behind these things are far too cunning.

What has happened to turning to the churches and religious groups? Why have people come to the paranormal to address theological problems? From a traditional Christian view we receive caution after caution concerning diving too deeply into paranormal subjects.

Why do so called demonologists use such catchy phrases such as Demon Doctors, Demon Stalkers or Demon Chasers? Do we find such titles in the bible or for our Christian organizations (Catholic or Protestant)? Did we ever see Christ in a T-shirt and hat that read: GME (GOD'S MASTER EXORCIST)? Or what about the disciples sent out to perform the Great Commission; did their hats read CCO (Christ's Chosen Ones)?

To stand even further out we have so called demonologist groups who claim they do not have to come to your home. You don't have to go to them. You don't even need to go to church. These so called demonologist groups do a remote exorcism/deliverance. And you can just carry around your phone or laptop and they can recite verses and prayers. They can even send you an email and when you open it the demon is gone!

Now they fail to address what comes after the exorcism/deliverance. Do they stop and look for reasons why their client even has demons in the first place?

Some even forget to mention God! Or they go so far to say if you say God is your sole source of power to cast out demons you're out of tune with the times. They go so far as to call you a Christian zealot

Did you ever read of Christ teaching these techniques or find any of these used by the church?

Speaking of the church, why do non-Catholics suddenly feel they have to use the Catholic rituals to remove demons? Is it because so many of the movies and TV shows do this? So you want to imitate them because you don't know any better?

How did the church ever deal with such matters without the paranormal world?

Look at the great master exorcist Himself: Jesus Christ. Did his students have jobs? A family? A social life? Were they out sinning on Tuesday then hit the deliverance circuit the next day? You're not a demonologist on the weekend then head out to a sinning life over the week. It is a 24 hour a day life. It is and will always be a calling from God. And if you took the call from anyone other than God then you're fooling yourself and harming others.



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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Practical Steps Towards Protection of the Environment

By The Dalai Lama

These days the environment- the source of life for all beings in the world including Tibet, the Land of Snows- is undergoing extensive degeneration. At this time it is extremely important that every human being, according to his or her ability, consistently puts effort into ensuring the conservation and protection of this planet's environment and its inhabitants.

The benefits of an "undefiled environment" are many; for instance, a healthy tree purifies the air and supplies oxygen for living beings to breathe. It harmonizes the elements and increases life expectancy. Its shade provides a refreshing place to rest. It brings rain at the right time. It nourishes crops and livestock, and balances the temperature. It contributes to an attractive landscape and continually replenishes its surroundings. It brings about natural development in the spheres of education, economics and so forth.

The drawbacks of a polluted environment include a decline in the pure, cool qualities of the oceans and lakes, so that the creatures dwelling in those places are disturbed. The loss of vegetation and forests causes degeneration in the earth's nourishment.

Rain does not fall when it is needed. Unprecedented fierce storms rage, and so on. So there are many disadvantages.

From the Dharma point of view our teacher, the king of Shakya, was also born at the foot of a tree. He attained enlightenment under a tree, and finally passed away under a tree. Particularly in the Vinaya of the holy Dharma, fully ordained monks are taught how to nurture trees and so on. From that we can understand that planting and nurturing trees are virtuous acts. Moreover, the wisdom deities of the non-mundane worlds, as well as various local devas, nagas and spirits, inhabit trees. That also leads us to understand that trees are by nature extremely important.

It is generally beneficial to plant various types of trees, as mentioned above. In particular, fruit trees provide a living and nourishment predominantly for humans, as well as benefit to many other sentient creatures. They help to improve health and increase appetite, and so forth. So it certainly is important to plant trees.

Likewise, planting flowers also is a pure virtuous act. For example, when making a mandala offering we pray that the ground may be covered with incense and strewn with flowers. Flowers assist us in accumulating merit and purifying obscurations, and also is an indispensable offering item everywhere in performing religious activities, such as the visualization of meditational deities. Moreover, if there are colorful flowers and then you offer them through visualization to the Triple Gem, the benefit of a swift accumulation of merit occurs. What is more, when people who are experiencing mess and an imbalanced mind stroll for a while in a garden, their minds are benefited by becoming refreshed and filled with pleasure.

Therefore, the whole of society needs to take an interest in planting various kinds of trees and flowers around monasteries, schools, offices, hospitals, factories, restaurants, hotels and residences, on both sides of thoroughfares. In order to protect the growth of whatever has been planted in the best way, people should advise their children not to harm them. This definitely is a beneficial service to oneself and others and, in fact, to all living beings.

In Tibet, previously there was a good tradition of instituting laws to safeguard hills and valleys for unprotected and unsupported wild animals and birds and for the protection of various defenseless creatures. We should maintain the continuity of this tradition. At the present time, a few thoughtless people hunt wild animals and catch fish and seals, through their craving for money and material goods. It is noble work for self and others, and for present and future lives, to stop all of this from happening.

Similarly, it is inappropriate randomly to discard fruit-peel, paper, plastic bottles, old cloths, food leftovers and other kinds of garbage. Nor should people urinate and defecate everywhere. Such things spoil the beauty of the landscape and are a hazard to health and hygiene. There are some people, especially, who tie their worn cloths and fallen hair to the branches of trees. This looks extremely unattractive, so from now on this habit should be abandoned.

In short, this is a request that, through understanding the interdependent nature of the world and its inhabitants, people will implement practices based upon unmistakenly accepting the correct means to cherish the potential of the vast natural realm.

May the attractive and healthy forests be increased in all the one hundred directions! May sentient creatures be freed from untimely death and live happy lives!

This message was delivered on Tibetan Democracy Day, September 2, 1994.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can You Be a Christian and Believe in Ghosts?

By Reverend Mark Hunneman

Can you be a Christian and believe in ghosts? If you were to ask me if you could be a Christian and believe in abortion, I would respond,. "You are either abysmally ignorant of the Bible or you are not a Christian...probably the latter." In a biblical worldview, it helps you to see God's priorities regarding different issues. The sanctity of human life is so central to God, that any serious deviation raises a red flag. However, belief in ghosts is in a different category. The short answer is "Yes, you can be justified/saved if you believe in ghosts". We are justified by grace through faith alone...through the finished work of Christ, plus nothing. We are not justified by faith. Plus a proper view of ghosts...or a proper view of politics...or a proper view of the death penalty and so on.

I have a linebacker-esque quality to my writing when it comes to tackling the issue of ghosts. That stems from a holy hatred and loathing of demons/Satan, as well as the unspeakable suffering they cause. But unfortunately, I am certain I have lost subscribers due to my hard-hitting style. When I preached the whole counsel as a pastor, many visitors did not return...Not brimstone sermons but meaty ones, which they did not have a stomach for..The message itself has enough built in "offense" (ghosts are demons), that I don't need to inadvertently further turn them off by a grating or offensive style.

So, it is possible to be a Christian and believe in ghosts. I'll go further and state that some of these folks love Jesus way more than I do. Justification is by faith alone....And I rejoice in this for many reasons, one of which is nobody has a perfect understanding of the bible. But as the great Cornelius Van Til said (I think it was him), Reformed theology is the most biblically consistent expression of Christianity. I concur. But my Armenian brothers are justified just as freely and fully as I am.

Belief in ghosts is not a core issue in terms of what is necessary for salvation. The deity of Christ and the Trinity are core issues and you cannot be saved with a deficient view of either.

But here are my concerns...

1.  Belief in ghosts usually comes about by putting human experience above the authority of the bible...will a genuine Christian put their experience above the bible? Will that grieve the Holy Spirit?
2.  The intellectual starting point must be man's autonomous reason...not a healthy spiritual sign.
3.  Is not one of the crucial facets of the cross to defeat Satan?
4.  The singular honor ad dignity of Jesus is diminished if ghost theory is right
5.  Specifically, Jesus defeat of, and sovereignty over death is denied.
6.  Huge emotional and spiritual ramification makes a consistent walk with Jesus problematic
7.  We are ordered not to speak to the dead...this is done routinely through EVP gathering.

There are more concerns but I will stop there. Yes, we are justified by faith alone, but not ny a faith that is alone. That is, genuine faith will bear fruit...showing that Christ is Lord (not perfectly, but really) over us.

Yes, you can believe in ghosts and be a Christian, but only God knows if this embracing of a forbidden practice crosses the line, showing where your true allegiance is.

Again, I invite feedback please. I very much desire it.  Blessings.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Paranormal Christian – Spiritual Doors of Our Mind

By Pastor Michael Frisbee, DD/DM

Many people assume that you have to participate in a physical action of some kind, like a séance or Ouija board session, to open a doorway or portal into ourselves for the demonic to come through.  The truth is that people can create doorways by just their thoughts, or through reading or watching materials involving the paranormal.  This usually occurs when a stressor happens in one’s life, weakening the person’s resolve or character.  The Enemy, Satan, and his demonic minions will use that weakness to set a trap and the person will agree to the bait.  The thought and then action to follow seems harmless enough.  Sneaking a look at those porn pictures that popped up in an innocent web search, reading occult material about wiccan spellcraft, etc.  The enemy can disguise itself as a guardian angel or spirit guide, deceiving people easily since they are fallen angels and can appear as “angels of light”.  Before people realize it, the demonic has access to into their lives.

2 Corinthians 11:14, "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light."

It is critically important to understand how the enemy works, so that we can prepare and arm ourselves to stand against demonic schemes. Paul said that they were not ignorant of Satan's mechanisms - this is something that many churches today cannot claim:

2 Corinthians 2:11, "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices."

What I have discovered regarding demonic spirits is that they always present some kind of “golden prize” to get someone to allow access into their lives.  These can come in the form of specialized knowledge (mind control, divination), supernatural powers, healing (through New Age or occult powers), or even a forbidden sexual pleasure.  Our Lord, Jesus Christ, warned us that even evil thoughts can ruin us, leave us vulnerable to spiritual infestation:

Matthew 15:19-20, "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: These are the things which defile a man..."

When demonic spirits gain access to our spirits, they have access to our emotions, our thinking, our will.  Here is a list of the more prevalent demonic spirit types and how they make themselves “appealing”:

New Age Spirits (Yoga, Reiki, etc) - Energy healing along with increased mental and physical health are offered to you, when in reality it's only bait to land you in bondage. Again, when you partake in these practices, or seek energy healing, you open yourself up to these demonics.

Sexual Perversion Spirits – You are enticed into the world of forbidden pleasure. If you begin to indulge in these pleasures, you give notice to the demonic realm that it's okay to feed you more pleasure in that area of life. Once the demonic spirit of lust or sexual perversion takes control, it becomes an obsession, even an addiction.  It then becomes very difficult to resist the strong pull that this demonic has you.

Rebellious Spirits - This demonic seems to take your side and whisper to you, "You need to stand up for your rights…I’ll do that FOR YOU!" This demonic is looking for you to say, "Yes, I need you to do that!"

Divination Spirits (fortune telling/) – This demonic gives you supernatural secrets into the future that others do not have access to. The truth is, only God knows the future, not even Satan has this power.  The demonic can only manipulate others to force the prophecy to come about, but it will never be quite as spoken.  Only God’s prophecies come to bear in perfection. If you begin to seek this sort of power, they are letting the demons know that they are welcome.

It drives me crazy when I see Christian parents that willingly and openly allow their kids to get all caught up reading and watching the Harry Potter books and movies.  This opens the children up to occult spirits, letting these spirits know that they are interested in what the occult has to offer.  It gives them LEGAL RIGHT to move in on the child and I have been witness to the destruction it can bring, just not in the child’s life, but the family overall.  Horror movies, vampire movies, demonic movies, television shows, etc – all these things, all these media, Satan has come to use effectively to gain access to us.

Automatic Writing - This demonic offers gorgeous 'out of this realm' writings you wouldn't otherwise be able to produce. Let us never forget that demonic power is very expensive and lands you in bondage. When you seek this forbidden ability, you open yourself for the demonic to enter.

Occult Spirits - The lure of supernatural power and knowledge of the unknown. When you seek such occult power and knowledge, you open yourself to these demonics.

Bondage Spirits - You may think it's best to make/take a vow, in order to help you stay motivated to do or not do something, however, the Bible is clear that oaths can bind the soul (see Numbers 30), and it's not uncommon to find situations where someone has demonic spirits that entered in through vows that were made in the past. Rash vows can be forgiven (Leviticus 5:4-11), and must be renounced verbally. I also recommend verbally breaking the vow in Jesus' name and declaring it void by the power of the Blood of Jesus.

Addiction Spirits – This demonic often promises an escape from the reality while trying to cope with your life. When you turn to escapism, it can open you up to addictions that grow into a bondage and it seems nearly impossible to break free (without deliverance that is).

Witchcraft & Warlock Spirits – This demonic offers supernatural power to 'gain revenge' againstsomeone that has harmed you. This can be very appealing to somebody who has been rejected or hurt in this world. When you begin placing curses or seeking to learn about witchcraft, or even seek to have a witch place a curse for you, it allows the demonic entry into your life. God's Word tells us not even to seek somebody with occult power, lest we become defiled ourselves:

Leviticus 19:31, "Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God."

When we ignore the Word of God, turn a blind eye to it because it becomes unpopular or problematic to follow it, we fall away from God’s protection and grace.  We begin to fall prey to our fractured and sinful nature of our flesh, and it overwhelms the spirit within us, and we start having a hard time hearing the Holy Spirit speaking to us.  When this happens, we open ourselves up to the demonic, and soon we start finding our lives spinning out of control.  We have to keep our focus on God, continuously read His inerrant Word, and faithfully grow our relationship with Christ through daily prayer.  Only in Christ can we live demonic-free!

Tomorrow night on The Paranormal Christian, Rev. Hunnemann and I will discuss his recent article regarding residual hauntings and the truth behind these through the Bible, the failures in the current theories on residual hauntings, and how you can definitely debunk a residual haunting in a biblical manner.  Listen in tomorrow night, Sat 2/18, at 7 pm EST

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are There Animals/Pets in Heaven?

By Lisa Grace

Since this time of year focuses on love, nothing quite proves love like the loss of a loved one. Sadly, our golden retriever, Taffy, passed away two years ago at Christmas. This was our second one without her. My daughter never knew a day without her beloved dog before Taffy’s death.

At school this year, our daughter (now in the second grade) announced the hope of seeing her beloved pet in Heaven someday.

Her teacher informed her, “There will be no animals in and certainly no pets in Heaven.” My daughter came home from school in tears at the thought of never seeing her beloved pet again.

Unfortunately, I’ve come across several teachers and preachers who say there won’t be animals in Heaven.

I disagree and I believe I have Biblical proof on my side.

In a way, this is kind of thinking is funny because I’ve heard many a Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, and Catholic sermon where they boast of the feasts they will have in Heaven. And as far as I can remember, not a one was talking about a vegan feast either. (All though my Messianic Rabbi does.) So if they’re going to have animals to eat (which is another whole post in itself, which I’ll be happy to chat about on another day), why in Heaven wouldn’t they be there as pets?

There is plenty of proof in the Bible that animals will certainly be there. For instance, when the new Jerusalem descends and we have that perfect time on Earth, where will the animals come from? The Bible says the world will be destroyed and there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. (Rev 21:1) .

The prophet Isaiah talks about the time after the judgment and how the lion will lie down with the lamb, and children can play with asps and scorpions. It even says the lion shall eat hay. (Isaiah 11:6; 11:8; 66:23).

Another proof is that this world is a shadow of Heaven. For it to be a shadow, the real thing must exist in Heaven. (Hebrew 8:5 NIV)

In the book of Romans it says the whole of creation calls out. Why would animals be crying out if it leads to their ultimate destruction? Obviously, they’re longing for paradise too. (Rom 8:22)

In the book of Philippians it says all things in the earth and under the earth and in heaven (implies living things) that every knee should bow. Things? (Philippians 2:10)

It gets better. In the book of Revelations it mentions every creature in the sea. (Rev 5:13) How’d they get there if the seas are destroyed? They’re either re-created or they’re there to begin with.

The best proof there are indeed animals in Heaven is the fact that it says the Messiah will come back riding on a white horse. (Rev 6:2, 19:11) Horses are mentioned as coming from Heaven fourteen times in the book of Revelation (eight verses say horse, six say horses).

And the best proof? The four beasts before the throne are mentioned over and over. It mentions angels separately, so these are not classified as angels. There are wonderful creatures in Heaven that we have not seen yet on Earth. (Revelations 19:4)

There are clearly animals in Heaven so while it doesn’t specifically say “pets”, I believe there are. Why? Because very few things bring pure joy like the love from a pet and to your pet; and as we know, God is love. (1 John 4:8, 1 John 4:16)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Issue 61 – Disturbing Paranormal Behavior--A Special Report by Reporter X

By Kirby Robinson

Thanks for checking out a very special edition of THE EYE ON THE PARANORMAL. We're fortunate to release the first of many special reports that will be filed by REPORTER X. As stated earlier, we personally have no idea who this person is we haven't spoken to them directly. All communications flow through a third party who changes email addresses every week.


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Due to the notoriety that my name carries within the paranormal community I spend what little free time I have lurking and watching, rather than participating in the activities that occur online by various paranormal groups and discussion sites. Much of what I see is harmless as sometimes they know what they are talking about and other times they have to be making it up as they go. Sometimes I have to bite my tongue because some of it is very disturbing not only in the actions they take but just who is doing it.

Approximately 1.5 – 2 yrs ago, there was a Face Book “war” so to speak between PWSM/TPG (Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael & Taunton Paranormal Group).  Apparently, they were working 4 psychics and for some unknown reason, they parted ways with the psychics.  What I found disturbing was that the members of TPG posted pictures of the psychics defaming them.  Calling them such names as Frauds, fakes, liars.  They seemed to have singled out the leader of the psychics, and posted an isolated picture of her with the caption of “Nut & Fraud”. Not only is this horrible to do to someone but this also opened them up to be sued and/or arrested for cyber bulling.  With this, I decided to check out the website and personal face book pages of the women as I had seen that one being called a nut & fraud along with another woman whose picture was posted and defamed.

I found this behavior very disturbing as these people claim to be doing God’s work yet they had no problem defaming these women on a worldwide forum.  Regardless of their reasons, I found this behavior to be juvenile and to be honest, for those CLAIMING to do God’s work, disgusting. What I truly found disturbing and disgusting was the added comments by their associate Fr. Bob Bailey.  He, as a Priest, should not only have not participated in this behavior.  He should have discouraged it, not encouraged it.

I never commented, but I followed the posts which went on for, if I recall correctly, a couple of months. 

At some point, in the late Spring or early Summer of 2011, a post was made on the wall of Fr. Bob Bailey & the PWSM Network page about these women wearing THEIR team shirts and claiming to be part of this group and they were lying.  Now my curiosity is aroused because the public is getting only one side of the story, so via face book, I contacted both of the women I saw on The Haunted,  Paula O’Brien & Deb Carmone and what they had to tell me was not only astonishing, but appalling.

After hearing what they had to say, I feel that the OTHER side of the story needs to be told and someone needs to know that things are not what they seem with this team and Fr. Bob Bailey.  In the paranormal world, Fr. Bailey has made quite a name for himself and from what I told, he is more focused on being a TV star and certainly does not conduct himself in an appropriate manner as a Priest.  Like I stated above, I was appalled and I felt that this should be brought to the surface as these women have been just about ruined in the paranormal world because of the fact that the public believed what was said about them on the Taunton Paranormal Group’s face book due to the fact that it was authenticated by the comments of a priest.

I am familiar with you trying to expose things such as this through a mutual face book friend and so this email.  Here is the story that was told to me:

As I stated, the two groups parted ways.  The Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael consisted of Fr. Bob Bailey & 4 psychics.  Paula O’Brien, who was the co founder of The Paranormal Warriors along with Fr. Bailey, Deb Carmone, Cyndi Mattison & Rochelle Carmone.  They worked in conjunction with a paranormal group called The Taunton Paranormal Group.  At one point, Fr. Bailey decided that the format which The Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael were using during their investigations was going to change.  He made this decision without consulting the co founder, Paula O’Brien or the other psychics and announced in a meeting he called with the women and 3 members of the Taunton Paranormal Group.  Founder Lou Toledo, Co Founder- Rob Jacobs (who by the way, states on their website that he is Founder of Taunton Paranormal Group. Lie!  Lou Toledo, no longer with the group was) and their newest member Al Fetta (no longer with their group).  The women were not in agreement with the new plan.  

According to Paula, during a meeting, Fr. Bailey stated his new format. Regardless of what the women said, it was going to be HIS way and they had no say. They were so taken aback by all of this, that Paula decided that she wanted to have a meeting with just the 4 psychics and the Taunton Paranormal Group without Fr. Bob to get their opinion regarding his new “regime” because during the meeting, they (TPG) were very quite. Never really stated their opinion and every time one of the women tried to express theirs, Fr. Bob would talk over or over rule so they wanted to have a meeting without him present to get a feel as to how everyone really felt about the changes and then Paula would have planned on sitting down with Fr. Bob, one on one to discuss.  She sent an email to Rob Jacobs requesting such a meeting, the women and the “Taunton Boys” as she called them.  Rob sent the email to Fr. Bob and without even asking for an explanation or talking to Paula regarding, he sent her & Deb a nasty email telling them he was breaking up the group and Paula was no longer the co founder.  Personally, I never heard of someone UNco founding a cofounder but, whatever.  The women took the name of The Paranormal Warriors and Fr. Bob kept the original name of The Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael and combined it with the Taunton Paranormal Group and they are now known as Fr. Bob Bailey & PWSM Network.  Taunton Paranormal Group still have their own website but they still work with Fr. Bob and Rob Jacobs is now his new sidekick.

Fr. Bob would not listen to reason and with a day or so, the pictures of the women went up on face book and the war began.  These women were under defaming attack.  Members of  TPG starting posting comments that were supportive of the defamation and Fr. Bob posted little comments that supported what TPG were claiming and that the women knew were aimed at them.  He would quote things that the women would say. Example:  Paula, who is a Wiccan would say to them, in jest when they would tease her “Do I need to remind you that I can get to you without even being there”. So when they would tease her she would shorten it by saying “Do I need to remind you…”   Rob would make a nasty comment and Fr. Bob would post “Do I need to remind you…”  Rob’s response:  “Yeah...go ahead and remind me”. I escalated so bad that Paula had to get an attorney to issue a Cease & Desist Order to Fr. Bob to stop or an injunction would be started to sue them.  The order was ignored.

The barrage of insults kept on coming and Paula emailed both Fr. Bob & Rob and asked them to remove the pictures and the blogs as she did not want to sue them.  Again, ignored so at that she printed out everything from face book and sent it to the Bishop.  The Bishop’s assistant called Paula, she told him what was going on and he assured they would address it with Fr. Bailey.  They were also reported to Face Book by Paula and Deb Carmone.  The pictures and blogs were removed, so they are assuming Fr. Bob was talked to by the Bishop and, face book may have taken action.  That they do not know for fact.

During all of this, I noticed the women never retaliated by posting anything comparable about Fr. Bailey and/or the Taunton Paranormal Group.  I found that interesting, so I asked Paula why.  She said because they chose the high road rather than stoop to the juvenile level of Fr. Bob and his “merry men” is what she called them. (lol)

Everything was quiet for a matter of months and then in the late Spring or early Summer of 2011, a post appears on the Fr. Bob & PWSM Network face book page.  It mentioned that there is a group of psychics going around wearing their T-Shirts and claiming to be part of their group. It also stated that they (PWSM) were in no way associated with that group.  Obviously, he was talking about Paula’s group and Paula said “I kept my silence long enough.  I went ballistic when someone brought that post to my attention.”  So I posted that “there is a group going around stating that we are wearing their T-shirts.  I said, We paid for them. One of our team member’s business sponsored them so from my point of view, they are wearing OUR shirts.”  She said a number of members wrote back with comments of support for her comment.  People were getting sick of seeing these women bashed.  People were putting comments on PWSM’s face book page telling them to leave these women alone. That they have not posted anything negative about them.

Paula said she sent an email to Fr. Bob telling him that once again, this crap is starting up. That those shirts belong to the women just as much as PWSM even more so as they were sponsored by Deb’s company and that they (the women) do NOT claiming nor have they ever claimed to still be part of PWSM. She said at lectures, they give the history of the group and mentioned that they were all one group but she said she just mentions that the group broke up into two.  She said she told Fr. Bob that whoever his spy is is giving him erroneous information.  She said Fr. Bob answered the email but he never addressed the issue.  He just reiterated why the original group broke up to begin with and then told her he will block her email so he never has to hear or deal with her again.  How ironic!  They start a problem and then he responds like that! 

The other thing I find interesting is according to what Paula & Deb told me, after the 2nd Haunted episode that they did, The Demonic Seduction, Fr. Bob received a call from Betsy (don’t know her last name) & Michal Rosen from Animal Planet and they want to offer the team (they were still together at this time) a series called Demon Hunter.  Paula said Fr. Bob and us were very excited as you can imagine.  She said Fr. Bob told Mike that he had to talk to his Bishop about it. He couldn’t just accept a TV show.  In the interim of Fr. Bob speaking with the Bishop, Fr. Bob went to shoot an episode of Paranormal State.  When he came back, he told  Paula & Deb asked him about his appointment to speak with the Bishop regarding Demon Hunter.  Paula said Fr. Bob told them he never intended to speak with the Bishop regarding Demon Hunter.  He was going to ask permission to go on sabbatical to study Demonology.  Deb said, that’s not what you told us and she repeated what he had said about speaking with the Bishop for permission to do the show.  He said told Deb that she had misunderstood him. She said, you told Paula the same thing.  He said, then both you and Paula misunderstood me. Yeah right! They BOTH misunderstood him.  Paula said that he told her, he couldn’t do a TV series. He has a parish to run.  Now remember, during all of this, he is shooting episodes with Paranormal State just about every 2-3 wks. at this point.

These women are now upset. A chance of a life time is given to them and he turns it down without discussing it with them.  Paula said that it wasn’t about the glamour of being on TV, it was about how it would have made them recognizable and with that, they could have conducted lectures and spread the word on how the evil is crossing into our realm and effecting us all.  She said, of course it would have been fun too.  Who wouldn’t want to have their own series but being on tv wasn’t the main objective.  Why shouldn’t they all get paid for doing what they loved instead of going to jobs that they hated just to pay bills. After all, Fr. Bob was being paid for Paranormal State by that time. Paula has an email where he states that he NEVER wanted the TV show. That SHE did because she wanted to quit her job.  She said, “You’re damn right I did. I was working for a doctor at that time that treated me like he owned me so yeah, I wanted to quit and get paid to do for what I loved instead of what I had to do to survive.”  I find that funny because Fr. Bob was the one on Paranormal State every time you turn around and now the rumor is he is going to be featured on Demon Hunters which is going to be produced by Ryan Buell, which brings up another point.  He and Ryan apparently had a difference of opinion sometime last summer I believe (Fr. Bob posted it on face book) and parted ways.  Now they have made up so he is now going to be doing Ryan’s show.   I also remember seeing a post that Fr. Bob had on his PWSM Network face book page that he was not going to be doing TV shows any more as they were not conducive to his ministry. Guess he changed his mind on that decision.  I even went looking for the blog and apparently he removed it.

I saw on Fr. Bob & PWSM Network face book page that Deb Carmone recently posted a comment stating how it has come to her attention that he and Ryan have reconciled yet he can't seem to find forgiveness for her and others he once called friend.  That post was removed.  I asked Deb if he ever responded via a personal email or face book message and she said no, but a derogatory remark that referred to a quote from Glinda in the Wizard of Oz was posted by him and she believes that is his response to her.

If you go to Taunton Paranormals website, they have a few things that are questionable.  A donation button is one.  They are not registered as a legal business so isn’t asking for donations illegal?  How would the donors know if it was allocated correctly and aren’t donors entitled to a receipt so how does this all work? No other group seems to be asking for donations and I’ve never seen a donation button on any of their web sites. 

Rob Jacobs is claiming to be the founder of the Taunton paranormal group.  According to Paula & Deb it was founded by Lou Toledo NOT Rob. Rob was co founder.  Rob also makes claims that cannot be substantiated. If you look at their website, he mentions something about their being a difference between inhuman spirits and demons.  How would they know?  According to Paula & Deb, demons mask their identity which is where the psychics come in.   They (Paula & Deb) would receive messages and sometimes names of demons that could be verified so without the psychics, how can Fr. Bob and/or TPG be able to discern if they are dealing with a disembodied human spirit, an evil human spirit or a demon? There are pics on the website of Rob Jacobs with a huge cross around his neck and holding one.  He presents like he is some sort of minister. Is he?  Let’s not forget what he did to those women on face book, yet he yields a cross!  Now there’s an irony. 
Fr. Bob’s conduct, from what I was told, is far from how a Catholic Priest should be conducting himself.   You have to wonder, if the rumor is true, while he is away playing ghost hunter, whose running his parish?

I followed all the drama that TPG & Fr. Bob caused with defaming those poor women.  Even if he did believe they were fakes which, according to Paula he had ample proof that they were genuine, he, as a priest, should not have added to their humiliation. 

I still check out the PWSM face book page more so to be nosey than anything else and I saw Deb’s post and once she told me it was not only deleted but completely ignored and then the obvious reference, (can’t be proven but still…)  I had to write.  Forgive me for saying this but his conduct is a disgrace to the Catholic faith.

So ends my first report. As is common here at least since I have been reading and following the work of Mr. Robinson, he will be attacked and ridiculed for allowing me to post this. If this does happen I guess I will be forced to dive back into this matter and take a close look into the relationship Fr. Bob has with PRS and how he accepted money to perform services a priest should do for free, and his role in the botched "The Possession: Return of Six" case.


…THE DAY THE EXORCISM SIDESHOW CAME TO TOWN (probably written by my assistant but I will oversee everything.)

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