Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Issue 86 Christians Aren't Welcome In the Paranormal Community

 By Kirby Robinson

If you’re a skeptic, able to think, and a Christian you're no longer welcome in the paranormal community.

I'm often amazed at how God works in the shadows putting together the pieces of the puzzle of the path that He has me on. I often say to Him, I've done this enough, it's time to find someone wiser, smarter, younger, and more articulate than this old country hick. But it seems that He hasn't found anyone with those qualifications and keeps calling this old workhouse. His Son went up on the cross for my soul. He had nails driven into his hands and feet to shed the blood so that we can have victory over not only death, but the devil, illness and all manners of evil. He also gave us a Word that was true yesterday, today and for the dark years ahead.

I've wondered why for several weeks my angels have been close by. [They aren't spirit guides. When they come to me they don't speak of how important they are, nor do they ever bring up anything other than the glory of our Lord unless it is to give me a word from the Bible or a message of warning]. Additionally, memories of life in the new age that I'd put away so many years ago kept coming back fresh as ever. As did books concerning the false new age Christ and the empty gospel of the new age church that's sold out the message of salvation, redemption and the never ending or never changing Word of GOD.

 So what took place during Friday night's interview on Paranormal Journal didn't come as a big surprise. And, right after the show, I was sent this message:

"sorry that happened with your interview Kirby. Personally, I think it was a lack of professionalism on the part of the host's that conducted the interview. Seems they ( personally ? ) knew each caller that was spewing verbal venom and then when it came time to say good-bye, sounded overly sweet and at least one of the caller's said, I'll talk with you tomorrow. Couldn't help but notice that the dialog sounded almost the same, like they were feeding off each other's comments. To me, it sounded like a planned I said, the show wasn't conducted in a  professional manner. Host's should have intervened when the callers start to become adversarial and rude. Just my opinion...but I was pleased with the way you kept your cool and held your ground Kirby."

We've been given information concerning ties of the callers to some of the well know para- celebs and groups we have pointed out in the past with concerns of credibility.

Two of the most troubling callers were:

1 The lady who stated that the death of my child was no big thing because her child had been ten years old when he died; and mine, well it was never born, so it was no big issue. Just get over it. Is not all life precious? That includes an unborn baby that has a heartbeat, feelings and a functioning brain. So to take her argument [and we do feel sorry for her loss if she does not feel for mine] we also have to wonder if she would say her suffering is greater than a parent whose child was 21when they died? You had him for 21 years, I only had mine for ten, so let me stand in the spotlight of my suffering. Does this sound healthy emotionally or spiritually--holding onto suffering like that? We've found out the person goes by the name Lee Anna and is a para-celeb groupie. She even appeared on Darkness Dave's radio show. We would hope she informs clients that some of the spirits of the dead are more and less important, and next time I see and speak to Victoria, my dead child that Lee Anna says is not that important. Also, we are concerned about her claims about her dead child, apparently reports range in age from 10 to 12…

2 The other is the woman that claims that the Hindu religion only has one GOD. This shows a lack of wisdom and knowledge that runs rampant within the paranormal field. You don't get a solid foundation in matters of theology just from listening to Coast to Coast radio, Darkness at the Edge of Town, and attending lectures at paranormal conferences. Guess it's time to teach how many GODS are in the Hindu religion

Here is more proof [they always come back and say that site isn't right].

It was also implied by a caller that I didn't respect other people's religions. This is very odd, as I'm friends with Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Native Americans and even Atheists. If you notice during the show I stated if a person desired to walk a particular path they can but that path was not mine. And I would defend their right to do so. But you always see that Christians are asked to rape their faith to allow others to practice theirs.

Christ teaches that there is one path unto his Father and that is through Him. If you don't accept him in your heart and speak of Him with your tongue, He won't pass you on to His Father—and we can't enter heaven. This is all going on while demons and sometimes the devil himself stands in the court of heaven pointing out our errors to GOD.

That is pretty black and white. For us, that is the only path that will work. If we accept that by works or some other path will get you into heaven, that makes us betray our faith.

My spirituality teaches my GOD is supreme. Sorry about that, if you follow a GOD outside of the GOD who created all this and gave up His Son for us. If you want to follow a different GOD -- fine it is your choice. But again, Christians are asked to bring their GOD and make him just one of the members of the GOD Crew.

3 I was attacked by one caller as seeking fame for the book I'm working on claiming that I'm profiting off the suffering of others. Let me ask this…aren't the producers of Ghost Adventures profiting off the family's suffering? Have they donated money made from the show's airing? Will they donate any money from the sale of the DVD to charity? If so, which charity? How much have they donated? Can we see any records from the producers?

And let me say this about Ghost Adventures.

1 It's odd that in every single investigation something happens.

2 Where is the proof that they are ever locked down for the entire night? One site had a report from a law officer state he saw the team calmly walk out of the building they were locked down in so they could take a break, only to return later on.

3 Have they ever shown their footage of being demonically attacked to theologians who are expert in the subject of demons? Theologians have no ties to the paranormal community or financial interest in the spreading of false teachings to get their take on whether it's real or not.

4 I should come out and say I personally feel the show Ghost Adventures is fake. And just like that other fake para-reality show, Paranormal State, sometimes they stumbled onto real cases. This was seen in the Paranormal State episode with Kelli Ryan. They didn't really know how to deal with it and properly present it to the public.

I would love to go on one of their investigations with my own people to record what really goes on. Others who doubt the show and made the same request haven't received a response, because much of what goes on is faked.

NEXT WEEK – We go into the chatroom and do what we do so well – expose darkness to the light. I'm not ashamed to be a skeptic and free thinker. I have the courage of my convictions because if I don't then I have no courage or convictions.

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