Wednesday, August 13, 2014

They tried to shut me down and shut me up! Blog Talk Radio helped?

People often ask me why I do what I do as far as exposing people.  I ask, why not?  I do not know how people see injustices in this world and just think the best plan of action is to do nothing or worse, to criticize the one that does take a stand to stop it.  This is who I am and have always been to one degree or another. Perhaps my methods are harsh to some, but I find being blunt, using a sense of humor and saying it how it is works and is how I do things.

Some will call me crazy.  It’s all a matter of perspective.  I might be… to those I’m exposing or have a fear that I’ll expose them.  People at times fear me.  Some should.  At least those who have something to expose that show they are not what they pretend to be.

These people that I expose don’t just get exposed and then change.  They keep doing what they were and keep trying to reinvent their identity and that usually entails slamming me and those who help me in an effort of trying to silence us.  They will use what ever method works for them including lying to people and twisting everything that is said and even inventing and fabricating evidence.  They play dirty.  They do not just roll over and hide or realize and change.  We do not live in that utopian world where they do.

One of the recent strategies against us is to lie about stealing trade names.  It seems their new MO and since they pulled that with Blog Talk Radio that pulled my shows, it’s their newest tactic because it seems to work for them.  Now, the problem with Blog Talk Radio is, they became part of the problem giving a voice to criminals and taking the voice away from the people who have been victimized by them.  They are quite obviously slighted towards our opponents.  We suspect there is a reason which at some point we will find.

The name of my first show I produced and hosted was “Beyond the Edge of Reality” which still exists today and is the name of my now broader “Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network” that includes a graphic department as well as more then just radio.  Anyhow… it was NOT “Beyond the Edge” and not “Beyond the Edge Radio”, which are names used by a Bigfoot enthusiast for his show that has run since as far as I can see, since 2009, but, he claims it was founded October of 2007 by the name of Eric Altman.  It doesn’t really matter, as the show names are not the same.  I was recently accused by Hawk Spearman (not his real name and Bigfoot enthusiast) of stealing my own radio show name on his radio show that he asked me to be a guest on.  So I wrote Eric Altman a private message after the rude and attack manner of the host, Hawk Spearman, to which he informed me that Hawk’s wife Karen wrote him that morning to ask if I stole the name.   So, these people had the gall to call me up, misrepresent their motives to me and act as though they were going to be fair, when in reality they meant to bombard me on air and then shut me off and were previously looking for dirt to pile on me.  Here’s the thing, Eric admitted having no problem with the name of my show.  My show has been around longer then Eric’s anyway.  I just do not advertise the dates as some do.  I will say here, that my friends were not happy and thought his radio show was a big screw up with the way the show hosts handled it.  Most of the listeners were OUR invites and therefore our own audience and apparently Hawk and his cohorts do not know how to promote a show.  So they played to their critics.

Earlier on Blog Talk Radio, I was accused of stealing the name “Darkside; Deep Secrets”.  Carol Malone from Paranormal Association of Cold Cases (PACC) had called Blog Talk claiming I stole the show name from her and how it was copyrighted and SAID to me she had her lawyer whom she named write up the cease and desist letter.  ONE, She might have had the idea for the name, but, I named it.  While she was involved, I added her into the introductions and gave her credit along with myself, as I AM ALSO CLEARLY ON THAT RECORDING ALSO.  I had the artwork done.  I produced it and paid for it.  I promoted it.  What did Carol do?  Show up for the show.  That’s it.  I as very gracious to her by giving her credit as I do with all my co-host.

Now Carol left the show over a year ago and never had a problem with the show name and never complained about it.  In fact, (although totally unnecessary) wrote an email giving me the name when she left as co-host.  I figured she didn’t really know and I thanked her for the thought.  But, when I got upset with her recently for involving herself in a stolen statue case that I was helping with and directly inject herself into it so much, to have the nerve to tell the owner to the statues that she had them (which is illegal and she could have implicated herself in a crime) and that he had to go to VA to get them and that they owed her money, I was upset and I let her know it.  THEN, the name got to be a problem to her.

Now, I did use the intro that we used back in the day on the show I did to make a point to her and it did include her name.  But, it was NEVER her show, NEVER her name and she does not own a word, especially since it is not a proper word.  The name of the show was “Darkside” and it is now and had been change quite some time ago “Darkside; Deep Secrets”.  So where was the issue?  OK, let’s just say you thought that even the combination name is taken of “darkside” (you can not copyright a word) then there should be NO “Darkside” shows on Blog Talk Radio. OHHHH, but there are and they have not been taken down.

Christina George, the fake psychic and the one who seems to be at the pinnacle of all of this made a show called The Darkside of the Paranormal.  The show still exists on Blog Talk.

Supposedly we were bashing people on our shows.  Well, did Blog Talk take into consideration all the shows bashing me and my co-host and guest?  NOPE, they pulled mine and accused me of being a thief while NEVER showing me any legal paper once so ever and on top of that and we called Carol Malone’s lawyer she had named who knew nothing about it and was only her neighbor.  Of course later, she said it was someone else.  So, this means that Blog Talk employees Shannon Dingee-Kramer and Sherry Sanland, who are known for knee jerk reactions to issues and disputes between radio show host and clearly took a stand, no matter how ridiculous and made their entire company stand behind it.

Will I sue them?  You know, when it comes to legal issues, I state what I’m going to do and do it and the rest, well, people will have to wait and see.  Papers do not get filed overnight for something like this and there is a lot to consider and background work.

I truly believe that Blog Talk Radio made a huge mistake allowing some people to use the paranormal community even further to line their pockets and intimidate innocent people is deplorable and I plan on letting people know about it while squelching our and many other’s freedom of speech in the process.

 I do have the network that I was already bringing onto my own setup because of the quality issues with Blog Talk Radio anyway.  I wanted our old shows though.  But, it appears that Blog Talk Radio considers all shows THEIRS.  Something for other’s to be aware of.

This demonstrates our mindset very well.  Sometimes, a song is easiest to understand.

By Evan Jensen

Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network
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