Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Supernatural Rules From the Holy Scriptures

By Lisa Grace

First, there are no vampires, werewolves, or ghosts. There are however, different types of angels, dominions, principalities, and powers, demons (types of angels or maybe even job description of some angels), giants, and nephilim. There are human empaths, and those who try to control these creatures (wiccans, mediums or psychics).

These supernatural creatures (1/3) were kicked out of heaven for following Lucifer (Satan the father of lies), and a special judgment awaits them. They were given dominion over this world to roam and do what they like. To kill a believer they must have His permission.
ŸMost objects you see during or hear of in books to drive demons from those who are possessed are bogus. Example: Holy Water. Water is only mentioned in one ritual in the Scriptures and it was for women to achieve fertility.

Spells, magic and witchcraft come from the perversion of scriptural rituals, and are simply an illusion that humans can control them (which keeps those humans’ eyes off of doing Gods’ will), to their own damnation.

There is a hierarchy to the supernatural world. Different types of angels have different powers, and strengths. Angels are extremely intelligent.

Some angels and demons can be driven out simply by being told to leave, others require prayer and fasting.

Believers can't be possessed, but they can be tormented.

Evil angels can appear as good angels to lead believers/nonbelievers astray.

Humans need to know the scripture so they can see when these evil angels are leading believers astray.
Their only goal is: to sever the relationship between God and mankind. Before the flood they almost succeeded. Only Noah and his family were left. God destroyed the world with a flood, (which he did, the physical evidence is all around us) and next time, He promise it will be fire.

Devils’ creed: Do what thou wilt.  (No need for ten commandments there.)

Angels are not omnipresent. However, they are made of light, and can travel at the speed of light. Appearing one place one moment, and at another the next.

God uses good angels as messengers, encouragers, and protectors. Never pray to angels, but ask God to send them.

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Issue 155 – Paranormal Hate Squad & Conversations with the Dead Scandal, Part 2

By Kirby Robinson

Paranormal Ambush Smackdown ~ Every Monday

Stop by every Monday this summer for a PAS as we expose the lies and deceptions of some of the leading so-called para-celebrities.

This week, learn about Terry Todd and the Paranormal Hate Squad and continue reading about the Conversations with the Dead Scandal.

Terry Todd --Leader of the Paranormal Hate Squad

While addressing my Facebook email last Sunday I noticed that I'd been invited to listen to one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of paranormal radio shows on Blog Talk Radio. One was hosted by Terry Todd. I don't have to pay Chip Coffey a few hundred dollars to tell this may not be his real name. Anyway, the guest for the night was none other than that paranormal ambusher herself, Andrea Perron. And being that all hang on to every word this woman speaks I indicated that I would be there and posted a comment. That brought this response from Mr. Todd:

Since you are obviously filled with hatred, I am asking you not to comment on my event page.
Of course I cannot stop you, but any comments you make will be deleted

Now what was the hate-filled comment I left that must have been filled with enough expletives to make someone turn away from their screen?

Simply this: "It may not be the true story but it will be a story."

Such words spoken in public could get me arrested, right? LOL. So, I figured that this guy must be an expert on the case. I wrote back and just asked some simple questions like the following:

~ You invited me to listen to your show, right?
~ If anyone doubts these claims, then we are full of hate?
~ Have you been inside the farmhouse, on the property, or have you talked to the current owner, Norma Sutcliffe?
~ Have you talked to the local historians and looked at the documents?

Those questions brought this [unsurprising] response.

Yes, I asked you to come, I didn't ask you to make rude comments about my guest. This entire situation is very difficult for me. As a young man, I was involved in a haunting ( If I said one or two words you would recognize the incident), I lived this, it was MY LIFE, and just like Andrea, there are still people who deny what happened, yet I LIVED IT! Plus all the people involved, I'm very close to, so I don't do well with nay sayers. As Far as I'm concerned, I have no inclination to discuss this any further

A. I'm still trying to figure what was a hate-filled comment? Is it because we refuse to buy Andrea Perron's story completely? Since when is that rude or hate-filled? Is being told accept things blindly now the only way to understand the paranormal?

B. Since Terry Todd was also part of some major ghost case, claiming "I LIVED IT!" then it must be true. Sadly, these people make a mockery of those who really lived through a demonic case. I've seen it for over 25 years and those who have demonic encounters want to let it go and try to move on with what is left of their lives. The last thing they want is to sit around and talk about it.

C.  Terry knows all the people involved with the case. He must be referring to the Paranormal Hate Squad. They are trying to silence the debunkers out there. He fears if Andrea's case is debunked so will his case. Andrea has the guts to talk [profit] about hers. But he refuses to talk about his.

D. He has never set foot in the farmhouse or talked to the current owner, or looked at the historical documents. Terry ignores actual research and relies on Andrea's point of view as the truth.

So if you get an invitation to listen to Terry Todd, just keep your thoughts to yourself or you'll be labeled a hate-filled person!

Conversations with the Dead Scandal Grows – Featuring Chip Coffey!  

As we showed last week, it seems PRS has made it a part of their business model to schedule events/conferences, collect money from saps, oops, the paying public, and cancel or postpone the event. Meanwhile, they live off the money they receive. Such a method makes it difficult, if not impossible, for people to get their money back.

It seems that Conversations with the Dead event featuring Chip Coffey was not an exception to this rule. We've learned that while tickets were being sold, the locations where the event was to occur was being notified that the event would not be taking place -- with or without Chip.

This was posted on Ryan's Facebook page prior to Chip dropping out April 17.

Hey everybody. Please send positive thoughts to Ryan. He was taken to the hospital last night. Nothing life threatening but positive thoughts and warm messages could help for a speedy recovery and also put a smile on his face. More updates later.

And this…

Hey everyone, Sergey here. Just wanted to inform you all that Ryan is doing well. I read him your loving messages and he was really touched by all. For those that will be attending the Conversations with the Dead tour starting next week, Ryan is looking forward to seeing you there.

It's not unusual for PRS to use Ryan's cancer as the fall back for all the cancellations and postponements, citing hospital stays as the excuse. By April 17, they had their exit strategy but Chip tossed a monkey wrench in it when he posted on April 22 that he was not going to take part in any PRS event.

Was Coffey getting wind that venues for the event were already receiving cancellation notices from PRS? Was this due to lagging ticket sales? How about any profit that PRS was going to be making falling short of its goal?

Next week we'll hear from the public…and they are not happy.

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