Monday, May 12, 2014

Paranormal Ambush Smackdown, Part 2

By Kirby Robinson

Continued from: 

 Dispelling the deceptions of George Lopez, Chip Coffey, and Andrea Perron.

This Monday we'll finish the preliminaries, so that we can start breaking the show down in detail next week. The reader can learn what was really going on. First, some issues and questions I must raise.

1 ~ Was Bishop James Long set up? Yes, that appears to be the case.

Why was Bishop Long brought into this mess? In the past, I'd been on his show as a guest host of a weekly segment. I had no reason to question the Bishop's conduct, motives, or character. One of the former Eye on the Paranormal bloggers mentioned his name in a harsh manner. When it was pointed out, the reference was removed, and the blogger is no longer with us.

After a phone conversation with Bishop Long, I learned what happened. On the Monday night of the ambush interview, Bishop was spending a peaceful night at home reading Thomas Aquinas. He was contacted by someone who told him that I said that Andrew Calder was never an ordained minister.

I challenge anyone to listen to the ambush interview and find where I made such a statement. They said that I claimed that Andrew Calder was never ordained by the CEEC, which is false as he was [more on that later]. Bishop Long knew Andrew Calder and that made him a little upset--which it should have. However, I didn't say that Andrew Calder wasn’t ordained.

Why was this done? It seems very clear to me, and I'm going blind, that there was an ulterior motive on someone's part to get Bishop Long to call in so it turned into a three on one attack.

Who was behind this? George Lopez? Chip Coffey? Andrea Perron? Or someone on Lopez's staff? We're unsure, but we can say shame on the person/persons who did that. Bishop Long is a very kind person who carries the weight of his church and his calling to deal with the demonic. Bishop Long shouldn't have been put into this situation.

Since we're addressing the Andrew Calder situation let me summarize it.

Andrew Calder was a man of God who was an ordained minister just not with the Episcopal Church of America. They are based in New York City. Here is a link:

He had been ordained by the CEEC, which stands for the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches.

This organization is part of The Convergence Movement. Their views are: "Standing within the Celtic and Anglican traditions, the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches was created by a convergence of the great historical expressions of faith and practice: the Evangelical, Charismatic, liturgical, and sacramental traditions. The fundamental principles defining inclusion in the Communion are detailed in the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral of 1886." Read more about it here:

Father Calder chose to appear on the fake reality show Paranormal State on an early segment called "The Devil in Syracuse" where he was given the title Episcopal Priest. The CEEC has told their clergy not to use the title.

The CEEC contacted Go Go Luckey Productions, Paranormal State's production company, and ask them to remove the credit. The credit remained. The CEEC contacted Calder and advised him not to do the show anymore.

In July, 2008, he got involved in the infamous "I Am Six" case. The same credit was misused, and that resulted in some problems. If you want to learn the whole story, it's in the book Never Mock God: An UnauthorizedInvestigation into Paranormal State's 'I Am Six' Case.

Calder was ordained again by a different organization. That is a far different story than that of me stating that Calder was never ordained.

2 ~ The Norma Sutcliffe video. Watch it yourself and make an informed decision. Yes, it's just over an hour long, and you will need some time to read the articles and documents that are presented. If you have any investigational skills, this video should be something you want to see. 

Why not let the public decide for themselves? 

3 ~ Has Andrea Perron admitted her book might not be true?

I was surprised to see a message from a literature professor who offered some advice on this situation. They suggested that I go to Amazon and note the categories that Perron has her books listed in.

Biography is defined as the story of a person's life written by another person. A memoir can be defined as a story about an event or series of events that the author has personal knowledge about.

A biography should be 100% true. A memoir may or may not be. Here are some very famous fake memoirs:

Memoirs are pulled from the author's memories and tend to be influenced over time by many outside factors.

So we ask is the book emotionally true vs. factually true? We'll ask this question again as the many parts of the blog unfold.

In next week's Paranormal Ambush Smackdown,  we'll break down the interview and explain how the radio show host and his guests lied, twisted the facts,  and made false claims.

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Anonymous said...

Kirby its nice to see you back tracking about Father Calder after attacking him for years, claiming that he was not an ordained Episcopal priest, my question is what or who made you change your mind, or have you once again conveniently forgotten what you said in public in the past.. please enlighten me.

eyeontheparanormal said...

What I said today is the same thing I have always said it is not my fault you cannot hear or read

Anonymous said...

Kirby, in a previous blog, you wrote -

Andrew Calder was never an Episcopal priest, as we have proven in our most recent book. Unfortunately, Calder helped keep his lies going for years.

In our book Never Mock God: The Unauthorized Investigation into Paranormal State’s “I Am Six”Case we prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Andrew Calder wasn’t who he claimed to be.

eyeontheparanormal said...

being a member of the CEEC did not make him one and the CEEC informed him and PARANORMAL STATE that he was not one

Anonymous said...

the paranormal is full of liars. steven lachance is a dandy one. he lived in a "haunted" house for 2 weeks and has how many books on it? thats about retarded. l lived in a haunted house all my life and I'm not writing books on it. whatevah

Anonymous said...

what are you a member of Kirby besides you're own delusional world when a person writes something you think is attacking you or you're blog you automatically delete it and why is that you attack every paranormal group that is on TV and they ask you a simple question you delete them or you call it a ambush or attack also why is that you say you think you are god you are a man of god you call you're self a christian do you even know what the word means it means Christ like you are not acting Christ like are you going to answer me or are you going to delete my post

Anonymous said...

so if you had the chance to do a reality show on the paranormal and they offered you a huge contract what would you do mr kirby

eyeontheparanormal said...

I have been offered shows in the past I turned down one just this Saturday that was slated for network TV not cable

eyeontheparanormal said...

What paranormal group featured on TV even asked me anything ?

why is it attacking if we expose people for being fake?

LOL me God me do not think so

In the end the truth will win out maybe not today but in the end it will win

Anonymous said...

let me guess what the show that asked you to be on was it ironside

Anonymous said...

maybe if you start acting like a christian the world would take you seriously right now i think and most of the paranormal field thinks you are a joke and nothing but a jealous
person like i said start acting like a christian

eyeontheparanormal said...

not sure if I give a dam what the paranormal think of me

not sure why anyone would

go tell your para fakes to keep reading we are just getting started

eyeontheparanormal said...

Blog hits up

5000 facebook friends

over 5000 twitter followers should hit 6000 soon

Linkedin growing everyday over 500 endorsements

booked till next year with cases

sure sounds like everything is falling apart

Anonymous said...

shit! you mean people give a damn about the frauds in the paranormal? its about time someone started pointing them out!!!! suck it para frauds

Bobnoxious said...

If it is in any way related to Paranormal State; it is fake.

Sad that there are actually commentators still defending that bad era which is finally ending with Ghost Adventures being the worst.

None of you will EVER live down being on a paranormal "team" LOLOLOL

Just save what little in the way of dignity you can preserve and delete you team Facebook pages today...

Google cache never forgets or forgives ...

Anonymous said...

all psychics are frauds and they know it! they now they are.

where is the malaysian aircraft? what are the lottery numbers?

they use the bullshit excuse - well - my "spirit guides" told always tell me this or that. bull shit. why wouldn't a "spirit guide" tell one of the frauds where the damn plane is? why not? because they are liars. deceivers.

its a convenient excuse to say well "spirit" doesnt tell me everything. how convenient is that? how the fuck convenient. its fucking amazing that spirit ALWAYS shows up during their overpriced gallery session but spirit is surprisingly absent when it comes to telling the world when the next volcano will erupt or the next terrorist attack or hell where the fuck is malaysian aircraft! i say BULLSHIT.

evan jensen said...

This is a well written and important news feed here. We thank you kirby for having the voice of most of the people. keep up doing what it is =you do best and i and my network support everything you do period.

evan jensen said...

plain and simple the truth is out there kirby most will know it and some will run from it, but i and my network support you. we will not be silenced.