Monday, April 14, 2014

Special Edition ~ "The Conjuring" An Exclusive Interview

By Chris Baricko

Showing the facts. That none of it was true. And it was not only the professional actors who acted.

I spent 10 hours making it but well worth it. Hopefully, it give Norma Sutcliffe [the homeowner] some peace. And it clearly shows what bad liars the Perrons and the Warrens are. I pointed out the Warrens. She was lucky enough to find a story from a former member who worked with them. Click link to watch the video.

Also, Tony Spera (Lorraine's son-in-law) wrote the following article in 1985. Now remember he is the researcher. Why does he write about it? Why mention murders,vicious beatings, witchcraft and sacrificing a child when none of it is true? We Just proved none of it was or is true. Doesn't sound like research to me.

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