Thursday, February 28, 2013

Part 4 Conclusions Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Plasma, Other Dimensions and how they May Prove The Supernatural

By Lisa Grace

Continued from Part 3

What do flame, lightning, the sun, and space all have in common? They are all made of the most abundant state of matter in this universe, plasma. If certain creations (creatures) are made of light, could it be they are made of plasma?

Could supernatural beings (angels, demons, principalities, dominions) be made of dark energy, dark matter, plasma, or live in a different dimension? They all are possible, and none contradict what the Holy Scriptures say. There is proof for any or all of these suppositions to be correct. Since we are dealing with more than one type of creature, each could exist in a different state and/or dimension.

Ÿ  We know God and his supernatural creations exist outside of time. (Genesis, Hebrews)
Ÿ  We know his supernatural creatures were created first (according to the Bible they were present at the creation of the universe) (Genesis)
Ÿ  We know they exist outside our universe (since they were in existence before it was created.)
Ÿ  We know this means they have other natural rules they follow that supersede our natural known laws that "trap" us within our universe.
Ÿ  Trying to measure supernatural creatures by our laws of physics and nature will only lead to an incomplete view of them, since we are clearly told in the Holy Scripture they are not of this realm, and neither are believers. (We will be freed, when we are resurrected or caught up.) (Job 19:26, 2Cr 12:2, 2Cr 12;4,1TH 4:17, Rev 12:5)

Our God is an awesome God who has made this universe for us to explore and understand, yet everything points perfectly back to our Creator.