Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Issue 124 – Psychics Gone Wild!

By Kirby Robinson

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The Eye on the Paranormal is about to open a can of Kick Butt Beans! Maybe the tide is about to turn on the fake psychics, the phone psychics, and even the psychics that run around naked in argyle socks looking for a man baby!

Ron Tebo posted a great video on his YouTube page concerning the queen of fake everything on reality TV, Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium. In the video, Ron asks how many missing children would be found if such hucksters were real?

Sylvia Browne has got the wrong people upset with her. Is that fear we're smelling?

On next week's EYE ON THE PARANORMAL radio show; we take on the claims concerning her great abilities. Spend a few minutes online and you'll find LOTS of false claims about this cult leader.

Phone Psychic Chip Coffey Risks Client's Safety & Violates Ethical Boundaries

We'd been sent this story as we've been busy wrapping up the book concerning the false claims of Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium. We're also breaking a story that concerns many false claims, impersonation using a real person's photos, and other dirty deeds.

But we were shocked [well, not really, as nothing shocks us anymore after all we've seen], as Chip Coffey made the following claim:

Thank you, Lord, for letting me find the right words to say to a client earlier today who has been contemplating ending her own life. Please keep her safe and help her to find the strength, courage and will to carry on, Lord. Amen. ^i^

When someone shares that they have been thinking of ending their lives, immediate steps must be taken in such cases. If the person is really thinking about ending their life, they leave your office or your clinic, and they kill themselves, there would be civil or criminal actions taken. The loss of license or certification would also be called for.

Here's the problem…there aren't such requirement for a phone psychic. There aren't even requirements about who can and can't work as a phone psychic. If you have a phone, the ability to speak, you can become one. You can pretty much say and do what you want on the phone and have no fear of blow back. This is because "I have a disclaimer" and "it's for entertainment purposes only." So, if that phone psychic says anything or sends you off in the wrong direction, that phone psychic isn't God, that phone psychic is only human.

The above is kinda funny if you think about it. Because they claim to be psychics and they have special powers! Here's what many claim:

~They see dead people!
~They talk to dead people!
~ They can run up your phone bill!
~ They have all these special invisible friends like spirit guides, angels, etc.

They sure claim to have some special powers—just like God.

But the difference is that God really cares about you. He is and was there when that client was thinking about taking their life. I bet that God stayed through the countless hours while they suffered. God suffered right along with them. When they cried, He cried. When they felt they couldn't go on one minute longer with the suffering, He got them through that minute. And maybe, just maybe, when they decided that it was time to say good bye, the phone might have rung, the doorbell might have buzzed or their mind thought about something different for a while. That was God's doing, not man's, not a psychic, but God.

On the positive side, Chip said a prayer and God responds to them. But not because Chip asked.   God doesn't need psychics. He didn't create them and he warns good people to stay away from them in both the Old and the New Testaments.

Chip was on Darkness Dave's show a couple of years ago, and when Dave asked if there were warnings about psychics in the New Testament, Chip said there weren't any. They theorized that God needed their help and they decided that God has nothing against psychics now.

Once again, we're left shaking our heads at psychics gone wild.

The proper thing would've been to contact the caller's local police to inform them about the situation. The police would have taken the woman in for a 72-hour hold so that REAL mental health experts could asses and give her the help she needed.

We know Coffey claims he holds a psychology degree from back in 1970s but he says nothing about his certification/s or state license he holds in the field, nor how many CEU [Continuing Education Units], or if his license [if any] is current.

Life and death is nothing to play around with. We doubt if any cameras are rolling outside of God's cameras…and they don't miss a single thing.

July 12, 2013

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