Saturday, June 9, 2012

When is it TIME for Prayer?

By Stephen Piersall, Deliverance Ministry, Central NY.

6 a.m. and our 2 pugs are waking us up. Maybe I should pray before getting out of bed? Naw, I need to get up and take the dogs out. Wow, been out there for 15 minutes waiting for the pugs to do their duty. Heck, I guess I could have been praying outside with them but what would the neighbors think? Aw nothing like sitting in my rocker recliner and watching HLN news. Gee that was a fast 30 minutes, maybe tomorrow I can remember to take the TIME to pray about all the events that were broadcast about disasters, tragedies, etc. Well at least I got my oatmeal and morning meds all finished. Pray? I've got to check my Twitter, emails, and Face Book first. How did I just kill an hour of TIME doing all that? TIME sure flies by when you’re having fun. Let's watch some TV shows we recorded from last night. Yea that would be enjoyable and kill some TIME too.

Hmm what's for lunch TIME? Think I'll have a turkey sandwich today. Gulp! Maybe I should have taken the TIME and prayed before I ate it? TIME to take the dogs out for a long walk; we both need the exercise as well as they need to go potty. Well, that was a nice TIME strolling for 30 minutes, sure enjoyed the walk, and watched around the neighborhood to see what's going on. Pray? Wonder if I got any new emails, Tweets, and Face Book comments? TIME is 3:30 p.m. Yawn! Could take the TIME for a nap, but the pugs need to go potty again. That TIME it sure was fun, got to speak with a couple of neighbors, and their dogs played with ours, it was a grand ole TIME.

Supper TIME, sorry I don’t do dinner; I like to have TIME for supper like in the Bible. I’m a Christian you know, and like to take the TIME to follow the word of God. TIME to take the pugs out again, I’m sure I can think of some things I need to do for tomorrow while out with them, after all, I have all the TIME to do what I want.

TIME is 8:01 p. m. Phone rings! Don’t people know at this TIME we like to sit and watch TV until we fall asleep? It’s just a friend who had some free TIME and wanted to chat. Sigh! Finally, got them off the phone; just in the nick of TIME to catch the next program coming up. TIME is 10:30 p.m. Yawn! It’s TIME to take the pugs out for the last TIME tonight. All that TIME I was out there and our 1 year old pug took all the TIME just to go potty. I bet I was out there for at least 20 minutes of my TIME.   Boy was I ever aggravated! What a waste of TIME.

It’s TIME to take my night meds. I’ll take the TIME to check the computer before I go to bed. Yawn!  TIME is 11:30 p.m. Guess, I better get to bed and get some sleep TIME. Maybe tomorrow I can remember to find the TIME for some prayer? ZZZZZZZ!!!!

We hope this finds you blessed & highly favored in the Lord
Stephen, Karen, pugs Kobee & Kayla