Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Issue 33 – Silly Psychics & Bad Karma

Sorry for the two-week absence. We had some cases that required our full attention, and we are now back and ready to take the blog in a new direction.

No Issues with Syfy's "Haunted Collector"

A few days ago I carefully viewed the new John Zaffis' para-reality program on Syfy, "Haunted Collector". It features John and his family helping clients who have paranormal issues that might stem from objects within their home. We have yet to find any issues with the show: no fake demons, no fake exorcisms. Another positive feature is that they show that ghost hunting doesn't have to be done at night time. So for all those who claim that we have nothing good to say about para-celebs and para-reality programs, you might enjoy some hot sauce with your words while you eat them.

Silly Psychics

Jackie Tomlin, a self-proclaimed psychic and paranormal investigator, posted a recent blog about why she was upset with hosts of a Global Talk radio show who asked for payment from guests. Ms. Tomlin demanded to know why such a fee was required. She received this reply:

"No its not financial gain, its to keep the show on the air and this show has helped so many people, we have helped people even as far as stopping them from committing suicide. All of my guest have been more then happy to help the show, as they know how much the show helps people, they get to help when they are on and many listeners go them privately for help!"

This seemed to get under Jackie's skin as she posted this on her blog:

"Okay, were do I start here...
First of all psychics do not offer medical or legal advice.  To proclaim that you have assisted anyone from committing suicide is just wrong."

Say what? It seems that Ms. Tomlin has fallen into step with many of the self-proclaimed psychics that focus less on helping people and more on a profit and fame motive.

It's sad that these so-called psychics will take people's money to perform a reading and they claim to be able to have a gift of prophecy that spirits talk to them and can share information with them. Yet when it comes to legal and medical advice suddenly the spirits are mute and the gift shuts off.

When I was doing readings [I no longer accept new clients and only read for my longtime clients], no subject was off the table. I have full confidence in my gifts and what my spirits are telling me. To claim that no psychic has ever helped anyone who has had medical issues [whether mental or physical], or offered advice on legal matters is way past the border of silly land.

Bad Karma

We're done with poking holes into paranormal reality programming as we have completely debunked them. Continuing to do so would be overkill. We want to focus on the issue of how far off the paranormal field is when it comes to matters of the demonic and exorcisms. What constitutes a demonic haunting? When and how should an exorcism be performed? Who has and does not have spiritual authority to perform them?

I constantly ask myself how the paranormal field, led by fake para-celebs, took over the field of demonology from the various religious faiths who embrace the concept of demons and dark spirits and deliverance from them? How did they convince the public that they were the chosen masters? How are they considered authorities on the subject? Most people have only seen demonic imitations when they watch horror movies, and that includes those affiliated with the paranormal. In actuality, they know very little about the subject of demonology and few have the authority to perform exorcisms. It's one thing to be able to operate an EVP or other paranormal gadget, but quite another to assist in or perform an exorcism.

Why is this so important? It impacts the spiritual paths of hundreds, if not thousands of individuals who seek these people out. People who put their trust and faith into them. In turn, they are rewarded with crap and misinformation which not only impacts their lives now but their spiritual lives after death.

One example of this is Mr. Chip Coffey, the self-proclaimed psychic who now has decided that he speaks for God on matters of salvation and what God likes. In a recent post concerning the failed rapture predictions of May 21, 2011, Mr. Coffey stated that all you have to do to get into heaven was lead a “decent and productive life.” He added that God didn't care what religion one follows.

Really, Mr. Coffey, the concept that God is a God that changes masks to fit all religions of the world is one of the pillars of the New Age movement. Unfortunately it's a pillar of sand that collapses under any weight that is added. Don't forget that Mr. Coffey appeared in a few episodes of "Paranormal State" flinging Holy Water and calling on Jesus as he eagerly took part in exorcisms. Apparently it must have been done for show because the statements and beliefs that he expresses automatically nullifies such actions.

Next week we start off our new series with "Phone Psychics Make Lousy Spiritual Teachers".

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