Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bad Bad Thing Award Goes to Psychic Chip Coffey for Dishonoring Sandra Lynn Sparks

By Kirby Robinson

Chip Coffey [YET AGAIN!]
for dishonoring Moderator Sandra Lynn Sparks

I've had my run-ins with Sandra Lynn Sparks over the years, but when I see someone do something wrong I have to point it out. Chip Coffey wronged her after years of dedication and service by dumping her along the side of life's highway. He left her with eyes full of dust and nostrils snorting gas fumes. And that's a bad bad thing.

It seems that a few weeks ago, Sandra was doing her job and logging onto Chip Coffey's Message Board to perform her duties as lead moderator. After repeated attempts to log in, she wasn't able to. Fearing the site had been hacked, she found out a few moments later that it had been removed by Mr. Coffey. He never informed her that he was about to do this. So after years of faithful service, what does Ms. Sparks get? Not a thank you, not a kiss on the cheek, not even a dozen plastic roses and a Whitman's Sampler!


- It was well-visited.
- 1750 out of the 2000 threads either were visited or had comments on them in 2013.

- Is Mr. Coffey cleaning house? He failed to appear at his old pal Babs' Through the Veil event this year, which is the first time he's missed it.

- Is it due to the dearth of posts on the Facebook pages dedicated to the now defunct Psychic Kids show? Even the one run by Sparks called Psychic Kids Afterword but now changed to Psychic Sensibility?

We think this event had something to do with it a mother who sought help for her missing child [later found dead] and received nothing.

But, the good news is that now Ms. Sparks can devote her time to posting grass dancing videos in order to entertain her fans.

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