Friday, February 12, 2016

Bigfoot Aliens, Catching Ghosts, and Ralph Sarchie

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Sometimes there is truth to the warning of the ‘slippery slope.’ For example, the longer (and more people) disregard God’s Word about not contacting the spirit realm, then the further away from reality they tend to get. Once you begin ‘sliding down’ the slope of spiritism then a spirit of delusion begins to take over. The bible warns about a delusional spirit descending upon mankind in the last days. What were once vices are now virtues. Weirdness and implausibility appear to the deluded mind to be cool and even rational. There is a triplet of issues, amongst many, that I’d like to use as Exhibits of this slippery slope into folly/danger.

It is becoming increasingly popular to connect Bigfoot with Aliens. Because Bigfoot activity is often attended with UFO sightings, and because of the seeming difficulty to collect Bigfoot evidence, and because they are also linked to all sort of paranormal phenomena, some folks are beginning to theorize that Aliens are the origin and cause of this Cryptic ‘thing’. Hence, we now have a conjunction of two phenomena which used to be viewed as distinct.

This theory does take into serious consideration the very frequent association of Bigfoot activity with paranormal activity. Of course, many other Bigfoot researchers see them simply as a natural phenomenon….purely biological. But the weakness there is the inability to explain how or why Bigfoot activity is shrouded in paranormal activity.

So, in order to explain the phenomena, some researchers are looking to an Alien/UFO  connection. This may make sense to them but I think it is part and parcel of the delusional thinking…and the slippery slope.

There is an excellent site on Facebook called “Ancient Aliens Debunked”. I mention this because there is strong evidence that both of these phenomena are demonic. Once you ‘peer behind the veil’ of both Bigfoot and Alien sightings, the paranormal activity associated with both can best be explained by demonic activity.

Once you fully grasp the Angel of Light Principle, then it has tremendous explanatory power. Satan/demons can appear as ANYTHING….including Bigfoot or Aliens!

TWC has a TV show in which they claim to be the first team to capture a ghost. These guys profess to be Christian in their convictions. However, when they are about to pray the leader usually says something like, “Let’s first fist bump the Big Man.” A slip of the tongue? Given the widespread deficient understanding of God’s character, I’m not sure….I certainly would not want to speak that way of the Holy Lord of Glory—a God of consuming fire-- who is the creator and judge of heaven and earth.

Okay, what do we make of this unprecedented attempt to capture a ghost? First, they haven’t actually caught anything yet. I mentioned the slippery slope earlier. There are thousands of groups in the US, and numerous TV shows, which are devoted to validating or debunking paranormal claims. These shows are meant to entertain, and the law of diminishing returns begins to apply—need something new…something further ‘out there’. In other words, slipping down the slope.

I have to ask you this: what sense does it make to try to capture an alleged soul/spirit? What makes them think that a box—no matter how many bells and whistles it has—can contain a spirit?

Most cultures from the dawn of history up til today, are respectful or even fearful of these entities. They might try to repel them but not capture them!

On one show these professing Christians were convinced that the entity they were trying to capture was demonic. Slippery slope. What kind of ‘maggot in the brain’ type thinking would it take to even think of attempting to capture a demon? A spirit who is pure evil and exceedingly more powerful than they/us…it SHOULD appear as pure madness to try to capture an unclean spirit. Is it not against the spirit of the Word that tells us in Jude and 2 Peter to not show disrespect to Satan/demons? They are using earthly means to try to fight a spiritual battle.

It grieves me to say this but a powerful delusion has settled upon the paranormal community due to its persistently disobeying Leviticus 19:26; Deuteronomy 18.

I am acutely aware of my own failures and brokenness, so I don’t want to seem as coming across as harsh. However, if we have to wait until we are perfect before we are allowed to steer folks away from serious danger, then nobody will be able to cry ‘halt’ when they see someone about to fall off a cliff. Or down a slippery slope.

Ralph Sarchie. Of the many demonologists out there, he has been catapulted almost overnight into the center of a lot of attention. I have no doubt that Ralph is a godly man and anointed in his ministry. If you are not aware, he and his team are on TV as well.

My concern is two-fold: he believes in trapped spirits, and the manner in which he cleanses homes. It distresses me how quickly and capriciously he comes to the conclusion that some spirits are human. But once you step on the earthbound spirit slope, then you are bound to slip.

But of greater concern at the moment is how he, too, dismisses the command to not disrespect the diabolical. Whatever his personality or background as a cop, that must be brought under the Lordship of Christ. It is not uncommon for Sarchie to provoke demons by demeaning them or cussing them. I cringe when he calls them cowards and uses profanity in his provocation.

Speaking of the slippery slope, of the thousands of folks who are coming under his influence, how many other budding demonologists will adopt his profane provocation, or take it a step further? Once you cuss a demon, where will it lead to? Jude and 2 Peter warn us for a reason.

The way to avoid slipping down the slippery slope is to stay away from the slope!

Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It's also available in eBook format.