Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Issue 25 – Paranormal State Should Be Slapped Silly!

Would like to send a big THANK YOU out to the folks at Spooky Southcoast [the archive will be updated later]. Had a great time on their show this past weekend, and thanks for taking time to read our book, Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State. Hope everyone who joined in had as much fun as we had. To see more forthcoming radio shows, check out the Radio Events page.

Sorry to those coming by expecting to read about the case for Chip Coffey to become a saint as expressed by one of his many followers. We also won't comment on Animal Planet's new reality show "Demon Exorcist" this week. Breaking news requires us to put off those stories until next week.

Paranormal State's Latest Slap in the Face to Ethics

This Monday A&E dumped one of the final episodes of "Paranormal State" on its viewers to prepare us for their forthcoming para-reality show, "Paranormal State: The New Class". By all the reports coming in, it's the same as the old class. They're even bringing in Chip "no one told me anything at least that's what my script says" Coffey.

We saw "Haunted Connection" the first episode of Season 6. This fake-fest began with Ryan Buell speaking in an even lower voice and slowing his speech down for the "Paranormal State" zombies. Attempting a cut-rate Marlon Brando or James Earl Jones imitation is actually comedy gold for those who can see and hear beyond the fakery. 

The episode focuses on a young couple, Kimberley and Eric. Kimberley claims she's psychic and has seen spirits all her life. Since moving into their home in 2007 they have had the following paranormal problems:

~ Hearing voices
~ Hearing footsteps
~ Doors opening and closing
~ A child runs up the stairs and up and down the hallway
~ Lights turn off and on
~ Cabinet doors and drawers open and close willy nilly

We're told the spirit is of a dead girl named Kimmie. She was killed at the tender age of 14 and her body was dumped in a cemetery. This cold case has been left open for 12 years.

We're in familiar territory as this is reminiscent of episodes from the first two seasons: "The Fire" and "Vegas". The deceptions in "Haunted Connection" are even worse.

The team arrives and they do their typical shtick. Everyone gives off the vibe that they don't want to be in Pittsburgh. There is no life behind their actions; they just go through the motions. Dead Time is barely 45 minutes long. [Was this done so they could film two Dead Times in the same night?] Chad pops up out of nowhere to tag along with Ryan. We hear the clich├ęd exclamations: "I hear something!", "Ryan, something moved!" "I see shadows!" The team is so lackluster they don't even bother showing Michelle Belanger's walkthrough. Only a reading from a work bench that was made by the dead girl.

Ryan meets with a man by the name of David who is allegedly the lead reporter on the story concerning the girl's death. If you freeze frame one of the shots of the articles you see that a David was lead reporter. But why does no one affiliated with "Paranormal State" ever offer his last night or give him credit at the end of the program? Legitimate reporters always use their full names. Could this be one more fake expert? In the past, they have included a variety of fake experts on the show.

Nothing is settled. Kimberley, the supposed psychic, is offered a few psychic lessons by Michelle. Nothing is determined about the haunting. The dead girl's sister is given some words of encouragement from Ryan and Michelle. During the closing director's log, Ryan tells us that he hopes this investigation will help solve the case…

Say what?! What just happened here? Or, better yet, what didn't happen? And what did the show, along with Ryan, hope you never learn? From more than one source, we've learned that Kimmie's family had only agreed to participate in the show if they would get help in solving the case. They received no help. They weren't allowed to ask what happened and who killed the girl. They had their most painful experiences paraded around in front of the viewing audience for the sake of ratings. And now they are left to suffer even more.

Shame on you, Paranormal State. Shame on Ryan and his team. What we have learned about this carnival of  fake para-celebs is they have no shame at all. I told a family friend of the dead girl that there is a judge. We all will face this judge who isn't blinded by celebrity status or wealth. A judge who won't buy the excuses he hears endlessly. In the end, Kimmie will get justice and others will learn that the price they pay for riding the fame train is a steep one.