Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Issue 65 – The Chip Coffey Truth Project

By Kirby Robinson


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It's nice to be back! As many of you know I turned over my spot to Reporter X who lived up to their word to post the most controversial blogs ever done about the lies and issues within the paranormal community. And they did just that -- they exposed that it is now ruled by lies and not the truth. It's run by the para-celebrities who care only about their ego, and it's governed by the law of say and do anything to get on TV or sell that movie deal. But Reporter X also exposed that many who claim to be victims of and  those who claim to help those victims--are neither--they are in league with that which they battle against.

I stated when I departed that if I ever came back, it would be to resume my teaching blog and that’s what you'll get here. It won't just be about exposing the fakers, but what they are doing, how their lies work, and who is going to get hurt by them.

As Reporter X reports on the "case that will go unmentioned" they will be back. I'm told I had seen up to part 4. I've heard that Reporter X completed even more which will be posted on their own site. I wish them well. Again, I repeat that I'm not Reporter X. It's odd that those who say I am haven't bothered or are unable to read my past blogs on the matter. If they had, they would have seen that Reporter X's view on the "case that will go unmentioned" isn't the same as mine. Yes, I was interviewed for the reports. And, yes, I did share info with them as with many others who were part of the case. This includes other paranormal teams that had visited the home prior to my visit, some of the ghost hunters that were there on the same weekend I was there, and the client herself. She was interviewed back in December and February via a Facebook IM chat.

The Chip Coffey Truth Project

Spring is the time to smell blooming flowers, and a time of new beginnings. Unfortunately this spring in the paranormal and the publishing world there is different smell – and it's unpleasant. It's not one you really want to encounter. It's the rotten stench that would only draw vultures and other fake para-celebrities. Where is it coming from? It's coming from a forthcoming book by the one and only Chip Coffey, and it's called "Growing Up Psychic." The publication requires us to start a series called The Chip Coffey Truth Project in which we'll take a close look at the claims made in the book. By doing so, we ask if the public being sold a bill of goods? The release date is April 3 but we already have some claims that need to be looked at.

Here is the official description for the book as seen on Amazon:

Internationally recognized psychic and star of A&E’s hit show Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, Chip Coffey shares his personal story of discovering his gift at a young age and offers valuable advice for nurturing and embracing psychic ability.

NO one knows more about psychic kids than Chip Coffey, and no expert on psychic kids is better known throughout the world. These kids are widely misunderstood, misjudged, and misdiagnosed. In Growing Up Psychic, Chip Coffey offers indispensable information for anyone who interacts with these extraordinary youngsters—parents, educators, medical professionals, mental health clinicians, members of the clergy, paranormal investigators—and adults who faced the challenges of growing up psychic.

In Growing Up Psychic, drawing on his firsthand experience and the true stories of kids he has worked with and helped, Chip Coffey shows you how to:

 Determine if a child is really psychic—as opposed to simply imaginative or
seeking attention
 Identify the different kinds of psychic abilities kids (and adults) might have
 Gain control over when and how psychic information is received
 Safely connect with others in the psychic community
 Deal with skeptics and disbelievers

Each line begs to be exposed for the deceptions buried within their words.

Internationally recognized psychic and star of A&E’s hit show Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal

Psychic Kids was never a "hit." It lasted 3 years on cable TV, two on A&E, and one on the Bio channel [which gets very limited distribution on cable systems and is considered the graveyard for A&E programming, and very low budget reality programming]. The show did poorly in the ratings during its last season and was cancelled. Mr. Coffey's role in the program had been greatly reduced in season 3 as he was overshadowed by Chris Fleming who was younger and more in line with the viewing demographics.

Until recently Mr. Coffey could not bring himself to even mention that the show had been cancelled. From a recent blog post, he stated that A&E had not asked for anymore episodes and the future of the show was uncertain, but he had never been told that the show was cancelled. In Chip's grand fashion he takes a swipe at his critics by saying that the bad press did not kill the show. We guess it finally has as a few weeks later he posted there would be no more new episodes of either Psychic Kids or Paranormal State.

From Chip's own website:

Q: When is Psychic Kids returning to TV? Will there be any new episodes?
A : The A&E network has not ordered any new episodes of the show.  Therefore, the future of Psychic Kids is uncertain.  No one has ever told me that the show has been officially cancelled and it most definitely was NOT cancelled due to "bad press," as some folks on the Internet have wrongly stated.

Even the term "star" has to be questioned as it was an ensemble cast and Mr. Coffey was hired to play the role of the psychic supporting mental health professionals. So how was Chip the star of the show?

Chip Coffey shares his personal story of discovering his gift at a young age and offers valuable advice for nurturing and embracing psychic ability.

Where did Mr. Coffey get training to do be able to offer advice on this matter? How is he considered an expert on the subject of developing his gifts, or anyone's gifts? It seems that Mr. Coffey is only a psychic because he needed a job! Check out this video and keep your ears open when they start talking about why Chip began giving readings.


So is he responding to higher calling and a desire to help people? Nope, he's in need of a paycheck and if playing psychic gets it done, so be it.

Return next week as we continue to expose the truth.

Chip Coffey Fails Again…But He Loves Threatening People!

You don't have to be psychic to know that I'd rather watch an ant eat a bale of hay than listen to Chip Coffey do his song and dance. And just like I did last year when I decided to put Chippy to the test, I did the same thing by posting a few comments here and there about attending his Coffey Talk in L.A. Now old Chippy's spirit guides should have poked him. His third eye should have given him the vision/warned him. His ability to read tea leaves should have saved him…yet again he fails a simple psychic test! He also loves sending me legal threats so I laughed when I found this in my inbox:


Just a word of warning: if, in any manner, you try to attend or disrupt my event in Los Angeles, you will be removed from the premises by my private security, hotel security and, if necessary, by the LAPD.

 You are not welcome at my events. 


Chip Coffey

NOTE: The man has anger issues. I wonder should a man with such issues really be working around kids? See how his threat escalates from his private security to hotel security to the LAPD?

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