Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spectrophilia or Spirit Rape Phenomenon or Psychoses?

Warning: The subject material included may be offensive to some readers.

Author: Michael O'Brien, Special Contributor: Aanica Guess

In 1982 a feature film was introduced to the US theaters entitled, "The Entity." This was a story detailing Doris Bither's personal accounts of Spectrophilia or rape by spirit. For those who don't recall the movie, allow me to summarize it for you.

In Culver City, California 1974, Doris Bither, a mother in her mid thirties reported supernatural activity to Parapsychologist, Dr. Barry Taft. Doris' three sons, then ages 10, 13 and 16 and 6 year old daughter also made claims of supernatural presences. So often that her youngest children actually named some spirits they claimed to regularly witness.

The most significant spiritual account was presented by Doris Bither who made claims of incessant spectral rape. More specifically, ghostly rape by three entities in total. Doris claimed that two smaller entities held her down while a taller, more aggressive entity sexually accosted her on a regular basis.

In defense of Doris Bither, her sons and boyfriend did substantiate the attacks she consistently reported. In fact, her eldest son claimed being thrown across the room during one of these alleged rapes. More impressive would be that thirty plus university professionals and investigators documented countless instances of paranormal activity, visually, mechanically and photographically. Furthermore, there were numerous photos of Doris Bither's physical injuries as a result of these reported rapes.

While I agree there was substantial evidence supporting Doris' accounts, I also believe there was much evidence to speak to the contrary. Now, I'm in no way calling Doris Bither a liar, however, logic should always question what speaks to ones credibility. Moreover, the state of mind of any witness, so I'll do that and play devils advocate here.

My first example would be that Doris was an admitted, chronic alcoholic. As most of us are aware hallucinations can be commonplace in the later phases of this disease. What's worse, eventual psychoses has been fully documented. Secondly, Doris was a survivor of both emotional and physical abuse by several of her ex-partners. It was also reported that she suffered mental abuse by her parents. Perhaps these experiences alone made Doris somewhat susceptible to a victim complex. To add to that, conjectures of childhood sexual abuse were strongly suspected by university officials pertaining to Doris. However, those suspicions were ultimately unsubstantiated.

Here are other lesser known facts of Doris Bither and her family that I present for consideration only. Both Doris and her children reportedly lived in utter squalor in their Culver City home when university investigations began. Not a dilapidated home mind you, they simply lived in their own filth and little was done to remedy that. Not even under the eye of scrutiny. With that, one could easily suspect a deep depression on the part of Doris Bither. Again, as most of us are aware, alcohol is a depressant.

It was also confirmed that Doris had a terribly contentious relationship with all three of her sons. Curiously, her younger boys were smaller in frame and her eldest, taller and more aggressive. Much like Ms. Bither reported spectral sexual aggressors. [note: the author is not implying incest within the Bither family whatsoever]

Another interesting fact is that paranormal activity reportedly increased with Doris' alcohol consumption and almost ceased to exist when she was sober. This fact alone should prompt the most curiosity in my opinion. Lastly, there have never been any reports whatsoever of paranormal activity by any other residents of Doris' old Culver City residence that she and her family eventually fled from.

With that information presented, do you believe Spectrophilia is indeed a possibility? Is there such a thing as as rape by Incubus let alone spectral gang rape? Could chronic alcohol abuse have prompted both visual and physical hallucinations in Doris? Could Doris' accounts be nothing more than unspeakable memories and nightmares paired with sleep paralysis? Alternatively, could Doris' past trauma and chronic substance abuse have created her paranormal activity? Is it possible that Doris' life experiences were so profoundly impacting that she literally created her own poltergeist[s]?

Another question I've heard posed is, "Could Doris and perhaps some of her children have been psychic, essentially making their experiences together the perfect paranormal storm?" Inasmuch, "Could this entire ordeal have been nothing other than psychokinetic energy manifesting itself as poltergeist activity?"

I'm uncertain but listed below is a recent personal account of Spectrophilia that prompted this article. This is an interview with a woman who believes she has been sexually accosted for over two months by what she claimed was an, "unseen assailant."

For anonymity, we'll call this woman VB. Listed beneath this article are her accounts in Q&A form. MO is Michael O'Brien.

MO: How old are you V?

VB: I'm 34 on Tuesday.

MO: Well, happy birthday. Are you married V?

VB: No, I'm single.

MO: Do you live alone or do you live with a roommate?

VB: I live alone now. Well with the exception of my cat Murry. I inherited my grandfather's home and I just moved in there about two and a half months ago. Murry kinda came with the package I guess.

MO: For curiosity sake, how old is this home you inherited?

VB: According to my mom it's about 125 years old but I'd have to double check. I don't remember. I think that's right though.

MO: To the best of your knowledge has there ever been any documented trauma associated with your family home? Homicides, suicides?

VB: Not that I know of but my family has been kind of tight lipped about its history. Maybe that's for a reason, maybe not. Who knows but I really don't know.

MO: Do you consider yourself a religious person V?

VB: Ummmn, at all.

MO: Excuse the sensitivity of this next question but have you ever been sexually abused or experienced any sexual trauma in your past V?

VB: I'd I prefer not to answer that.

MO: I'll respect that. May I inquire as to your educational level?

VB: I don't know why that matters either but I have a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education.

MO: To the best of your knowledge is there any history of sleep walking or sleep paralysis in your family?

VB: No...... No, of my uncles did walk in his sleep......even as an adult I think. Sorry bout that.

MO: That's okay. Do you currently or have you ever suffered from any mental instability?

VB: No, but in light if what's been going on in my house and the fact that I'm not being believed by anybody is causing me some instability. So ya,... ya, I've spent two and a half months crying my eyes out. That's a bit unstable I guess.

MO: I'm sorry to hear that but I need to ask this. We'll get to that other part shortly just allow me to clarify my last question. V, have you ever been clinically diagnosed by a licensed therapist or psychiatrist?

VB: Yes. Depression in my twenties. My fathers passing was a big issue for me.

MO: Mild or chronic depression V?

VB: In the middle of that somewhere I guess.

MO: Were you treated with medications or therapy? Or both?

VB: Both.

MO: Do you feel your depression has been effectively treated?

VB: Honestly? For the most part it comes and goes sometimes but it hasn't been so bad I think about going back for treatment. Well, until now. Until recently I...... never mind....just go ahead Michael.

MO: Do you abuse alcohol or take drugs, prescription or otherwise V?

VB: To be honest, I'm on a prescription pain medication for lower back problems from an accident and yes, I've started drinking a little more since my move. Especially since my move.

MO: What type of accident?

VB: Auto.

MO: Did you experience any head injury as a result of this accident V?

VB: Ya, a pretty good concussion but my back and jaw were hurt the worst.

MO: You said, "Especially since my move." Was this an exceptionally stressful move for you?

VB: Yes. My mom passed away about a year ago,...we weren't all that close at all......but anyway......that's why I inherited my grandpas house. So I'm still sorting some of that out. Plus I've always hated that house but I was forced to move in it due to financial reasons. That's screwing with me too and I think all of that along with the physical act of moving itself....things have been a little harder on me than I thought. But I suppose the things that are going on in that house are shaking me up the worst right now. I just don't need any of this. I didn't even think this crap was possible.

MO: V, binge drinking is considered four or more drinks at one sitting. How much are you drinking?

VB: Ya...... something like that.

MO: You do realize that a death and a move or relocation ranks in the top five for emotional trauma don't you?

VB: Yes.

MO: Now add to those substantial traumas binge drinking and pain medications. It makes for one potentially troubling mental concoction. Don't you agree V?

VB: I see what you're doing Michael. You're trying to make it look like I'm unstable or not thinking clearly when I'm absolutely not!

MO: V, you have admitted that you're fairly troubled at this point but no, no I am not. I'm attempting to offer our readers all the information I possibly can that will assist them in making a fair and educated decision or opinion about your testimony today. After all, you've got to admit, your story is somewhat difficult to digest.

VB: Okay....I.... Alright, I under... No, I get it. Alright. Let's just do this please.

MO: Thank you V. I appreciate your patience. Now if you're ready, please relay your story to our readers and I won't interrupt you unless I need clarification okay?

VB: Alright. I'll make it as quick as I can since I really don't care to repeat all of this again.

About two and a half months ago I moved into my grandpas house. Everything was fine... Well I was nervous about being in there and having to sleep there but everything was going okay. Four days later when I felt I was easing up, I went in the kitchen and realized my blue silverware rack wasn't in the kitchen drawer where I put the day before. It weighs a lot and I know I didn't move it into the living room. That's where I found it. Why would I do that? I wouldn't and didn't do that. Anyway I shook it off but not really. Yes, I did wonder if I did drink a bit too much so I went on with my chores. A few hours later....I really don't remember.....Maybe two-three hours later I went in my bedroom and saw something odd peripherally in my master bathroom. I went numb when I realized it was all the decorative pillows from my bed. All six of them were piled neatly on my toilet. That terrified me but when I realized the toilet seat was up, I freaked. I seriously freaked! There were no men living in my house! Well needless to say I left the house and didn't return till the next day. I slept in my car but I quickly realized no matter how scared I was that sleeping in there wasn't much better. So I reluctantly went back there. Besides its not like I could afford a hotel.

Anyway, nothing happened until about two days, well nights later. I was watching a movie in my bedroom and fell asleep. I didn't know what woke me up but I thought I heard something loud..... but I wasn't sure. As I tried to drift off I heard it again......loud banging sounds coming from what I thought was my dresser. Like my drawers were being opened and slammed shut. I turned on my light and realized that some of my private drawers were completely open! At that point I....

MO: I'm sorry. What do you mean by, "private drawers?"

VB: My panty and bra drawers. Anyway nothing else happened that night. I just thought maybe I dreamt it or imagined it by the next morning but I knew I didn't. Anyway the next night was the first night I felt that I was touched for the first time. I was asleep and I woke to someone touching my breasts. What really freaked me out was my arms weren't totally in my night shirt and it was pulled up to my face! It's like it was half on and half off! I don't know how but somehow I broke it's grip and I got away. Anyway I ran into the bathroom and hid for the night. I should have just left again. I don't know why I ran into the bathroom. Anyway I spent the night in there with the door locked and I tried to sleep in the tub.

Okay, so nothing happened for almost a week. It almost got to the point that I thought,.... "ya, maybe I have been drinking too much and maybe none of this crap was real." That is until I went to the market one day and came home unloaded my bags. As I did, I heard this loud deafening bang in the far of the house. I swear I looked forever but couldn't figure out what I actually heard! Anyway later that night I was watching TV and turned to look at the clock on my wall for the time when I realized my clock wasn't there! And it's a huge freaking clock Michael! What was there.......what was there....was my left tennis shoe hanging off the nail that my clock was supposed to be fu**ing hanging from! Don't tell me I didn't see that or missed it! Who wouldn't see a tennis shoe hanging from the fu**ing wall Michael?! Who?! Seriously...and I've yet to find my damn clock! And before you ask if it was me who did it in some kind of drunken stupor....realize I'd need a ladder to even reach that clock!

Anyway that same night I did Michael....I drank like a freaking fish. Judge me if you have to. I had to forget about all of that crazy s**t! A shoe on the wall?.....Really?...Really? Anyway I don't exactly remember going to sleep or when I did but I certainly remember waking up! On some level I must have known what was going on in my sleep because when I woke up I was already panicked! I was crying uncontrollably and hyper ventilating! My arms felt like they were pinned in back of my head and both of my legs were spread completely open wide! Almost to the point my hips were aching! It felt like I was being split in half! And for a few seconds I felt like I was being penetrated...but with a hand....a hand?.........fingers Michael?

Then...... just like was over....just that was done........

MO: What did you do then V?

VB: I crawled from my bed and locked myself in the bathroom again for the night and cried and cried and cried. I was paralyzed. I just sat there and shook and cried in my tub.

MO: What happened next V?

VB: Nothing.......nothing happened for almost a month. I mean.....ya.....there were some weird happenings around the house......but nothing like when I was attacked. I did have two extremely sexual dreams that I was confused and even disturbed by.....they seemed so know?...Then......ya......too scared to sleep in my room, I was sleeping on the couch.....that seemed to work.....and it happened again. I'm not gonna beat a dead horse so imagine what my last attack was like then multiply it by two. I know you don't want me getting to graphic. Anyway, that was it. I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't take it. I was either totally fu**ing nuts or this was really happening to me. So I packed up and moved out.

MO: Where are you living right now?

VB: In a studio apartment. It's all I can afford.

MO: Have you thought of a house blessing or anything along those lines V?

VB: No.......I just really......I just......I just don't know Michael.

MO: Have you had any other occurrences since your last attack?

VB: No.....nothing.

MO: Do you plan on returning to your home V?

VB: No. I'm selling it. I'm done.

I'm certain the reader can tell at this point there was much of this interview with VB that was omitted. Either for time restrictions or graphic content.

Despite that, unlike Doris Bither, VB claims this, "unseen assailant," did not follow her to her new residence. If you recall, Doris not only claimed the entities followed her, but at one point she alleged one actually impregnated her. [side note: according to her doctors it was a ectopic or, "hysterical," pregnancy]

So, I'll leave it to the reader. You have the facts before you. Do you believe Spectrophilia is a legitimate phenomenon or a clinical psychoses?