Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Issue 28 – The Nightmare That Was 'Paranormal State' Is Over — Or Is It?

Death is often a funny thing, at least that's how my Great Granddad saw it. On Monday a man is considered the worst S.O.B. on the face of the earth. He dies on Tuesday and by Wednesday he's a saint. We often gloss over the faults of others at the time of death, but in the case of the passing of Paranormal State we can't. It would be unfair to the public and the paranormal field.

Paranormal State came to an end on Monday, May 2nd. This was a show that began with a great deal of hope and promise but ended its run proven to be a staged and scripted sham. Ryan Buell and his posse of fake para-celeb wannabes were seeking fame and riches and had little or no concern about who was used or hurt. No deception was ever off limits to this group from Pennsylvania.

Was any good produced by the show? Yes. On one hand it showed the public that the paranormal world did exist and fostered discussion on topics like demons and demonic possession. On the other hand it did much harm and will continue to do damage as the reruns are seen on the internet and DVDs. The careers of the fake para-celebs flourish as they feed off the gullible who think that if it's on TV it's real.

Thanks to Paranormal State we have:

1 The myth of Dead Time.

2 If it gets TV ratings make sure you: fake evidence, fake cases, and fake just about everything.

3 Demons are under everyone's bed and behind every door!

4 If you want to be an expert demonologist all you have to do is read a few books and watch a few DVDs.

5 Lorraine Warren was beginning to fade from the public so Paranormal State revived her along with the myth of that Amityville horror hoax.

6 Take people who have mental issues and convince them they are demonically possessed. Perform a fake exorcism and leave them to suffer.

7 Make fun of suffering clients and promise to help them. Then, after the cameras are done rolling get out of town as fast as you can.

8 If anyone has the guts to stand up to your shady practices it's time to LIE! LIE! LIE!

Since they loved using phone psychics, why didn't they use the most famous one of them all -- Miss Cleo?

But the ultimate blow to the credibility of Paranormal State was the team using a spirit board in the final episode. If you have been a regular reader of my blogs you know my position on this matter as they are something to be avoided. And in a demonic haunting they are absolutely useless. Ryan Buell used to dislike them but apparently not any longer.

Unfortunately, this nightmare is not over. Just as Paranormal State faded away we are blessed with a new offering, Paranormal State: The New Class. What did we learn from the premiere episode? Why, it was just as faked and scripted as its predecessor. Yes, they fake evidence! Yes, they get everything wrong when it comes to the demonic!

We observe some very striking similarities to the first episode of Paranormal State.

1 Just as in "The Name" which was Paranormal State's first offering after the pilot, they brought us a demonic case. There is no proof of it being demonic.  

2 We are offered Chip Coffey as the psychic. Just like his past appearances, his readings made little or no sense. He didn't pass up the chance to use four letter words. For someone who claimed in "The Name" episode that demons/exorcisms weren't his area of expertise, Chip was quick to sling holy water. He'll interrupt a house cleansing and give bad advice -- which is nothing new for Mr. Coffey.

Here's an interesting observation. Chip claimed he left Paranormal State over personal and professional reasons, yet he chose to return for a single episode. We guess he fears not being on TV as that would mean he'd be out of people's minds.

Chip, thanks for reading this blog. You can rest easy knowing that you won't be mentioned in this Saturday's blog as we're exposing the Demon Exorcist conspiracy.

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