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Robbie Rascale's Rebuttal to the Bob Hunnicutt Case

By Robbie Rascale

We at the Eye on the Paranormal seek to be the leader in exposing paranormal fakery and deception, teachers of the word of God, open to allowing others spiritual point of views and allowing dissenting opinions a chance to be read.

The other day we were contacted concerning our investigation into BOB HUNNICUTT and his conviction of child abuse. We offered the person, Robbie Rascale, a chance to speak his mind on this matter, and he accepted. His letter is being posted as is – there has been no editing.
Kirby Robinson

Mr. Robinson,
It has long be said you are a man of wisdom, fairness and a true love for the word of God. Having been brought up in a devout Christian home myself, it disturbs me to think why you would report a story without either having all the facts and/or both sides of the story.

I've known Robert Hunnicutt for over 35 years, he was a paramedic while I was going through firefighters training outside of Macon Georgia. Many of us are very much aware of the accusations and subsequent conviction but those of us who know his character and true heart are far more open to seeing the entire truth. On one occasion while working as a paramedic I have seen the man in action first hand around children of all ages and no one in my career has ever given better care and been affected by the serious injuries or death of a infant or small child.

True, Robert was accused and convicted of child molestation, there is adequate documentation on that but what you don't see is a lot of the incidents that lead to that conviction. First of all, these accusations originally began as a part of a very dirty and destructive divorce case when Robert's ex-wife made the accusation in an attempt to remove his visitations rights. It is documented in court documents in Bibb County Juvenile Court that the judge not only found him innocent but pointed out how his ex-wife and her new husband had made false statements to several authorities in an attempt to remove his visitation and chided her as saying she had attempted to poison the childrens minds. He concluded by saying if she ever attempted anything like it again in Bibb County would likely cause her to lose her custody to Robert.

Three years later another accusation was made by a day care worker who stated Robert's youngest daughter stated her daddy bit her who called the Department of Family and Children's Services and whose case worker could never get the child to repeat the alledged statement. The child was removed from the home and placed in temporary foster care, but there were no physical evidence whatsoever that any biting had taken place. In fact, the child never repeated the alledged statement to anyone ever again if in fact she ever made it at all. Robert's wife lost custody because she defended him without hestiation and was therefore punished for not admitting it was possible.

The trial was nothing more than a state sanctioned mud slinging fight where there was no physical evidence of any kind, no repeating on alledged statements by the child and the only evidence given was heresay which the judge allowed which was later the cause of an appeal and subsequent awarding a new trial.

Now you must know that Robert had already spent 2 years at the county jail and never been released to the state prison system by order of the sheriff who allowed him (Robert) to stay pending his appeal. During this entire time, Robert was never treated like as a convicted child molester and had freedom to move around the courthouse, town and even helped to transport county vehicles to the mechanic's garage and back. He worked as dispatcher when there were open shifts. When he was awarded a new trial, Robert and his family discussed the options available to them and what would be better for them. The appeal attorney's fee was over $10,000 and for the past 2 years, his wife was the sole wage earner and had already been forced to file bankruptcy because of financial hardships. Against his better judgement and at the request of his family, Robert opted for a plea bargain so he would be able to return home and help his wife recover from financial ruin and get on with their lives for the sake of the daughters life.

In the past 20+ years, there have been no further accusations or legal issues of any kind whatsoever and Robert's family recovered and flourished over the next 2 decades. He and his daughter have never been closer.

Point of interest and fact Mr. Robinson, we both know true sexual predators and pedophiles are never cured and their perverted lust is never satisfied despite treatment with medications or therapy. If Robert had been a child molester, there would have surely been new accusations and/or charges, but that is not the case. The main reason this has become an issue again is the handy work of individuals with an axe to grind and to cause severe damage to Robert's character and life. If you knew this man the way I and many others do, if you spoke with the man yourself you would clearly see the only negative thing about him is the treatment he has received as a result of certain peoples obvious agenda, notably Shannon Sylvia.

If you've never spoken to him about this you may want to as he has officially removed himself from the paranormal community because of the harm being done to those who have supported him over the years.

[We informed Robbie how we conducted our investigation without revealing any names as we always protect our sources' identities.]

Shannon Sylvia took an attack position after Robert worked an event with Mike Roberts who apparently was at odds with each other. Up until that time Robert considered her a friend and told me he still has correspondance from her where they both were very jovial and friendly with one another. No doubt the well know convention holder was Keith Age and I was with Robert last year when he told Keith over the phone that he was pulling out of the event because Sylvia was to be in attendance. All I'm asking is to look at all the info in both court and individuals who genuinely know this man who is not only tenderhearted but values the safety and protection of life. There have been times when I teased Robert because he won't even kill insects in his home, instead he captures them and sets them free. Of all the people in this world I know, Robert is one of only 5 that I would trust with my life and the lifes of my family. Despite what is out there and currently being said, he's an honorable man who if I'm not mistaken took offense to the statements and comments of Chip Coffey and Michelle Griffin (who was another who began publicly attacking him over this because of comments he made to an event promoter who promptly told Griffin of his comments) he spoke of you a couple of years ago when doing that incredibly silly internet radio show with the Divas or something to that effect. 

I'm curious about a couple of issues, first when you state you conducted a full investigation and spoke with police/court officials, whom did you speak with. Did you find out that the sheriff often set Robert with the warrant officer (who was also the sheriff's elderly father) to help him drive to and picking up or delivering other prisoners to jails in Georgia and Florida? Or that the sheriff was a huge supporter of the local boy scouts and each year had a food stand at the state fair each year and that Robert worked there with other employees and their families? I seriously doubt any law enforcement officer would allow anyone believed to be a predator of any type to take free part in these activities and many others. I'm also curious what woman complained at what conference, haven't heard about this before now. I know for a fact Robert always kept lots of people around him for obvious reasons and that many of them were women affliated with the event.

Please understand sir, for too many years I've seen this man hurt and insulted by an ordeal that took place over 20 years ago that had no physical evidence, no medical evidence and only hearsay evidence used to throw enough mud on this man to make him appear guilty. His health continues to fail, cardiac and circulatory disease as well as an aortic aneursym and for lack of a better word has given up on yet another dream of his. It's truly sad to see a man that would never turn his back on anyone or anything, see everyone turn their collective backs on him.

Thank you for your honesty and fairness.

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Fred Brimstone said...

I have to say that the testament of this man seems sincere and believable, BUT can the community afford to take a chance of a scenario where this individual could possibly interact with children? (especially under the pretense of a "paranormal investigation"?)

I agree that if these accusations are untrue and an innocent mans' reputation has been destroyed, it is indeed a travesty and I wholeheartedly believe that some of the aforementioned C list para-celebs wouldn't hesitate for a microsecond to slander someone they are at odds with over something petty and catty. The problem IS that the conviction stands and the safety of a child is of FAR greater importance than this mans' continued presence in the paranormal community.

I am curious about the assertion that the Sheriff allowed this man to participate in Boy Scout sponsored events and have to inquire if this was before or after the charges? ( If I read that part correctly)

Unknown said...

V.K. Bronz
Im so sorry to hear of this horrible bickering. It alwaYS AMAZES ME HOW MANY PEOPLE PROCLAIM THE LORD AND WITH THE VERY SAME MOUTH ARE WILLING TO TOTALLY DESTROY A PERSONS LIFE out of petty selfish bickering. I have been in the same place being falsely accused I know we all have, some charges worse than others all so someone can have the upper hand over us. I would like to share what the Lord spoke to me regarding this; I had been praying fervently one night and felt strongly to absolve anyone who had ever done me wrong and whom I had done wrong. As I was going over the List of people my ex husband was one who had done the same thing; falsly accusing me of abuse in our divorce so he could get all he could of the resources. But the funny thing was when I lifted him up to the Lord to absolve him of this and much much more the Lord very clearly said NO. I was taken aback,what Lord, "NO" I do not release him from what he did to his children, the total lack of regard for their well being, the selfish stealing of everything they had, there home their clothes and even their toys,he left them with no home no where to go so he could line his pockets, he stole my Glory from them. Wow I had never thought about that, How his actions is what caused them to go through so much hardship and they would blame God in their hearts, he truely had stolen Gods glory. (yes God could have covered it all but chose not to to hold him in judgement)I was so taken aback I was stunned. I said but Lord we are to forgive everyone all they have done to us, and the Lord spoke to me saying; Yes we are to forgive but it is I that pours out vengence to those who have harmed my little ones.
Our God is a defender of the widow and the fatherless, those that are so willing to destroy others for their own personal gain will pay.

Bobnoxious said...

God said all that to you?

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...

"Robbie Rascal" aka Bishop James Long aka "John Hartlett". How many names does this man of the cloth go by?"

Interesting little group of names, feels like a 'bitter' woman has surfaced bet I could name that one in particular IF I choose to, always the same every single time it rears its ugly fat head

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me Robbie and Robert are in bed together, Ive seen this guy in action and his paws were all over a married woman

Tammy Alenduff said...

I have a very good friend that is involved in paranormal field, and has been for 20 years. When she told me about Mr. Hunicutt, I was shocked. However, I know this woman well enough that she does not 'accuse' others of anything without substantial proof.

Mr. Hunicutt has sent her several threatening emails, and even supposedly one from a law firm out in AZ, I do believe, threatening her with libel if she spoke of this. That has not stopped her.

Also, the court transcripts are of public information, so anyone can obtain them and read them for themselves. I saw her copy, and they churned my stomach, so much of what this person says is not true.

I know many in the paranormal field, that when they were made aware of this, did cut ties with Mr. Hunnicut and still distance themselves with good cause.

Mr. Hunnicut has no business doing any type of investigation where there are children involved - period.

Bishop james Long said...

Kirby, I am requesting that you immediately remove "anonymous" comment. It is slanderous.

Anonymous wrote,
"Robbie Rascal" aka Bishop James Long aka "John Hartlett". How many names does this man of the cloth go by?

I dont know a Robbie Rascal. Robbie Rascal wrote...
"I've known Robert Hunnicutt for over 35 years, he was a paramedic while I was going through firefighters training outside of Macon Georgia."

First you stupid, idiotic Anonymous jackass, I dont live in Georgia and never have. Secondly, I am not a fire fighter. Finally, I have not known Bob for 35 years.

I have nothing to do with this article and Anonymous, if you have something to say to me, then stop hiding behind your stupid little computer, and put your REAL damn name in the computer so that everyone can see who you are.

Anyone can hide behind a name anonymous. That is a cowards way of doing things.

Kirby, I am requesting that you remove this slanderous comment. I dont know this Robbie Rascal and I am NOT Josh Hartlett. I am really getting tired of this type of crap. Every single DAY I have to deal with this type of stuff. Every single day

eyeontheparanormal said...


1 the staff at the eye had nothing to do with this blog

2 but it does brings up a issue Bobs Bio atates that he worked with CHIP COFFEY ,Chip states he was speaker at events with BOB [ that is not working with but appearing with Chip says he knew nothing about the charges yet his manager BABS knew about them

X said...

I’m going to have to say I believe Tammy. Made my skin crawl to think of this guy doing something like that and I’m with Bob WTF would he still be around kids no matter what, just insisting on it brings suspicion. We cannot take the chance; Bob Hunnicut needs a civil case to get all that cleared IF it’s not true. Insisting on working around kids is just not going to benefit anyone; he needs to file a civil case.

and Bishop Long, grow up, it's not about you all the time, lol

Fred Brimstone said...

Oh now we have a "Bishop" LOL

Ladies and gentleman I am changing my name to "Pope Brimstone".

Anonymous said...

"First you stupid, idiotic Anonymous jackass...."

This is coming from a man who calls himself a Bishop? ouch. Sounds like a wolf in sheep's clothing to me

Anonymous said...

Doesnt Shannon have a restraining order against Bob? If this is indeed true then a judge somewhere had to be convinced he was guilty of something down the line. I'd like to hear his explanation of why, doesn't seem a simple vendetta is enough to get an order against someone

- Suzy

eyeontheparanormal said...

This was shared here by a pass that loves to make fun of the blind

Michelle G has left a new comment on your post "Robbie Rascale's Rebuttal to the Bob Hunnicutt Cas...": 

I, Michelle Griffin aka Babs was never Chip Coffey's manager. Eyeontheparanormal/Kirby should put forth even just a tiny bit of effort in fact finding before publishing fancy as fact. 

Gee Babs your eyesight is worse than mine because if you note it was a guest blog and the author was given credit 3 times -- 1 of which was in the title itself. Kirby nor Eye on the Paranormal had anything to do with it.

Now go and sweet talk Ron Tebo. People who hate the blind are not welcome here.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Anything BABS says is not welcome on this page

we asked her to take a stand on Chip poking fun at Kirby going blind she did not so we are

eyeontheparanormal said...

What BABS does not tell you is that everyone knew this was BOB from the start

BABS your right nothing gets past the eye weather you post under your name or a fake name

Guess you and BEA have many things in common you think you run this blog well you do not

any further posting here will force us into contacting google and report your actions as a stalker

Anonymous said...

Stalker????? This was the first time that I have ever commented on your page, ever!!

Michelle said...

PLEASE report me as a stalker Kirby. Let's pull up the IP addresses of how often I've been here on this site in the last year or two. It would be no more than 5 and that counts 3 times today.
If you knew it was Bob than why didn't you point that out to the readers? Irresponsible. You let people go and comment believing this was some innocent bystander writing on behalf of their good friend Bob. Go ahead and delete this. I don't care. I think you are an idiot. You have to be if for no other reason than to post your bull crap that I am/was ever Chip's manager. You have zero credibility.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what everything Michelle says.... and dislike that you delete everything that points out how Bob is in the wrong and everyone else is in the right.

eyeontheparanormal said...

BANS go make fun of blind people both you and chip do it very well

even the woman we talked to about BOB knew that was him

and anyone that looked at the FB page knew that was a fake

King Krimson said...

Hey I noticed that the "Through The Veil" event attendance looked mighty sparse this year judging from the photos I saw. How much more do they think they can milk that disgrace of a show "Psychic Kids" year after year?

God I can't wait until this fad ends and all you losers go away.

Michelle G said...

King Crimson, Through The Veil attendance fell below my projected 300. 264 attendees enjoyed an incredible weekend. Not what I call sparse but it's also not a sci-fi, horror or comic con type event. Thanks for your concern (although Kirby will likely not allow you to see my comment).

eyeontheparanormal said...

Michelle was asked not to post here due to her love of making fun of blind people along with Mr Chip Coffey we have the video clip yet she keeps posting

just like Bea now what does that say in Chips choice of woman

every speaker at the event was a fake so maybe people was smart and saved their money

if Michelle keeps posting we will do a Crazy as Michelle book along with I BEA CRAZY

King Krimson said...

Oh God Michelle, will you please let that that horrific era of unadulterated child exploitation end and stop trying to milk every last cent out of it you can? It's not a matter of "concern" on my part, I enjoyed watching it flop...

Yeah just an "incredible" weekend of charlatans, flakes and silly old cows playing psychic LOL

Hey, were there any certified "therapists" available to diagnose troubled children as "psychic" by any chance?

Great photos BTW (snort)...Wow, 267 attendees over 3 days? (that's probably including the participants). Yep it's over.


eyeontheparanormal said...

everyone she had there was being pimped there by her go look at the list of speaks then her promotions page

they even gave away free tixs and sold them at a deep discount

In the ATL they hate fake psychics and people who hate blind people

guess the phone to the dead did not warn you the show would flop must be out of order

BOB you like this thread you started it [ did you really think we did not know]

Tammy Alenduff said...

Court records do not lie, and anyone can obtain them if they so wish. I will warn you, the testimony of what happened to that child is not the sort of thing you would want to read before going to bed. While the person that wrote this blog, says he has known Mr. Hunnicutt for so long, he doesn't seem to know too much about the court records. Mr. Hunnicutt also sent several threatening letters to my friend, which I've seen. They supposedly came from an attorney, but they did not.

As far as what has been said about the sheriff, I live in GA. I unfortunately know first hand, how the law enforcement is down here. There is the 'good ole boy' network, and while I realize that goes on to an extent elsewhere, in someplaces down here it't twice as bad. Fortunately there are more good than bad, but I have encountered the bad, and known others that have had worse dealings with the bad. You remember the old song "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia"? Well, that song about says it all. If in fact that sheriff was allowing all of that, then all I can say is shame on them.

While organizations that deal with children should do background verification's, sadly they do not. If my son were at the age (he's 25 now)to be in these type of organizations, I would do my own background checks into the leaders.

I've heard of several stories about Mr. Hunnicutt when I was still involved in the paranormal field. Of course he is going to try to align himself with others who are well known. It only makes him look all the better, after all. I can say I am a friend Jason Hawes, although I only met him once many years ago, and have a picture to prove it. It does not mean, however, that we are actually friend friends. I hope that explanation makes sense.

While I do not agree with what Michelle and Chip did about making fun of Kirby, let's step back and look at this for just a minute. Kirby has written badly about Chip for years. I think we all, as humans, at one time or another, have made 'fun' of something about our enemies. It's human nature. It's not like they went and made a website making fun of Kirby that that can be viewed daily. I wouldn't have known about it, if the link hadn't been posted in another blog thread. I don't think too many other people know about it either.

Through The Veil isn't just about Psychic Kids. It is a metaphysical event. They have many speakers that do seminars on a variety of subjects. It's about life enrichment. Do they have speakers that do lectures on the paranormal? Yes. But there is much more to it than that. I was lucky enough to go year before last, because Michelle was kind enough to let me come for free. Although I did not attend any lectures the day I went, I met many fascinating people. And let's face it, anything to do with the paranormal is a big draw.

Just because someone is not a Christian, or even if they call themselves a Christian, I do not think Jesus is going to not 'save' someone for believing in the paranormal, psychics, or anything else.

This is the part that has always confused me in regards to Christianity. Everyone says they believe in Jesus, his message, and the New Testament. But then, they go and preach mostly using from the Old Testament. I thought Jesus was about love, forgiving enemies and that he died on the cross to forgive us for our sins. Yet, so many Christians don't even begin to follow those teachings.

That was one of the reasons why I left Christianity many years ago, because of the hypocrisy, and now call myself a Pagan. My hubby is a Christian, and I've had to remind him a couple of times about forgiveness and not judging others. If there is a Jesus, and a Christian God, then I think everyone needs to remember that they are the only ones that can judge whether or not a person goes to Heaven, not anyone else.

King Krimson said...

Tammy I'm fine with almost all you have stated but if you Google "Through The Veil-Psychic Kid Camps" you will see that there seems to be a history as well as an ongoing concerted effort by that "woman" (that mocked Kirby's blindness with her hideous cackle) to cash in on what many of us deem to be psychological abuse and unabashed exploitation of children...Gee I wonder if they take these kids to murder sites to pick on "psychic impressions" the way they did on the show?...

From a Google search:
Through The Veil-Psychic Kid Camps
(I have replaced portions of the URLs with "X"s so blogger will allow posting of this comment without comment approval)

TTV Live - Through the Veil
Home | Psychic Kids Camp | 3rd Annual Paranormal & Metaphysical Events | About Through the Veil | TTV LIVE | Contact Us ...
2012 Event Speaker Information - Through the Veil

Through the Veil Productions Promotes Spiritual, Paranormal and Metaphysical Events, Psychic Kids Camps, Chip Coffey Speaking Events.
EventsandAppearancesXX michellebabiarz.XXX eventsandappearances.XXX

Through The Veil Kids; Psychic Kids Weekend with Chip Coffey, Christopher Fleming, Edy Nathan and MORE! March 18th - 20th, 2011. XXX.throughtheveil.XXX ...

Through The Veil Productions - Wall | Facebook
XXX.throughtheveil.XXX Through the Veil Productions Promotes Spiritual, Paranormal and Metaphysical Events, Psychic Kids Camps, Chip Coffey Speaking ...

Makes me SICK..,.


Tammy Alenduff said...

That is a different venue, than the one that is held in Atlanta, and that I spoke of.

Wizard of Liberty said...

It amazes me how so many people are missing the point here and are constantly going back to court papers, good ole boy networks and court orders. We're talking about a flesh and blood man, not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but certainly not a monster. Court papers are going to be full of outlandish accusations and is not testimony or evidence. Most of all, doesn't it seem strange how the attacks on Mr. Hunnicutt have nothing to do with the original case against him but are more slanderous than anything else? A married woman huh? Well how is that relevant? Was she under the age of 14? No, she was in her 40's and was married herself, not unlike many other people in the paranormal like Patrick Burns for example. (whew that's another story by itself) Shannon Sylvia is a fool if she believes anyone with a working understanding of the law is going to believe she had a restraining order against Mr. Hunnicutt. I've seen and heard both the communications between them and there was no threatening done except by Sylvia. There's also the matter of off duty police officers from Leominster calling Mr. Hunnicutt threatening him with legal action but when his attorney attempted to speak with either of these two officers not only would they not speak to him there were no official actions filed or in the works against Mr. Hunnicutt. Sylvia is a accident waiting to happen and way too many people are saying the exact same thing including past and present cast members of GHI, "Stay away from Shannon, she's nothing but trouble."
As for the conviction standing I have to ask, does no one listen anymore? Of course the conviction stands and that's due to the inability of the Hunnicutt family having the financial resources to deal with another trial to begin with. Had they had the money necessary for another trial that's exactly what they would have done. I guess with today's economy no one has been without a job lately to understand how not working for over 2 years can have a drain on families financial abilities, but I guess that's the difference if you proclaim your innocence and can't afford to prove it. If he'd been African-American it would have been labeled racism but because he's white it doesn't matter.
Babs and her craziness is another excellent point here, her and her cohorts are the ones probably doing the most lashing out in the public eye and on this page. Let's face it, Babs and Denise Roffe have the most to gain by constantly trashing this man, he called them out as frauds and if he's out of the way there's one less person shouting it from the rooftops. Whether or not Hunnicutt worked with Chip Coffey or not is a matter of opinion, he did both consult and attend investigations where Coffey was involved. Maybe it's puffing the truth a bit but it's not the same thing as Bab's being involved with the likes of Coffey or Moon and his so called telephone to the dead.
Basically except for one or two, most of you are simply rehashing your opinion the man is guilty, case closed and I suppose that's easy for closed minded individuals who don't want to be targeted themselves so pleased don't act surprised when your spouse, friend, associate at work tells you a story about someone they know or love having been accused falsely or convicted of a crime. Will they deserve the same attacks are compassion because it's someone you know. As for Brimstones comment, we're not just talking about his presense in the paranormal; he's lost far more than that and if all you can see is a guilty verdict it's obvious you miss Rascale's response to begin with; the man doesn't have the character or mental makeup to have done what he was accused of and having an affair with a mature, adult woman is far from child molestation.
Thanks to Kirby for being fair enough to hear the other side of this and to Valerie for sharing her story too.
Ben Scott

Unknown said...

Kirby thank you for bringing this blog to my attention. I'll state the facts there, I get along pretty much everyone from GHI, just Thursday I went out with Barry and Dustin and last month got along famously with Robb and Joe. Andy has dropped out of the field altogether so whomever is spreading rumors my cast members all hate me is wasting time. If I must, I will post the restraining order against Hunnicutt. It's a little yellow piece of paper issued by Sargent Andrew Dupris from the Leominster Police Department. In fact, I was sitting at Mr.Dupris' desk when Bob called screaming threatening to have his lawyer contact them because he was not happy about the order. Bob LOVES to throw the lawyer threat at everyone that looks his way. Reminds me of someone I used to work with. Bob has been forbidden come within 200 yards of me hence he cannot appear at conferences I am speaking at. Give me the word and i'll post the paperwork, and yes, it's all public record. I showed a judge the slanderous and sickening comments Bob made to me and most in public, which I have screen shots of all. I have never threatened everyone and of course thats an oxymoron since Bob proclaims to people I was nothing but friendly and nice to him. Let's lay it on the line here, he became belligerent after I repeatedly turned him down for 'representation' as nooon under the ParaRock name is accepted who has a criminal record. I was nice about it and simply turned him down. He got ugly, as he does, and began the name calling - and quite harsh names they were! I received a text message last month from him saying he was going to be dead and i'm preventing him from having heart surgery blaah blaah blaah... I don't play games with people or enjoy the psychotic pleas for attention and I was nice enough not to turn that message in to the police because it's a waste of my time. If he wants to continuously say he's out of the paranormal and point fingers at everyone but himself he just sinks in his hole a little more every time.

Bobnoxious said...

Ah para drama at it's best.

Convicted child molesters...para-conventions...really bad paranormal related promotional agencies...TV team in-fighting and rumors...moronic fans...phony psychics...copy-cat teams...Zak Bagans ...etc, etc ...

Well at least now we can assume that most trailer parks have cable TV these days.

BTW- I have no idea who "Barry, Dustin, Robb and Joe" are and I am immensely proud of it.

Tammy Alenduff said...

Mr. Scott, it's interesting that you bring up Denise. She has not spoken publicly of this, so what would she have to gain? Nothing. She has tried to avoid all this drama for quite sometime.

It's also funny that you brought up Patrick, because from what I heard from several different sources, they were very good friends.

Mr. Hunnicutt has the resources to pay for an attorney to harass people, but couldn't afford to clear his name? That doesn't make sense to me in the least.

I'm sorry that Mr. Hunnicutt is in poor health. I do not wish that on anyone, but for him to continually try to make others the scapegoat for his actions are wrong.

King Krimson said...

Yeah it's kind of odd (if true) that Mr. Hunnicutt can afford attorneys to threaten lawsuits and such but not to clear his good name.


Anonymous said...

And now Robbie Rascale has magically turned into Wizard of Liberty/Ben Scott. Sigh. This is getting extraordinarily old, Bob.

Bob Hunnicutt said...

This will be my only response to this ridiculous free for all. Do with it as you may, believe what you will because frankly I don't care anymore. I have been officially out of the paranormal circus for the past 2 months because of this and only this. From the very beginning I proclaimed my innocence and still do so today, but I accepted a plea deal only after being away from my wife and daughters for almost 2 years and the financial burden on them was tremendous. Believe or don't, it's FYI and if you don't so what.

Second, Shannon Sylvia you are an outright liar. I was never served with any protective order dealing with you or anyone else. You got two of your hometown cop stooges to call and attempt to scare me but it didn't work. My question is why wouldn't these two officers respond to my attorney's requests to speak with them? Why? Because it was an unofficial phone call and you know it. Next, as for my wanting you to represent me? You've got to be kidding? You and I were already signed with the same agency and agent out of Chicago because he and I discussed your situation in great length. At one time I thought we were friends, that is until you went on the attack because I was working with Mike Roberts. Did you forget calling all those people telling them I'd sold out because you hated Mike? You're a sad case lady, perhaps you need professional help.
Finally, the bottom of the well...Chip Coffey, Babs Griffin and Denise Roffe. Chip and Babs, nuff said about you losers. But as for Denise Roffe, here is a woman having an extra-marital affair with Patrick Burns and when he ended it you went bonkers calling him, let's see...a sexual predator and sex addict because you were mad. When you called me begging to know his whereabouts, I immediately called Patrick and warned him but since he had no apparent self control posted a blog on MySpace and you knew it was me who tipped him off. That's when you went on the attack and started digging in my past.
Finally, I spent the majority of my adult life attempting to help people, first as a paramedic and then in the paranormal. My career in the EMS ended because of a kangaroo court in Jones County Georgia, my work in the paranormal by each of the aforementioned losers. No matter how you cut it, at the end of the day none of you will ever come close to the dedication to documenting phenomena on film and video. I never sold out by kissing anyone or anything to get on tv like Chip or Babs. As for me, you won't have me to kick around anymore. So when a family comes under malevolent attack please don't send in the tv fans.

FYI, I don't have a lot of money for attorney's, they were friends of the family and did it for nothing.

Tammy Alenduff said...

I don't know why Denise's name keeps getting brought up, as she has not posted one comment, nor is she mentioned in the blog. She also never spoken publicly in regards to you, Mr. Hunnicutt, so for you to talk the way you do about her, is very wrong.

And your ole buddy continues to harass her to this day. Why can't he leave her alone and live his life? Isn't he happily married now?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

oh snap!

Anonymous said...

Prrrrettttyyyyy sure Bob's wishing he'd never started this thread right about now.

Anonymous said...

@Tammy Your comment court papers do not lie is an obvious identifier you are personally involved with someone either attached to the court case or to some of those who have attempted to rough house Bob in one way or another. The only court papers you would have access to are either the initial charges and the final deposition of the case which is only going to have the charge, it is not testimony. If you have a copy of the trial transcript you may be more involved with his character assassination than we imagined. My quess is it is the architect of this linch mob, probably Denise Roffe or Michelle Griffin. Of course Denise is trying to avoid the drama, she is not a highly respected member of the field and has been the repeated topic of discussion not to mention jokes. It is also dumbfounding how you comment on Bob's having an affair but you go out of your way to avoid or even shield an overweight married woman with obvious self esteem problems having a sexual relationship with another woman's husband. No, in today's society cheating on your spouse is a common everyday thing so do not attempt to use that to your twisted delight. My question to you and everyone else, have you ever taken the time to speak with Bob, his wife or his children? It would be a safe bet to wager none of you have because it is always easier to attack someone you do not know on a personal level. We have only known him a short 5 years and have only worked with Bob a couple of times, but his devotion to helping families and individuals will blow your mind. Have to the guts to check things out for yourself before believing everything you read. Most of all, he has already stepped out of the limelight because his health has gotten to the point he will be looking at a number of surgeries in the very near future. You people should be ashamed, very ashamed.

Michelle G said...

First let me say that I don't give much credibility to those who won't use their actual name. It reeks of a single person changing their identities to appear greater in number.
Secondly, "King" you didn't do your homework very well which is often the case. People make large assumptions based on little information. I was planning a Psychic Kids weekend about 18 months ago or more. I made the decision that the weekend would cost way too much money making the per person cost too high AND frankly, when I began to put out some feelers about it, the interest just wasn't there.
In addition to claiming that Through The Veil is all about Psychics kids... we've had 2 panels (50 minutes) and 1 afternoon dedicated to psychic kids in the last 5 years. Last year, there were no panels on Psychic Kids, although a few attended the weekend.
Finally, all the stupidity of saying I hate blind people is so old. 1. I never said anything about Kirby or his failing eyesight. 2. I did NOT know Chip was going to say something. It doesn't matter to me whether you believe that or not. In fact, I told Chip beforehand that although we could discuss issues we would not mention names. Did he plan on saying or doing what he did? I don't know. During the course of our friendship I saw many instances of random "humour" and I believe that is what happened that night. He was fed up with the crap and as well do at times, reached a boiling point. As for my cackle... I agree. That was a surprised loud laugh directly into a mic. Believe what you want to believe. If Kirby was sincerely hurt by Chips comment then I am sorry. If he just looked at it as a golden opportunity, then so be it.
This whole page is about B.H. and it might be noticeable that I have not commented about him and I won't. I won't even mention his name.

Tammy Alenduff said...

First of all Anonymous, I am a real person, and my name is exactly as shown. Kirby, as well as a couple of others that have commented can verify that fact. You are the one making assumptions.

Court records/documents, in fact do not lie, and they are available for anyone that wants them. They are a matter of public information. Anyone can contact the courthouse, and request them if they are willing to pay the charge. You have obviously not seen them, and you yourself say that you have only known him for 5 years, so just how well do you know him?

Ms. Roffe did not comment on this thread anywhere, not even under an anonymous name, so why she was brought up to begin with I still question. Maybe to draw the fire away from Mr. Hunnicutt, as Patrick was also brought up in that same comment? It you really show how petty you are, with your description of Ms. Roffe. You've obviously never met her, and you want to belittle others that have not met Mr. Hunnicutt? Please. And you obviously do know all of the facts of what happened between Ms. Roffe and Mr. Burns.

Please show me where I said anything in regards to Mr. Hunnicutt having an affair? I didn't. Please get your facts straight, before you try to out me.

Looks like you need to take many things into consideration that you are try berate me.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Look what the judge gave me today Bob! Thank you for the texted threat message you sent me and blogs to show him. Check your mail ;)

King Krimson said...

Oh "Michelle G.", your wine addled cackle following Chip sticking his face in the (web) camera to mock Kirby's blindness was quite offensive on it's own.

Please...the Google search returns speak for themselves. You promote or have promoted "psychic kids camps" and continue to promote one of the most despicable, psychologically abusive and child exploitative shows to ever pollute the basic cable spectrum even years after it's long overdue cancellation. You represent and epitomize everything that I abhor about the contemporary para-community and this is exemplified by your relentless campaign to incorporate children into your agenda of self promotion.

BTW I didn't know you were planning a "Psychic Kids Weekend" but thanks for this public admission, we'll be sure to look into it. This serves as a salient example of your continued determination to possibly inflict mental damage on innocent child to back a few dollars and keep your fading image in the spotlight just a little bit longer.

And FTR, I only post under this one solitary identity so I guess your self proclaimed powers as a "world renowned psychic" must be failing you.


King Krimson said...

Mr Hunnicut I would think a conviction for aggravated child molestation would have contributed to you leaving the "paranormal circus" and it should have been a lot longer than 2 months ago (guilty or not).

I'm sure your video documented paranormal activity is unremarkable and easily debunk-able like all the rest and frankly, I personally would prefer that you are now removed from the list of resources a family could turn to for help with a "malevolent entity".


Tammy Alenduff said...

Some other things I want to point out Anonymous. You obviously don't know Denise very well, or only travel in one certain circle, because she is very well known and respected.

You also don't know Mr. Burns very well, because Denise was not his only victim. I am friends with a woman that was one of his first victims, and I know of another one on the west coast that thought when he left his wife (who was fully aware of what was going on, btw), he would be moving out there with her. So maybe you should be asking questions from other's outside your little group to get the full story.

Something else you stated, since you brought up the affairs, that I find deeply disturbing:

"No, in today's society cheating on your spouse is a common everyday thing so do not attempt to use that to your twisted delight."

Maybe in the circle you travel in, it is an everyday thing. However, the people that I know it most certainly is not. It still to this day haunts and tears at Denise.

It seems you are the one using it to your own twisted delight.

Anonymous said...

this man calls himself the 'Paranormal Gentleman' ha ha ha ha ha !!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
chris o. said...

this is awesome! u people r tearing each other apart and it's the height of entertainment. ur all so jealous of each other and all up in each others business that it makes great entertainment for the rest of us.

i know shannon sylvia personally, i know patrick burns personally, i've seen bob hunnicutt speak at a conference and i've had a reading from chip coffee. as for the rest of u...who r u? who is denise roffe? who is babs? who is michelle g? r u people that desperate for attention? i think it's hilarious. i'm laughing at myself for even posting here.

for bob the past is the past dude. if u have court papers, own up to them and get on. what harm is it now? i thought i'd read on facebook several times that u'd retired frm the paranormal. do it. it's a blood sucker of a field. what do u have to gain from it if ur so sick and no one appreciates u. life is too short man.

shannon ur such a nice person and i love ur pararock stuff, but u r the queen drama shit-stirrer. u have a sick husband that needs u and a great new business. u don't need to do this anymore. live and let live. make cakes and be happy. u have talent for it.

patrick and his (new) wife r happily married and stay out of this kind of thing. since i know him, i know for a fact he doesn't harass anyone. what a joke. sounds like a woman scorned to say that. whatever his past is is between him and his wife.

u people r so funny and naive. like patrick and bob were the first men in history to have extramarital affairs and just because they didn't leave their family for whatever woman of the moment, ur all victims. yeah, victims of opportunity to sleep with a "celebrity." u say it right there that some west coast idiot thought he was moving out there after sleeping with. did this denise person think she was going to marry him too? or marry bob? jesus it's better than jerry springer.

u think patrick and bob are the only ones who've slept around? do u want me to get a list of women who've been promised the world by bagans, , hanson, schrader, fleming, belanger, sagers, gruenwald, all of them. yo naive people, the list goes on. and that's just the men. u women rn't exactly pushing them away, or turning them down. i love it!

for that matter, shannon and patrick are some of the most genuine and real people in this silly field of wannabes, 15 minute famers, and bandwagoners. whoever this denise person is who had an affair with burns, she's hardly a victim. takes two people for the act, honey. and denise's press representative tammy. ur hilarious. it this denise person "still haunts and tears at her today" it's called medication and a psychiatrist. look into both and get over urself.

and tammy, thanks for the work of fiction here. ur awesome. i love pot stirrers 'cuz it keeps me entertained to see the human pit bulls go after each other. u 2 kirby, ur the king of it and i love u for ir.

going for more popcorn to watch this movie continue.

oh, and i'm post anonymously 'cuz i don't have a google account and i'm at my brother's house on his computer. so tear me apart and try to figure out who i am in some online drama conspiracy. i'm no one. just someone u all entertain immensely. hahahaha

chris o.

Tammy Alenduff said...

Well, Chris and Anonymous can think what they want. I haven't been in the paranormal field for 5 years. And do you think Patrick is going to harass someone and let either of you know? Talk about sad and pathetic.

If he is happily married, then he needs to leave Denise alone, and move on, instead of harassing her. And I'm sorry, but I do believe her over him because I have known him and I continue to be friends with her.

You both show such a level of maturity. Truly.

I've never had a desire to be 'famous', so sorry to bust that theory for you. I'm very happy in my little life. Doesn't sound like either of you are though.

Bobnoxious said...

"Chris" do you find aggravated child molestation entertaining as well?

Who's Patrick Burns and why am I "jealous" of him again?

You aren't texting your BFF right now so how about going the extra mile and actually typing out the 2 whole additional letters required to correctly spell words like "you" instead of just "u" (that is unless you're Prince). It's really annoying and severely detracts from your already limited and literacy compromised credulity.

Anonymous said...

Drama Chaser Tammy, I bet you read the tabloids too! You're hysterical (in a, petty, pathetic, mental sort of way!) Please continue to entertain us with your 2nd hand stories and rumors!!!

Anonymous said...

Somebody get the bea-no out, I think beazilla back LOL

Bobnoxious said...

I was thinking Bea too especially when I saw the disgusting purple thing. Real classy.

Ignore her, she's not even morbidly interesting anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yea, that was the tip-off b-zilla was lurking (pathetic huh, LOL)

btw.. how low class to post that.

Anonymous said...

Who is b-zilla? I thought the dildo was funny. I kinda think this how thread is funny. Well not the child molestation part. But I agree just because a court document exist it doesn't tell the whole story. My cousin got a DUI because he'd had nearly a whole bottle of Nyquil after work and got pulled over. Still had to go to court. Had to pay a fine. Lost his license even though he fought it. Just saying just because a court says it doesn't mean it's true.

Also, had to laugh at this. "You also don't know Mr. Burns very well, because Denise was not his only victim. I am friends with a woman that was one of his first victims, and I know of another one on the west coast that thought when he left his wife (who was fully aware of what was going on, btw), he would be moving out there with her."

Uh, so what? I'm a guy so I have to laugh at this logic. A man and woman having a relationship make promises to each other, they break up and they're still suppose to keep the promises? HA! And the one who got dumped is suddenly a victim? Take some responsibility for your own actions ladies. That's why there are so many single women (and married ones apparently) who just don't get it Because you have sex with someone doesn't make them yours forever. Apparently Mr. Burns has moved on a long time ago. I've seen him and his wife at events and they're the most happily in love couple ever. Stick that in your jealousy, I suppose. And I notice they're not chiming in here. Good for them.

I too don't know who Denise Roffe is or Babs whoever and I had to Google Shannon Sylvia. Sorry. But I know where to go if I need a pararocking birthday cake.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bobnoxious said...

Speaking of "logic", the attempt to compare an incident involving someone drinking a bottle of NyQuil thus generating a DUI charge to that of aggravated child molestation is just a great analogy "Anonymous".

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure whoever posted the dildo intended it as a joke. Cripes people. You don't need to be looking for ghosts. you need to search for a sense of humor! People in this so-called field take themselves entirely too seriously. And thats a joke in and of itself!

Anonymous said...

". But I know where to go if I need a pararocking birthday cake. "


Tammy Alenduff said...

I agree, drinking a whole bottle of Nyquil, compared to child molestation are two entirely different matters. And why would anyone drink an entire bottle and get behind a wheel to drive? Maybe didn't deserve to lose his license, but sure did deserve a ticket.

As far as being jealous of Mr. Burns and his numerous affairs? Not hardly. And seeing as none of you know what exactly transpired during that affair, seems you need to learn to hold your tongues. It wasn't just simple promises.

Again, if he is happy in his married life, then he needs to leave my friend alone and move on with his life. Again, what he does in public and what he does in private out of everyone's view are two different things.

Beazilla thinks that the two of them are friends, for some strange reason. I guess she's also mad because I'm not paying full attention to her psychotic crap. She's not happy with just being a Goddess or High Priestess of Hollywood. She's still spewing I'm stalking her, even though I've proven she's the one that has been doing that for the last 3 almost 4 years. She's such an idiot and drama queen.

Anonymous said...

And... it's been verified.... the person who posted what is below? Is Patrick Burns. Sheesh!!

Anonymous said...
"Who is b-zilla? I thought the dildo was funny. I kinda think this how thread is funny. Well not the child molestation part. But I agree just because a court document exist it doesn't tell the whole story. My cousin got a DUI because he'd had nearly a whole bottle of Nyquil after work and got pulled over. Still had to go to court. Had to pay a fine. Lost his license even though he fought it. Just saying just because a court says it doesn't mean it's true.

Also, had to laugh at this. "You also don't know Mr. Burns very well, because Denise was not his only victim. I am friends with a woman that was one of his first victims, and I know of another one on the west coast that thought when he left his wife (who was fully aware of what was going on, btw), he would be moving out there with her."

Uh, so what? I'm a guy so I have to laugh at this logic. A man and woman having a relationship make promises to each other, they break up and they're still suppose to keep the promises? HA! And the one who got dumped is suddenly a victim? Take some responsibility for your own actions ladies. That's why there are so many single women (and married ones apparently) who just don't get it Because you have sex with someone doesn't make them yours forever. Apparently Mr. Burns has moved on a long time ago. I've seen him and his wife at events and they're the most happily in love couple ever. Stick that in your jealousy, I suppose. And I notice they're not chiming in here. Good for them.

I too don't know who Denise Roffe is or Babs whoever and I had to Google Shannon Sylvia. Sorry. But I know where to go if I need a pararocking birthday cake."
September 13, 2012 11:59 PM

Anonymous said...

Wow! Anonymous poster verifys the identity of another anon! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

"I am friends with a woman that was one of his first victims," Nope. Sorry. Women who knowingly and willfully enter into relationships with married men don't get to pull the "victim" card. Doesn't work that way. Try and share a little accountability for your actions ladies.

Bobnoxious said...

A "joke" is not a picture of a sex toy, a joke is a cleverly phrased anecdote or perhaps even a sardonic quip.

I can clearly see why you are unable to distinguish the difference with that butter knife sharp wit of yours "Anonymous".

Tupacs Ghost said...

Is Patrick Burns that dowdy gray haired guy?

Anonymous said...

So much for the rules of sticking to facts and no personal attacks. What are y'all wanting ffom Burns? Big deal he had affairs in the past. So what? That's not a crime. Child.molestation is. That seems to be a fact and not bitter pills from rejected women. How about getting back to that?

Bobnoxious said...

Yep it's him.

(Whoever he his)

Tammy Alenduff said...

I agree, and don't understand why he was brought into this conversation in the first place.

Looks like to me Wizard of Liberty was trying to get the heat off of Hunicutt.

It's also sad that so many have such a flippant view on cheating, and blaming the women. You obviously are ignoring many things. That's ok though, you just keep your buddy buddy relationship with those that abuse. He's already burnt many bridges here in GA - well, both of them have.

King Krimson said...


Yep, Beatrice is a stalker.
She made yet another blog about The Chipster on 9-15-12

Not a fan Mr Coffey but I have to call it as I see it.

Dan Sykes said...

Well I see Shannon is another coward like b-zilla, a comment deleter! dont make them if you cant stand by them. Says tons about your personality traits, no wonder you're trying bake cakes! LOL

Unknown said...

"Dan", I deleted some comments because I am not going to get into a pissing match with people, you included. I posted the proof I needed to post. What does my profession have anything to do with this thread?

Mike Resnik said...

Bobnoxious said...
"Yep it's him.

(Whoever he his)"

Said the internet troll posting under a pseudonym! You're such a bad ass behind that keyboard, "Bob"! LOL

Anonymous said...

There is no Robbie Rascal who ever has been, or is, employed by the Savannah Fire Department. This has been verified. I invite others to do the same.

Robbie is an imposter AKA Bob Hunnicutt, who needs serious mental help.

Unknown said...

Wow! Very loving and Godly of you! People like you give Christianity a bad name! How very Juvenile and petty!

Unknown said...

Don't Yall have anything loving to do with your time other than to sit around and gossip? What you send out WILL come back to you! Judge not lest ye be judged.

Unknown said...

You ALL are wolfs in sheep's clothing bickering and gossiping and proclaiming to be Christian!!! Shame on you!

Unknown said...

Shannon Sylvia......please get in touch with me as I am now Bob Hunnicut'so NEWEST TARGET of obsession. He is posting videos on. YOUTUBE about me, comparing me to you and he is obsessed with me......Here's way, I, along great with Becky Hamm, are the former owner's if ASAP Entertainment and we UNKNOWINGLY signed Bob Hunnicut as one of our Paranormal Talents and soon found out through the Paranormal Community that he was a Sex offender and had been charged with child molestation. Since this time, which has been 1 year this month that we opened our business and ultimately closed it one year afterwards due to poor revenue. GOOD OLD BOB HUNNICUT has been stalking me, slandering me, my name and my Reputation and making videos about me. He has mentioned your name in several threatening text messages and compared me to you.....I have no idea what his beef with you was at this point but he is OBSESSED with me and angry because I couldn't get the man a gig based on his criminal background and because my business partner, Becky Hamm, was to represent him instead of me after I got tired of his contact temper tantrums, public displays of affection towards me and much much more!
Please get in touch with me so that maybe you can enlighten me on Bob Hunnicut before he and I end up in court can find me on Facebook under Connie Williams-Williams