Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Issue 37 - The Devil Dances in Florida & Exposing Fake Demonologists – Part 2

It seems our last blog got the attention of many fake para-celebs and their backscratchers, along with the Demon Exorcist camp. As usual, it seems they either can't handle the truth or don't recognize it when it slaps them upside the head. So we are going to keep pouring it on. Those with eyes will see. Those with ears will hear. And those given over to lies will continue stumbling in the darkness.

The Devil Dances in Florida

A few days before the release of Casey Anthony I posted the following status on my Facebook page: "THE DEVIL IS DANCING IN THE STREETS OF ORLANDO". I'm not implying that Casey Anthony was demonically possessed when she killed Caylee on June 16, 2008. But she was clearly demonically influenced to murder her daughter.

Casey was released just after midnight on Sunday, July 17. Around the same time, about 100 miles away in Port St. Lucie, a 17-year-old boy killed his parents by beating them in the heads with a large hammer. Tyler Hadley had posted on his Facebook page that he was going to have a party on Saturday and party he did while his parents bodies lay dead in their bedroom. What makes this case interesting is the following:

1 Casey partied within 24 hours of the murder. Tyler partied at home while his parents lay dead in their bedroom.

2 If you visit the site where they found Caylee's body, and the boy's home in Port St. Lucie, you pick up the same vibes.

It's interesting to note that a week before Tyler killed his parents he asked a friend for help claiming tht he felt he was demonically possessed.

Fake Demonologists - Part 2

Sarah of Demon Exorcist infamy posted the following comment, and I thank God she did as I couldn't think of a better starting point for this segment. A while ago I'd planned to cover everything the Bible had to say on the subject of demons and never finished the series, so let's get back to it.

"He is bashing Demonologists as if the Demons themselves only have a preference of Christians and only someone of the Christian faith can get rid on a demon? I never knew that Demons had a script to follow. And that Crystals don't do anything for the supernatural or Demons."

We aren't sure whether Sarah's statement comes from ignorance or arrogance. What we are sure is that the statement comes from all the false teaching about demons and demonology out there. The primary source of information about demons is the Bible. The master of all demonologists is Jesus Christ. His virgin birth, a life lived without sin, His death on the cross for us so that we can be saved from our sins and our bodies can be healed. He descended into the depths of hell and for 3 days withstood the torment of untold numbers of demons. He never lost His faith or His Father's strength. He rose into the heavens forever giving us victory over the power of darkness through His name, His grace, His power and His blood.

We start our journey with the Gospel of Matthew. Chapter 1 shows us that Christ's human side came from the bloodline of Abraham and King David. It also introduces us to a very special angel that we'll encounter along our story again and again: "THE ANGEL OF THE LORD". This angel is God's personal messenger.

Chapter 2 mentions the limitation of Lucifer's powers. He isn't all knowing as he had no knowledge of the birth of Christ, just like King Herod was also in the dark concerning this matter. That is, until three wise men of the east shows up and informs him of such events.

The demonic powers wasted no time influencing King Herod. Only demonic influences could have caused what happened next. Herod realizes that the wise men fooled him when they claimed they would return. So Herod orders his soldiers to depart and kill any child, boy or girl, under the age of two. Not only in the city of Bethlehem but "all the coasts". Only someone influenced by such powerful evil could give such a malevolent order. And the soldiers that carried out the order were just as terrible. In the Massacre of the Innocents, think of the terror and the horrors that must have occurred. Think of the unimaginable suffering of the parents and babies who fell victim to the massacre. Think of the chaos that ensued.

Again the "ANGEL OF THE LORD" appears to Joseph telling him to flee. He takes his family to Egypt.

Next week we continue with Exposing Fake Demonologists.

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