Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Issue 82 Ghost Adventures & the Galka Case, Part 4

 By Kirby Robinson

It's been a very busy summer for us here at the Eye on the Paranormal. We've exposed the fakers like no one else can do, and it's starting to look as if the fall of 2012 will get even hotter.

Editor & Bloggers Wanted

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Beatrice Marot Will Blog Every Monday!

Who is Beatrice Marot? She has been a victim of stalkers who blindly follow a certain para-celebrity, and she has a heck of a story to tell. Beginning next Monday, and for weeks to come, she will take our readers on a journey of friendship and betrayal, of unrelenting harassment, anger and hatred that few could withstand.

For the first time, Beatrice will have a chance to share her entire story in a protected environment where hateful comments and trolls won't be allowed. Be warned, our comment policy will be strictly enforced.

But it won't end here, for this is the only the first stop for her story. A book is in the works and possibly even a script. The public has a right to know and Beatrice has a right to expose all the players who have taken part in this sad, sad story of ambition and ego gone unchecked.

Everybody Has a Portal? The Problem is Portals ARE NOT Real!

Will not name names here, but for the umpteenth time, I was contacted by a person who was frightened due to the fact that a fake psychic [who appeared on Paranormal State] informed them that they had a portal to the other side on their property. The problem? There is no such thing as portals. Spirits [not ghosts] and demons can come and go from this dimension to the next anywhere, anytime. They DON'T need portals! So if a psychic, ghost hunter or a demon chaser tries to sell you this idiocy, don't buy it.

The Galka Case Part 4

We now reach the final stages of this Ghost Adventures episode, and if it was not clear enough to the viewers that something was a mess -- it should be clear shortly.

The team and family goes into Melissa's bedroom. Notice how Zak presents one more item that Gary builds and sells. Does he call it by a simple name? No, he gives the viewer the name and model number. This was done so Gary could sell more of these devices.

Melissa has friends with her [demons] they ask them to say hello. Do we get hello? Instead, we get "WHAT'S UP?" We then are offered some quick shots that don't match as some type of proof. Zak asks the number of friends with her [a better question would be what are the names of your friends? Then some fact checking could be done but we don't get that]. The demon says: "8, 10, 12." Why is it increasing? Because the demons are gathering for a show and hoping that the show will open up other victims to the scam that Gary is shilling to the public.

When Zak asks the demon to name of the color of the pillow, we get "FRIENDS" in response!

When Zak asks the demon for a name of a person in a photo, do we get it? No [demons can't know everything]. The only response is: "Yeah."

Nick Groff sits on the bed and claims to smell perfume and feel a cold spot. This is proof? No, it's a subjective impression.

The last bit of evidence is when we're informed that the voice says "miss you" but it doesn't. It says mishu, which we can give two meanings. 1. In the Assyrian language, it means a tail of a meteor, which is destructive. 2. Secure [or Security] Housing Unit, is a penal term. It's a prison within a prison, where the worst criminals are locked away. In a sense, the demons behind this have imprisoned the Galka family. In turn, they seek to use this family to lock up more grieving families.

What will happen next? Eventually, the Galka family will start to experience hardship, illness and death as the demonic will claim every single member of the family.

I challenge Zak and the Galka family to have a team of demon experts come into their home and this matter would be easily settled. However, we know Zak never accepts challenges nor would the show want to be proven wrong, so we doubt that it would happen.

David Schrader Shames Skeptics Who Don't Buy Into the Deception

On 6/21/2012, Gary Galka was a guest on David Schrader's radio show, Darkness at the Edge of Town. Airing just four days after Father's Day, the segment was called "A Dad's Afterlife Contact." [Interestingly, such contact has yet to be determined]. The radio show was done in response to those who questioned the validity of the episode and asked fair and honest questions concerning the facts about the Galka case.

David has both a personal and professional relationship with all the players on the show and within the family. Therefore, an issue of partiality must be raised, and his role in the show has to be questioned. Is he the right man to do the show for the above reasons? David has been willing to swim along with the current trend within the paranormal entertainment industry, which is: skeptics be damned. If we say it is this way, it is. If we say it is real, it is. And if you don't play along with us then get out of the field.

David states that there is a dark side to the paranormal; remember his radio show is called DARKNESS AT THE EDGE OF TOWN. It refers to the skeptics who dig into topics that have a right to be heard but may be harsh to others. One subject that was skimmed over by Ghost Adventures is the cause of the wreck. From research done on the matter it appeared that drinking might be involved. If this were true, that fact would influence how people viewed the episode.

David Schrader considers himself a reporter, along with being an active part of the paranormal entertainment industry. He should realize that you must report the good news of the story along with the bad.

Research has revealed that within the area of the Galka family's residence, only two accidents occurred that resulted in death. One was the day of Melissa Galka's car crash. The cause listed: drunk driving. We're awaiting copies of the report.

Gary Galka states that his daughter was racing home in order to meet her 12:30 AM curfew, yet the home where the party was held was nearby. If the curfew was at 12:30, why was she speeding at 60 mph on a residential street? The accident took place well before midnight. So what is the real story?

Next week we'll peel back more layers of David's and Gary's efforts at deceptions in this matter.  Also, we'll look into David Schrader's psychic pimping.

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