Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Faith & the Paranormal

By Chris Baricko

I am noticing that more and more groups and people are saying and using God to help. My one question is how many of them really follow there faith? Do they go to Sunday service every Sunday? Are there children going to religion school to teach them about there faith?

I will go on record as saying we are very strong in our faith and stick by it. Our children go religious school once a week we go to mass every weekend support out church. Why do I bet at least 90% of the people or groups who preach faith or about God have not set foot in a church in years? I bet most only know our lords prayer and that is only cause it is on just about every paranormal TV show. Can they tell the client how to say the rosary? Do they know the priest's name of their local church? But yet they will spill out the words of the lord. Anyone can go buy sage or some crosses and show the client they are following God. What would happen if the client started asking more questions?

I fully support everyone's religion. But if you do not do as much with it as you claim stop posting quotes from the bible unless you really know what they mean. I see it almost daily and it drives crazy. The one that really gets me is when I see people only thanking God when they get something. Why not thank God everyday for everything you have not things you want? So many groups and people use the same old claim that they cleansed the house cause they walked through with salt or sage or said a few fancy words. Or you get a Medium who claims they crossed them over. Now if you walk through a person home saying prayers if you do not have as much faith in God as you do walking around saying his prayers guess what the spirit will not listen. They are looking at you and laughing asking why should they listen to you? You don't even practice what you're trying to preach. And in my opinion when I hear people make an excuse why they do not take an hour a week to go to mass or location of their faiths but say God knows. Really does he? How when you don't bother to give him thanks?

So unless you're strong in your faith don't go around claiming you're going to send a spirit on its way. No matter how you say it. God is on the other side of that white light and no one will cross if he doesn't feel they mean it. He will not allow Evil into his kingdom. So either start going to your weekly services or stop talking about God. Wearing a cross is only as good at the support behind it

Issue 148 –'The Dead Files' Debunked, Part 2

By Kirby Robinson

We had intended to dedicate maybe one or two blog posts exposing the deceptions of the show. However, due to the fact  that  I was told I'd be killed within the next 3 to 4 months by someone closely aligned to The Dead Files, I figured  I should do a more thorough investigation.

In the past, I've left out what the Christian viewpoint of Ms. Allan's claims are. But now, we're told that she was sent from heaven to do the show and teach us all!

This is a post from her Facebook page:


This is very hard to buy, especially with all the issues facing the Lord these days. Let's try to imagine this scene in heaven.

God watches the spirits of unborn babies descending to earth and He speaks:

"Let the child that will be born as Amy Allan teach things that I have condemned to be false and lead to hell. Let Amy Allan go forth in a show that will be called THE DEAD FILES and let her teach a false doctrine of the new age. Let there be a great following that will lay down My teaching of truth and righteousness for one of eternal damnation."

Am not sure such a scene would ever play out! But this is a common theme within the new age. A popular figure says whatever they think is dramatic enough to keep the ratings going and that means it has to be true. Sadly, the public often buys into it completely—another example of this is TLC's Long Island Medium. The celebrity gets rich with ever-growing fame, and their false claims grow even bigger and bolder. Meanwhile, the distance between the deceived and God keeps getting larger.

We found an outdated bio on a website dedicated to the show that leaves us asking questions.

"Amy’s abilities have been studied and tested by leading para-psychologists. She has worked with private investigators, police agencies and has conducted more than 350 investigations in both private homes and businesses.

"Amy studied Psychology at the University of Arizona and was mentored by world-renowned Para-psychologist, Dr William Roll."

Who has studied her and her abilities? What are their findings?

What are the names of the police agencies she has worked for? Did any case that she took part in ever go to court? If so, did the defense lawyers have a chance to cross-examine her?

This is an often overblown claim by psychics. It has yet to be proven that any psychic ever solved a case for any police department. Nor has one ever testified in court for the prosecution.

We now come to a well known recently deceased psychologist/para-psychologist, Dr William Roll. Here is a bio:

We have reached out to family members but have not yet been able to prove if he actually was her mentor.

In her bio, she claims she studied psychology at the University of Arizona and was a member of the class of 2003. It's unclear if she received a degree in the field. If so, what type?

Nowhere on her website does it list her studies in the healing arts.

Further digging leads us to look into a paranormal organization called Athenadoris. Yet no information can be found about such a company. The only thing we can uncover is its ties to a production company called Painless Productions, located in Los Angeles, California.

It seems that they are producers of The Dead Files and have produced some very low budget shows including Extreme Paranormal.

Next week -- even more doubts and questions about Amy Allan.

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