Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fireburndoctor Gets the 3rd Degree - REVISED

By Reap Paden

They came to me. I opened and email that was titled 'guest for radio show', it was from a woman representing The woman wanted to come on my live radio show and talk about their amazing service.

The Burn Eradication Project that saves lives and stops the terrible pain, suffering and disfigurement from burns, using a state-of-the-art process that bypasses the deleterious effects of burns at a phenomenal rate, for FREE, from a distance, with no risk, drastically reducing the need for expensive medical procedures.
CALL OR TEXT IMMEDIATELY within the first 30 minutes of exposure, on your way to the hospital.

Call or text to medical Doctor Joseph Watson the precise TIME of the burn and the victim's:

    NAME at birth
    DATE of birth
    PLACE of birth

OR text a picture, ANY photograph of the PERSON (can be taken on site with a cell phone), to:

1-XXX-XXX-XXXX (number removed to protect the innocent and/or gullible)

Ok, I was skeptical to say the least but contrary to the claims of other people I am not closed-minded so I figured what the hell? I replied and accepted their offer to come on the show. We set a date and discussed who would be coming on for the interview.

I looked into the fireburndoctors before the day of the show. There were many testimonials from people claiming they had been helped by the service. They even had video that was supposed to prove how well the service worked. The first video showed some idiot ranting and moaning about his burn then showed him the next day (after the fireburndoctors had been called) the guy then was talking about how the burn didn't hurt any more and he felt much better. Not a real solid piece of evidence in my opinion, if this was the best they could do there was gonna be a problem. I thought about what it felt like to get burned and unless it was a really severe burn, yea it felt better the next day. I really didn't see the need in calling some service to provide something that was going to happen on its own.

Chris Fleming burned himself at work and immediately called FireBurnDoctor screaming with pain (expressed in his liberal use of the "F-word").

Here, Chris is listening for the first time to his own voice recorded messages to fireburndoctor. In minutes, his pain was GONE and he went back to work....Truly Amazing!!! 

My first thought was- Chris Flemming has a job? Then I watched the video. It was a recording of a guy the site named as  Chris crying like a baby because he had burned his hand. Then a follow-up recording of  telling how amazing it was that his hand was no longer red. This was followed by some video of what I assume to be this Chris Flemming dude murmuring something and a guy named Joe Lowe, Fire Chief saying the fireburndoctors works.

As soon as I saw the name  Chris Flemming I wondered if they were talking about the same
moron from the 'Dangers of the Paranormal' website I wrote about previously. In the video there Chris talks about almost falling into a bed of nails and escaping certain doom only by way of a ghost who stopped his fall just in time. WHOA! THAT WAS CLOSE!  Chris certainly is one lucky fella to be saved from deadly accidents by paranormal intervention of some kind on more than one occasion. Yes Chris is either lucky or he is full of shit. Considering my life on the planet and the things I've seen and done, and considering countless other people whom I have talked with through the years. It is pretty safe to say Chris likes to make up stories or let's just call him a damn liar.  Now I can't say without a doubt it was the same Chris Fleming but Alison from eluded to the fact it was on the podcast.

Chris Flemming if you ever read this do yourself a favor get a real job, preferably one where you don't speak to others. Every time I see/hear you it's an example of how to lose respect and dignity as quickly as possible. Very sad.

I also noticed the fireburndoctors had been on several radio shows including Darkness radio with Dave Schrader who was also part of the ' Dangers of the Paranormal' site if I remembered correctly, along with the man I obsess with Chip Coffey (By the way, go to to see the latest info on Chip).

Dave seems like a nice enough guy but not real bright. Dave doesn't seem to understand that having an open mind doesn't mean accepting every stupid or amazing claim that come along or giving that claim consideration for the rest of your life. It's okay to listen to someone and then decide if you believe them or not. If you always say "It could be possible no one really knows" that's fine but it makes you look unable to figure out what is more likely true and then keep learning from that point. If you always give everyone equal consideration you are going to be liked by everyone but are you really going to be respected for what you believe in? No, you aren't cause the fact is no one believes in everything, if they act like they do it's just that, an act. The terms two-faced, wishy-washy, fence-sitter, and yes-man come to mind.

So now we know there is a group of people associated with the who are obviously not known for telling the truth and/or acting like responsible mature adults with good reasoning skills and the best interest of others in mind.

The day of the radio show we contacted Alison Mcdermott, who had contacted me. She said that she had a medical background. We also called a man who had called fireburndoctors to help his wife, he said he had been a medic in Vietnam.

I allowed Alison to tell us what fireburndoctor was all about and how they could heal burns.She said the the burn could be not only helped but there would be little or no tissue loss during the process. I then asked her if the process repaired damaged cells. She replied by telling me the brain causes damage through negative thoughts. I in turn replied telling her that was all well and good but when you get burned there is cell damage, the damage is not caused by negative thought. The damage is caused by the cells coming in contact with a heat source hot enough to damage or destroy them. What happens to the destroyed cells? I wondered again out loud.

Alison could not answer that question for me and it became a sticking point because it was very important for us to know exactly what we were being expected to believe if we were to discuss the fireburndoctor service.

After a while I knew we would not get a straight answer from Alison. We then turned to the man whose wife had been healed. He told a great story but couldn't give any solid details about the healing process. The rest of the time he provided very little information that was of any worth. He did start to defend some of the weaker positions Alison took on the process and it became obvious the man who was providing testimony was actually here to try and back Alison up in case she got in over her head. The problem at this point was they were both in way over their heads in fact they both seemed to have barbells tied to their necks.

My co-hosts and I asked reasonable questions and were met with answers like "bio-feedback" and "it just works"

I asked Alison if this magical process would work on other injuries. Alison told me yes it would but they were not helping people with other types of injuries because they needed testimonials from burn victims in order to provide validity to what they could do. Until then they were not going to help anyone else, not even children who were suffering.  If they really had the ability to do the things they claim then how could anyone be so selfish as to deny help to children who are suffering everyday from horrible injury? Alison was looking like a very cold, very uncaring woman at this point. Her reasoning was warped to say the least.

At one point it was suggested I burn myself and see how the service worked on my burn. Alison got a bit nervous and mentioned you had to have a certain state of mind. I mentioned Chris and his habit of being full of shit to Alison. She didn't seem to welcome the insight.

I knew by now Alison and her friend were full of it and my attempt to keep an open mind had resulted in keeping me from accepting more flawed data just like it was supposed to do.

I thanked Alison and her little helper for coming on the show and then went through the points she could not support one more time in order to help keep people from becoming fireburndoctor victims and getting burned a second time.

If you would like to hear the exchange you can find it here- I seriously doubt it will be found on the fireburndoctor website for reasons that we may never know...

Another bit of information I'd like to share with you involving my good friend, Chip Coffey, the whining, crying, liar who can't accept the fact he is full of shit and does not have any special abilities except he is able to act like a twit so well it boggles the mind. Chippy sent me a 'cease and desist' email. Seems he doesn't like the site. Just thought I would publicly say that I really couldn't care any less than I do now about what makes Chip sad. There is also an interesting effect called "The Streisand Effect" If anyone knows Chip maybe you could tell him to look it up. As a result of this effect I have been asked to do an interview about Chip Coffey and his BS. I'll be doing that this evening. Also as an effect of his actions trying to squash  freedom of expression there is a new website and the people responsible for it (who shall remain nameless) have uploaded the new site to numerous servers and it will continue to pop up for as long as Chippy wants to act like a careless idiot. The numerous instances of these webpages also make it all the more likely that when searching good old chip coffey's name one of the more honest sites will show up as a result. Isn't the internet great? The site is parody and anything mentioned about his abilities is true, he doesn't have any. Any legal action will need to include Chip proving in a court of law that he can indeed do things that are outside the bounds of nature. No one has ever done that before but Chip is so great I'm sure he can pull it off, I'd love to see that. He's more likely to just get burned, maybe he knows someone to call for that.