Thursday, December 22, 2011

Even More Danger Lies Within

By Reap Paden

Before we continue please allow me to clear a couple things up. When you post a comment, use your name. When you come onto another person's blog to criticize or praise, use your name. If the words you are putting together have any meaning or value, own them. You can come by and tell the world I am a jerk if you wish but keep in mind- That isn't new news, it's old news. People have either accepted it and moved on or disagreed and stuck around but so far no one has managed to shut me up. You will not quiet me either. This concept should be easy to grasp even for those with stunted intellect who have been posting like maniacal marauding morons to my previous posts. And an FYI to those who question my experience with the paranormal. Read my bio and allow me to add. I have talked to and dealt with many people who are considered 'experts' and 'celebrities' in the paranormal. I know the percentage of bullshit claims by those people, sometimes by them telling me as much themselves. Take that into consideration before you discount my opinion.

In the previous blog I gave you the rundown on what I had found on the Dangers of the Paranormal so far. I had a list of 'dangers' that was so long it could make anybody a paranoid schizophrenic. If someone were to worry about all those things possibly causing them harm at the same time they wouldn't be able to get anything done. For this reason (among others) the list is pretty useless.

Now I'd like to talk about something else I found on this website:

A video interview with a 17-year-old girl named Dawn. Dawn tells a story about an investigation she went on when she was 16 or 17. It was at Waverly Hills. She talks about the Constantinos holding a meeting playing EVPs. As the girl listened she says she heard someone ask "Can you touch one of us?" Then she says she felt something touch her inappropriately. The interviewer asks her if it felt like a male, she replies "yes". Then he asks if it felt like it was inside or outside of her. The girl replies "it felt like it was inside of me."

Watching this crap leaves me with a sick feeling. I don't know who the hell would think this girl's story is just a case of 'the usual' when you go investigating the paranormal. Either this girl is making up the story or she really got touched by someone. In either case she needs some help from a responsible adult, not to be interviewed as a case study showing ghosts like to touch underage girls. If it was my daughter telling this story there would be some heads still rolling around as a result of my anger. (For the record- My daughter would not be out on an investigation, she is too busy with the real world for such things).

Again, just as I've said when talking about Chip Coffey's irresponsible meddling into children's lives, the people doing this interview are enamored with ghost hunting. They will do anything to find stories validating their insane claims of ghosts floating around us, waiting for a ghost hunter recording EVPs so they can contact the living. Usually this is done by the spirit saying something totally random such as "salami sandwich". I've never understood why people can not learn about paradolia and then use that knowledge when dealing with things like EVPs. The fact is our brains will try to make sense out of randomness. This is a well researched and documented fact. That alone should be enough to call any and all EVPs into question. Yes you may have heard something but was that really a ghost talking to you?

This young girl could have very well been a victim of some sort of abuse while she was visiting Waverly. We probably will never know because at the time a bunch of morons were too busy yelling "ghost! ghost!" to think about the more likely causes for this girl's feeling of being touched inappropriately. I don't know, maybe it's just me but I'm not comfortable with a certain percentage of molestation cases being chalked up to "Casper did it" are you?

It is appearing to me that the most dangerous thing about the paranormal is the people in the paranormal. I've wrote about this subject before and I kinda expected some outrage and outcry from the paranormal community. I expected at least some of the 'celebrities' who are featured on this site to voice protest and demand they be removed from the content of this website. You know what? Almost nothing happened. Chip Coffey demanded one of his videos be removed but it was because in the video Chip tells a story that makes Chris Fleming's look like testimony from a nun. He claims a water poltergeist follows him home and puts a hole in his water heater. When Chip calls a plumber he finds out that the poltergeist is the spirit of a African American man who was hung back in the days of slavery. The man's spirit is angry. Chip finds this out through his plumber who also happens to be an African American. It is then that Chip can put the spirit at ease. Who knows what would have happened if the plumber would have been white.It's hard to tell what trait comes through stronger Chip's racism, disrespect, or his stupidity. Maybe it's a tie, I'm not sure.

Before I move on I'd like to ask EVP Experts, Mark and Debbie Constantino, John Zaffis, Chris Fleming, Andrew Calder, or any of the others who are featured on I'll ask the reader too. (I won't bother asking Chip, he has already made it clear his stance is "I don't care").

If your 17-year-old daughter came home from an investigation and told you she was touched inappropriately would your reaction be to have her do an interview so she could talk about the ghost that felt her up? If you ran a website would you think such a video would be helpful to other young people? Don't worry kids, when you are ghost hunting and something touches you in an inappropriate's just a ghost. Don't worry about it.

This site isn't new but it's new to each and every person, young and old who comes across it for the first time. Just because material has been posted for a length of time doesn't mean it isn't wrong. I'd like to see some responsible actions on the part of those involved in the paranormal. I wonder if that is just too much to expect.


We would like to ask that people posting comments please limit the use of swear words in their comments. This blog is intended for all ages and we wish to keep it that way. Also, try to stay on topic. What does it really matter who is who and who has done what if it has nothing to do with people being deceptive about psychic/paranormal powers, events, etc.

Often the people we seek to expose as being fakes get their followers to come after those who dare to criticize them -- so why should we be doing the same?

And while I'm at it, let me say thank you to all our special contributors. You are doing a great job -- keep it up! As we go into 2012 we'll be adding even more special contributors and that will attract more readers. Then we can move from Blogger to our own site.

To our new and old readers -- keep your eye out as 2012 will bring new books, radio appearances and even TV appearances for me as well as those who contribute their writing to this site. This will raise the awareness of this site, both in and out of the paranormal community, and those special contributors who grace it with their words of wisdom and insight.

Finally, please keep in mind the reason for the season. Take some time to reflect on the gifts the birth of Christ gave us. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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