Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Issue 50 – Para-Celebrities Go Off the Deep End!

By Kirby Robinson

Now that Halloween has gone it's time to refocus our attention on those crazy, wacky and [usually] fake para-celebs. They keep on proving that Lindsay Lohan has nothing on them when it comes to acting like a fool.


One of our sources deep inside the CCC [CHIP COFFEY CLAN] has shared with us that a few weeks ago Sandra Lynn Sparks, with the okay of Chip Coffey, [she never does anything without his okay] contacted both the FBI and HOMELAND SECURITY about us. Why? She claimed that our posting on the Psychic Kids Facebook page warning people about predators [names will be named next week] made us domestic terrorists. Time and money would be better spent by both agencies not on real terror threats from within and outside this nation but going after both Ron and myself. After both agencies respective reps fell to the floor laughing [as we have been told all law enforcement reps did when Sandra contacted them], they told Sandra to seek help with any mental issues she might be dealing with.

Is this not sad? If you dare speak out against such fakes as Michelle Griffin, Chip Coffey and Chris Fleming they go to such lengths and their egos are so big they think the world revolves around them.

None of these actions will stop us from reporting the story, nor will it cause us to fear them. In the weeks to come we will be digging deeper into their deceptions, exposing more and more of their lies.


Guess Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures needs some PR or was feeling a little low. We have many issues with this story.

1 Notice that Zak contacted TMZ about this story, and not the other way around. Why TMZ and not a paranormal news outlet? Is Zak is trying to stir up some PR for his show and his new book?

2 No proof is offered about his claims.

3 It just can't be a priest coming to his home -- it has to be a bishop.

The thing that really upsets me when you read such false claims is that it damages the credibility of those who are really suffering and who need real help.


Over the weekend this was posted on my Facebook page.

Patricia Deshane

Hi Kirby,
Thank you for accepting my friend request. I discovered you when I was checking out the case
on Jennifer Arnold (still reading up on it). I'm a bit leery on listening to the EVP's. I've heard that even making copies of recordings of demonic evp's could result in them following you home or making their way into your life (this was said at a lecture given by an infamous couple who made a living doing paranormal work), so even though I would like to hear the evp's, I'm erring on the side of caution. Do you have any thought's on this? Enjoyed looking at your photo's, especially the  visit's to the graves. Thank you for sharing those. Looking forward to listening to the prerecorded show coming up on Sat. night.

In Love and Light,
Patricia D

You are right in being very careful when it comes to EVP'S [as yet no one knows where they come from. Are they of ghosts, etc.]. Demons love to pass themselves off as ghosts so here is what happens when it comes to EVP'S.

You record an EVP of a ghost [demon] and it makes you happy and excited in a sense you embrace it, thus the demon has gotten a casual invitation into your life. You then take it home or download it onto your PC it now is inside the walls of your home. Again, a casual invitation into your life. To clarify, casual invitations don't carry the same weight as formal invitations, but they allow the demon to be around you so you might try to strike up a further interaction with this ghost/demon. This means you two draw closer to each other allowing its claws to get deeper into you and your life.

It's a cycle that is so easily missed. The best thing to do is not start it but the temptation is so great almost every paranormal group has them and every time people go out on an investigation they record them. It's best to say a personal prayer of protection prior to and after listening to them.

Now there will be those that will call me an alarmist in these cases, but it's better to be safe then haunted.


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