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Eye on the Paranormal – Issue 14 ~ News & Views

Eye on the Paranormal

Copyright 2008 by Kirby Robinson

Welcome back to the Eye on the Paranormal. Free all spirits has been having a very busy past few weeks. Anyone involved within the field of demonology knows that the demons quite often get stirred up during this time of the year. So we’re not going to be doing a full issue today but I did want to share some breaking news and views with you.

Last week’s article evidently hit a nerve with many. Mr. John Zaffis contacted me with some concerns about the validity of the article that was posted in issue 13. since the goal of the Eye on the Paranormal is NOT to engage in personal attacks, character assassination, and innuendos, I agreed to allow Mr. Zaffis to post his response unedited and in the original form in which he sent it to me. So here it is:

"Anatomy of a Paranormal Money Cow
After seeing the blog I find it necessary to respond to it. The recounts of Carmen Reed and John Zaffis are much of the case that I worked on I have no problem with that part of the posting. What I do have a problem with is the book IN A DARK PLACE the author interviewed me and from what I can remember it was very brief I had tried to call him many times after that and he never responded back. I was so excited when the book came out I ran to the store to bye a copy (gee I am in the book and had to bye one so much for getting rich off that book). I sat down and started to read it and realized it was not something I was interested in saying was a true story and to this day I do not indorse it as true or talk about it. What had happen with the Warrens and the author I do no know I was not there or any part of what took place in there conversations? .you can call Lorraine Warren and ask her yourself on that one.
As for Lorraine Warren having anything to do with Chip Coffey and John Zaffis doing the book Demons From the Dark this is not true. Carmen wanted to do the book by her self and I offered to help in anyway I can it will be called A Haunting in Connecticut and for the family doing a new move on that case I guess people are still interested after all these years and I hope the monetary value comes with it for them and any family after going public.
To this day I lecture on that case and as many have herd me for the last 20 years my story has not changed in any way on what happened to me or the family that summer in 1988 yes Ed Warren was my mentor feel free to go on my site and read it. The story is called Just Remember.
Like I always do send the person your phone number or call them before posting things it can stop a lot of bad or incorrect information from getting out there
Best Regards
John Zaffis"


Last weekend there was an orchestrated attempt by fans of a certain Southern psychic/medium and actor who has appeared on scripted paranormal “reality” TV shows who attempted to have Free All Spirits removed from MySpace. Their allegation? I was in violation of Terms & Conditions by posting hyperlinks to this blog on Blogger. So to comply with MySpace we can no longer provide an active hyperlink: one has to manually copy and paste the URL into their web browser.

We would hope that other people in the paranormal field would also be brought into compliance with MySpace’s Terms & Conditions and disable their hyperlinks to sites that make money, sell their services, and also remove tracking devices off their own MySpace sites, which are all in violation of MySpace’s Terms & Conditions.


In response to those para-celebrities who half heartedly allege that their interest in the paranormal field isn’t all about fame, wealth, and TV appearances, and that they’re willing to go out of the way to assist people in need, let me share an email that was sent to me last week. You decide how much assistance was provided…

“They all say that when a child is involved they drop everything to help that child. They lied. If you look at my friends list you will see that I have many para/celebs. I sent e-mails to all of them for years begging for help! My son who is 12 now was under attack from an evil entity. It would hit him, pull his hair, pinch him, scream at him in the middle of the night, and sometimes pull him out of his bed.
I lived in that house for 18 years, I was buying it. For the safety of my son we had to leave. I feel very lucky that it did not follow us and that I got him out of there alive. My son would wake me up between 2:30 and 3:30am almost every morning, sometimes he would have marks on him from very big hands, other times he would be bleeding or just crying.
I did not know who to turn to for help so I e-mailed the para/celebs. I told them everything. None of them even bothered to e-mail me back and their fans blasted me because my son and I begging for help. My son stopped sleeping in his room about 3 years ago. Now that we are out of there, he sleeps in his own room. I have many blessed item in his new room and this house was blessed befor we moved in. We moved out of there in Aug of this year. It's hard to find an afordable place to rent when you also have a mortgage to pay.
I did find help. Someone who read my cries for help on a para/celeb forum investigated my old house. We no longer lived there at the time but we are still paying for it. They told me that whatever it is, it's very evil. They got a lot of action on their first night, including physical attacks.
Befor I found help, I challanged it so it would leave my child alone. I went from an athelete to disabled in just a few months.
I feel they did not help me because I am not rich, I don't live in a $500,000 house nor is the place this happened a famouse landmark. At the time I lived in a 3 bedroom ranch style house. Small, but big enough for my family. My son and I are still having nightmares about it and we probably
will for the rest of our lives.
In my opinion, the para/celebs are nothing more than a bunch of fakes looking for publicity. The least they could have done is e-mail me back to tell me that they did not want to help my son and I.
If you would like to use what happend to us to help you, tell my story. I guess I should tell you that it started when my son was just 4 years old with hearing voices in his room. I have many evp's that I recorded, some of them are threats. I was a paranormal investigater but I retired when I found out that I was pregnant with my son.
Please don't use my name, but tell my story if you want to.”

Now for those who think that this is an isolated incident within a few hundred miles from where this family lives, another family has contacted the Who’s Who in the paranormal field about their situation and to date have received zero responses.


Hey Kirby,

I sent this out to Para X crew but I thought you might be interested as well. Here is the latest trap courtesy of SCIFI and NBC.

The Ghost Hunters have a new community website. We need to get a warning out to the community. It is a TRAP. Any content you provide is owned by NBC and its affiliates. They can sell your content and not even tell you never mind pay you. BE VERY AFRAID. This has nothing to do with Jason and Grant but they are being used to bring people into the site and share their stuff. Here is a link to the terms of service


In part, here is what it says in the terms of service on the website. To read the entire lengthy terms, go to the site.

RIGHTS IN CONTENT: By uploading or inputting Content to Join the Hunt you hereby acknowledge and agree that you are granting Join the Hunt (including without limitation NBC Universal, Inc., its licensees, successors and assigns, the perpetual and irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to: (a) use, copy, create derivative works from, reproduce, distribute, display, exhibit, host, cache, store, archive, index, categorize, comment on, tag, transmit, broadcast, stream, edit, alter, modify, synchronize with visual material, create algorithms based thereon, and transcode the Content to appropriate media formats, standards or mediums; and (b) otherwise use, exhibit and exploit, and sell, license, assign and otherwise transfer to third parties the right to use, exhibit and otherwise exploit the Content (in whole or in part and as altered by Join the Hunt in its sole discretion) throughout the world in perpetuity, in any and all media, whether now existing or hereafter devised, including, without limitation, on Join the Hunt 's website, on other websites, on the NBC television network, and on all owned and affiliated broadcast and cable networks, as well as in connection with any distribution or syndication arrangement with third parties or third party sites, in any media format or medium and through any media channels and for any purpose, including, without limitation, downloads, streams, in audio visual recordings, motion pictures, television programs, productions, advertising, promotion and publicity, including, without limitation, advertising, promotion and publicity for, Join the Hunt, and other websites, television channel(s) and its programming, and all owned and affiliated broadcast and cable networks and channels and their programming, all without further notice to, consent from or payment to you. You waive any and all "moral rights" you may have in the Content.


This will be a special year-end double issue where the rogues gallery of para-celebrities is really going to be exposed. Shocking information is going to be delivered that will leave you wondering do some para-celebrities and paranormal scoundrels really have a conscience?


Just tell A&E you won’t watch them as long as Paranormal State is on the air. And share with them all the lies and deception that are taking place. Here’s the contact information:

A&E Television Networks
235 East 45th Street,
New York, NY 10017

1925 Century Park East, Suite 900
Los Angeles, CA 90067

It seems some folks just can’t learn to tell the truth and their lies just get sadder and sadder. The people over at PRS/PS have been caught red-handed. It’s time to ‘fess up.

For those who are unaware, during the investigation that was part of Paranormal State’s THE MESSENGER episode, it seems that the participants from PRS decided to plant a cold can of Budweiser on a bed to get Bill the ghost to appear.

Ryan and Chip enter the room and Ryan claims he picks up a cold spot and when the intrepid pair flip on the light they claim they see an outline of a person on the bed. The Messenger, Part 2


Budweiser beer can video image

There are 3 things everyone can do in the effort to get the truth out to the general public and proper authorities. They’re free, and will only take a few moments of your time. But they can pay off big in exposure.

1) Call, write, and/or email Anheuser-Busch, Inc. and tell them that their product is being used without their permission and in an act of deception. Tell them it is reflecting badly on the image of such a respected corporation. Also, you might pitch some new taglines for their Budweiser Beer product. Mine are:


1 800 DIAL BUD
(1 800 342 5283)
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
One Busch Place
St. Louis, MO 63118
Copy and paste this into your browser:

2) Lakeshore Entertainment is the production company behind the film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” It’s very clear that PRS/PS and/or Laura’s family is ripping off the story from this fine motion picture for the sake of 15 minutes of fame. Even Paranormal State puts to use the 1,2,3,4,5,6 from the film. So the production company should both be warned and compensated, or have the I AM SIX episode yanked. Here is the contact information:

Lakeshore Entertainment
9268 West Third Street, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA
Phone: [310] 867-8000
Fax: [310] 300-3015

3) Penn State is an established institution with a spotless reputation for serious research and above board practices. The president of the university needs to know how PRS is using and abusing its image. Call, write, and/or email them about what is happening.

Graham B. Spanier
Office of the President
(814) 865-2507 or 814-865-7611


Dear Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey, Lorraine Warren, Sandra & Keith Johnson, Dr. Ron Milione, Tony Spera, Shannon & Jeff Sylvia, C.J. Sellers, Chris Moon, Michelle Belanger, Chad Calek, Michael & Marti Parry, Mark & Debby Constantino, Kim Russo, David Schrader, Reverend Andrew Calder, Reverend Bob Larson, Grant Wilson, and Jason Hawes:

I have expressed concerns about how you conduct your investigations and the validity of those investigations, where anyone with a clear and discerning eye can see that they are not authentic. I have also witnessed heavy-handed tactics being used against people who question your alleged authority within the paranormal community and dared to raise questions concerning the validity of appearing on the A&E shows, Paranormal State, and Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. I can no longer sit by in silence. That is why I came up with The Paranormal Moment of Truth Challenge, which will benefit you, your organization, the paranormal field, and a charity that would be assisted from the donation of the prize money.

1 ~ It would silence your critics if you are determined to be telling the truth about all your claims and how they are presented. There can be no one left to challenge your honesty and integrity.

2 ~ It would not only benefit your organization, but it would also help the entire paranormal field. Because if such evidence is true, it will be brought to a much wider audience, which hopefully would fuel additional legitimate investigations. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

3 ~ The charity of your choice would have the prize money donated to them. If the truth is being told, that prize money could reach $500,000.

So, what is The Paranormal Moment of Truth Challenge? I am sure you’ve heard of the Fox Network program entitled The Moment of Truth. This is where a contestant is hooked up to a lie detector test and asked 50 questions, of which 21 of them are used on the actual show. As long as you tell the truth, you keep on winning money -- up to $500,000. The production company, Lighthearted Entertainment Inc., would jump at an opportunity of doing a show with the two of you. And I will put my personal credibility on the line and appear, as well. For if you visit my Free All Spirits page (, you’ll notice that I personally make what some would call outlandish claims concerning my work as a Demonologist/Exorcist/Paranormal Investigator/Caring Spiritual Adviser.

If you would like to be "one step closer to the truth" then this is a way to achieve your goal. If interested, please contact me at this email address and I will get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Your friend in spirit,

To date, this is the response that I’ve received from them.

Why not do the show? Only you, the paranormal field, and a charity of your choice would benefit.

INFORMATION REQUEST: If anyone wants to share any information with their experiences involving the PRS, Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey, and any other para-celebrity that has made an appearance on Paranormal State, whether it is good or bad, I would like to read it. Your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.

NOTE: Please feel free to copy and paste this and place it all over the web. And, unlike any of my other blogs, you can even repost this under your own name!