Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Issue 87 Why Ask Questions If You Don’t Want Answers?

By Kirby Robinson

Have you ever noticed that when someone wants to set you up they'll ask you a question that would take 20 minutes to answer---but they give you 45 seconds to respond? Then they turn around and say you don't know what you're talking about. Also, I still had 18 minutes and 15 seconds worth of information to give. This is a false type of debate, a common practice of those within the new age and shadow Christian haters to use. I've been a victim of it, along with anyone who stands up for GOD'S Word. We are living in the last pages of the New Testament -- take a look at the Book of Jude to finish the ground work for the End Times. Man will claim any religion as from GOD. They'll claim to know him when they don't. They'll say any sin is okay. And what was once GOD'S Word will be turned on its head. Dr. Gene Scott once told me back in the 80's that the church in America had to be destroyed prior to the start of the End Times. Additionally, so did the Bill of Rights -- but that's for a different blog.


People think that’s a stunner. Ask a Christian that and you have them on the ropes. What we were told at new age meetings back in the 80s, it has been far longer than that but it was a popular one in the meetings back then. Now in the age of both pat answers and pat teachings everyone expects a response and a teaching in less the 45 seconds. Unfortunately that isn't always possible.

God created the earth in perfect balance. There was to be no evil, no suffering and no sin. There was to be no:





As GOD had it set up there was to be only Adam and Eve keeping company with GOD and worshiping Him. With Him they never had to suffer. Life was a perfect balance. There was never going to be an afterlife as you have to die to have an afterlife.

Due to the fact of Free Will for all his creations, Lucifer rebelled and was cast out of the heavens and fell to earth. Lucifer hated man and sought to make him suffer as he and his fallen had suffered. He tempted Eve, who in turn tempted Adam, who then suffered the wrath of GOD. This was for the betrayal and for what was unleashed on the earth: the suffering of birth, aging, illness and death as well as condemning His Son [Jesus] to a death sentence. Evil doesn't come from GOD. God doesn't like to see people suffering. Evil is due to the rejection of GOD'S greatness. While this isn't a complete response, it's far more than the new age ambusher wanted to hear.

Let's take a look at some of the questions and comments that took place in the Paranormal Journal chat room:

A person by the name of Spirit Realm IP. I always love it when people hide behind a fake ID when they speak -- it lends so much for the public to find their words to hold seeds the truth.

Spirit claims I'm a liar. Show me and the public what I have lied about. "Spirit Realm" claims to know who is on our staff [interesting how do they think everyone is in this for the money]? Sorry S.R., we do have a full staff of experts who lend a hand when their needs to be one. Why do we not advertise who they are? So their life doesn't get filled with threats, stalkers, haters, and idiots. Because that seems to be what the paranormal entertainment industry attracts. Genuine light workers do it in the shadows. Glory isn't the prize but helping to end suffering is.

S.R. gets their facts wrong as they claim that they spoke to Gary and I was the fool that was going to have my blog removed.

The reality is that this was the blog that was moved:

I removed mine due to a change in heart concerning the case.

Nel Crawford wanted to know how we make money to pay people. Wonder why this was not asked on the air? Mr. or Ms. Crawford must do volunteer work. I never charge for my help. If the client can help with expenses, that's cool. We do have some benefactors that realize the importance of the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL. If I can keep a roof over my head and food in my belly, that's all I need.

Shannon Swift felt that I was jealous of the others. I've heard this more than once! She implies  that I want what fake para-celebs have, and wish to be in their place, do as they do, be rewarded here on earth for their actions and suffer the same fates they face after they cross over and face the final judgment. I value my relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. To enjoy temporary happiness here and now usually means facing lifetimes of suffering in the afterlife. That's not the path I choose at all.

Connie Dyment apparently has ties to a show called Zero Gravity Paranormal which appears to have drinking the psychic/paranormal investigator Kool-Aid. Ms. Dyment added a great insight by calling me an asshat, and that they were making me stumble. Clearly, I'm still standing ever stronger in my faith and the determination of my convictions. I invite Ms. Dyment to a public debate on the issues on a neutral show if she so desires. The first question should be just what the heck is an asshat?

Mary Magdalene claims she didn't get a response from me which is not true. She got a response; it just wasn't the one she wanted. She also feels that by placing my name on SHADES OF LIGHT, SHADES OF DARKNESS and donating profits to charity isn't being charitable enough.

So to use her logic all the celebrities [which I'm not] who donate their time and money should do it and not mention their names on books they write and give the funds away.

I wonder [I asked this last week] did the producers of Ghost Adventures, the team and the production staff donate all their profits from the show? Should Ghost Adventures not run any opening/closing credits? I think the only people that didn't make money off the episode was Gary Galka as he refused to take a dime for the episode.

This week we'll close with the story from Matthew concerning the night Christ walked on water [a feeble attempt to prove ghosts are real].

Now let's tell a modern story!

Two boys in a dark room hear bumps in the night

One boy asks what is it?

2nd boy says It's a 3-headed boogieman.

Just because someone says it might be a ghost or think it is doesn't make it so.

Nice try but no points …

Next week--We deal with para-celebs behaving badly and produce more responses to the questions from the Paranormal Journal chat room.

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