Friday, April 4, 2014

Satisfying Life?

By Pastor Stephen Piersall,
God’s Preservation Ministry Soul Care

Joining the USAF and going through Basic Training, they do their best to “brain wash” you from your civilian habits to get you to accept the USAF’s way to do things. Getting married and moving into your first home together, takes at least a one-year transition period to experience the whole person 24/7. We learn not to say anything about the pink bathroom, and learn QUICKLY to leave the toilet seat up (Why can’t they do the same when they're finished?) There is so much talk currently about the end of times. Earthquake here, unknown disease there, False Prophets teaching unbiblical agendas tailored to the “Me” and “I want it instantly generation", the New Age movement, Occult, Wiccan, etc. Sure I am as interested as the next person, but something I spend most of my days is doing what God wants me to do. I am sure there are many who wrestle with this, and few take appropriate steps to become a Christian as God planned out for us. However, I don’t want to! I want my cake and eat it too! I’m happy for the way I am now! I do what I want and some old book that was written 2000 years ago does not apply to me on this day in age! Sigh!

It is often necessary for us to take time to assimilate to things, which have happened in our lives, just as we need time to digest a large meal. "Assimilation" (sounds Borg to me) consists of making something to which we have been exposed a part of our innermost selves. The universe functions in cycles and so do we humans. Think about the cycles in nature: seasons, tides, day and night, life cycles, etc. In view of this, it must seem natural that you, too, are the subject of cycles. Don't fight the tide - go with it and learn to benefit from it. The "good life," "satisfying" work, feeling "fulfilled" etc. comes at a price. We have to be willing to accept and change accordingly. Ever feel convicted of a sin, e.g. “unforgiveness to someone who has hurt you” and out of nowhere we feel a need to correct it. This applies to all sins, but with my example, do you really think you are in God’s good graces and yet can’t find it within ourselves to forgive someone? What about the Lord’s Prayer in Luke 11:2-4? “And forgive us our sins for we ourselves forgive everyone who is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation.”

How do you know if you are doing God’s will? You have to remember that the Christian life is not always smooth and easy. With all that in mind, if you haven’t so far, spend some alone time with God and ask him what is his plan for your life. Remember it is “his” plan, which was previously formulated before you were born. If you are a Christian going through struggles, there are many options to turn to helping you get on the straight and narrow. We can be of help too. If you have no concern at all except get your own and live life to the fullest, Good Luck with your path. As Christians, we don’t believe in luck, everything is for a purpose as God intended for us. Sure the end of times are making the news, but if you haven’t assured yourself with eternal life, Just get on your knees and look up, I am confident the rest will fall in place.