Sunday, April 12, 2015

Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Becoming a Victor, Part 1

In this series I will explore the spectrum to help you the reader understand Spiritual Warfare and what it takes to achieve Victory.  Spiritual Warfare as defined by Wikipedia: Spiritual Warfare is the Christian version of the concept of taking a stand against supernatural evil forces. The foundation for this ideology is having a belief in evil spirits which are able to intervene in human affairs.

Various Christian groups have adopted practices to repel such forces, as based on their doctrine of Christian demonology.  A common form of spiritual warfare among Christians, is prayer in Christianity. Other practices may include exorcisms, laying-on of hands, fasting, or anointing with oil.

I will cover several aspects of Warfare that ALL of you need to understand. If you don't agree with this then you are deceived by the kingdom of evil and thus you need to do the research to see for yourself.  These are four (4) areas of that EVERY single PROFESSED Christian needs to follow, obey and learn to have true victory over the Demonic which I will cover over this 4 series blog on Spiritual Warfare.

Today we will focus on the act of REVERENCE: Reverence as defined by Webster's is deep respect for someone or something.  Reverence within a Christian is a deep respect for God which springs from a healthy fear of the awesome power God has.  Sadly many Christian's feel that God is ALL love and not to be feared and sadly this is preached in MANY churches a feel good message and thus you have been set up by Satan.

What these misled Christian's do not understand is that with one word, God could throw you into Hell for eternity.  God could transport you into the middle of the sun.  God could make a tornado appear and suck you up its funnel.  God could collapse the entire universe.  God could shut down the critical organs in your body.  God could turn the sidewalk beneath your feet into quicksand.  Are you getting the picture of what God can do?

God’s power is so very terrifying because God's power is so vast and so unstoppable.  There are no rules, none governing how God uses His power because God answers to no one, as we repeat God answers to NO ONE.  God can do anything that God wants, and while God delights in being merciful and kind, God also delights in eternally tormenting his enemies in Hell.  By the way, where did Hell come from?  Hell was created and made by God to punish enemies of God. Therefore, understand this, God thinks Hell is amazingly good.

Now I am going to lay this out even more boldly.  As the readers are you ready??  Yes, God loves throwing people (his people - both Christian's and Non-Christian's) into Hell and keeping them in a constant state of terror and agony for eternity as a just punishment for daring to defy their Creator.

Now if you have grown up in the spiritual warrior culture or have just had an epiphany within your life of the Church, then you like many others who may have been taught that Hell is Satan’s turf—that he’s (Satan) the king of that place and that demons are always flitting in and out of it.  You may have been taught that God weeps and groans over seeing souls end up in Hell.

These aspects are ludicrous lies!! Read the bible and learn it!! It is not the demons which cart souls off to Hell, it’s God who hurls souls into it with great satisfaction after they have been judged and cannot come out (read the stern warning from Jesus in John 9:39).  Hell is not demons who torture the souls in Hell its God who is doing the torturing.  This is God who loves it so much that He delights in watching his victims writhe.  Now you are saying wait, what?  God takes delights in watching his creations suffer?? Answer sadly is YES!

This is real life: we have the God who loved us so much that he sent His only begotten Son to die for us, and we have an all-powerful God who gets off on thrashing His enemies (read the stories in the bible). This is the EXACT same God from the beginning of time to today.

God contains an eddy of extreme passions: love, mercy, justice, grace, wrath, revenge—it’s all there.  Now think about this logically.  Where do you think Satan got his nastiness from?  Do you think anything exists apart from God’s will?  God created demons and God designed them to be creatures who would find great delight in doing evil if they ever turned against Him.

They did turn—demons (Fallen Angels) used to be obedient angels, but they chose to rebel. Who do you think gave them that option?  Who is it that wanted creatures with the ability to spit in His face?  God did.  Who is it that brought demons into the human realm so they could delight themselves in tormenting us?  God did.  Who is currently sustaining demons and assisting them in all their evil work?  God is.  Now you’re sitting there saying - What are you talking about - why would God do this to us?  Well, continue to read below.

When we say that God is sovereign, this means that He is in absolute control over everything in existence.  Nothing happens in God’s creation that God does not want to have happen.  When you truly get your mind around this aspect, it will radically change your view of demonic oppression.  Demons don’t oppress because God is asleep on the job, or because the demons think they are pulling a fast one over on God, or pulling the wool over the eyes of God so to speak either.  They oppress humans because God wants them to and thus allows them to do this.

You should tremble in awe of a God who is this huge, this all powerful, this complex, and this unstoppable!  Yes, you should and better be.  A proper understanding of God’s awesome power and God's absolute authority over all is what drives our faces into the dirt in pure awe of Him.

However, when we fail to understand who God is and how supremely God rules over all things, then we end up praying really inappropriate things like, “God, make that demon go away!” Should molecules be commanding the Almighty King? Should the created be telling the Creator what to do and when to do it?

No, they should not, but sadly many do!  There needs to be a proper reverence for God which drives such foolishness out of us and silences our directive tongues.  The Creator of all things does not take orders from us "molecules" and sadly we have exalted ourselves with our inability to do anything above God.  Blessings to you all and I pray that this has opened the eyes of MANY who follow this series.

I will continue with the next aspect of SUBMISSION in a blog next time.

Rev. Bradley Luoma, Exorcist