Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Issue 127 – The Murder Bordello, Part 2

By Kirby Robinson

Continued from Issue 126 The Murder Bordello, Part 1

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Fake Murder Bordello Case Makes Fools of Fake Para-celeb Squad

Sometimes it’s best to just admit you made a mistake, cut your losses, and move on. But it seems that many are caught up in Russ Keeler’s literal attempt to turn Galena, Kansas into a ghost [hunting] town for his ego and financial gain. Russ’s website, After Midnight Paranormal Investigations is down, and the Facebook page is inactive. Why? So he can spend time in Galena spreading lies and tall tales.

No page or website. It seems that when Mr. Keeler gets the scent of money and fame in his nostrils it drowns out his interest in the paranormal, outside of making a lot of money.

Chip Coffey Really Needs to Fire his Spirit Guides

We received the following posts that Coffey posted on his Facebook page concerning his days in the fake murder bordello:

~ Day 3 of filming with Barry Klinge, Brad Klinge and Selena Roane. It's about to get very real and intense on this investigation!

~ A very long, but productive, day of filming for our DVD. I think you all will be very pleased with it. We've already gotten some kick a$$ evidence! We finish up tomorrow, then I head home on Saturday.

~ The photo is of a professional actress who appears in reenactment scenes during the DVD that I filmed last week in Galena, Kansas, along with the Klinge Brothers and Selena Roane.
We investigated a haunted bordello and the actress was reenacting the role of the "madam" of the "house." 

Last week we went “soft” on Mr. Coffey, as he’s just a hired hand on this shoot. Now we clearly see that he’s helping them spread the deception since it’s proven that the house on Main has nothing to do with a murder bordello.

Local ABC News Outlet in Galena Allows Fake Para-Celebrity to Lie

- Lisa Livingston Martin would sell more of her books if the deception goes unchecked. Being an author, she should know how to fact check. Her publisher should’ve done a much better job of fact checking.

But it’s even worse than that. She outright lied to the viewers. Before the interview, she was told that all the proof concerning the main house wasn’t real. No one ever talked about the house being the murder bordello. That is, until Russ Keeler came along.

- Brad Klinge claims they’re seeking paranormal proof and historical documentation. If so, why did he rebuff anything that would prove the house is the real deal? Why did he rebuff Carolyn McLean in a series of email exchanges between them? She informed him that she had proof concerning the fact that the Staffleback house burnt down in 1897. He sent her an email asking if she’d like to be interviewed for the documentary. Then he sent her an email telling her that they’d take it from here.

Not sure what “IT” is but am sure IT isn’t the truth.

Apparently, Chip knows there’s nothing there. His act from his Paranormal State days might not be enough to save the day, so he seems to be hedging his bets.

They can’t wait to make money off the place as Russ and his squad eagerly promote this:

Hey guys. The Murder Bordello is finally ready for overnight investigations. You can have up to 10 people at the Bordello for the same price AND you get 12 full hours (7PM to 7AM). Reservations begin for the Friday, August 16th date and go daily 7 days a week...365 days per year.

Shell out $500.00 plus $24.95 processing fee.

For that amount of money, you can get a spacious guest room [for approx. 24 hours] at the Beverly Hills Hotel!

Here are the lies they are spreading about the fake murder bordello:

“In the late 1800's, the mining industry was in full swing in Galena, KS--and so was malice and vice. Brothels and saloons lined the crowded streets catering to the passing miners. One family saw opportunity and not only opened a bordello, but murdered many of its patrons for their money and dumped the bodies in mineshafts to make it look like an accident. It is rumored that up to 30 murders took place in the unassuming little building on the corner of Route 66. Miners and prostitutes alike are said to have met an untimely demise, but still haunt the location. People have witnessed apparitions, disembodied voices, objects moving, doors opening and closing, and all other types of activity that defies sensible thought. Could the murderous family still linger in its shadows, or is it the miners lost souls looking for peace? Either way, you can experience an entire night in the bordello seeking them on your very own. This is not a hotel stay. This is not a bed and breakfast. It's also not a theatrical haunted house. This is the real deal. This is a museum dedicated to the memory of a bygone era and the sinister history it imprinted on the small Southeastern Kansas town. The building has recently undergone full renovations to restore it to its infamous past, and tours run daily. But this is a unique experience. Reserve your overnight stay today.”

Is this bordering on criminal conspiracy?

I’m not a lawyer but it seems to me that there’s a conspiracy to defraud people by public officials, authors, various paranormal groups, wannabes and numerous others.

They know the house is fake. They’ve seen the proof, yet they’re working to keep the public from learning the truth. They’re selling the falsehoods for profit that they wouldn’t make if the public knew the truth.

So what does that sound like to you?

Next week read more about this story as we have a lot to expose. Here's The Murder Bordello, Part 3


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