Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Issue 151 – Jimmy Swaggart Makes $1,000,000 A Day/New Agers Bastardize Reincarnation

By Kirby Robinson

I'm not sure which story is more wacky or sad--we'll leave it up to you to decide.

Jimmy Swaggart Makes $1,000,000 a Day. Son Donnie is So Bored he Goes Home Early

Televangelists rank way down on my list almost even with psychics--which are very low. The reasons for it were on display during yesterday's Biblethon, an event hosted every month on the Swaggarts' Sonlight Network. The viewer is given several choices of buying the Swaggarts' bibles ranging from the Expositor's Study Bible to a large print bible, to the Crossfire [youth] and Ladies' Edition. They also have bibles in the Portuguese and Russian languages. Non-sale prices range from $40 to $230. They also have a Bible Outreach Program where they send bibles to various countries.

Now every Christian should have at least one bible and maybe more. But what most don't take the time to realize is that they're helping make Jimmy and his family even richer. Anyone can get a copyright on a bible, all you do is produce one that is 25% different than a standard King James Version [KJV], and you can publish it and watch the money roll in.

Jimmy learned this during the dark years in the 1980s after his fall from grace. He had a publishing company so he would keep every dime on every sale.

He brags that his version of the bible has sold over 1.5 million copies to date. The average price of a bible is $50 and by doing simple math, you'll see that this number is $75,000,000. All of that goes right into the Swaggarts' family bank account/s.

According to my source inside of the ministry, on yesterday's Biblethon they sold 17,500 bibles plus $125,000 in donations. That totals $1,000,000—money that flows right into the Swaggarts' coffers.

Not one bible meant for the Outreach Program will be sent until the money comes in from the pledges, despite what Swaggart claims. The family knows that just like the pledges from the telethon, people may be caught up in the moment. Those 20 cases of bibles at $360 a case may never materialize.

It seems that the money was flowing in so easily that Donnie "Napoleon" Swaggart [heir to the throne when his dad dies, and he lets everybody know it], decided during a break that he was tired and was going home. He left the hosting job to a pair of associate pastors.

New Agers Tell Hindus, Jains & Buddhists How Reincarnation Works!

The following comment came in on my blog debunking the fake reality show Ghost Inside My Child. It's the last comment on it or you can read it below.

Because you latched on to "new age" 30 years ago you think you have all the facts of what reincarnation should be? This is not a debunk, this is a cynical opinion using antiquated and cynical ideas. You would have some credibility if you were actually a family member of the people represented to be incarnated. Looking for a debunk and this rant certainly doesn't come close. I'll continue on.

Sadly, this misinformed person doesn't realize that I long ago left the new age. There were too many false teachings on subjects like reincarnation, an issue that the new age did not give birth. You won't find an expert on the subject due to the fact that they stole and misinterpreted the teachings experts like the Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists.

The new age bastardized the teachings to make them more applicable to Westerners. They eliminated the lower realms: animal realms, hungry ghost realms and numerous hell realms. Many Westerners can't accept the fact that they may return as an elephant or a hungry ghost. They also believe that Catholics have a monopoly on hell realms when in fact, they don't. According to Buddhists, those who go to hell in won't linger there for eternity, they will eventually be reborn into higher realms.

Personally, while I understand the basics of reincarnation, I'm not a fan of the concept. This is because each rebirth would put Christ back on the cross. That in itself is a false teaching as we have one life and we are done with it when we die. Sorry to folks like Theresa Caputo—that's the way it is for Catholics and Christians. 

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