Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Issue 108 – “Ghost Inside My Child” Dark Deceptions [Part 2]

By Kirby Robinson

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Last week we showed the basics behind the deceptions of the Bio show, Ghost Inside My Child. Now we begin to shred the claims made on the show about reincarnation/past life recollection.

In many ways I’m in a good position to debunk this show as in the 1980’s I was involved in the new age movement. Though no longer a believer in the mishmash of teachings that comprise the new age, I can still hold my own against the best of them. I have studied Hinduism and Buddhism. As for the paranormal, been there and done it. I have a degree in psychology. I am a Christian who has performed numerous deliverances and exorcisms. My experiences will play a part of the dismantling of this show as it’s potentially harmful to the mental health and spiritual welfare of viewers.

In issue 107, I pointed out that ghosts don’t play a part of the reincarnation process. Apparently, the production team has no idea of what they are talking when it comes to this subject.

The show begins with this false claim:

“These reincarnation stories feature children with violent memories of death and destruction.”

The only thing correct in the above sentence is that these aren’t cases but stories. None of these have ever been proven to be true. What they failed to tell you is that one family that was featured has published a book on the case and been on TV many times. They family never turns down a chance to be on TV. A well-known therapist seen in this episode has made a living telling parents their kids are reincarnates.

This is same pattern of deceptions we found in Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal.

~ Parents seeking fame through their child. If they can make some money on at the same time, that’s even better.

~ Fake psychics and delusional therapists seeking to be famous.

~ Cases claiming to be true and being false.

If these cases were true as in fixed reincarnation, [the same person’s spirit is born repeatedly]. These would not be “memories” but things that the spirit/essence inside the child that that person experienced in fixed reincarnation. The person remains the same inside the only thing that changes is the outside:  male, female, big, small, white, black, brown, or yellow. Therefore, the parents might call the child Bob but inside he is really Sue or Jack respectively.

So in just a few seconds we learn:

~ They are hiding facts from the viewers that, if known, would affect how you look at the case.

~ Parents seeking to exploit their child.

~ They don’t know what they are talking about.

Whenever these “facts” pop up through the show, they are generally false, as you will see.

“Paranormal experts believe past life memories are the most vivid in kids between the ages of 2 and 9.”

That logic is flawed.

~ The assumption is that past life memories are real, and that reincarnation is real. Neither are proven to be true by science, so both are matter of faith.

~ Who are these experts? What scientific methods are used to determine this to be true?

~ At this stage of life, children are developing their memory system within the brain. Neurons are forming paths, memory centers are growing. The lobes of the brain are starting to work at their peaks. Others have not yet fully grown. How can the brain pull out such things?

~ The brain can pick up bits and pieces and string a story together.

~ Ambitious parents can feed information to a child often enough that a child can start to repeat as fact.

The next so-called fact:

“Paranormal experts believe problems are linked to past life trauma.”

This is an easy one to disassemble.

~ Who are these experts?

~ Using their logic, if you have a phobia, [and who doesn’t have a mild case of one in their life?] Does that means we all have to be reincarnated?

~ How was this even proven?

Nice try to slip a lie in as the truth.

Another so-called fact:

“Paranormal experts think that most reincarnation cases end in violent death.”

Is it just me but do these so-called paranormal experts have many lies to tell you? Since they’re getting facts wrong and/or making “facts” up, maybe they should be referred to as paranormal amateurs?

How is this proven? Well, we know that violent deaths make much more interesting shows/stories than non-violent deaths, such as someone passing away in their sleep.

In life, you have only two ways to die: violently and non-violently.

Next bogus “fact”:

“Paranormal researchers have documented thousands of reincarnation cases.”

There is a big difference between documenting [simply gathering information] and proving something is true.

Unfortunately, the public blindly accepts such claims, as they want/need to think that reincarnation is real. It allows them to take part in bad behavior. They can say, for example, “I can sin now and make up for it later.” It puts off having to face a God who will pass judgment on you. However, for those who do believe in reincarnation/rebirth, they understand that their actions have consequences.

Therefore, now all of these facts have been debunked let’s move onto looking into these three so-called cases/stories. We’ll look at them in the order they are presented.

Case #1. We meet Bruce and Andrea Leininger from Lafayette, Louisiana. They claim that their only son, James, was a WWII fighter pilot who was shot down and killed over the Pacific Ocean.

The Leiningers’ have made every effort to cash in on this story.

~ For the past few years they have appeared on both network and local TV talking about this case. Of course, viewers of Ghost Inside My Child are never informed of this.

~ The Leiningers’ published a book on this matter back in 2009.

So much for the family moving on from the subject. Again, the viewer is never told of this.

~ They took their child to see Carol Bowman, a “past life regression therapist” that has made a career in selling parents on the fakery of reincarnation. She is even billed on her website as a “reincarnation expert.” Is the viewer ever informed about this? No.

Come back next week for Part 3.

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Anonymous said...

Because you latched on to "new age" 30 years ago you think you have all the facts of what reincarnation should be? This is not a debunk, this is a cynical opinion using antiquated and cynical ideas. You would have some credibility if you were actually a family member of the people represented to be incarnated. Looking for a debunk and this rant certainly doesn't come close. I'll continue on.

Anonymous said...

"It puts off having to face god who will pass judgement on you"
Really? Where are the facts and proof that that is going to happen?